Klamath County Drainage Service District

The Klamath County Drainage Service District (KCDSD) was created in 1980 to provide drainage of surface and storm water situated in the boundaries of the District.

Mandated Services: Responsible for the water, including the water quality entering the 1-C drain. The district only maintains the “backbone” infrastructure (i.e. 1-C Drain System) and does not include secondary or private ditches.

Department Overview: The KCDSD has no employees and does not own property other than a pump station inside of the KOA RV Park. It utilizes the services of the Klamath County Road Department and Enterprise Irrigation District for routine annual and/or emergency maintenance of drains serving the District.  Most of the 1-C drainage ditch system is dedicated or deeded right-of-way owned by the United States Bureau of Reclamation or an easement to the USBR.

Successes and Challenges: Continue to monitor water quality issues. 

Budget Overview: Major Revenue is $2 per month from each tax lot in the District Major Expenditures are reimbursement to Enterprise Irrigation District and the Road Department for annual maintenance.

Map of the Klamath County Drainage Service District

1980 Formation Order and Resolution