Public Works

Department Mission:

To provide a safe, effective, and long lasting road system that is environmentally sensitive and efficiently maintained.

General Information:

Our County Roads and Bridges are very important to the local economy, emergency services and first responders, health care, agriculture, schools, etc.

There are approximately 4,000 miles of state, federal, city, county, and user maintained public roads in Klamath County.  The County maintains approximately 850 miles of gravel and paved roadways and over 200 bridges.  The present day worth (based on replacement value) of the County owned road and bridge system is nearly $2 billion.  Depending on many variables the County typically spends between $9M and $15M on equipment, labor, and materials to maintain the County Road and Bridge network.

Public Works also oversees the Noxious Weed Control Program and Klamath County Drainage Service District.

County Maintenance:

The County maintenance program includes but is not limited to:

Culvert flushing and repairs/replacement under roadways, Vegetation removal from drainage and roadway facilities.  Permanent/temporary Roadway Signs, Permanent/temporary Roadway Striping, Chip Seal Preservation, Crack Seal Asphalt Patching and Overlays.  Snow removal, noxious weed control, grading of county gravel roads, dust abatement on some county gravel roads, bridge repair and/or replacement.

Community Update 

Click here to find out how Public Works is using road funds in 2021.

School Zones

It has been quite a while since we have had any regular school days in Klamath County.  As a reminder, starting the week of August 31, 2020, most County Schools are anticipated to have at least some students and staff physically present in their school buildings.  That means as motorists, we must all respect the School Zones signs that are established along Klamath County’s roads that are adjacent to school grounds.


Please see the two (2) attached maps for the location of schools located along County roads on this link school zone map link.


Klamath County Public Works encourages motorists to give themselves ample time by leaving a few minutes early so you don’t have to rush through School Zones.  Please pay attention in School Zones and public roads and eliminate self-inflicted distractions (cell phones, eating, etc.).


If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at (541) 883-4696.

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