Procurement Process

Bid Process for Invitation to Bid & Request For Proposals

The Klamath County Board of Commissioners has adopted, in whole or in part, contracting/procurement rules from the State of Oregon Department of Justice Model Public Contracting Rules and OAR 125, Oregon Department of Administrative Services Rules as adopted in the “Klamath County Contracting Policies and Procedures”.

Invitation To Bid (ITB)

An Invitation to Bid is used when selection will be based primarily on cost. You can establish evaluation criteria in the Invitation to Bid such as: conversion costs, transportation cost, volume weighing, trade-in allowances, cash discounts, depreciation allowances, cartage penalties, ownership or life-cycle cost formulas, performance history on other private and public contracts, experience of key personnel, adequacy of equipment and physical plant, financial wherewithal, sources of supply, references and warranty provisions. The evaluation criteria must be stated in the ITB. A written justification must be placed in the contract file if other than the lowest bidder is selected.

Request For Proposal (RFP)

Request for Proposals are generally used when the awarding of a contract is not to be based exclusively on the lowest responsive and responsible bid; but, rather, on the nature and quality of service to be provided, as well as factors such as the expertise and experience of respondents to the RFP.

View the Contracting Policies and Procedures, which include specific County contracting processes and guidelines.

Copies of the Policies and Procedures can also be obtained by completing a Public Records Request Form

The County shall endeavor to utilize local suppliers of materials and services whenever practical and feasible while seeking to obtain the lowest and best responsible bid, quotation or proposal.

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