Klamath County Ordinances

Ordinance NumberTopic
15.03Nuisance Abatement and Franchise
15.04Nuisance Abatement Amendment
15.05Solid Waste Management
15.06Nuisance Control Noxious Weeds Amendment
15.07Nuisance Control Right of Way Amendment
15.08Establish Rules Disposal Site and Transfer Station Amendment
15.09Solid Waste Management Amendment
15.10Nuisance Control Amendments
15.11Solid Waste Management Amendments
15.12Solid Waste Management Amendments
16.00Entertainment Assemblies
16.01Entertainment Assemblies: Bonds and Penalties Amendment
16.02Entertainment Assemblies: Penalties Amendment
16.03Entertainment Assemblies: Bonds and Penalties Amendment
21.01ASocial Gaming 
21.02Social Gaming: Fee
21.03Social Gaming: Penalties and Severability
21.04Social Gaming: Penalties Amendment
21.05Social Gaming: Penalties Amendment
21.06Social Gaming: Adds Bingo/Other Social Games
21.07Social Gaming: Clarifies Reduced License Fee
21.08Social Gaming: Updates OLCC license requirement
27.02Manufactured Dwelling Placement
27.03Manufactured Dwelling Placement: Fees and Penalties Amendment
27.04Manufactured Dwelling Placement: Penalties Amendment
28.05Building Code: Building, Plumbing and Electrical Amendment
28.06Building Code: Building, Plumbing, Mechanical and Dwelling Amendment
28.07Building Code: Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical and Dwelling Amendment
28.08Building Code: Amendment to 28.07
28.09Building Code: Electrical Amendment
28.11Building Code: Compliance Hearing Officer
30.00Food Service Facility Inspections
32.00Contract Review Board
36.02Nuisance Abatement
36.03Nuisance Abatement: Definition, Specifics, Enforcement, Penalties, Weed Control Amendment
36.04Nuisance Abatement: Specifics Amendment
36.05Nuisance Abatement: Specifics and Eradication of Weeds Amendment
36.06Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Moratorium Expired 05/31/2015
36.06AMedical Marijuana Dispensaries Moratorium Expired 05/01/2016
36.07Prohibits Marijuana Dispensaries and Retail Sales
36.08Prohibits Marijuana Dispensaries and Retail Sales: Amendment
38.00Transient Room Tax
38.01Transient Room Tax: Tax Revenue Sharing Amendment
38.02Transient Room Tax: Definitions Amendment
38.03BTransient Room Tax: Violations and Severability Amendment
38.05Transient Room Tax: Violations Amendment
38.06Transient Room Tax: Tax Imposed, Collection, Due Date Amendment
38.07Transient Room Tax: Exemptions Amendment
Transient Room Tax: Due Date, Returns, Payments
38.09Transient Room Tax: Revisions
39.05Ambulance Service
39.06Ambulance Service: Amendments
39.07Ambulance Service: Penalties Amendments 
39.08Ambulance Service: Penalties, Severabilities Amendment
39.09Ambulance Service: Mutual Aid Amendment
41.00Ways of Necessity
42.01Clerk Fees
42.02Clerk and Surveyor Fees: Amendment
42.03Clerk and Surveyor Fees: Plats Amendment
43.00Advisory Questions on Ballot
44.00Comprehensive Plan Amendments
45.00Land Development Code
46.01County Parks Use and Activities
46.02County Parks: Penalties Amendment
46.03County Parks: Prohibits Boat Launching Stevenson Park
46.04County Parks: Penalties Amendment
46.05County Parks: Penalties Amendment
49.00Reestablishing Authority to Perform Certain Functions
50.00Urban Growth Management: Merrill, Malin, Bonanza
51.00Animal Control
Animal Control: Amendments
51.02Animal Control: Penalties Amendment
51.04Animal Control: Animal Services and Dog Control
51.08Animal Control: Animal Services and Dog Control Amendment: Animal Rescue Entities
51.09Animal Control: Animal Services and Dog Control Amendment: Livestock Violations
52.02Public Land Corner Preservation Fund
52.03Public Land Corner Preservation Fund: Amendment
53.01On-Site Division of Community Development Department
54.02School Attendance - Truancy
55.00County Use of State Voter’s Pamphlet
55.00AForfeiture of Redemption Rights on Tax Foreclosed Property
55.00BCounty Use of State Voter’s Pamphlet
55.01ATax Foreclosure Order Amendment
55.02Procedure for Handling Municipal Liens
57.00ACounty Government Self Insurance
57.001ACounty Government Self Insurance
57.00BCivil Infraction Procedure
57.02BCivil Infraction Procedure: Hearing, Penalties, Severability Amendment
57.03BCivil Infraction Procedure: Penalties Amendment
57.04BCivil Violation Procedure
57.05BCivil Violation Procedure: Lien Filing, Penalties Amendment
57.06BCivil Violation Procedure: Issuance, Answer, Hearing Amendment
57.07BCivil Violation Procedure: Amendment
58.00Indigent Burials
59.00Establishing Klamath County Code, Rabies Vaccination Amendment, Transient Room Tax Amendment
59.01Sheltered Workshops, Board of Commissioners Meeting Amendment
60.00Tire Storage
61.00Building Code: Dwellings
62.01Second Hand Dealers and Pawn Shops
62.02Second Hand Dealers and Pawn Shops: Penalty Amendment
62.03Second Hand Dealers and Pawn Shops: Enforcement, Penalty Amendment
63.05Clean Air Ordinance
63.06Clean Air Ordinance Amendments
65.00Protect Constitutional and Civil Rights
66.00Protect Constitutional and Civil and Private Property Rights
67.00Cable Communication Systems Franchises
67.01Cable Communication Systems Franchises: Renewal, Violation, Penalties, Remedies Amendment
67.02Cable Communication Systems Franchises: Violation, Penalties, Remedies Amendment
68.00Land and Water Management Plan
68.01Public Rangelands Improvement Act
69.00Public Right-of-Way
70.00South Central Regional Strategies Board
71.00Revenue Sharing with the City of Klamath Falls, Fire District 1, Basin Transit, Klamath Vector Control & 911 Comm.
72.00Transfer of County property to Klamath Housing Authority
73.00Creating Jefferson Behavioral Health
74.00Transfer of Falcon Heights to SoCo Development
75.00Transfer of 1750 Gary Street to Integral Youth Services, Inc.
76.00Public/Private Partnership to provide Mental Health Services
77.00Creating Southern Oregon Library Information System
78.00Facilitating Purchase of Property for Chemult Community Center Park
Establish Economic Development District Klamath and Lake Counties
80.00Establish Klamath Lake Community Action Services
81.00Management of Possible Wolf Recovery Efforts by the Federal Government
83.00Measure 49 Vested Rights Ordinance
84.00Electing County Surveyor
84.01Bond Requirements for Elected Officials
85.01Repealing Creation of the Office of County Accountant
86.00Klamath County Commissioner Positions Non-Partisan
87.00Creating the Central Oregon Workforce Consortium
88.00Creating the Klamath Interoperability Radio Group
89.00Criminal History Record Check Policy
90.00Tobacco Retail Licensing
90.01Tobacco Retail Licensing: Amendment
90.02Tobacco Retail Licensing: Amendment
91.00All Terrain Vehicles on Designated County Roadways
92.00Establishment, Operation, Modification and Disestablishment of Tourism Improvement Areas in Klamath County
93.00Land Application of Reclaimed Water and Biosolids
94.00Border Relocation Board
95.00Psilocybin Referral to Electors