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Mystery Photo No. 162 -- Bunkhouse

Mystery Photo No. 162 -- BunkhouseMystery Photo No. 162 --
What we know about this photo: This image, donated to the Klamath County Museum in 1955, is believed to be one of the earliest known photos of the Upper Klamath Basin. Judging from the faintly seen hills in the background, museum staff believes this site may have been about where Crater Lake Parkway intersects with Pacific Terrace. A view similar to this can be seen from the top of the hill in Linkville Cemetery, looking east. In this image, a horse and buggy is seen stopped on the road in the foreground. Horses are seen drinking form a trough below the pond. Teams of horses are seen returning from the field. Very few houses are scattered across the background.

What we don't know: Precisely where was this photo taken? To whom did this property belong? When was it taken?

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