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Newspaper headlines 1950s


      You have accessed a Web page posted and maintained by the Klamath County Museums in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

      This file contains an index of headlines that appeared in Klamath Falls newspapers from 1950 through 1959. This is by no means an exhaustive index.

      Copies of articles can often be provided. The museum charges a basic research fee of $10 per half-hour, with a half-hour minimum. Copies are 25 cents per page.

      Send research requests, with a check for $10 or more, to: Klamath County Museum, 1451 Main St., Klamath Falls, OR 97601. Please provide guidance on the extent of research you desire to have done. We can either provide an estimate of how much research would be helpful, or proceed with research and provide an invoice for additional charges.


      Klamath Falls newspapers, 1950-1959



   Kerry Kent Bradshaw first baby of new year (parents, Archer Lynn Bradshaw and Ruby (Arnett) Bradshaw) (photo), Jan 2, 1950, p1).

   11-year-old Jon Houston visitor to H&N (photo, Pat Hurd), Jan 2, 1950, p1.

   Lost River Dairy becomes Medo-Land Creamery (photo, Walter T. "Bud" Franklin, manager), Jan 2, 1950, p5.

   1949 homesteaders get settled, Jan 2, 1950, p10.

   Community college seeks enrollments, Jan. 2, 1950, p12.

   Kids play in snow (photo, Robin Platt), Jan 3, 1950, p1.

   Suburban post office opens in Stewart Lenox, Jan. 3, 1950, p2.

   Stan Spade newly elected president of Kiwanis Clubv (photo only), Jan 3, 1950, p3.

   1949 driest year since 1905, Jan. 3, 1950, p5.

   Grade school enrollment doubles in Tulelake, Jan 3, 1950, p4.

   Pelican Cafe waitresses (photo only, Hazel Rainbolt, Fay Minton, Ida Rowe), Jan 4, 1950, p1.

   Recreation director Sam Smith gets confidence vote, Jan 4, 1950, p1.

   Marines say no to local reserve unit, Jan 4, 1950, p12.

   Mills resume work; power supply increased, Jan. 5, 1950, p1.

   New IOOF leader (photo, Frank Hurd, Norman Duffy), Jan. 5, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of veterinarian Jack Hardesty, Jan. 5, 1950, p1.

   Two slot machines confiscated; Mrs. LaPrele Graham arrested (first gambling charge in several years), Jan. 5, 1950, p1.

   Gunsmithing instructor added at OTI (photo, George A. Harper Jr.), Jan. 5, 1950, p2.

   New method of piano instruction (advertisement, Mrs. Robert Dedrick), Jan. 5, 1950, p3.

   Southern Pacific engineer retires (photo only, J.K. Reno, Arthur Shoupe, Harvey Teal, Paul Horne, Frank Bechtel), Jan. 5, 1950, p16.

   OTI gets permit for FM radio station, Jan 6, 1950, p1.

   Mrs. LaPrele Graham fined $25 for slot machines, Jan. 6, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of accountant Bob Mitchell, Jan. 7, 1950, p1.

   Society photos (Barbara Joanne Cox, Mrs. Clifford Colton, Mrs. Robert Clark, Sharon Kay Hickman, Mrs. James Pinniger, Mr.

   and Mrs. A.J. Arnot, Virginia VanDoren, Jean Owens, Nancy Hagglund, Frances Stearns, Neal Stewart, John VanDoren, Vern Owens, Dr. Ralph W. Stearns), Jan. 7, 1950, p5.

   Society photo (Mrs. Leonard Surles, Mrs. David Totton, Mrs. Marvin Lucas, Mrs. Herbert Haneline), Jan. 7, 1950, p6.

   Altamont Junior High School officers (photo only, Jack Richerson, David Landis, Ahron Holston, Sheryl Metler, Shirley Roberts), Jan. 7, 1950, p12.

   Stand-alone photo of Laverene Claudson, Jan. 9, 1950, p1.

   John CcCall celebrating 75th birthday (photo), Jan. 9, 1950, p2.

   Klamath Union High School officers (photo, Wayne Carothers, George Hansen, Marvin Nerseth, Jim Manning, Ed Zarosinski), Jan.

   9, 1950, p12.

   Chiloquin sues for privilege of beer store, Jan. 10, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Post Office carrier Claude Allen, Jan. 10, 1950, p1.

   Japanese sue for losses in relocation (wire story), Jan. 10, 1950, p2.

   Indian sentenced to five years for probation violation (Frank Thiefault), Jan. 10, 1950, p3.

   Famed group billed at Armory (photo, Sons of the Pioneers), Jan. 10, 1950, p6.

   Klamath Union High School senior class officers (photo only, Ronald Sterland, Max Heiken, Tom Thorne, Peggy Dahlman), Jan. 10, 1950, p10.

   Lake County rancher lost in high desert (Walter Kittredge Jr.), Jan. 11, 1950, p1.

   Couple's wedding delayed by minister's late arrival (photo only, Patrick Henry Cooney, Evelne Ardell Swinney), Jan. 11, 1950, p1.

   Klamath alloted spud acreage cut by 1,110 acres, Jan. 11, 1950, p1.

   Junior class officers at Klamath Union High School (photo only, Rod Davis, Dick Ankeny, Jean Selby, Cleo Caldwell), Jan. 11, 1950, p6.

   Celebrating birthdays (photo only, Michael Dedrick, Lyndell Sample), Jan. 11, 1950, p14.

   Attempt at segregation in Klamath Memorial Park dropped, Jan. 12, 1950, p1.

   Rancher found safe (Walter Kittredge), Jan. 12, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Rex Hiatt, Jan. 12, 1950, p1.

   Klamath Falls among sites considered for Air Force school, Jan. 12, 1950, p2.

   Sophomore class officers at Klamath Union High School (photo only, Paul Jones, Jack Ayres, Shannon Oldham, Barbara Arnold), Jan. 12, 1950, p9.

   Locals aide wildlife in "Operation Bird Feed" (photos, Howard Strode), Jan. 13, 1950, p1.

   County takes Beatty Jail case to court, Jan. 13, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Greer Drew, Jan. 13, 1950, p1.

   Quota Club ready for March of Dimes campaign (photo only, Mrs. Charles Fyock, Mrs. Don Chase, Mrs. John Wallace, Mrs. Alice Vitus), Jan. 13, 1950, p2.

   Freshman class officers at Klamath Union High School (photo only, Bette Redfield, Gertrude Bramlett, David French, Wayne Elliott), Jan. 13, 1950, p3.

   Peterson School District (map only), Jan. 13, 1950, p8.

   Storm leaves city snow-locked; four men missing (Lloyd Hard, Rob Hard, Sherman Waldrip, John Waldrip), Jan. 14, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Jack Insley, Jan. 14, 1950, p1.

   Skiing and skating at Moore Park (photos, Dick Hilton, Dick Swanson, Judy Angstead, Susan Merryman, Nancy Lambo, Kay Angstead, Johnny Hobson, Cynthia Kann, Carolyn Bullard, Bernice Bullard, Catherine Kann, Mary Lou Engelcke, Ray White), Jan.

   14, 1950, p5.

   Stand-alone photo, John McCall, Ray Norris, Carl Kelley, Jan. 14, 1950, p14.

   Basin buried by snow; many stranded; roads blocked, Jan 16, 1950, p1.

   Six lost men found, Jan. 16, 1950, p1.

   Half-frozen negro women rescued from boxcar, Jan. 16, 1950, p2.

   Former Klamath Union track star Dave Henthorne to compete in Boston (photo), Jan. 16, 1950, p7.

   Stand-alone photo of negro women rescued from box car (Louise Moore, Sally Larkin), Jan. 17, 1950, p1.

   Doctor of "massotherapy" jailed (Nelson Holly LaPierre), Jan. 17, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Dave Molatore shoveling snow from marquee of Metropolitan Hotel, Jan. 17, 1950, p1.

   Sheep drive on California Avenue (photo only, Pat Fitzgerald), Jan. 18, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Fred Houston, Jan. 18, 1950, p1.

   Moore Park ski classes, Jan. 18, 1950, p9.

   Peterson Elementary opens (photo, student Sue Martin), Jan. 19, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Paul Angstead, Jan. 19, 1950, p1.

   Chamber opposes proposal to put Klamath in Bonneville Power grid, Jan. 19, 1950, p16.

   Good attendance expected for Klamath Production Credit Association meeting (photo, William Kittredge), Jan. 20, 1950, p1.

   Forest Service supervisor jobs switched (photos, Merle E. Lowden, Lawrence Jolly, Karl Janouch), Jan. 20, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of William R Canton, Jan. 20, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Union High School wrestlers Harold Shearer, John Witte, Jan. 20, 1950, p7.

   Stand-alone photo of Oregon Tech student body presidents, Charles Warren, Vance Matott, Jan. 21, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Girl Scouts, Florine Wamstad, Nancy Tanner, Betty Shaw, Jan. 21, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Layton Sleight, Jan. 21, 1950, p1.

   Boulder derails Southern Pacific train near Modoc Point (photos, Jan. 23, 1950, p1.

   Production Credit Association meeting fills armory (photo only), Jan. 23, 1950, p1.

   County juvenile office handled heavy load in 1949, Jan. 23, 1950, p12.

   Stand-alone photo of Red Cross campaign leaders, Vern Speirs, Clarence Ward, Warren Bennet, Jan. 24, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Joyce Griffin, Jan. 24, 1950, p1.

   City recreation chief Sam Smith charged with cover-up, Jan. 24, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of office managers, Roy Premo, Winston Purvine, A.M. Hattan, Jan. 25, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mel Henry, Jan. 25, 1950, p1.

   Ralph T. Howard leads Western Retail Lumberman's Association, Jan. 25, 1950, p1.

   Ed Ostendorf candidate for county board (photo), Jan. 26, 1950, p1.

   New faces at Oregon Tech (photos, Faytene Zumwalt, Gerald E. Cosgrove Jr.), Jan. 26, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Del Jones, Jan. 26, 1950, p1.

   Municipal airport activity levels off, Jan. 26, 1950, p6.

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Union Re-in-ca Club, Richard Lee, John Lee, LeRoy Lofdahl, Jan. 26, 1950, p10.

   Stand-alone photo of officers of Klamath Production Credtion Association, Murel Long, Lee Holliday, Orb Campbell, Gene Hammond, Bill Kittredge, Lee McMullen, Ed Geary, Paul Breithaupt, Jan. 26, 1950, p17.

   Basin spud growers to clean up product, Jan. 26, 1950, p17.

   Basin dairymen to promote local product, Jan. 26, 1950, p17.

   Top artists in concert on new Mills Auditorium stage, Jan. 27, 1950, p1.

   Lester Finley's hat in ring for county board (photo), Jan. 27, 1950, p1.

   Floor being installed in Sacred Heart parish hall (photo, Clarence West), Jan. 27, 1950, p1.

   New code ups city building permit fees, Jan. 27, 1950, p7.

   Sacred Heart to hold open house in new gymnasium (photo, Frank Douglas), Jan. 27, 1950, p12.

   County Judge U.E. Reeder to seek another term (photo), Jan. 28, 1950, p1.

   Earl Kent gets first citizen award (photo, with Jim Stilwell), Jan. 28, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Roy Owens working on Legion hall, Jan. 28, 1950, p1.

   Pelican City post office to be closed due to closing of Car-Ad-Co store, Jan. 28, 1950, p3.

   Society photos - Lowell Uhlig, Ronnie Boyd, Doris Thompson, Mrs. Paul Buck, Gail Webb, Roy Rakestraw, Al McDonald, Mrs.

   E.E. Kilpatrick, Delores Steel, Jan. 28, 1950, p5.

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. Ward Dolan, Jan. 28, 1950, p6.

   Photos of Oregon Tech student officers, Charles Warren, Allen Stevens, Joanna Seely, John Newman, Jan. 30, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Lloyd Derby, Jan. 30, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Ed Robinson, Jan. 31, 1950, p1.

   Klamath Medical Service Bureau established 10 years ago, in January 1940 (advertisement), Jan. 31, 1950, p7.

   Medals presented to local Marine hero Olaf W. Severson (photo), Feb. 1, 1950, p1.

   Recreation director Sam Smith files suit against auditor J. Paul Matthews, Feb. 1, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Camp Fire leaders, Mrs. Raymond W. Oldenburg, Mrs. Percy Murray, Mrs. B.C. Johnson, Feb. 1, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Walt Waggoner, Feb. 1, 1950, p1.

   Tulelake Jap's citizenship restored (wire story, Mrs. Toshiye Nashida Ohigashi), Feb. 1, 1950, p1.

   Ice jam on Rogue River forces sawmill closures in Klamath, Feb. 2, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo, Benn Roufs, Dick Niebaur, J.V. Owens, Feb. 2 Fire destroys Chester Haskins' house near Merrill, Feb. 2, 1950, p1.

   Indian seeks Wood River justice court clarification (Theodore Louis Knight), Feb. 2, 1950, p5.

   Officers of Demolay (photos, Dick Winter, David Todd) Feb. 2, 1950, p6.

   Main Street fire kills four (dead: George Redmond, Mike Shepherd, Jimmy Speirs, John Hanson) (photos, Arley Stout, Vaneta Steele, Ed Dingman), Feb. 3, 1950, p1.

   Photos of firefighters, Stanley Hasey, Don Jones, Dan Valentine, Mildred Wilson), Feb. 3, 1950, p2.

   Big increase in Boy Scout rolls, Feb. 3, 1950, p12.

   Klamath Indian Council adopts constitution that was turned down by General Council, Feb. 4, 1950, p1.

   HankSemon seeks 10th term in Legislature (photo), Feb. 4, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Jim Patterson, Feb. 4, 1950, p1.

   Society photos, Eric Carlson, Ben Burgess, Mrs. Wendell Huetel, Mrs. Burgess, Mrs. Eric Carlson; Mrs. Calvin Peyton, Feb. 4, 1950, p5.

   Photo, Pythian Sisters officers, Bertha Griggs, Delia Henniger, Eura Bustin, Feb. 4, 1950, p6.

   Copco manager Sam Ritchey inspects damage to insulators (photo only), Feb. 6, 1950, p1.

   Ivan Ottoman's hat in ring for county board, Feb. 6, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Raymond McNabb, Feb. 6, 1950, p1.

   Geary steers bought by Bratton Packing Co. for local shops (photo), Feb. 6, 1950, p7.

   Harlem Globetrotters here, Feb. 6, 1950, p9.

   Four local Democrats enter political races (photos, Ivan Ottoman, Jerry Rutledge, Jerry Rajnus, Jesse Smith), Feb. 7, 1950, p1.

   Loss of irrigation at Sun Creek, Modoc Point protested, Feb. 7, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Baldy Evans, Feb. 7, 1950, p1.

   Public ladies' restroom meeting held, Feb. 7, 1950, p2.

   Eagles Lodge sponsors roller skating benefit show at Armory, Feb. 7, 1950, p7.

   Fred L. Peterson honored as school is dedicated (photo), Feb. 8, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Girl Scouts handling cookies, Sharron Whitlock, Linda Williams, Janice Kenyon, Ruby Woods, Shirley Mattoon, Roberta Wade, Sandra Nyback, Feb. 8, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Sammy Gordon, Feb. 8, 1950, p1.

   Shuffleboard League makes donation to March of Dimes (photo only, Ray Worden, Chet Morris, Roy Rakestraw), Feb. 8, 1950, p8.

   Land purchased for South Sixth Street overpass (aerial photo), Feb. 9, 1950, p1.

   Dedication of Peterson School draws crowd, Feb. 9, 1950, p1.

   Boy Scouts get ready for circus (photo, Larry Alexander, D.W. Alexander, Robert Faulkner), Feb. 9, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Ray Ward, Feb. 9, 1950, p1.

   Indian held in knife attack at Baldwin Hotel, Feb. 9, 1950, p7.

   Stand-alone photo of Bill Toole, Feb. 9, 1950, p31.

   Stand-alone photo of Evelyn Cooper, new county librarian, Feb. 9, 1950, p23.

   Kenneth G. Baghott appointed to extension staff in Modoc County, Feb. 9, 1950, p23.

   Plane crash at Macdoel fatal to pilot (photo; Max Oliver Green), Feb. 10, 1950, p1.

   KU valedictorian, salutatorian named (photo, Ronnie Lowell, Flo Ann Perkins), Feb. 10, 1950, p1, 2.

   Stand-alone photo of Dick Neibaur, Benn Roufs, Feb. 10, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of George Myers, Feb. 10, 1950, p1.

   Klamath Indians vote to drop lumber mill idea, consider increase in grazing fees, Feb. 10, 1950, p2.

   NAACP speaker set for Interracial meeting at First Presbyterian Church, Feb. 10, 1950, p7.

   Boy drowns in Link River (Larry Vandendoel), Feb. 11, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Ernest "Moon" Mullis, Feb. 11, 1950, p1.

   Boy Scout Circus crowd jams Armory (photo), Feb. 11, 1950, p2.

   Stand-alone photo of Shriners, Don Kenyon, Willard Ward, with 3-year-old Karen Wilson, Feb. 11, 1950, p5.

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Union High School wrestler Don Taylor, Feb. 11, 1950, p7.

   Society photos - Mrs. G.W. Nelson, Suzanne Nelson; Mrs. Robert Dehlinger, Cindy Dehlinger, Charlie-Bob Dehlinger; Mrs. Jimmy Ray, Becky Ray; Mrs.Charles F. Johnson, Jean Johnson, Judy Johnson; Mrs. Harry Moody, Patty Moody, Mary Ellen Moody; Feb. 11, 1950, p11.

   Mrs. Robert Odell tells of Klamath Indian days, Feb. 11, 1950, p14.

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. George Elliott, Feb. 11, 1950, p14.

   Stand-alone photo of students at Fairview Elementary celebrating Valentine's Day, Barbara Ferguson, Frankie Peters, Feb. 13, 1950, p1.

   Klamath Union students to perform "Life with Father" (photo only), Feb. 14, 1950, p1.

   Klamath Union students take part in art show in Portland (photo only, Paul Patterson, Benn Roufs, Dick Neibaur, Ingman Sabin), Feb. 14, 1950, p5.

   Gene Loomis' hat in ring for assessor (photo), Feb. 15, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Dr. Calvin Hunt, Feb. 15, 1950, p1.

   Klamath Forest Protective Association re-elects current officers, Feb. 15, 1950, p2.

   City's help sought for restroom, Feb. 15, 1950, p7.

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dittrich, Feb. 16, 1950, p1.

   Dan Crawford displays 25-pound sacks of potatoes (photos), Feb. 16, 1950, p17.

   Basin dairymen to meet, Feb. 16, 1950, p18.

   Klamath Potato Growers Association planning for increase in quality, Feb. 17, 1950, p1.

   County spud committee sees long-range benefit in production controls, Feb. 17, 1950, p1.

   Joseph Schuss buys Klamath Billiards from Louis Soukup, Feb. 17, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jewett, David Jewett, Feb. 17, 1950, p1.

   Fire-gutted Oregon Rooms sold to Harry Boivin, Al Schmeck, Feb. 17, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Ray Michels, Feb. 18, 1950, p1.

   Pelican City mail carrier to start, Feb. 18, 1950, p2.

   Special sales test for Klamath Potatoes set for San Francisco, Feb. 18, 1950, p3.

   Society photos - Dick Winter, Jean Owens, Barbara Custer, Nick Long, Arlene Stanberry, Roy Lundgren, Suzan Phair, Jimmy Smith, Jean Selby, John Witte, Ed Zarosinski, Betty Pinniger, Flo Ann Perkins, Shirley DeBatista, Jean Henderson, Rosemary Murray, Clarissa Mason, Feb. 18, 1950, p6.

   Tea held for librarian (photo, Mrs. Victor O'Neill, Mrs. Addie May Nixon, Miss Evelyn Cooper), Feb. 18, 1950, p6.

   Stand-alone photo of 8-year-old Daniel David Johnson, Feb. 18, 1950, p6.

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Fred Rueck, Feb. 18, 1950, p8.

   Rep. Ed Geary will seek second term (photo), Feb. 20, 1950, p1.

   Cal-Ore Tavern thieves make clean get-away (photo), Feb. 20, 1950, p1.

   Medicine Lake ski run attracts skiers, Feb. 20, 1950, p3.

   Stand-alone photo of bowler Gino Rostirolla, Feb. 20, 1950, p9.

   Stand-alone photo of Oregon State Broadcasters officers, including Bud Chandler of Klamath Falls, Feb. 20, 1950, p12.

   Alfred "Tony" Castel of Fort Klamath a candidate for county commissioner (photo only), Feb. 21, 1950, p1.

   Trapper W.L. Lowe displays 18 bobcats (photo only), Feb. 21, 1950, p1.

   G.C. Tatman says ladies' rest room county's responsibility, Feb. 21, 1950, p10.

   Forests a valuable resource (column by Ken McLeod), Feb. 21, 1950, p11.

   City manager proposal revived by Councilman Al Condrey, Feb. 22, 1950, p1.

   Sam Neslin wins merit award from Eagles (photo), Feb. 23, 1950, p1.

   Marvin K. Lucas opens new shop (photo), Feb.23, 1950, p8.

   Bonanza PTA dance king and queen candidates (photos only), Adele Brown, David Robinson, Mary Lou Jensen, Manard Hricziscse, Margie Brown, Maurice Chandler, Darlene Cooper, Howard Schmidt, Feb. 23, 1950, p21.

   New general agent for Western Pacific (photo, Frank M. Rowe, Charles J. Fischer), Feb. 23, 1950, p24.

   Man's (Robert McIntyre) gunshot death in negro district poses mystery (photo, patrolman Bud Switzer), Feb. 24, 1950, p1.

   45 airplanes coming from Portland en route to Cuba, Feb. 24, 1950, p1.

   "Hog Combine," "Hot Springs Crowd" recalled (Deb Addison column), Feb. 24, 1950, p4.

   Stand-alone photo of Maury Clark, Mayor Bob Thompson, Feb. 24, 1950, p7.

   Stand-alone photo of bowler Mary Bothwell, Feb. 24, 1950, p9.

   Stand-alone photo of Sears store employees, Bill Knotts, Edgar "Pete" Colley, Carol Ghellar, Ford Kimpton, Bernice Cooley, Edith Taylor, Feb. 24, 1950, p18.

   Theater's March of Dime campaign yields, $1,448 (photo only, Roy Rakestraw, Earl Baughman), Feb. 25, 1950, p2.

   Stand-alone photo of girls in Pilgrim Fellowship show, Marilyn Hardin, Arlene Kielsmeier, Mildred Mitchell, Sally McMahon, Feb.

   25, 1950, p3.

   Stand-alone photo of children in library pageant, Bobby Thompson, Jimmy Porter, Virginia Lois Roenicke, Jane Larkin, Jimmy Boyd, Sue Thompson, Tommy Shaw, Sue Reinhart, Susan Peak, Sarah Porter, Jeanne Condrey, Reva Snell, Eleanor Prock, Carrie Sue Heilbronner, Jackie Murphy, Susan Porter, Nancy Clark, Frances Cox, Feb. 25, 1950, p5.

   Malin Rainbow girls (photos only), Jean Clemmons, Pat Tucker, June Saunders, Feb. 25, 1950, p8.

   C.G. Kessinger fighting for Indian liquor rights, Feb. 25, 1950, p14.

   Link River safety committee eyes problems associated with changes in flow (John C. Boyle), Feb. 25, 1950, p14.

   New offers of Toastmistresses (photos only), Margaret Santo, Wanda O'Brien, Vessa Paul, Vivan Owens, Feb. 25, 1950, p14.

   Frank Lowell to run for county judge, Feb. 27, 1950, p1.

   Group scans independent irrigation district in Tulelake, Feb. 27, 1950, p1.

   Augusta Parker Dunbar retires from career in education (photo), Feb. 28, 1950, p1.

   City council eyes proposal for recreation commission, Feb. 28, 1950, p1.

   Bus fares upped to 15 cents - first increase in 20 years, Feb. 28, 1950, p1.

   School board rehires six principals, Lowell Kaup, Forence Ollman, Verne Speirs, Gerald Clemens, Donald Golding, Darrell Potter, Feb. 28, 1950, p12.

   Boy and girl win honors at Sacred Heart Academy (photos, Ralph Beard, Ellen Murphy), March 1, 1950, p1.

   New March of Dimes leaders (photo only, A.J. McDonald, Alice Vitus), March 1, 1950, p1.

   Leaders of Red Cross drive (photo only, Verne Speirs, Sheriff Jack Franey, Clarence Ward), March 1, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of women at Extension session, Mrs. Cyril Cook of Chiloquin, Mrs. Norma Haskins of Bonanza, March 1, 1950, p7.

   Local group seeks better air service than offered by United Air Lines, March 2, 1950, p1.

   Seven injured in accident at Olene (photo background shows buildings in Olene), March 2, 1950, p1.

   Bookkeeper at Kalpine Plywood held on embezzlement charges (Edna Sherred McClane), March 2, 1950, p1.

   Klamath Merchants Association plans opening (photo, Frank Bogatay, Cecil Sharp), March 2, 1950, p1.

   Wes McNee president of new Toketee Lions Club, March 2, 1950, p1, 9.

   Toastmasters elect new president (photo, Bob Ross), March 2, 1950, p7.

   Oregon Tech now state's largest technical school, March 2, 1950, p9.

   Pelicans favored in wrestling meet (photo, John Witte, Don Taylor, Dick Allen, Ken Karnes, Bob Shirley, Clarence Moak, Deb Cummings, Dean Coates), March 2, 1950, p10.

   "Klamath County With the Colors," World War I album published in 1920, offered for sale, March 2, 1950, p13.

   "Trees to Know" published by Oregon State Extension Service, March 2, 1950, p17.

   Potatoes packed in mesh bags (photo only, Walt Jendrzejewski, Charles E. Caldwell), March 2, 1950, p17.

   Guy Merrill running for county judge (photo), March 3, 1950, p1.

   Fairhaven PTA officers named (photos, Mrs. E.G. Kerns, Mrs. Charles Mallows, Mrs. E.D. Hickman, Mrs. V.J. Stippich, Mrs.

   L.R. Martz, March 3, 1950, p3.

   New street lights turned on in Tulelake, March 3, 1950, p4.

   New Klamath product cuts engine ignition in wrecks (photos, Bob Porter, Harvey Hayden), March 3, 1950, p6.

   Society photos, Mrs. C.S. Robertson, Mrs. John Sandmeyer, Mrs. William Moshofsky, Mrs. Robert Mueller, Avis McConnell, Mrs. Carl Smoot, Mrs. S.R. Brown, Susan Lee Riley, Jeannette Vlahos, Dianne Jean Denton, Benny Faus, Mr.sA.G. Kusler, Mrs.

   C.L. Svensgaard, Barbara and Caroline Johnson, Mrs. Glen Inman, Mrs. William Van Buskirk, March 4, 1950, p5.

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Owen Pepple, March 4, 1950, p6.

   Historic photo of the Culinary Alliance in 1920, showing the White Pelican Hotel and Holland House in background, March 4, 1950, p14.

   Fremont National Forest asks public's help in battle against porcupines, March 4, 1950, p14.

   Stand-alone photo of police officer Fred Olin, March 6, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of boys, Bobby Lee Scoggins, Bobby Ray Fleming, March 6, 1950, p1.

   Hugh O'Connor in race for county board (photo), March 7, 1950, p1.

   Lakeview Sustained Yield Unit proposal to be debated, March 7, 1950, p1.

   Fred E. Fleet honored for service to Salvation Army, March 8, 1950, p1, 5.

   Contract let for Algoma section of The Dalles-California Highway, March 8, 1950, p1.

   Basin's power supply argued (California Oregon Power Co. vs. Bonneville Power Administration), March 8, 1950, p7.

   Sustained Timber Unit proposal debated, March 8, 1950, p12.

   City band reforms after six-year hiatus (photos, Freeman Yount), March 9, 1950, p1.

   J.A. Mahoney seeks re-election as justice of the peace (photo), March 9, 1950, p1.

   County road levy going on ballot, March 9, 1950, p5.

   Financial troubles threaten Klamath Gems baseball club, March 9, 1950, p10.

   4-H Club photos, Jolene Ensor, Peggy Railsback, Mrs. John Heyden, Ruth Richerson, Margaret Heyden, March 9, 1950, p17.

   Poisoned oats used to fight ground squirrels, March 9, 1950, p21.

   New field mice epidemic threatens spring crops, March 9, 1950, p24.

   Fred Peterson enters race for Legislature, March 10, 1950, p1.

   Earl R. McNeely, Robert R. Lewis seek county posts, March 10, 1950, p1.

   Mrs. Leslie Rogers donates valuable photos to historical society, March 10, 1950, p2.

   Macdoel rabbit drive slated, March 11, 1950, p2.

   Society photos - Mrs. Hugh Swaney, Mrs. Richard Maxell, Mrs. Denis Babson, Mrs. Howard Stroud, Mrs. Harry Fee, Mrs. John Van Doren, Mrs. Jeff House, Mrs. Lyle Kellstrom, Mrs. Jim Pope, Bob Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hall, Mrs. Eugene Williams, Jim Stilwell, March 11, 1950, p5.

   Stand-alone photo of children Gail Beth Campbell and Stephen Gary Campbell, March 11, 1950, p8.

   Census crew to start (photo, Ralph Brown, Mrs. Claire Ellis, Norma Lou McAbee, Gertrude M. Arnold), March 13, 1950, p1.

   Pelican wrestlers win state titles (Don Tayler, Glenn Guyer, John Witte), March 13, 1950, p8.

   Woman dies in fire (Blanche Rockhill), March 14, 1950, p1.

   Deadly ordeal recalled by survivor (dead: A.Gordon Ribbeck; survivor: Rudy Simonson) (photos), March 14, 1950, p1.

   California Oregon Power Co. drops opposition to Bonneville transmission line, March 15, 1950, p1.

   Recreation board, city, Rotary agree on plan to sell Recreation Park, March 15, 1950, p2.

   Spring term classes set by Klamath Community College, March 15, 1950, p3.

   Lakeview Sustained Yield Unit brings blast from New Pine Creek (Willow Ranch, Bill Bishop), March 15, 1950, p3.

   Cull dumps provide for potato crop safety, March 15, 1950, p15.

   Top gilt at sale brings $220 (photo), March 15, 1950, p15.

   Frank W. Hurd receives recognition for time devoted to playing Santa (photo only), March 16, 1950, p1.

   Robert M. Lewis files for county commissioner (photo only), March 16, 1950, p1.

   Purity Food Stores to cooperate in potato marketing test, March 16, 1950, p1.

   Two bears moved into zoo at Moore Park, March 16, 1950, p13.

   Klamath Falls spring opening models (Marian Brister, Virginia Miller, Marilyn Miller, Doris Cilk, Margy Liggett, Beverly Young, Rosemary Murray, Larry Erickson, Harriet Davis, Roy Lundgren, Joy Adreon, Darlene Blackman, Jean Henderson, Clarissa Mason), March 16, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Donna Phillips, model for spring opening, March 17, 1950, p1.

   Troy Cook takes over post of Red Cross water safety director from Ella Redkey, March 17, 1950, p1, 5.

   Dreams of new residential area pushed toward reality (Sunnyside, Knob Hill, Irvington, Mountain View and Elorado additions), March 17, 1950, p1.

   Old grazing fees restored by Klamath Indians, March 17, 1950, p2.

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Pat Henry, model for spring opening, March 17, 1950, p3.

   Opening of Klamath Pilots Club (photo only, Al Mocabee, Herb Waits, Eldon Ault, Don Rinehart, Johnny Whiteline, Max Menti, Penny Payne), March 17, 1950, p7.

   Pelican Pete joins newspaper staff (cartoon), March 18, 1950, p1.

   Big sale of potataoes to Army pending, March 18, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of barbershop chorus members, Charles Bane, Dr. E.M. Marsha, Lyle Haley, Homer Amoureux, Dr. F.W. Peak, Don Kilpatrick, March 18, 1950, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of models in spring opening, Ginger Vaden, Wanda Dressel, Neil Palmer, March 18, 1950, p2.

   Photos of Riverside Elementary PTA officers, Merton Ferebee, Mrs. Leland Snead, Mrs. R. Ramos, Mrs. Fred Goeller, March 18, 1950, p3.

   Photos of dedication of Klamath Yacht Club, Don Sloan, Lewis S. Kandra, Dr. Hugh Swaney, James Burness Sr., Dr. Hugh Currin, Will Wood, Dr. Wayne Esperson, Orth Sisemore, Jerry Thomas, Dr. Albert O. Roenicke, Dr. Merle Swansen, Mr. and Mrs. John Howard, Mrs. J. Frank Adams, Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Cosgrove, March 18, 1950, p5.

   Photos of opening of Klam-Aire Club at airport, John Sandmeyer, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Henry, Scotty Lolcoma, Mrs. Lyle Hickman, Mrs. Lolcoma, Bob Donstead. March 18, 1950, p5.

   Bowling champ is woman of the week (photo, Dena Backes), March 18, 1950, p7.

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath-Alturas ski meet winners, Harlan Moyer, Don Flynn, Bruce Wirth, March 18, 1950, p10.

   Stand-alone photo of Ralph L. Blevins, apprentice dry cleaner, March 18, 1950, p11.

   Modoc Point Irrigation a problem child (historic photos showing 1914 construction of Sprague River Dam), March 18, 1950, p14.

   Stand-alone photo of Scout of the Year, Roger Long, March 20, 1950, p1.

   City Council kills joint city-county jail plan; Mayor Thompson lists reasons, March 21, 1950, p2.

   Link River safety progress reported (minimum flow called for), March 21, 1950, p3.

   Hercules Powder Co. calls for workers, March 22, 1950, p1.

   No westside bypass funds available now, March 22, 1950, p1.

   Klamath Sportsmens Association seeks continuous waterfowl season (photo, Tom O'Dwyer), March 22, 1950, p1, 2.

   Pelican Pete scorns argument over robin ("Shoot it"), March 22, 1950, p1.

   Petitions ask formation of Wiard Park district (history of park's establishment three years earlier), March 22, 1950, p2.

   Texan finds skiing all it's cracked up to be (photos, rope tow at Crater Lake draws 100 on weekends), March 22, 1950, p7.

   Historic photo from July 3, 1917, shows driving of silver spike to celebrate arrival of Southern Pacific tracks in Klamath Falls (??), March 22, 1950, p11.

   K.G. Baghott new farm advsior at Tulelake, assisting Burton J. Hoyle, Marh 22, 1950, p20.

   Rough lumber industry growing weaker; new Klamath business era pictured (comments of Chet Irving), March 23, 1950, p1.

   Louis Taucher achieves Eagle Scout rank (photo only), March 23, 1950, p16.

   Roosevelt PTA officers (photos only, Mrs. Robert A. Thompson, Mrs. Floyd A. Boyd, Mrs. Charles B. Larkin, Mrs. H.O.

   Juckeland), March 24, 1950, p5.

   Mrs. Edward A. Geary named woman of the year by Soroptimists (photo), March 25, 1950, p1.

   Square dance group meets regularly at Reames (photos), March 25, 1950, p5.

   Clara Shaw named woman of the week (photo), March 25, 1950, p7.

   Pharmacist Paul Stockhard wins homestead in Idaho (photo), March 27, 1950, p1.

   Swan Lake Valley, Lakeview scanned as possible sites for Air Force academy, March 27, 1950, p7.

   Ralph Weiser, Monty Montgomery to box at Armory (Mack Lillard, fight promoter), March 27, 1950, p9.

   Hercules Powder Co. to begin construction of pilot plant (lumber mill planned), March 28, 1950, p1.

   Pep Peppers to sell little Easter lilies (photo, Mary Brown, Marilyn Moore, Barbara Swanson, Mrs. W.E. Lamm), March 28, 1950, p1.

   Baseball team manager Hub Kittle says "Gems will hustle," March 28, 1950, p9.

   Basin spuds going good in San Francisco test, March 30, 1950, p1.

   Dick Doege named outstanding senior cager at Klamath Union High School (photo), March 30, 1950, p11.

   Newly formed Klamath Basin Civic Service League to seek rest rooms, March 31, 1950, p2.

   Fairview PTA officers, photos only, Mrs. T.L. Lawrence, Mrs. Richard Kranenberg, Mrs. H.E. Geiger, Mrs. R. T. Daugherity, March 31, 1950, p17.


   Mother (Lola Patrick) charged with murder of her son (Lyndell Patrick), April 1, 1950, p1.

   Fairview Park plot set aside by council, April 4, 1950, p1.

   Kidnapping suspects Turman and Utah Wilson jailed here overnight (photo), April 4, 1950, p1.

   Norwegian family (Kristian Gippo) finds haven here (photo), April 4, 1950, p6.

   Boy Scout award presented to F. Cecil Adams (photo), April 5, 1950, p1.

   Old Linkville School (built in 1887) razed (photos, history), April 6, 1950, p17.

   Parson Omer Idso of Lakeview defies foes, refuses to leave, April 7, 1950, p1.

   A Canal fence idea deadlocked, April 11, 1950, p2.

   YMCA buys Fluhrer Bakery building (photo), April 14, 1950, p1.

   Surburbanites seek sanitary district, April 14, 1950, p2.

   Fire strikes Klamath Poultry Farms plant (photo), April 17, 1950, p1.

   House approves $3 million for veterans hospital, April 24, 1950, p1.

   Wood River area feels sharp earthquake, April 24, 1950, p1.

   "What's going on up there?" (flying saucer reports)(pelican graphic), April 25, 1950, p1.


   Season opener for Klamath Gems baseball team (advertisement, photos, Hub Kittle, Chet Ashman, George Triandos, Bob Rittenberg, Elwin Elton, Dick Descalso, Bob Bowman, Dan Linton, Rudy “Pancho” Gonzales, Gene Shortlidge, Al “Snuffy” Sahlberg, Gabe Padilla, Clyde Dewitt, Gerald Merrit, Don Napoli, Dick Silva, Andy Sierra), May 1, 1950, p14-15.

   Lola Patrick pleads guilty to son's murder, May 3, 1950, p1.

   Copco sued in drowning of youngster (Larry Lee Vandendoel) in Link River, May 11, 1950, p1.

   Road crew boss dies during confrontation (Samuel V. Godard), May 12, 1950, p1.

   Westside bypass proposal under attack, May 16, 1950, p5.

   South suburbs act to get sewage system (photo shows Kiger Field, fairgrounds), May 17, 1950, p1.

   Shasta Drive-In Theater under construction (photo, Lloyd R. Lamb), May 20, 1950.

   White Cindy, mystery figure, powerful tribe member (transvestite) (photo), May 24, 1950, p14.

   Memorial Day observed (photo shows wooden memorial shaft), May 30, 1950, p1.


   Fire at old Blocklinger mill spreads to reservation timber (photos), June 3, 1950, p1.

   Suburbs OK taxes for Wiard Park District, June 5, 1950, p1.

   Czech society (ZCBJ) to meet in Malin, June 8, 1950, p5.

   Potatoes came to Klamath in 1924 (history of potato production), June 14, 1950, p17.

   Scouts take off for national jamboree (three photos), June 20, 1950, p1, 2.

   Theater operator knows his business (photo, George Mann), June 20, 1950, p13.

   Printers strike Herald and News (photo of H&N building), June 27, 1950, p1.


   New Pine Tree theater to open (special section), July 4, 1950.

   Wood River pastures now dotted with cattle, July 7, 1950, p12.

   New First Presbyterian Church planned (graphic), July 11, 1950, p1.

   Bly's six balloon bomb victims to be honored by memorial (photo), July 13, 1950, p1.

   Gems break attendance record (3,747), July 15, 1950, p9.

   New water firm (Oregon Water Corp.) takes over service, July 17, 1950, p12.

   Order of the Antelope heads for Blue Sky Hotel (photos), July 20, 1950, p1.

   Umpqua, Rogue River lakes stocked by special-built plane (photo), July 20, 1950, p1.

   Meeting set to discuss proposed diversion of water to California, July 21, 1950, p1.

   Weyerhaeuser mill, camps resume work after 10-week strike, July 25, 1950, p1.

   Klamath to get new Oregon National Guard unit, July 29, 1950, p1.


   Klamath River fish dying by thousands, Aug. 1, 1950, p1.

   City-county jail idea still alive, Aug. 2, 1950, p4.

   Fish die-off near Keno (photo only), Aug. 3, 1950, p1.

   Veterans hospital wins new approval in Senate, Aug. 4, 1950, p1.

   War-torn Polish couple find haven in Klamath (photo, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Slawski), Aug. 5, 1950, p3.

   Suburban fire department building going up (photo only), Aug. 7, 1950, p3.

   Bureau of Reclamation has plans to divert (Trinity River) water, Aug. 10, 1950, p1.

   Old curfew bell comes off city hall building (photo), Aug. 14, 1950, p1.

   Monument to balloon bomb victims to be dedicated (photo), Aug. 17, 1950, p1.

   Shrine near bly dedicated in memory of balloon bomb deaths (photos), Aug. 21, 1950, p1.

   Pfc. John W. Thompson is first Klamath resident to die in Korea, Aug. 29, 1950, p1.


   Ken Karns wins third annual H&N tennis tournament (photo), Sept. 5, 1950, p1.

   Aunt Jennie Clinton, last Modoc War survivor, dies (photo), Sept. 5, 1950.

   "Watch for deer" signs going up along Highway 97 (photo only), Sept. 13, 1950, p1.

   Coffeepot part of range clearing plan (photo), Sept. 13, 1950, p17.

   New Highway 97 route across Algoma flat under construction (photos only), Sept. 22, 1950, p1.

   Merrill Presybterian Church to be dedicated (photo), Sept. 22, 1950, p3.

   Klamath Union board refuses free lunch program, Sept. 26, 1950, p1.

   Blaze razes Suburban Lumber Co. plant (photos), Sept. 27, 1950, p1.

   New Woolworth store to open on Main Street (photo), Sept. 27, 1950, p9.

   Wreckage of Blakkolb plane found, remains of four inside, Sept. 30, 1950, p1.


   Lost River Diversion Channel being expanded (photos only), Oct. 2, 1950, p10.

   Big log goes to Collier Museum (photos), Oct. 3, 1950, p14.

   Plan for suburban sanitation district fades, Oct. 6, 1950, p1.

   City council moves to abolish recreation board, Oct. 10, 1950, p1.

   Driver (John Chemienti) dies in truck accident (photos), Oct. 11, 1950, p1.

   Recreation board fights back, Oct. 11, 1950, p1.

   Pelican strikes power lines, regurgitates fish in service station (photo only), Oct. 12, 1950, p1.

   Lakeview timber working circle gets green light, Oct. 13, 1950, p1.

   Woman (Velsie Ainsworth) murdered at West Side Store (photo), Oct. 21, 1950, p1.

   Fencing of main canal (A Canal) considered (photo only), Oct. 23, 1950, p1.

   Senate crime committee may investigate race wire outlets in Klamath, Oct. 23, 1950, p1.

   Hercules Plant to begin resin operations on small scale, Oct. 28, 1950, p3.


   Indian officer (John Arkell) ambushed, beaten at Klamath Agency, Nov. 2, 1950, p1.

   “Happy Birthday Roy Rogers” (ad for Roy Rogers Riders Club at Pine Tree Theater), Nov. 3, 1959, p2.

   Stand-alone photo of George Tedrick at Polly Ann Pastry Shop making birthday cake for Roy Rogers, Nov. 3, 1950, p20.

   Confessed killers jailed for murder of Velsie Ainsworth (photo), Nov. 4, 1950, p1.

   Ground broken for new Presbyterian church (photo only), Nov. 6, 1950, p1.

   SP worker killed by train (James Joseph Huffman), Nov. 16, 1950, p1.

   Court holds negro trio for murder (photo) (held: Henry Thomas, Willie McCain, Joe Nathan Cooper; killed: Velsie Ainsworth), Nov. 17, 1950, p1.

   City, county may take over military housing units (at Washburn and Shasta Way), Nov. 18, 1950, p1.

   Modoc Turkey Farms ready for Thanksgiving (photo, Andy Silani), Nov. 18, 1950, p1, 3.

   Thousans jam city for second annual Christmas Opening parade (photos), Dec. 2, 1950, p1.

   Section of Lake O' Woods highway to be relocated, repaved, Dec. 5, 1950, p1.

   Tulana Farms barge moving (photo only), Dec. 5, 1950, p1.

   City moves to take over military housing units, Dec. 5, 1950, p1.

   Vandals put out city's yule star, Dec. 5, 1950, p1.

   No. 2 spud shipment ban draw opposition, Dec. 6, 1950, p1.

   Warner wetlands to be preserved under agreement, Dec. 6, 1950, p1.

   Henry Thomas pleads guilty to murder of Felsie Ainsworth, Dec. 7, 1950, p1.

   Arthur Rickbell (Jim Ricky) named chamber president (photo), Dec. 7, 1950, p1.

   Amputee (Paul Oliver) makes solo flight (photo), Dec. 7, 1950, p7.

   Reames Club expansion plan readied, Dec. 8, 1950, p16.

   Ruling gives Wood River water rights, Dec. 9, 1950, p3.

   City plan to take over housing units fought by realtors, Dec. 12, 1950, p1.

   Clashes mark opening of Cleo Parks kidnapping trial, Dec. 12, 1950, p1.

   Group fights to save Klamath water, seeks organization (Klamath River Watershed Development Association), Dec. 12, 1950, p14.

   Sanitarian chief makes 'em keep it clean (photo, W.P. Green), Dec. 15, 1950, p8.

   Jury finds Cleo Parks guilty of kidnapping, Dec. 16, 1950, p1.

   Police probe body mystery after retriever brings skull home (photos), Dec. 18, 1950, p1.

   Bob Smith succeeds Earl Kent as Jaycee president (photo), Dec. 19, 1950, p1.

   CAA talks in pilots when weather gets tough
(photos, Vance Hawley, Terry Tennant), Dec. 22, 1950, p5.

   Weather balloon alarms Beatty residents (photo only), Dec. 23, 1950, p1.

   Bonneville power line route through Moore Park rejected, Dec. 27, 1950, p1.

   No. 2 potato ban covers entire Northwest, Dec. 27, 1950, p1.

   State offers adult education classes in evenings in Klamath Falls, Dec. 27, 1950.

   Hanks Marsh may become state game refuge, Dec. 29, 1950, p3.

   Cleo Parks found guilty of gun assault, Dec. 30, 1950, p1.

   Klamath near top of state in retail spending, Dec. 30, 1950, p1.



   Parking meters take in $55,010 during 1950, Jan. 2, 1951, p1.

   Deputy Red Britton runs down jail escapee, Jan. 3, 1951, p1.

   No. 2 spud ban upheld, Jan. 5, 1951, p1.

   Death claims Judge Joseph A. Mahoney in courtroom (photo), Jan. 6, 1951, p1.

   Crater Lake ski tow ready, Jan. 6, 1951, p1.

   Klamath Musical Arts Council drama group chooses play, Jan. 8, 1951, p2.

   Bonneville ready to buy city land for power line, Jan. 9, 1951, p1.

   New city jail going up on Walnut Street (photo only), Jan. 9, 1951, p5.

   Meeting called to discuss suburban sanitation, Jan. 13, 1951, p1.

   New suburban fire hall nearly complete (photo only), Jan. 17, 1951, p1.

   New Seventh-day Adventist church nearly complete (photo only), Jan. 17, 1951, p1.

   YMCA building work approved, Jan. 20, 1951, p1.

   Van Brimmer cabin blockhouse, Jan. 20, 1951, p4.

   Death ends Chiloquin disturbance; Harold Webster shot by Constable Alvy Youngblood, Jan. 22, 1951, p1.

   Richard Hancock third Klamath man killed in Korea, Jan. 23, 1951, p1.

   White top one of Klamath's noxious weeds, Jan. 24, 1951, p13.

   Suburbanites jam hall, argue sanitation, accomplish little, Jan. 25, 1951, p7.

   Merrill dedicates new elementary school (photos), Jan. 26, 1951, p1.

   Klamath spuds playing double star role in San Francisco, Jan. 26, 1951, p2.

   Klamath substation area outlined (map), Jan. 26, 1951, p5.

   Road to Crater Lake rim to reopen, Jan. 26, 1951, p5.

   Bill Kittredge elected to 17th term as production credit association president (armory photo), Jan. 29, 1951, p1.

   Paisley hit by floodwaters from Chewaucan River, Jan. 31, 1951, p1.

   Ice in Chewaucan river to be blasted to relieve Paisley flooding (photos only), Feb. 2, 1951, p1.

   "Worst Bog in Town" Ñ unpaved Alameda Street, Feb. 3, 1951, p9.

   Chicken production is expanding industry (photo, Stan Soran), Feb. 8, 1951, p1, 3.

   Boundary of proposed sanitation district shown (map), Feb. 8, 1951, p2.

   City street sprinkler being retired (photo, Russ Herman), Feb. 9, 1951, p1.

   Planning commission OKs Eldorado Heights layout, Feb. 16, 1951, p1.

   Long-ago days recalled by Wood River couple (photos, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Noah), Feb. 17, 1951, p3.

   Sanitation district election fund (form), Feb. 17, 1951, p3.

   Merrill civic award goes to Dr. Frank Trotman (photo), Feb. 20, 1951, p1.

   Klamath major suffers fifth wound (photo, Leonard Lowry), Feb. 23, 1951, p1.

   Klamath Ham radio operators ready (photo, Karl Urquhart), Reb. 23, 1951, p7.

   City police force undermanned, pay scale blamed, Feb. 26, 1951, p1.

   YMCA plans to move to new quarters, Feb. 28, 1951, p1.

   Keys to old Fluhrer's Bakery building turned over to YMCA (photo), March 1, 1951, p1.

   Siskiyou Sheriff orders lid clamped on gambling, March 1, 1951, p1.

   General plan for Eldorado Heights project (map), March 1, 1951, p18.

   Sgt. Con McAuliffe loses life on Korean front (photo), March 1, 1951, p1.

   Slot machines again put away in Klamath, March 2, 1951, p1.

   Geyser at Fort Bidwell spouts water, mud, March 3, 1951, p1.

   Geyser at Paul Robinson ranch spouts mud (photos), March 4, 1951, p1.

   Mud from geyser piles up (photos), March 6, 1951, p4.

   Sgt. Richard Keith Owens killed on Korean Front, March 7, 1951, p1.

   Fire destroys Interstate Cooperatives in Lakeview, March 8, 1951, p1.

   Chamber hands Air Force brief on KF Airport installation, March 8, 1951, p3.

   Old claim recalls livestock losses to Indians in 1872 in Butte Valley, March 10, 1951, p1.

   Modoc medical units finished in Alturas (photo), April 2, 1951, p12.

   City sewage plants in need of costly repairs, April 3, 1951, p1.

   Remodeling for YMCA underway, April 3, 1951, p1.

   Semon bill seeks to stop diversion of Oregon water, April 4, 1951, p1.

   Charlie Captain, Klamath Indian, faces trial for murder of Nathan Wright, April 5, 1951, p16.

   East Main Carnival of Savings (double-truck advertisement), April 9, 1951, p8-9.

   One-way traffic seen as only solution for repairs, April 10, 1951, p1.

   Yellow toadflax came from Europe, used as early ornament, April 11, 1951, p18.

   Silver Lake fills again, April 12, 1951, p1.

   House passes Semon water barrier bill, April 13, 1951, p1.

   Leon Megginson saves life of tot, Bobbie Britton (photo), April 13, 1951, p1.

   Tennessee Ernie to perform at Armory (photo, ad), April 14, 1951, p4.

   Keno named as site for large Copco dam, April 16, 1951, p1.

   Copco plans huge Keno Dam output (map), April 17, 1951, p1.

   Senate endorses Semon bill to stop water diversions, April 19, 1951, p1.

   Poe Valley farmers help neighbor, H.H. Haynes (photo), April 21, 1951, p1.

   Work under way on military housing site (Falcon Heights) (photo), April 23, 1951, p1.

   New arch at Klamath Union houses old curfew bell (photo), April 25, 1951, p1.

   Sabotage seen in Southern Pacific wreck at Merrill (photos), May 8, 1951, p1.

   Former Newell internment center may be townsite (photo), May 10, 1951, p1.

   Greenhouse produces chrysanthemums (photo, H.R. Funderburk), May 10, 1951, p16.

   Shots fired at Southern Pacific foreman, May 11, 1951, p1.

   J.W. Kerns store celebrates 30th store, May 16, 1951, p1.

   Parade photo showing Safeway at Main and Esplanade, May 24, 1951, p1.

   Four newsmen paddle canoe on canal (Ray Pope, Malcolm Epley, Wallace Myers, Wes Guderian) (photo), May 28, 1951, p1.

   Air base gets first F101B "Voodoo" fighter (photos), May 28, 1951, p1.

   Butte Valley well sunk (Ralph Lutz) (photos), May 30, 1951, p16.

   All-steel lookout tower going up on Chase Mountain (photo only), June 1, 1951, p4.

   Copco expansion (Big Bend) project opposed by Klamath County Court, June 2, 1951, p1.

   400 attend opening of OTI pool, June 5, 1951, p3.

   OTI pool open to public (photo only), June 6, 1951, p1.

   Newsmen travel from Klamath Falls to California by canal (photos), June 6, 1951, p18.

   Malin labor camp to get money from potato growers, June 7, 1951, p1.

   Suburban residents to vote on sanitation district, June 8, 1951, p12.

   Will Baldwin found dead, said suicide, June 9, 1951, p1.

   Roundup Queen contestants shown (photo, Janet Dierdorff, Sherlee Ralston, Carolyn Dickson, Barbara Dunlavy, Sue Sessler, Sydney Kerns, Margy Brown, Aurelia Patterson, Sylvia Hillis), June 9, 1951.

   Farmers fear water loss if Copco builds Keno Dam, June 11, 1951, p1.

   Sanitation district voted down in suburbs, June 11, 1951, p1.

   Death claims Mel Henry (photo), June 11, 1951, p1.

   Baldwin funeral to be held, June 11, 1951, p4.

   Meeting on Copco dam moved to armory (photo), June 12, 1951, p1.

   Farmers fear for Basin's future if Copco builds Keno dam, June 12, 1951, p7.

   Will Baldwin funeral held here (photo), June 12, 1951, p8.

   Wilmott Crandall observes 101st birthday (photo), June 15, 1951, p1.

   Police judge Leigh Ackerman dies (photo), June 16, 1951, p1.

   Outgoing Roundup Queen Helen Bertram (photo), June 16, 1951.

   Mexican labor signup scheduled, June 17, 1951, p14.

   Townsite lots sold at Newell (photo, John Krizo), June 21, 1951, p1.

   Would-be rescuer pulled from Link River (photo, Willis Pigg), June 22, 1951, p1.

   Once abundant Klamath elk make big comeback, June 23, 1951, p2.

   Klamath queens date to early part of century, June 23, 1951, Annual Roundup Edition, p4.

   Klamath County infirmary farm operates on Summers Lane (photo), June 28, 1951, p1.

   Crop dusting plane crases; pilot killed (photos) (Harold McPherson), June 29, 1951, p1.

   Jack Henry elected president of state Eagles aerie (photo), July 2, 1951, p1.

   Klamath Falls 60th birtday approaching, July 2, 1951, p1.

   Work done on new city jail (photos), July 11, 1951, p1.

   Klamath Gems to fold if plan doesn't work, July 12, 1951, p1.

   Gems' fate depends on meeting tonight, July 13, 1951, p1.

   First all-steel fire lookout tower raised on Chase Mountain (photo), July 13, 1951, p4.

   Spirit high at Gems meeting, July 14, 1951, p1.

   Woman (Camille Bowles) found after spending three nights in forest near Mt. McLoughlin (photo), July 19, 1951, p1.

   Old fort, Van Bremer (Van Brimmer) cabin moved to lava beds (photo), July 21, 1951, p1.

   Miles "Rattlesnake Pete" Jackson off to '76 days celebration (photo), July 24, 1951, p1.

   Henry Semon pulls big fish from Williamson River (photo), July 26, 1951, p1.

   Lucille O'Neill appointed to state board of education (photo), July 26, 1951, p1.

   New YMCA quarters ready in former Fluhrer's bakery building, July 28, 1951, p1.

   Bob Gasser drowns in Lost River, July 30, 1951, p1.

   Clifford Sargent charged in theft of more than 100 autos, July 30, 1951, p1.

   YMCA to be open to public, July 30, 1951, p4.

   Clinton Charles drowns in Williamson River, July 31, 1951, p1.

   Klamath spuds still back Basin's farm economy, Aug. 1, 1951, p11.

   Linkville Justice Court abolished (photo), Aug. 2, 1951, p1.

   Forest fire chars 22,000 acres on Modoc National Forest, Aug. 3, 1951, p1.

   Klamath Falls key point on Alcan Highway, Aug. 4, 1951, p1.

   Body of Donnie Hermant, 3, pulled from Umpqua River, Aug. 7, 1951, p1.

   Chamber plans celebration for opening of Algoma cutoff, Aug. 9, 1951, p9.

   Old-time autos off for trip to Crater Lake (photos), Aug. 11, 1951, p1.

   Drama group plans meeting, Aug. 14, 1951, p1.

   Adventists construct new church (photos, Rev. P.C. Alderson), Aug. 15, 1951, p1.

   Families settling in Newell, Aug. 15, 1951, p1.

   Costly had pays off timber bet (photo, Greer Drew, Ivan Kesterson), Aug. 18, 1951, p1.

   Algoma cutoff celebration set (photo), Aug. 22, 1951, p1.

   Cancer claims Charline Dover, 3 (photo), Aug. 22, 1951, p1.

   State again rejects bids for road on west side of lake, Aug. 22, 1951, p1.

   Cal-Ore Tavern going on auction block, Aug. 22, 1951, p5.

   Barley growers hold crop to bolster prices, Aug. 24, 1951, p1.

   Ewauna Box building being razed (photo), Aug. 24, 1951, p1.

   French Johnson buys Cal-Ore tavern, Aug. 27, 1951, p1.

   Herald and News to hold fourth annual tennis tourney, Aug. 28, 1951, p9.

   Botulism taking toll on waterfowl, Sept. 1, 1951, p1.

   Utilities sought for new town of Newell, Sept. 1, 1951, p3.

   New home of Dr. Hugh Swaney nearly complete (photo) , Sept. 1, 1951, p3.

   Basin barley pest reported (mealybug), Sept. 4, 1951, p1.

   Hollywood Western actor tries Wood River angling (photo, Charles Starrett), Sept. 4, 1951, p2.

   Botulism control plan cuts loss of wildlife, Sept. 4, 1951, p3.

   Annual ram sale slated in Lakeview, Sept. 4, 1951, p3.

   City reopens issue of paving Pleasant Street, Sept. 5, 1951, p1.

   Lots of champions, buyers, fun at 16th Rotary Junior Livestock Auction (photos), Sept. 5, 1951, p11.

   Many officials expected for Algoma cutoff's dedication (photo, Algoma railroad station), Sept. 6, 1951, p1.

   Vernon Haley wins double honor at state fair, Sept. 6, 1951, p1.

   Barley price holds, crop near record, Sept. 6, 1951, p1.

   Old historic sign at Algoma Point lookout left behind (photo), Sept. 7, 1951, p4.

   KF admiral Howard Orem gets new Carribbean assignment (photo), Sept. 7, 1951, p16.

   Scenic view of Algoma cutoff (photo), Sept. 10, 1951, p1.

   Gov. Douglas McKay cuts ribbon on Algoma cutoff (photo, McKay, Randolph Collier, Karen Miller, Alice Graves), Sept. 11, 1951, p1.

   Doubt raised over guilt of convicted KF murderer Theodore Jordan (photo) (victim, F.T. Sullivan, 1932), Sept. 12, 1951, p1.

   John Boyle urges sober thought concerning Copco dams, Sept. 14, 1951, p1.

   Ewauna Box and Big Lake Box company buildings burn (photos), Sept. 15, 1951, p1.

   Cause of Ewauna Box Factory fire sought (photos), Sept. 17, 1951, p1, 12.

   New mill, Chiloquin Forest Products, being built (photo, B.L. McCallie), Sept. 21, 1951, p1.

   Lake of the Woods lodge being rebuilt following Sept. 8 fire, Sept. 21, 1951, p5.

   Malin pool popular (photos), Sept. 22, 1951, p11.

   Potato crop outlook good (photos), Sept. 24, 1951, p1.

   Four KUHS boys reinstated to school after beer drinking incident, Sept. 25, 1951, p1.

   Blue Lake readied for trout (rotenone used to kill trash fish), Sept. 29, 1951, p14.

   Rain ends record 139-day drought, Oct. 1, 1951, p1.

   Alsike clover steals harvest show, Oct. 2, 1951, p1.

   Rudolph Schiminesky displays big dahlias (photo), Oct. 2, 1951, p1.

   Malin labor camp home to 500 harvest workers (photos), Oct. 3, 1951, p13.

   Basin ranchers hit alsike clover jackpot, Oct. 4, 1951, p1.

   Former Gov. Charles Sprague kicks off community chest drive (photo), Oct. 9, 1951, p1.

   Figures show OTI fastest growing college in state, Oct. 10, 1951, p1.

   Maurice Dodson leads big buck contest (photo), Oct. 11, 1951, p1.

   Mahogany work opens here (Palmerton Lumber Co., Dahican-American Lumber Co.), Oct. 12, 1951, p1.

   Drum and bugle corps to reform (historic 1938 photo of American Legion corps), Oct. 20, 1951.

   New lease land farm plots to be offered, Oct. 24, 1951, p1.

   Malin plans daffodil bulb planting, Oct. 24, 1951, p3.

   Klamath ranchers form livestock marketing association, Oct. 26, 1951, p1.

   Pumice mining claims tie up valuable forest land, Oct. 27, 1951, p1.

   OTI names grid queen (photo, Jessie Lee Long), Nov. 1, 1951, p1.

   Polio strikes here again (Dennis Augustus), Nov. 1, 1951, p1.

   Midget wrestling planned at armory (photos), Nov. 1, 1951, p15.

   Klamath woman builds successful business life (photo, Stella (Davis) Myers, Nov. 1, 1951, p17.

   Jim Kaler resigns council seat, Nov. 2, 1951, p1.

   Study shows fluoridation of water big dental aid, Nov. 2, 1951, p5.

   Midgets score hit in furious armory (wrestling) tiff (photo), Nov. 2, 1951, p9.

   Roy Rogers in “Under California Skies” (ad for Pine Tree Theater), Nov. 3, 1951, p3.

   OTI Queen Jessie Lee Long cuts birthday cake for Roy Rogers at Pine Tree Theater (photo only), Nov. 5, 1951, p5.

   Fluoridation indifference decried, Nov. 6, 1951, p1.

   Eldorado Heights barrier cleared, Nov. 6, 1951, p1.

   Lost plane found; three dead (Dr. A.D. Myers, Dr. Hugh Brown, Dr. Byron Baldwin), Nov. 7, 1951, p1.

   Merrill police chief jailed (Floyd Walther), Nov. 8, 1951, p1.

   Great Northern President wins spike driving race (two railroads meet, Great Northern, Western Pacific) (photo, Charles Clegg, John Budd, F.B. Whitman, Lucius Beebe), Nov. 12, 1951, p1.

   Eldorado lots going to city, Nov. 15, 1951, p1.

   Old timers meet at Merrill school reunion (photos, Mrs. W.D. Robinson, Mrs. Dan Colwell, Mrs. E.M. Hammond, Mrs. Robert Odell, John Colwell, J. Frank Adams Jr., Frank Hadley, Robert Adams, Guy Merrill; also photos of old schools), Nov. 15, 1951, p18.

   Timber payments set for Klamath Indians, Nov. 16, 1951, p1.

   Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church holds first service, Nov. 16, 1951, p9.

   Addition of fluorides to water draws support of dentists, health department, Nov. 20, 1951, p1.

   New city jail about to be opened, Nov. 21, 1951, p12.

   Huge crowd takes in Christmas parade, Nov. 24, 1951, p1.

   Dragon part of Christmas parade (photo), Nov. 26, 1951, p1.

   Bureau of Reclamation drills experimental wells in Butte Valley, Nov. 26, 1951, p10.

   Indian grog (prohibition) move delayed, Nov. 27, 1951, p1.

   City council visits new jail; lowers boom on coin-in-slot bowling, Nov. 27, 1951, p12.

   New city jail holds open house (photos, Police Chief Orville Hamilton), Nov. 28, 1951, p1.

   Tulana Farms appears certain to get two-year lease extension, Nov. 29, 1951, p1.

   Memorial shaft at courthouse deteriorating, Nov. 29, 1951, p10.

   Boy Scouts report of accomplishments for 1951 (advertisement), Nov. 30, 1951, p18.

   Klamath water group keeps eye on Trinity water steal possiblity, Dec. 1, 1951, p1.

   Tulana Farms' Reclamation lease still unsigned, Dec. 4, 1951, p1.

   Klamath Tribal meeting slated for Thursday to discuss liquidation, Dec. 4, 1951, p4.

   Copco contract on river before state hydroelectric commission (Big Bend Project), Dec. 5, 1951, p1.

   Klamath Gems need help again, Dec. 5, 1951, p12.

   Trinity Diversion meeting set, Dec. 6, 1951, p1.

   Fire leaves family of nine out in the cold (photo, Norman Chase photo), Dec. 6, 1951, p1.

   Sprague River Water Users band together, Dec. 6, 1951, p12.

   Tulana Farms tells its side of story, Dec. 7, 1951, p1.

   Pinball ordinance governing coin amusement games revised, Dec. 7, 1951, p1.

   Tribal meet lacks quorum, Dec. 7, 1951, p1.

   Klamath Watershed Association to put up stiff battle against plan to divert Trinity River waters (cartoon), Dec. 7, 1951, p1.

   Warner Ski Area opens, Dec. 7, 1951, p2.

   Downtown Chiloquin has big fire, Dec. 8, 1951, p1.

   Famous Klamath Annex flophouse may be padlocked (Harry Boivin, Al Schmeck reference), Dec. 8, 1951, p1.

   City hall facelift underway, Dec. 8, 1951, p2.

   Fire razes businesses in Chiloquin (photos, Bud Parazoo, Geno Gheller), Dec. 10, 1951, p1.

   Flophouse tenants slated for cold trip to snow streets (photo, Earl Shanbow, Jack Padgett), Dec. 11, 1951, p1.

   Klamath Tribe votes for prohibition repeal; asks for modified witdrawal law, Dec. 11, 1951, p4.

   Chiloquin fire has two sides; tragedy stalks side by side with humor (By Darlene Wolff), Dec. 12, 1951, p11.

   Bread and water order makes hot stew for police chief Bob Elder, Dec. 13, 1951, p1.

   Weyerhaeuser to open hardboard plant, Dec. 17, 1951, p1.

   Tribal group asks election for delegates to Congress, Dec. 17, 1951, p9.

   Fluoridation still seen as hot issue, Dec. 18, 1951, p4.

   City revises pinball ordinance, Dec. 18, 1951, p1.

   Three Basin men on POW list (Robert L. Wood, John D. Martin, Harold Kaschko), Dec. 19, 1951, p1.

   New officers of Oregon Tech student body (photo, Leroy Pettit, Robert Newbill, Lyle Read, Phyllis Hoyez), Dec. 21, 1951, p1.



   Polio victim Dean Sacher cheerful (photo), Jan. 1, 1952, p5.

   Tulelake man dies in Arizona plane crash (photo, Hugh Wilson Jr.), Jan. 2, 1952, p1.

   Air of defeat in economic conditions based on fears, not fact (By Hale Scarbrough), Jan. 2, 1952, p1.

   Tulana Farms lease threatens refuges, letter says, Jan. 2, 1952, p2.

   Bird feeding fund drive started (photo, Virgil Davis), Jan. 2, 1952, p3.

   Lumber industry had $14 million payroll in 1951, Jan. 3, 1952, p1.

   Best skating of the year tonight, Jan. 3, 1952, p1.

   Lumber industry had $14 million payroll in county in 1951, Jan. 3, 1952, p1.

   Should Klamath Falls changes its way of doing things? (need for city manager), Jan. 3, 1952, p6.

   Skating at Moore Park ice rink (photos only), Jan. 5, 1952, p1.

   Government orders price rollback for potatoes, Jan. 5, 1952, p1.

   Walgreens drug store sticks to ban on youth, Jan. 5, 1952, p1.

   Teen age dance at yacht club (photos only, Dr. and Mrs. George Adler, hosts), Jan. 5, 1952, p5.

   Price ceiling imposed on spuds at $3.75 per hundredweight, Jan. 7, 1952, p1.

   Tulelake internment camp eyed for subversives, Jan. 11, 1952, p1.

   Moore Park zoo (photos only, R.L. Morrow), Jan. 11, 1952, p2.

   Potato growers say higher price ceiling is imperative, Jan. 12, 1952, p1.

   John Boyle, manager of Copco, outlines future plans, Jan. 12, 1952, p3.

   Radio forum to discuss problems with youth, Jan. 12, 1952, p14.

   Potato growers to lift size restrictions, Jan. 15, 1952, p1.

   Response to "Better Citizens" program tremendous (Herald and News, KFLW program), Jan. 15, 1952, p2.

   City Council eyes widening Pacific Terrace, Jan. 15, 1952, p5.

   Pete Belcastro photo, Jan. 15, 1952, p7.

   Moore Park ice rink a popular spot (photo), Jan. 15, 1952, p10.

   Sheriff Jack Franey dies (photo), Jan. 16, 1952, p1.

   Funeral rites planned for L. Alva "Alvy" Lewis, Jan. 16, 1952, p2.

   Bob Smith among those honored by Junior Chamber of Commerce (photos, Hillman Lueddemann, Edgar Smith, Mrs. Dick Maguire, Darrell Miller, Bob Smith, Jim Kerns Jr., Arthur Rickell), Jan 16, 1952, p1.

   Spud price rollback to go into effect, Jan. 18, 1952, p1.

   James Murray "Red" Britton takes sheriff's job (photo), Jan. 19, 1952, p1.

   Panel to answer questions in Herald and News - KFLW youth forum (photos, Arnold Gralapp, Carrol Howe, Rev. George Alder, Edith Kingdon, Dot Am Fleming, Chick Quinowski, Ray Biggers), Jan. 21, 1952, p1.

   Sportsmen fight plan for more homesteads on Tule Lake (Tulana Farms), Jan. 21, 1952, p1.

   Wider street on Pacific Terrace set for hearing, Jan. 22, 1952, p1.

   Man admits he killed his ex-wife (photos, Roy Plant, Luella Hines Plant), Jan. 24, 1952, p1.

   Spud forum will view Basin future, Jan. 24, 1952, p1.

   Champion pie baker Ruth Carter photo), Jan. 24, 1952, p15.

   Park board steers clear of city proposal asking for fund switch for pool at Veterans Park, Jan. 26, 1952, p1.

   Judge hands murderer Roy Plant life term, Jan. 26, 1952, p1.

   YMCA building needs furnishings, equipment, Jan. 26, 1952, p4.

   Winter fishing on Upper Klamath Lake (photo, William L. Hartman, Don Breithaupt), Jan. 28, 1952, p1.

   Bill Kittredge quits Klamath Production Credit Association post, Jan. 28, 1952, p1.

   Spud panel set (photos, John Degnan, Roy Anderson, C.A. Henderson, Mrs. Len Surles, E.E. Kilpatrick, Earl Wilson), Jan. 28, 1952, p1.

   Winter fishing on Upper Klamath Lake (photo, Khlar Heaton, Isom Patterson), Jan. 28, 1952, p8.

   KFJI's mobile transmitter (photo, Dick Maguire, Bob Thompson), Jan. 28, 1952, p10.

   Interest keen as spud panel discusses Basin's No. 1 crop, Jan. 29, 1952, p1.

   Federal jury returns indictments against Klamath County residents (Dan Liskey, Mabel Liskey, Dr. Miller E. Cooper, Leroy Alvin Hicks, Darrell Campagna, Harold Davis, Ethel Maw Watah, Pauline Hendron), Jan. 29, 1952, p10.

   Production Credit Association dinner at armory draws 423 farmers (photo only), Jan. 30, 1952, p1.

   Three Klamath men at chambers of commerce meeting in Portland (photo, Frank Jenkins, James Kerns Jr., Frank Tucker), Jan. 31, 1952, p1.


   Flu flattens Klamath, Feb. 1, 1952, p1.

   Randolph Collier objects to Trinity River diversion, Feb. 2, 1952, p1.

   Oregon Tech gunsmithing class tops in United States (photos, George Harper, Walter Phillips), Feb. 2, 1952, p14.

   Forum on industry set (photos, Russ Tisdale, George P. Davis, L.W. Rothenberger, Vic Schoonover, Dick Henzel, George W. Morgan), Feb. 4, 1952, p1.

   Basin potato growers promised price boost, Feb. 4, 1952, p1.

   Pine Tree theater closes, Feb. 4, 1952, p1.

   Muddy roads close Newell school, Feb. 4, 1952, p1.

   County farm proves interesting, worthwhile place (photos, Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Smith), Feb. 4, 1952, p3.

   Lost plane found; three men rescued (Norman Bryar, Fred DeBlois, Paul Peterson), Feb. 5, 1952, p1.

   Murray "Red" Britton enters race for sheriff (photo), Feb. 5, 1952, p1.

   Office of Price Stabilization investigates potato sales, Feb. 6, 1952, p1.

   New Tulana Farms lease approved, Feb. 6, 1952, p1.

   Malin Fire Department burns mortgage (photo, Joe Halousek, John Hersfelt, Jerry Rajnus, Louis Kalina), Feb. 6, 1952, p4.

   County Clerk Charles DeLap running for third term (photo), Feb. 7, 1952, p1.

   Klamath Round-up slated (photo, Al Schmeck, Arthur "Ricky" Rickbeil, Greer Drew, Charlie Read, Roy Murphy, Keith Rice, Bob Robbins), Feb. 7, 1952, p1.

   Hearing set on hospital in Tulelake, Feb. 7, 1952, p1.

   Prostitution houses closed after juveniles visit, Feb. 8, 1952, p1.

   Important city measures include levy for swimming pool construction, Feb. 8, 1952, p1.

   Dale Mattoon files for sheriff (photo), Feb. 8, 1952, p1.

   Wild horse roundup scheduled for southwestern county, Feb. 9, 1952, p1.

   Klamath Union art students succeed at state competition (photo, Shannon Oldham, Doris Campbell, Jane Darton, Sally McMahon, Dick Parker, Richard Reinholtz, Dennis Todd, Jim Morris, Roger Long, Ronald Jenson, Wayne Angel), Feb. 9, 1952, p1.

   Build the Basin forum set on sports (photos, Ralph Carroll, Dick Macguire, Bob Bonney, Red Bussman, Skeet O'Connell, Donna Sproat, Bob Hendershott, Harold Hendrickson), Feb. 11, 1952, p1.

   Veteran solon running again (photo, Hank Semon), Feb. 11, 1952, p1.

   Black market on potatoes charged, Feb. 12, 1952, p1.

   Ground water rights curbed for Yonna, Swan Lake valleys, Feb. 13, 1952, p1.

   Office of Price Stabilization promises fight against potato black market, Feb. 13, 1952, p1.

   City limit extension next on radio forum, Feb. 13, 1952, p1.

   Alturas soldier tells of capture by enemy (photo, Jim Smelcer), Feb. 14, 1952, p10.

   "Woman's World" feature: Phyllis Robusteli (photo), Feb. 14, 1952, p17.

   Basin spud men blast Office of Price Stabilization, Feb. 15, 1952, p1.

   Klamath Indian freedom near, Feb. 16, 1952, p1.

   City annexation Monday's forum question, Feb. 16, 1952, p1.

   Forum to consider annexation (photos, Wilbur "Bill" Green, John Howard, Bob Chilcote, C.P. "Cal" Peyton, E.S. Robinson, Marion Shannon, Orth Sisemore, Ned Smith), Feb. 18, 1952, p1.

   Yacht club officers for 1952 (photo only, Elbert Stiles, Howard Pernell, Lewis Kandra, Lloyd Derby, Bruce Davis, Bill Owens, Neil Black, Feb. 18, 1952, p10.

   American Legion Auxiliary post (photo only, Mrs. Charles Hahn, Mrs. Paul Otterbein, Mrs. Fred Heilbronner, Mrs. H.W. Petrick, Mrs. Bogue Dale, Feb. 18, 1952, p1.

   Jap internment camp may become prison, Feb. 19, 1952, p1.

   City may rent parking meters as advertising posts, Feb. 19, 1952, p1.

   Majority of annexation panel favors proposal, Feb. 19, 1952, p2.

   Japanese internment camp may be used to house subversives, Feb. 20, 1952, p1.

   Dying baby's life saved by firemen (Michael James Bilyeu), Feb. 20, 1952, p1.

   Sears issues "Share the Wealth" checks (photo only, Bill Payette, Bernice Cooley, Ford Kempton, Frank Scott, Edith Taylor, Lorraine Price), Feb. 20, 1952, p16.

   Four lambs born by Caesarian section (photo only, Paul Hatchett), Feb. 21, 1952, p1.

   Basin bypassed as Office of Price Stabilization raises potato ceilings for many areas, Feb. 22, 1952.

   Moore Park skiing set (mentions 900-foot rope tow), Feb. 22, 1952, p4.

   Ski race date set at Warner Canyon, Feb. 23, 1952, p2.

   Air Force men survive crash landing (photos, Harley Pallette, Bruce Prinz, Ernest Kidwell, James Sims), Feb. 25, 1952, p1.

   Man (Miguel Tenois Maruicio) knifed to death in cabin (photos, suspects James Godowa, Lorenzo Weeks), Feb. 26, 1952, p1.

   Addition of fluorides to Klamath water probable, Feb. 26, 1952, p1.

   Build the Basin law enforcement panel slated (photos, M.A. Carter, Phil Hitchcock, D.E. Van Vactor, Darrell Miller, E.J. Diehl, Earl Tichenor, Robert Elder), Feb. 26, 1952, p1.

   Panelists put responsibility for gambling put to people, Feb. 27, 1952, p1.

   Old burner at Weyerhaeuser being torn down (photo), Feb. 28, 1952, p1.

   Phil Hitchcock, Ed Geary to seek election again (photos), Feb. 28, 1952, p1.

   Bureau of Reclamation studies well water level in Butte Valley, Feb. 28, 1952, p16.

   Woman's World feature: Dora Goddard (photo), Feb. 28, 1952, p17.


   Curfew violations lead to jail terms for two youths, March 1, 1952, p1.

   Klamath Yacht Club dinner dance (photos only, Lloyd Prock, Dick Reeder, Walter Lassett, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Watters, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Byrne, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Maxwell, Bruce Wirth, Maxine Liskey), March 1, 1952, p5.

   Roaring Twenties relived at Reames (photos only, Bob Mest, Frank Drew, Mrs. Fred Burgoyne, Mrs. Elbert Stiles, John O'Neill, Mrs. Adolph Zamsky, Mrs. John Shaw, Fred Scott, Mrs. James Kerns, Truman Runyan, James Kerns Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Julian Eccles, Elbert Stiles, Mrs. C. "Buz" Larkin, Gene Hooker, Mrs. Robert Veatch, Mrs. Lyle Kellstrom, Mrs. R.E. "Gene" Hooker, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Burrell, Mrs. Fred Scott), March 1, 1952, p5.

   Mrs. Robert B. Maxwell receives woman of the year award (photo, with Joy Rolph, Vera Chase), March 1, 1952, p7.

   Catholic Mother's Club card party (photos only, Mary Vandenberg, Catherine Kahn, Mrs. James Sullivan, Mary Gillin, Jerry Druliner, Jerry Jarvis), March 1, 1952, p7.

   Fire destroys Klamath Packing Co. plant on Old Midland Road (photo)(Frank Lowell, owner), March 3, 1952, p1.

   Frank Steele seeks sheriff post (photo), March 3, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo, railroaders L.A. Kiesel, Lee Hargove, March 3, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo, Janice Ellis, Lavern Harper, March 4, 1952, p1.

   O.K. Puckett chairman of Red Cross Industrial Division (photo only), March 4, 1952, p1.

   Annual Girl Scout cookie sale (photo only, Judy Fitzgerald, Natalia Reichenberger, Karen Porter), March 4, 1952, p5.

   Lake County draft board quits in protest (Carl Pendleton, chairman), March 5, 1952, p1.

   Dorris boys' club opened (photos only, Earl "Red" Ryan, Police Chief Fenton Mahrt, Skipper Sevits), March 5, 1952, p1.

   Milk bottles on the way out, says Percy Murray of Klamath Falls Creamery, March 5, 1952, p1.

   Malin Mariners Club to present "Showboat" (photo only, Shirley Richerdson, Louis Stewart, Tom Williams), March 5, 1952, p14.

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Schloeman, Michael Schloeman, March 6, 1952, p1.

   Troy V. Cook seeks county post (photo), March 6, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photos of Carrol Howe, John Heyden, Red Cross chairmen, March 6, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hamblin, March 6, 1952, p1.

   Klamath Air Search and Rescue to expand (photo, O.D. "Babe" Reeder), March 6, 1952, p1.

   Ella Redkey leads Girl Scout council (photo), March 6, 1952, p7.

   Stand-alone photo with Mayor Bob Thompson, Mrs. Welsey McNee Sr., Mrs. U.S. Balentine, March 6, 1952, p19.

   Ross Ragland heads Tulelake Rotary Club (photo), March 7, 1952, p1.

   Races loom in upcoming election, A.R. Dickson, Austin Hayden, Marius Peterson, Mike Williams (photo), Jim Kaler, Dr. George Adler, Ed Gowen, Troy V. Cook, March 7, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of R.F. Beland, bellhop at Winema Hotel, March 7, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Jack Dyer, Mayor Bob Thompson, Walter Salsbery, March 7, 1952, p11.

   Stand-alone photo of Farm Bureau members Lloyd Hankins, John Kerns, Jack Wakefield, E.E. Kilpatrick, March 7, 1952, p11.

   Stand-alone photo of contestants in American Legion oratory, Kay Peterson, Harold Slagle, Marlene Ebinger, Joe LaClair, March 8, 1952, p3.

   Midget wrestling event planned at Armory (photo, Fuzzy Cupid), March 8, 1952, p9.

   Bureau of Reclamation studies power potential on Klamath River, March 10, 1952, p1.

   Two Malin men survive plan crash unhurt, Doyle Haskins, Gene Hill, March 10, 1952, p1.

   Herb Pollard, Jim Emmons head up rural division of Red Cross Drive (photos), March 10, 1952, p1.

   Public curious about power plans of Copco, Bureau of Reclamation, March 11, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Dick Loomis, Bill Loomis, March 11, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Kenneth Icenbice, 4, March 11, 1952, p10.

   Stand-alone photo of Harold Buck, C.A.Nice, March 12, 1952, p1.

   E.P. Leavitt to retire as Crater Lake superintendent, March 12, 1952, p1.

   Tulelake irrigation district approved in vote, March 12, 1952, p4.

   American Legion blasts plan for using Japanese internment camp, March 12, 1952, p4.

   Midget wrestling show set at Armory (photos), March 12, 1952, p13.

   Oregon Tech students boycott classes in protest of layoffs; return to classes (photo), March 13, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo, Mrs. Paul McEnerny, Kathy McEnerny, March 13, 1952, p1.

   Elevator service going into effect at Penney's, March 13, 1952, p4.

   Beth Chase social director at Willard Hotel (photo), March 13, 1952, p17.

   4-H Week photos, Dale Williams, Betty Brandejsky, Burt Mack, March 13, 1952, p19.

   4-H Week photos, Jim Anderton, Mrs. Ray Loosley, March 13, 1952, p21.

   Instructors brought back at Oregon Tech after student protest, March 14, 1952, p1.

   Water use urged for irrigation and power (Frank Jenkins speech to Kiwanis club), March 14, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo, Sharon Strand, March 15, 1952, p1.

   Signal pole contract only Korean War business here so far, March 15, 1952, p1.

   Klamath Union orchestra students honored (photo only, Kay Jensen, Jewel Shannon, Florence Lampropulos, Wayne Angel, John Durand), March 15, 1952, p1.

   Society photos - Sandra Adams, Mrs. George P. Lyman, March 15, 1952, p5.

   Society photos - Easter Seal sales, Ruth O'Hara, Barbara Baumgardner, June Dryden, Iris Pearson, Lena Parsons, Betty Champagne, Edith Pieruccini, Jeanette Marshall, Lois Brownfield, June DeMazes, Delia Arch, Natalia Reichenberg, Pear Drew, Esther Lawler, Mary Bothwel., March 15, 1952, p5.

   Opposition to use of Newell internment camp grows, March 17, 1952, p1.

   Klamath Union High School's starting five basketball lineup (photo, Jerry Johnson, Jack Horton, Ralph Carroll, Ray Bell, Calvin Gilmore), March 17, 1952, p7.

   Cattle disease fought (County court orders vaccinations against Bangs disease), March 18, 1952, p1.

   Walt McIntyre takes over as airport manager (photo), March 18, 1952, p4.

   YMCA cleaning project (photo only, Ann Pederson, Mary Beth Rice, Louis Erbers), March 18, 1952, p6.

   Scouts help in Easter Seal sales (photo only, David Landis, Galvin Nelson), March 18, 1952, p12.

   Stand-alone photo of Vida Mae Northcutt, Louella Northcutt, March 19, 1952, p1.

   Modoc, Siskiyou supervisors meet to discuss Tulelake hospital, farm advisory office, March 19, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Henry Williams with triplet lambs, March 19, 1952, p9.

   Modoc, Siskiyou supervisors scan Tulelake farm office established in 1950, March 20, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Grace Colvin Wells, March 20, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Hank Semon receiving box of cheese from Bob Thornton of Tillamook, March 20, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Sharon Thompson, Bondell Crawford with cakes baked for county nursing home, March 20, 1952, p7.

   Stand-alone photo of B.T. McKimens showing Taft watchfob to Bill Jenkins, March 20, 1952, p9.

   Margaret Tallman Freuer's hands never idle (photo), March 20, 1952, p17.

   Flood control on Lost River should open more Tule Lake land for homesteading (channelization in Langell Valley; history of Tule Lake development), March 21, 1952, p1.

   Committee will study hospital for Tulelake, March 21, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Hugh Killmeyer, Evelyn Harvey at bus depot cafe, March 21, 1952, p1.

   Barbershoppers to sell tickets (photo, Don Miller, Sam Thomson, Olney Rudd, Charlie Bane, George Meyers, Dan House, Cecil Adams, Bill Peake, Al Longe) March 21, 1952, p3.

   Basin forum to debate number of fund drives (Community Chest, Red Cross failed to meet goals), March 21, 1952, p5.

   Bureau of Prisons takes over Japanese internment camp site, March 22, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Jeri and Cora Hardman, March 22, 1952, p1.

   Ponderosa Room sign going up on Willard Hotel building, March 22, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photos of kids, Marion Hubbard, Carla Jean Hegler, Randy and Sherry Barnes, March 22, 1952, p3.

   4-H leaders join to form 4-H Leaders Association (photo only), March 22, 1952, p3.

   Elks women's crab feed fills Armory (photo only), March 22, 1952, p7.

   Stand-alone photo of rockslide cleanup on Algoma cutoff, March 22, 1952, p9.

   Soil conservation districts vital to area, March 24, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of marquee coming off Pine Tree theater, March 24, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Gary Coats, Larry McNab, March 24, 1952, p1.

   Mug shots of forum speakers, G. Roderick Durham, Bob Perkins, Ernest Taylor, Dr. Frank Trotman, Mrs.

   Herbert Graham, Lynn Roycroft, March 24, 1952, p1.

   Dave Robb captures city bowling crown (photo), March 24, 1952, p9.

   Stand-alone photo of Oregon Tech student Frank Jackson with fish, March 25, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Helen Dowdy, Sharon Outler, March 25, 1952, p1.

   Convicts slated for internment camp, March 25, 1952, p1.

   Panel theorizes there are too many fund drives, March 25, 1952, p1.

   Forest Service OKs Chemult landfill site, March 25, 1952, p1.

   Sacred Heart Academy to expand, March 25, 1952, p2.

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Erling Ericksen with breeding goat, March 25, 1952, p10.

   Wyoming paper carries story about Harry Wiard, March 25, 1952, p12.

   Drawing of addition planned at Sacred Heart Academy, March 26, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo Camp Fire girls, Carol Larson, Twila Greene, Susan Derby, March 26, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Sacred Heart students Gerard LaMarche, Ebby Lane, March 26, 1952, p1.

   Midland Grange holds old-fashioned country auction (photos, Mrs. Hip Largent, Mrs. Floyd Hoover, Mrs.

   Roy Huff, Mrs. Ralph Benoist, :Paul Snedden, Bob Bunyard, Bobbie Crapo, Pat Milani, Verland Huff, L.C. Shook, Bill Schmidli, Charles Schmidli, Kenneth Duncan), March 26, 1952, p10-11.

   Stand-alone photo of University of Oregon students Ellis E. Owen, Wayne Carothers, March 26, 1952, p13.

   Stand-alone photo of Sheriff Murray "Red" Britton, Janice Britton, Betty Grant, March 26, 1952, p17.

   "Spring Bringer-Onner" editorial cartoon by Mac Epley, March 27, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Don Wells, Dr. Earl Clanahan, March 27, 1952, p1.

   Virginia Oberg aided by Tuberculosis Association, March 27, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of high water in Wocus area, March 27, 1952, p1, 4.

   Stand-alone photo of Shirley Alexander at Yacht Club, March 27, 1952, p16.

   Blanche Petroff a busy Klamathite (photo), March 27, 1952, p17.

   A.R. Dickson candidate for assessor (photo only), March 27, 1952, p21.

   Stand-alone photo of children making mud pies, Nyna and Tyana Payne, Bob Osborne, March 28, 1952, p1.

   Barbers vote for five-day work week, March 28, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Bob Hand, Tommy Sumpter, March 28, 1952, p1.

   Camp Esther Applegate recreation hall collapses under snow, March 28, 1952, p1.

   Rafael Mendez to perform benefit concert in Klamath Falls, March 28, 1952, p4.

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Union pole vaulter Jerry Johnson, March 28, 1952, p8.

   Ground broken for construction of Free Methodist Church (photo, Rev. F.C. Neumann), March 28, 1952, p11.

   11-year-old Phyllis Jorgens to join father in Minnesota (photo), March 29, 1952, p1.

   Julia Zumwalt named woman of the year (photo, with Coral Sabo), March 29, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Julius Reynolds, J.O. Kennett, March 29, 1952, p1.

   Camp Fire opens candy sale drive (photo, Judy Alexander, Karen North, Patty Fairchild), March 29, 1952, p2.

   Society photos - Judy Pieser, Dick Pieser, Michael Burke, Sallie Sue Burke, Leroy Porter, Karen Porter, Pat Kittredge, Robert Kittredge, Dick Clark, Nancy Park, Marcia Mills, Lyle Mills, Nadine Wilkerson, Jerry Wilkerson, March 29, 1952, p5.

   Assessor, local businesses feud over inventory accounting for personal property taxes, March 29, 1952, p12.

   Panel to speak on voting, registration (mug shots of Gale Osborne, Chuck Johnson, Charles DeLap, Mrs.

   John Yadon, Kathy McDonald, H.B. Apathy), March 29, 1952, p1.

   Camp Fire girls start candy sales (photo only, Judith Buckman, Mono Chenoweth, Betty Sue Taggart, Roberta Hurley, with Percy Murray), March 29, 1952, p8.


   Cecil Kollenborn takes leave from YMCA post (photo), April 1, 1952, p1.

   Ralph Weiser to appear in boxing match (photo), April 1, 1952, p9.

   Stand-alone photo of Johnny Bowen, 5, April 2, 1952, p1.

   Soldier tells of life in communist Hungary (photo, Sgt. Bill Miller), April 2, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Alvy Peyton with bear, April 2, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Bonanza debate team members Elna Fitshugh, Margy Brown, April 2, 1952, p6.

   Two men killed in Newell plane crash (Glendon Smith, Marvin Christy), April 3, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Oregon Tech actresses Francis Nixon, Phyllis Hoyez, Amy Cornwall, April 3, 1952, p1.

   State inspection team gives Oregon Tech clean bill of health, approves changes in administration, April 3, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Oregon Tech employees Donna Lasher, Mary Clark, April 3, 1952, p1.

   Scout trophies displayed by Bob Mitchell, Don Adams, Martin Brauner (photo only), April 3, 1952, p2.

   Forest Service workers prune pine trees in Sevenmile area, April 3, 1952, p6.

   Indian meets Oakland negro in boxing match at Armory (Mack Lillard, Dick Wolfe, Ralph Weiser, Rudy Carlson, Darrell Harrington, Clyde Phoenix, Billy Plummer), April 3, 1952, p14.

   Toi Yamato new pet peeve of wrestling fans at Armory (photo, Eric Pedersen), April 3, 1952, p15.

   Church choir festival scheduled (photo, Andrew Loney, Rev. Irvin Tweet), April 3, 1952, p16.

   Rafel Mendez to play here, April 3, 1952, p16.

   Merchants meet with tax experts on stock inventories, April 3, 1952, p16.

   Barbara Nyhart Whitlatch improves her home in Merrill (photo), April 3, 1952, p17.

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. William Georgesen with gingerbread house, April 3, 1952, p18.

   Annual Boy Scout exposition and display (full-age advertisement), April 3, 1952, p20.

   Delta Kappa Gamma women gather here (photos, Velma Tennery, Elisa Perry), April 4, 1952, p1.

   Boys find robbery loot, get rewards (photo, Eugene, Edward and David Oviatt), April 4, 1952, p1.

   Oregon Tech topic of forum, April 4, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Elaine Tutler, April 4, 1952, p1.

   Merrill High School seniors stage play (photo, Dick Reeves, Frieda Schlecht, Bruce Sanders, Billy Barber), April 4, 1952, p2.

   Don Piper to leave district attorney's office, April 4, 1952, p4.

   Porcupines damage timber despite efforts to curb, April 4, 1952, p6.

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Union students selling Easter lilies, Caroline Riley, Vergie Toyly, Mary Demetrakos, April 4, 1952, p7.

   Lutheran churches plan Easter sunrise service at Shasta Drive-In Theater (photo, Rev. Irvin Tweet, Rev. M. Roderick Anderson, Ivan Larson, Martin Bendin, L. Ernest Taylor, Rev. Richard Graef), April 4, 1952, p11.

   Jaycees present YMCA with table tennis sets (photo, Ronnie Croxfoid, Gale Osborne, David Robinson), April 4, 1952, p15.

   Roosevelt students sing at county rest home (photo only, Sandra Wicker, Nancy Roman, Richard Norland, John O'Neill, April 5, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of DickWolfe, Roy Mott, April 5, 1952, p1.

   Fatal plane crash (Smith, Christy) (photo), April 5, 1952, p3.

   Society photos - Mrs. Richard Franklin Clarke, Judith Rose, Pastor Irvin Tweet, Reginal Salmas, Mrs.Dave Liskey, Major and Mrs. George Warren Kinney, April 5, 1952, p5.

   Pilot club crab feed photos - Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wakefield, Mrs. Fred Horn, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Howser, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ruge, Lloyd "Pappy" Newlun, Mrs. Vernon Durant, Mrs. Andrew Silani, Margaret Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Walt McIntyre, April 5, 1952, p7.

   Shrine Club crab feed photos - Mr. and Mrs. Bob Elder, Ernie Bubb, Gene Favell, Ed Ostendorf, Mr. and Mrs. James Colen Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Boyd, Don Kenyon, Mrs. Don Kenyon, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Winters, April 5, 1952, p6.

   Panel to discuss future of Oregon Tech, mug shots of Winston Purvine, Harry Boivin, Henry Semon, Mary Reames, Albert McVey, H.O. Juckeland, Lyle Read, Dr. Cecil Adams, April 7, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Delta Kappa Gamma meeting, Ella Blunk of Grants Pass, Isabelle Brixner of Klamath Falls, Melissa Martin, April 7, 1952, p1.

   Dick Wolfe boxing victor before capacity crowd at Armory (photo), April 7, 1952, p9.

   Stand-alone photo of M.R. Sutherland, April 8, 1952, p1.

   Plan for changing status of Klamath Tribe studied, April 8, 1952, p1.

   Boy Scouts present awards (photo only, Wayne Rogers, Ed Stastny, Les Hoback), April 8, 1952, p1.

   Panel members paint bright picture for Oregon Tech, April 8, 1952, p3.

   Two jailed for drunkenness, April 8, 1952, p4.

   Stand-alone photo of Bly residents James "Dynamite" Murphy, Martin Cavin, April 8, 1952, p6.

   Stand-alone photo of new officers of Klamath Falls Elks Lodge, April 8, 1952, p7.

   Eldorado Heights proposal advances, April 8, 1952, p8.

   Stand-alone photo of diesel engine course (Howard Bjorndahl, Elmer McGinnis, Joe Mick, Hal Morgan), April 8, 1952, p1.

   Photos of bowling tournament winners, LaRayne Harris, Ruth Duff, Beth Griggs, Clara Beard,

   Opal McDonald, Mabel Wachter, Bess Lavenik), April 8, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Boy Scouts Robert Coffman, John Hiestand, Tom Hiestand, April 8, 1952, p14.

   Stand-alone photo of Sandra Miller, 6, April 9, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of David Wayne Long, 4, April 9, 1952, p1.

   Fairhaven PTA officers (photos only), Martin Putnam, Lowell Netzer, Mrs. Oral Heavilin, Goldina

   Thompson, April 9, 1952, p8.

   Services to the Aged Commission of great value at county nursing home, April 9, 1952, p10.

   Strawberry plants a growing farm crop (photos, Hollis Hartwick, Dean Callas, Obie Freeman), April 9, 1952, p17.

   Stand-alone photo of C.L. Bornamann, Violet McDonald, April 10, 1952, p1.

   Pardon sought for noted Klamath murder convict Thedore Jordan, convicted for 1932 murder of F.T. Sullivan, April 10, 1952, p6.

   Stand-alone photo of preparations for Easter Egg hunt, Bill Collier, Jouis Patega, April 11, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of musicians, Suzanne Frei, Andrew Loney, April 11, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Sharon Jeschke, Carol Herman, April 11, 1952, p1.

   Malin plans improvement of park, April 11, 1952, p9.

   Stand-alone photo of Floyd Martin, Gene Hodges, April 12, 1952, p1.

   Society photos - Easter outfits, Ynonne and Linda Bailey, Sharon and Janice Carlson, Becky and Marsha Mack, Diane and Linda Hosley, David Chidester, April 12, 1952, p9.

   Society photos - spring tea, Mrs. G.C. Lorenz, Mrs. Bob Henry, Mrs. Edward Hall Pike, Mrs. Fred Schallock, Twyla Ferguson, Mrs. Victor O'Neill, Mrs. George H. Merryman, Mrs. Stephen Sabo, Mrs. Wildred E. Lamm, Mrs. Henry Gerber, Mrs. Howard Barnhisel, Mrs. Ralph Stearns, Mrs. W.O. Smith, Helen Mueller, Mrs. Wesley Lorenz, Mrs. Louis C. Miller, Mrs. Robert Kent, Mrs. Claude H. Davis, Mrs. J.J. Steiger, Mrs. William J. Grove, April 12, 1952, p10.

   Society photos - Easter hats, Mrs. Harold E. Griffith, Mrs. Darrell Potter, Mrs. Charles Woodhouse, Mrs. Jack Kemnitzer, Mrs. Thomas Ward, Mrs. Francis Scapple, Mrs. Maurice Anderson, Mrs. Buel Ward, Mrs. James Palmer, Mrs. James L. Brown, Mrs. Calvin Bonney, Mrs. Rowland Krieb, Mrs. Harold Teale, April 12, 1952, p11.

   Stand-alone photo of Linda Kious, Patty Maguire, Corrine Ackerman, April 12, 1952, p13.

   Andy Moore and Cordelia (Pruitt) Moore celebrate 50th wedding anniversary, April 12, 1952, p13.

   League of Women voters encourage registration (photo only, Mrs. John Yadon), April 14, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Terry Robinson, winner of giant panda bear at Easter Egg Hunt, with Bob Clammer, April 14, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Stella Wells, April 15, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of hawthorne tree planting at Fairview Park, Jimmie Hall, Sandra Adams, Shirley Johnson, Russell Grove, April 15, 1952, p3.

   Odell Lake's big mackinaws challenge to anglers (photo), April 15, 1952, p7.

   Telephone workers strike (photo, Thomas E. McGill, Gene Rosecrans, April 16, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo, Dorvin Lee Ericks, H.C. Arnold, April 16, 1952, p1.

   Butte Valley Farm Bureau conducts membership campaign (photos, Mrs. Don Griffin, Floyd Murray, Joe Whistler, Mrs. Joe Allen, Clarence Cross, Ed Lindskog, Steve Peters, Mrs. Donovan Griffin, April 16, 1952, p17.

   Hannchen barley popular in Klamath Basin, April 16, 1952, p22.

   Oregon Tech's Omega Epsilon Rho picks royalty (photo only, Elaine Jeffords, Audrey Ferguson, Betty Brown, Kay Bowman), April 17, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Henley High students Rose Ginko, Ruth Green, April 17, 1952, p1.

   Oregon Tech continues to grow despite opposition, April 17, 1952, p4.

   Sluggers on fight menu at Armory (photo, Dick Wolfe), April 17, 1952, p14.

   State DeMolay's meet in Klamath (photos, Kit Johnson, Jim Peak, Charles Friedel, Sam Montgomery), April 18, 1952, p1.

   History of First Congregational Church, April 18, 1952, p9.

   Klamath Lutheran Church marks 15th birthday, April 18, 1952, p9.

   Klamath Union broad jump team photo, Jim Dougherty, Dean Gordy, Dick Abraham, April 18, 1952, p11.

   Widespread demand for Oregon Tech craftsmen (photos, Douglas Probert, Barney Mitchell, Del Jones, Bob Newvill, Charlie Hilton, Arnold Wilding, Ed Patzer, Wesley H. Parrent, Chet Cogburn, Jack Burpee), April 18, 1952, p13.

   Prize Angus beef show here (photo, Will Griffin of Selma, Calif.), April 19, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Barbara Howard, Frank Reynolds, Mrs. Emil Albrecht, April 19, 1952, p2.

   New addition to Fyock's (photo only), April 19, 1952, p3.

   Stand-alone photo of Priscilla Andrews, April 21, 1952, p1.

   DeMolay state meeting in Klamath (photo, Marvin Nerseth), April 21, 1952, p1, 2.

   Forum to discuss Christianity in Klamath Basin (photos, Pastors Lloyd Holloway, Richard E. Graef, Donald Cassidy, Ronald Phair, Frank Sexton), April 21, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Sears employees, "Frenchy" St. John, Nell Bedal, Beverly Knudston, Chet Morris, Bill Payette, Clark Blair, Richard Gunderson, April 21, 1952, p2.

   Stand-alone photo of Ray Van Hoomissen of Portland, April 22, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo, visitation day at Oregon Tech, Phyllis Hoyez, Opal Baty, Audrey Ferguson, Katherine Cosgrove, Carol Crandell, Betty Barker, Kay Bowman, April 23, 1952, p1.

   George Adler award goes to girl who wouldn't quit trying (photo, Judy Brauner, 12), April 23, 1952, p1, 2.

   Stand-alone photo of Janet Scott, 10, April 23, 1952, p1.

   Thousands of deer found dead on range south of Tulelake, April 23, 1952, p1.

   Prisoners to be used in work at Newell Japanese internment camp, April 23, 1952, p1.

   New potato planted designed by Scott Warren cuts seeding time (photo of planter), April 23, 1952, p15.

   Beth Chase becomes new Round-Up secretary (photo), April 24, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Michael Robinson, 3, Dianna Lynn Penrod, 4, April 24, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Linda Williams, 14, April 24, 1952, p16.

   Polly Emorine Kappen as a green thumb (photo), April 24, 1952, p17.

   Stand-alone photo of Dorothy Fulstitch, 2, April 25, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of S.D. Chrowl, April 25, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Cardula E. Eells, newly elected president of Service to the Aged Commission, April 25, 1952, p7.

   Cooperation built Klamath Lutheran Church (photo of building), April 25, 1952, p14.

   Klamath mills face strike, April 26, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Whittenberg, April 26, 1952, p1.

   Klamath Union adult education class ends season (photo, Bob Craig, Mrs. Bob Smith, Mrs. H.H. Madole, Mrs. Joe Van Meter), April 26, 1952, p3.

   Aloha Social Club honors visitor (photos, Eleanor Hoagland, Arzella Voight, Leona Angel, Mildred Dimbat, Alma Cofer, Kate Peyton, Letha Murphy, Cora MacDonald, Donas Ridenour, Helen McCornack), April 26, 1952, p6.

   Stand-alone photo of Judith Crawford, 16; Nettie Jean DeRosier, 12; Peggy Tally, 11; Sandra Lynch, 12; April 26, 1952, p14.

   Forum to discuss irrigation, mug shots of Percy Dixon, E.L. Stephens, Fred Rueck, Richard L. Boke, April 28, 1952, p1.

   Parents (Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moore) seek return of baby (photo, Tamara Michele Powell, Marian Houghtaling), April 28, 1952, p1.

   Stores may switch to daylight saving time, April 28, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Don Golding, April 28, 1952, p1.

   Bonanza gets new fire truck (photo), April 28, 1952, p9.

   Hundreds of Klamath men idled in strike, April 29, 1952, p1.

   Klamath Union students elect officers (photos, Clayton Hannon, George Hanson, Jackie Hayden, Paula Horne, Richard Lolcama, Sylvia Gerber, Carl Stewart, Jean Condrey, Roberta McCoy), April 29, 1952, p1, 2.

   Stand-alone photo of Deanna Nicodemus, Tommie Phipps, April 29, 1952, p1.

   American Cancer Society fund drive (photo only, Elton Smith, Mrs. Ivan Kandra, Mrs. Keith O'Hair, Mrs. Gerald Cosgrove), April 29, 1952, p3.

   Oddfellows honor member with 50-year pin (photo, Charles Walter Miller), April 29, 1952, p5.

   Stand-alone photo of dead deer on range south of Tulelake, April 29, 1952, p7.

   Stand-alone photo of Pelican Elementary students Jimmie Watson, Paul Fields, April 30, 1952, p1.


   Stand-alone photo of Frank W. Pleas, Hans Hanson, May 1, 1952, p1.

   Klamath Union hosts tennis meet (photo, Denny Todd, Ted Houser, Lester Flocchini, Vernon Keller, Shannon Oldham, Jim Davidson), May 1, 1952, p14.

   Stand-alone photo of children Mary Jo Amerling, Bill Wiginton, May 2, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of retiring Southern Pacific brakeman Fred Genereux, Mrs. Genereux, Buford Knight, May 2, 1952, p5.

   History of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, May 2, 1952, p7.

   Hope Lutheran Church organization ceremony set, May 2, 1952, p7.

   Dick Wolfe faces Earl Turner in boxing match at Armory (photo, Dick Wolfe), May 2, 1952, p8.

   Klamath optometry case attracts state attention (Dr. Alva T. Custer), May 2, 1952, p14.

   State Jaycees meet in Klamath (photos, Art Treibwasser, Don Forbes), May 3, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Ken McLeod, May 3, 1952, p1.

   Electricity may bring new industry (Bonneville Power Administration transmission line under construction), May 3, 1952, p3.

   Klamath's Army National Guard unit, Battery D, 732nd Anti-Aircraft Battery, runs anti-aircraft guns (photos, Ed McCracken, Ed Mitchell, Jack Schulze, Jim Weaver, Maurice Mecham, Robert Hicks, Doug Campbell, Forest Alter, Joseph V. Barkdoll, Hubert W. Bratton, Harold W. Simmers, Eugene Ross, Wilford Dunster, Richard Lundsten, J.D. Lowell, Ivan S. Epperly, Vernon Prior, Carl Petty, Edward Mitchell, Edward D. McCracken, Junior R. Davenport, Dale W. VanMeter, Robert D. Keesee, Clarence Childers, Richard Westrom, Thomas L. Whistler), May 3, 1952, p14.

   Hope Lutheran Church formed, May 5, 1952, p5.

   Forum to discuss ballot issues (mug shots, Bill DePew, Mrs. Howard Barnhisel, Mrs. C.E. Dennis, Mrs. Lee Holiday, Dr. F.C. Adams), May 5, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mike Holcomb, Jack McCullough, May 5, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of nursing home residents Jay Andrews, Jack Smith, Frank Wilson, May 5, 1952, p13.

   City adopts daylight time, May 6, 1952, p1.

   Council selects location for swimming pool, May 6, 1952, p1.

   City manager plan boosted, May 6, 1952, p1.

   California Governor Earl Warren visits (photos, Mayor Bob Thompson, Robert Warren Ager, Carol Sartin), May 6, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Howard Scroggin, May 6, 1952, p1.

   Judo stars highlight wrestling card at Armory, May 6, 1952, p10.

   Basin squints through fickle sands of time (daylight saving time) (photo of Oregon Tech students Bill Patton, Max Smith, ? Valentine), May 7, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Sheriff Murray "Red" Britton carrying ballot bags, May 7, 1952, p1.

   Extesnion women learn of changes in Japan; presentation by Maude Wilson, May 7, 1952, p1.

   New building for Pacific Supply Cooperative, May 7, 1952, p1.

   Opening of new Shasta Elementary gymnasium (photo), May 7, 1952, p1, 12.

   Pesky muskrat useful dead or alive; 12,000 animals trapped on refuges (photo, Gene Branson), May 7, 1952, p13.

   Stand-alone photo of Jean Wright, Emma Wyatt, May 8, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Margaret Ann Amberg, 3, May 8, 1952, p10.

   Early history of BPW credits five women (photo, Coral (Carter) Sabo, Ida (Momyer) Odell, Lena Dennis, Rose Poole, Gertrude Moore), May 8, 1952, p17.

   Stand-alone photo Homemakers Festival, Dorothy Tolleth, Mrs. Mark Taylor, May 8, 1952, p22.

   Stand-alone photo of "Klamath for Eisenhower" committee, Chet Hamaker, Bob Veatch, Roy Murphy, May 9, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. George Myers, May 9, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of council newly formed Hope Lutheran Church, May 9, 1952, p7.

   Klamath Union hosts district track meet (photo, Greg Schulze), May 9, 1952, p10.

   Swimming pool meet, May 10, 1952, p1.

   Change to daylight time moving forward, May 10, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Beth Griggs, May 10, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. J. Provine Henderson, Douglas K. Knudson, May 10, 1952, p3.

   Indians veto contract with lawyers in suit against Algoma Lumber Co., Forest Lumber Co., Lamm Lumber Co., May 10, 1952, p4.

   Society photos, Mrs. H.O. Juckeland, Mrs. Neil Black, Clara Shaw, Caryl Edith Delzell, May 10, 1952, p5.

   Mrs. George R. Lindley honored for Mother's Day (photo only), May 10, 1952, p6.

   Sojourners tea and style show (photos), May 10, 1952, p7.

   Society photos, Mr. and Mrs. William Whelan, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Drew, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Perkins, Mrs. E.H. Hultman, Mrs. Grant Bailey, Mrs. Troy Cook, Mrs. Dick Maguire, May 10, 1952, p8.

   Pelicans in state tennis tournament (photo, Lester Flocchini, Vernon Keller, Shannon Oldham, Jim Davidson), May 10, 1952, p13.

   Malin county baseball champs (photo, Wayne Rick, Coach Jim Conroy), May 10, 1952, p13.

   Forum to discuss ballot issues (mug shots, O.D. Matthews, Buzz Larkin, Sam Neslin, Russ Marshall, Mark Smith), May 12, 1952, p1.

   Lumber mill strikers offer terms (Klamath Basin Pine (Ivan Kesterson), Weyerhaeuser), May 12, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Diane Oldham, queen of track meet, May 12, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of youngsters Marilyn and Larry Johnson, May 12, 1952, p1.

   Klamath Union principal takes job in Redmond (photo, Jim Brown), May 12, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Clarence E. Moss, May 12, 1952, p2.

   Stand-alone photo of Barbara Johnson in swimsuit, May 12, 1952, p1.

   Klamath Basin Pine Mills refuse union offer, May 13, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Virgil Rightmier, 3, May 13, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of fishermen Leonard McGill and sons Gary and Ronnie, May 13, 1952, p6.

   Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Estes Kefauver to visit Klamath (photo), May 14, 1952, p1.

   Softball season opens (photo, George Condrey), May 14, 1952, p14.

   Lost River channelization contract let, May 16, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of VFW presentation, Frank Simmons, S.F. Henke, May 16, 1952, p1.

   Roundup queen candidate Carol Hamilton, (photo with Beth Chase, Keith Moon), May 16, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Poole, May 16, 1952, p1.

   Yacht season begins with Commissioning Day (photo, Dotta McIntosh), May 17, 1952, p1.

   Voters approve tax for municipal swimming pool, sewer improvements, community lounge, May 17, 1952, p1.

   Lions Club presents canes (photo, Ray Ledbetter. Cecil Carlile, Pete Jones), May 17, 1952, p2.

   Society photos - Mrs. Rose Poole, Mrs. Steve Sabo, Mrs. Giles L. French; Mrs. Wilfred E. Lamm, Mrs. Fred Peterson, May 17, 1952, p5.

   Luncheon for Jaycee wives (photos only, Mrs. Alden Adolph, Mrs. Dick Kelley, Mrs. Helen Perry), May 17, 1952, p8.

   Klamath Union junior Ronald Coleman wins speaking award (photo only, with Dick Gallagher), May 17, 1952, p12.

   Stand-alone photo of Red Cross bloodmobile, Mrs. Robert Cooper, May 20, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mills Elementary students Gilbert Roberts, Kenneth Arne, May 20, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Dorris Camp Fire girls and Dorris Women's Federated Club planting at Dorris city park in memory of Dalton Yokem, only Butte Valley resident to lose his life in Korean War, May 20, 1952, p2.

   Palmerton Lumber Co. management shaken up, May 21, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Grace Lanier, Jeanne England, May 21, 1952, p1.

   Crater Lake National Park observes 50th anniversary, May 21, 1952, p13.

   Recommendations picture reclaiming alkali soils in northeast section of Tule Lake basin, May 21, 1952, p14.

   Macdoel girl in ring for Roundup queen (photo, Barbara Jean Anderson), May 22, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Harland KcKisson, Joe Cosper, May 22, 1952, p1.

   Malin Mustangs eye baseball crown (photo, Howard Herringshaw, George Evans, George Rajnus), May 22, 1952, p14.

   Mrs. Domenico (Ida) Scala raising twin girls, Catherine and Josephine, May 22, 1952, p1.

   Merrill has a kindergarten (photos, Gary Howard, Karen Gentry, David West, Beverly Walker, Mary Waldrip, Earl King, Mary Milne, Cheryl Chatburn, Darren Black, Linda Story, David West, Carol Lee Haskins, Jamie Fox), May 22, 1952, p18.

   Stand-alone photo of Conger Elementary PTA officers, Mrs. Gene Wood, Mrs. Kenneth Albert, Mrs. Harrold Addington, Mrs. Joe Green, May 22, 1952, p19.

   Stand-alone photo of Soroptimist guests Roberta Uherek, Dick Tracy, Helen Bertram, May 22, 1952, p19.

   Nurses' association holds banquet (photo, Floria Case, Mrs. Lee Musselman, Phyllis Robustelli), May 22, 1952, p20.

   Tom Murdock winner of Elks scholarship (photo), May 23, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of students Donald DeLap, Robert Shaw, May 23, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Union track athletes Jerry Johnson, Dean Gordy, Barry Pitts, May 23, 1952, p10.

   Society photos - Sylvia Willis, Mrs. George W. Willis, Mrs. Marius Petersen, Barbara Petersen, Joan Warner, Mrs. Richard Kingdon, Shirley Rogers, Sharon Gienger, Mrs. O.E. Powell, Mrs. Palmer Solie, Barbara Solie, Shirley Gaylord, Mrs. Kermit Sheets, Mrs. Howard Strode, Margaret Powell, Virginia Martz, Suzanne Frei, Susan Geary, Sue Ramsby, Ann Pedersen, May 23, 1952, p13.

   Stand-alone photo of Kathy Kuhlman, 4, May 24, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Joan Busman, May 24, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Gwen Graham, Pat Reid, May 24, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Carl Schubert, gunsmith, May 24, 1952, p3.

   Society photos - Pamela Kay Doveri, 7 months, and Elodie Mochettaz; Daughters of the American Revolution, Aletha Shannon, Eva Burkhalter, Mrs. Bert C. Thomas, Mrs. William Foster, Mrs. Harold VanHoosen, Mrs. H.A. Pedersen, Mrs. Guy Barton, May 24, 1952, p10.

   Forum to discuss city manager concept (mug shots, John Houston, Mrs. Gilbert Morey, Henry Perkins, Carol Howe, Murdo Morrison), May 26, 1952, p1.

   Dr. George I. Wright to attend Klamath Union commencement (photo of Wright, Dick Tracy, Babara Custer), May 26, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Janice Morey, 5, May 26, 1952, p1.

   Four brothers in service (photos, Melvin D. Mecham, Clessen H. Mecham, Dayton R. Mecham, C.R. Maurice Mecham), May 26, 1952, p2.

   Rotary Club's stand nixes sale of Recreation Park to Sacred Heart Academy, May 27, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mills Elementary sutdent Judy Gilcrist, May 27, 1952, p1.

   Highway contact let for highway along Howard Bay, May 27, 1952, p1.

   Road to Algoma viewpoint closed (Bill Jenkins column), May 27, 1952, p4.

   Bonanza Cemetery seeing improvements (photos only, caretakers Bob Davison, Lester Boggs), May 27, 1952, p1.

   R.A. Taylor retires from railroading (photo only, Mrs. R.A. Taylor, A.L. Shoupe), May 27, 1952, p16.

   Grasshopper war declared; barley crop menaced (photo, Barbara McAnulty), May 28, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde I. Brown, May 28, 1952, p1.

   Beginning June 1, Crater Lake milk in cardboard containers (ad) (no more glass bottles), May 28, 1952, p17.

   Charles "Cookie" Carlson new Klamath Union principal (photo, with James L. Brown, Arnold Gralapp), May 29, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Ruby Frulan, Eva Taylor, May 29, 1952, p1.

   Photos of graduates, Ken McAndrews, Sue Vandenberg, Bob Howard, Marcia Ann Hawley, Lynette Forcier, Irma Scoggins), May 29, 1952, p3.

   Stand-alone photo of retiring teachers Josephine Penrod, Elsie Burton, May 29, 1952, p9.

   Baseball out; Klamath Baseball Inc. owns Gems Stadium, but future unclear, May 29, 1952, p11.

   Stand-alone photo of Tore Janson, teen artist, May 29, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Linkville Cemetery, May 30, 1952, p1.

   Klamath Basin Roundup outing planned, May 30, 1952, p1.

   Shrine dance set (photo, John Houston, Marvin Graham, Melvin Graham, Paul Winter, Stuart Balsiger), May 30, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Pearl Wyatt, May 30, 1952, p12.

   Memorial Day ceremony at courthouse (two photos only, T.M. Bieler, crosses on courthouse lawn), May 31, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Wilma Beever, May 31, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo Women's Society of Christian Service, Mrs. Joe Bramhall, Mrs. Charles Johnson, Mrs. James Barnes, Mrs. J.C. Hunt, May 31, 1952, p2.

   3,000 volunteers working for county civil defense (photo, Joe LaClair), May 31, 1952, p4.

   Klamath missionary finds life in Thailand rugged (photo, Dorothy Uhlig), May 31, 1952, p4.

   Teen dance at Klamath Yacht Club (photos only), May 31, 1952, p7.

   Jim Hamilton at Timber Mountain Inn collects antique music boxes, May 31, 1952, p4.

   Miller Department Store celebrating 50th anniversary (photo, Frank Bogatay, Mrs. Perry (Mary) Wilson, Mrs. Olive Van Kirk), May 31, 1952, p10.


   Forum panel to discuss civil defense (mug shots, George Conner, Rev. Gordon Ashbee, Ross Ragland, Vance F. Hawley, Joe LaClair, Maj. Cliff Sanders), June 2, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Lynn Propst, June 2, 1952, p1.

   Long-missing Air Force C-47 located at crash site in Lassen National Forest (photo), June 2, 1952, p1.

   Grasshoppers overrun defenses of brew barley at Tulelake, June 2, 1952, p1.

   New swimming pool opened in Lakeview (photo only), June 2, 1952, p1.

   Local dairies make change from glass bottles to paper cartons, June 2, 1952, p5.

   Dr. Harry Fredericks elected president of Oregon Optometric Association, June 2, 1952, p16.

   City Council votes to sell Recreation Park to Sacred Heart (reference to military housing at Washburn and Radcliffe), June 3, 1952, p1.

   Tulelake Red Cross merged with Klamath Basin (photo, Hugh P. Mullin Jr., Robert A. Mitchell, Ross Ragland, Virginia Dixon), June 3, 1952, p1.

   Forum finds city third-highest priority war target in state, June 3, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Ray Bramwell, June 3, 1952, p1.

   Denny Creek historical marker stolen, June 4, 1952, p1.

   Recreation board opposes sale of Recreation Park to Sacred Heart (mentions Maple Park), June 4, 1952, p1.

   Grasshoppers ruin barley at Tulelake; poison being used, June 4, 1952, p1.

   Television company formed (Henry J. "Bud" Chandler), June 4, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Melvin Grigsby, 10, June 4, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of retired railroader John Ross, June 4, 1952, p2.

   California Fish and Game goose banding (photo, children Steve Miller, Bobby Miller), June 4, 1952, p8.

   Stand-alone photo of Moose Lodge officers (Wilbur Courtney, Burt Asher, Willis Glidden, Ray Slaight, Floyd Stone, Clair Martin, Clyde Jooper, Ed McConnell, Charles Booth, Roger Wright, Bill Mills), June 4, 1952, p12.

   Youngsters enjoy new swimming pool in Lakeview (photos only, David DuBoise Jr., Mary Murphy, Steven Lange; Lions Club President Bob Howard, park board chairman Ed MacKay), June 4, 1952, p13.

   Stand-alone photo of John Coffman of Tulelake, June 5, 1952, p1.

   Henley girls enter Roundup queen trials (photos, Sharon Finchum, Anne Curry), June 5, 1952, p1.

   Poison takes toll on hoppers at Tulelake, June 5, 1952, p1.

   Dr. Harry Fredericks elected president of Oregon Optometric Association (photo only), June 5, 1952, p2.

   Mr. and Mrs. A.L. McCullough new superintendents of county nursing home, June 5, 1952, p4.

   New officers of Fremont PTA (photo only, Mrs. William DePew, Mrs. Elmer Wade, Mrs. Charles Lein, Mrs. W.T. McGaughey), June 5, 1952, p10.

   Girls headed to Girls State (photo, Trudy Bramlett, Shirley Sehorn, Mary Ann Guide), June 5, 1952, p17.

   New BPW officers (photo, Beth Griggs, Imogene Boothby, Della Records, Lillian Otterbein, Alice Jarvie, Nell Stewart), June 5, 1952, p22.

   Two more girls enter Roundup contest (photos, Mariana Hellekson, Aurelia Patterson), June 6, 1952, p1.

   Price ceiling off on potatoes; 800 local growers lose estimated $2 million, June 6, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Carroll Bachman, June 6, 1952, p1.

   George Biehn dies, June 7, 1952, p1.

   Western dress-up day for Roundup (photo, Don and Pat Kirkpatrick, Lucille Ring, John Barton), June 7, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Paul McDaniel, Roy McDaniel, Shelby Baldwin, June 7, 1952, p1.

   Student wins poster award (photo Dick Parker), June 7, 1952, p2.

   Marilyn McIntyre feted at shower (photo, with Leslie Rogers, Colleen Creswell), June 7, 1952, p6.

   Pati O'Connor wins scholarship award (photo only), June 7, 1952, p6.

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Lawrence Bertram, Mrs. J.P. Matthews), June 7, 1952, p6.

   AAUW hosts tea for Klamath Union High School girls (photos, Aurelia Patterson, Mrs. A. Ivan Thompson, Beverly Eells, Marilyn Gerber, Margaret Gerber, Mrs. Phillip Blohm, June Stern, Margaret Stair, Mrs. Herman C. Shockey Jr., Frances Stearns), June 7, 1952, p8.

   Seven girls seek Roundup queen honor (photo, Pat Nicholson), June 9, 1952, p1.

   Milk marketing topic of forum (mug shots, Bud Franklin, Robert Kent, Ray Hobson, Wilbur Reiling, Albin Nordquist, Mrs. Dena Backes), June 9, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bradford, June 9, 1952, p1.

   Old milk bottles piling up (photo only), June 9, 1952, p2.

   Jimmy Dorsey coming to Armory, June 9, 1952, p3.

   Sam Kellett hired as manager of Tulelake fair, June 9, 1952, p4.

   Stand-alone photo of bags of poisoned grain being used at Tulelake, June 9, 1952, p5.

   Stand-alone phot of Klamath Falls Creamery's milk carton filling machine, June 9, 1952, p7.

   Charlotte Heyden serves as assistant in office of school superintendent Carrol Howe, June 9, 1952, p12.

   Forum held on milk marketing (includes mention of Weed dairyman Pete Belcastro), June 10, 1952, p1.

   Roundup queen candidates enjoy outing at Big D Ranch near Dorris, photos, June 10, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Union student Joyce Lubke, June 10, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Frank Reynolds, Mrs. Pat Henry, June 10, 1952, p1.

   Dick B. Miller presents donation for improvement of Boy Scout camp at Crescent Lake (photo, with Scout Richard Thompsons, Dr. Cecil Adams), June 10, 1952, p7.

   Oregon Food Store grand opening at 1315 Oregon Avenue (photo only), June 10, 1952, p11.

   Stand-alone photo of Forrest Albert, Gene Williams, June 10, 1952, p16.

   Jimmy Dorsey presented with kerchief (photo, with Margy Brown), June 11, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. Archie L. Reid, June 11, 1952, p3.

   Stand-alone photo of airplanes lining up to take on poisoned grain in grasshopper battle, June 11, 1952, p7.

   Drive for free chest X-rays in county to fight tuberculosis (photo only, Bertha Parkhurst, Dr. E.K. Dietsche, Dr. S.M. Kerron, Margaret Lamb, Norman Wilson), June 12, 1952, p1.

   Union supports Copco plan for dam on Klamath River, June 12, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Dorothy Clark, Helen Majors, June 12, 1952, p1.

   Georges Dusette whips Toi Yamato in wrestling bout at Armory (photo), June 12, 1952, p15.

   Joan de Berry Christenson enjoys writing poems (photo), June 12, 1952, p17.

   Stand-alone photo of children at library, Richard Thompson, Claudielee Geist, Pat Harkay, Carol Ann Frei, Roger Nicholson, Merle Sine, June 12, 1952, p18.

   Local chapter of National Secretaries Association elects officers (photo, Mary Mills, Marjorie Comer, Beulah Adreon), June 12, 1952, p24.

   Ninth girl joins Roundup queen contest (photo, Janet Dierdorff), June 13, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of W.L. Lowe with pet cinnamon bear, June 13, 1952, p1.

   Grasshoppers beaten in Tulelake area, June 13, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of youngsters Sharon O'Brian, Vlaine Workman, June 13, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of tumblers Dickie Bispham, Joe Bispham, Jean Bispham, June 13, 1952, p4.

   Roundup royalty trials slated (photos, Mariana Hellekson, Janet Dierdorff, Carol Hamilton, Pat Nicholson, Sharon Finchum, Anne Curry, Barbara Jean Anderson, Betty May Hammond, Aurelia Patterson), June 14, 1952, p1.

   W.T. Franklin named president of Community Chest (photo), June 14, 1952, p1.

   Air Civil Defense signup set, June 14, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Esther Shreeve, June 14, 1952, p1.

   Old swimming hole dug by Cecil and Bob Enman (photo only), June 14, 1952, p2.

   Society - honoring grandfathers on Father's Day, photos, Dr. Miller Cooper, Marilyn Evette Mueller; J.R. Steele, Janet Lynn Epley; Charles W. Thomas, Starla Sue Thomas, Linda Thomas, Julie McCollum, Beverly Lassett, Scott McCollum, Kristine Thomas, Kurt Thomas, Tommy Lassett; Alfred F. Condfrey, Barbara Jon Lee Alter; A.M. "Bert" Worden, Mary Margaret Addison, June 14, 1952, p5.

   Naomi Shrine 5 OWSJ degrees (photos, John Stanley, John D. and Mary Lee Stanley), June 14, 1952, p7.

   Venture Club tea, sponsored by Soroptimists, photos, Darlene Smith, June Webber, Phyllis Cavanaugh, Ofa Smith, Mary Bothwell, Mary Vandenberg, Ann Lindskog, Edith Pieruccini, June 14, 1952, p8.

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Einar C. Brandsness, June 14, 1952, p8.

   Paul Buck re-elected head of Democratic Central Committee, June 14, 1952, p14.

   Flying saucers back again, June 17, 1952, p1.

   Civil Defense gets aid from pilots, June 17, 1952, p1.

   "Operation Skywatch" to protect U.S. border (wire story), June 17, 1952, p1.

   Nation's top rodeo aces expected here (Jim Shoulders), June 17, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Darlene Gaster, Mrs. Otto Ellis, June 17, 1952, p1.

   Bureau of Reclamation observes anniversary (plans to irrigate up to 500,000 acres in Basin), June 17, 1952, p2.

   Georgie Price to fight on title card at Armory, June 17, 1952, p9.

   Wyatt Padgett heads Republican Central Committee, June 18, 1952, p1.

   Vocational instructors convention here (photos, Winston Purvine, Lucille O'Neill, Robert Craig, Del Jones), June 18, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Woody Murphy, June 18, 1952, p1.

   News boys enter bicycle safety parade (photo only, Harold Daily, Larry Freeman, Gary Kramer, Tommy Bender, Larry Bender), June 18, 1952, p4.

   Modoc fire lookouts on the job (Evelyn Hicks, Shirly Pangborn, Mr. and Mrs. Carley, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roper, Don Pollard, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bunstein), June 18, 1952, p1.

   Directors of Production Credit Association (photo, Murel Long, Lee Holliday, A.R. "Orb" Campbell, E.M. "Gene" Hammond, Bill Kittredge, Lee McMullen, E.A. Geary, Paul Breithaupt), June 18, 1952, p8.

   Armory fight big one for champion Earl Turner, Dick Wolfe, June 18, 1952, p12.

   Operations at Medo-Land Creamery (photos only, Leo Kamps, Bill Sykes), June 18, 1952, p19.

   Stand-alone photo, dairy field day, Lawrence Geraghty, Ray Hobson, Clyde Horsely, Mike Geraghty, June 18, 1952, p20.

   Tulelake farmers must pay cost of bringing in Mexican farmworkers (25 needed), June 19, 1952, p1.

   Group shapes plan for swimming pool, June 19, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Oregon Industrial Education Association, Lindsay Vinsel, J. Wilson Bilyeu, C.S. Obitz, June 19, 1952, p1.

   Roundup candidates treated to lunch at Yacht Club, June 19, 1952, p1.

   Chamber of Commerce plan to "build the basin" (photo, Oscar Gabbert), June 19, 1952, p1.

   Robert B. Grey retires from railroad (photo), June 19, 1952, p5.

   Production Credit Association moving to new office (photo, Lee McMullen), June 19, 1952, p9.

   Champion Earl Turner says he'll win at Armory (photo, with fight promoter Mack Lillard), June 19, 1952, p14.

   Stand-alone photo of youngsters Robert Amberg, John Novak, Ronnie Babeini, June 19, 1952, p15.

   Romance brought Wynn Lawrence (Mrs. Fred Lawrence) to America (photo), June 19, 1952, p17.

   Family of Addie Lee Newsome gather to celebrate her birthday (photo), June 19, 1952, p18.

   Growers meet in Tulelake to discuss bringing in Mexican farmworkers, June 20, 1952, p1.

   Goose roundup held in Tulelake, June 20, 1952, p1.

   Prison cell fight takes life of Claude C. Worley (photo), June 20, 1952, p1.

   Pacific Telephone employees display Roundup attire (photo only, Joy Ovgard, Lois Estes, Shirley DiBattista, Nikki Pearson, Veralee Sykes, Louise Mathison, Margaret Sisson, Vida Close, Jackie Shearer), June 20, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of state trooper George Anderson leading horse, June 20, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Floyd Paup, June 20, 1952, p1.

   Championship fight at Armory tonight (photo, Earl Turner, Dick Wolfe, Inez Iverson), June 20, 1952, p10.

   Klamath "Cokes" baseball team prepares for doubleheader (photo, "Smiley" Herrera, Jo Jo George, Larry Yarnell), June 20, 1952, p11.

   Roundup queen to be crowned at Armory (photo of queen contestants), June 21, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Wayne Tooker, Mrs. Elbert White, June 21, 1952, p1.

   Reese W. Taylor to retire as manager of Indian reservation forest manager, June 21, 1952, p1.

   Growers faced with providing housing for farm help, June 21, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Montgomery Ward bicycle safety parade (photo only, Jean, Dick and Joe Bispham, Howard Stroud), June 21, 1952, p1.

   OES Aloha past matron club enjoys boat tour (photo of 21 women), June 21, 1952, p5.

   Stand-alone photo of Ruth Kalina, 16, June 21, 1952, p5.

   Dick Wolfe lifts Earl Turner's boxing crown (photo), June 21, 1952, p9.

   Photo of B.M. Antle, square dance caller, June 21, 1952, p11.

   Old-timer recalls colorful buckaroo history (photo, Walter J. Wright), June 21, 1952, p11.

   Langell Valley girl new Roundup queen (photo, Marianna Hellekson), June 23, 1952, p1.

   Funds being raised to help with medical expenses of 14-month-old Charlene Radspinner (photo, with mother Mrs. Hugh Radspinner), June 23, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Harvey Pryon, June 23, 1952, p1.

   Louis Bunce to teach summer workshop at Oregon Tech art center (photo), June 23, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Pee Wee softball, Trenton Douglas, Eugene Bailo, Al Condrey, June 23, 1952, p7.

   Society photos - Oregon Tech annual tea for girl graduates, Mrs. Winston Purvine, Mrs. Oscar Paulson, Mrs. Ronald L. Brown, Mrs. Jess Crabtree, Mrs. Victor O'Neill, Mrs. Jacob Wagner, Mrs. Neil McCoy, Jane Pearcy, Mrs. Ronald Brown, Mrs. Richard Hessig, Mrs. Sam Mushen, Mrs. Earl Sheridan, Opal Baty, Rama LaGrande, June 23, 1952, p11.

   World's top rodeo aces expected for Roundup (photos, George Stevenson, Bob Robbins, Bill Serruys, D.P. Harrington, Beth Chase), June 24, 1952, p1.

   City Council gets highway proposals (Westside bypass, Eastside bypass), June 24, 1952, p1.

   Ernie Taylor elected to school board (photo), June 24, 1952, p1.

   Klamath Bus Co. sold (Louis Soukup seller, Fred L. Joslen of Portand buyer), June 24, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mary Vido, Kali Bowen, June 24, 1952, p1.

   Couple producing strawberries near Malin (photos only, Mr. and Mrs. Chet Freydenhall), June 24, 1952, p3.

   Frank Williams paroled after 38 years (sentenced for 1914 murder of Allen C. "Scottie" McLeod, June 24, 1952, p13.

   Stand-alone photo of Eileen Baker, Cyril Cook, Jerry Jerrue, June 25, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Camp Fire girl Mary McCullough, 10, June 25, 1952, p2.

   Roundup Queen Marianna Hellekson (photos, with Elmer Balsiger), June 25, 1952, Roundup section, p2.

   Roundup special section photos, Carolyn Dickson, Margy Brown, Janet Dierdorff, Lucille Ring, Hank Ring, Mrs. Pat Hammond, Betty Mae Hammond, Mrs. Dale Walker, Mrs. Jim Hammond, Ord Pritchett, Bud Pritchett, Mrs. John Shaw, Carol Hamilton, Mrs. Dick Reeder, Aurelia Patterson, Sam Morrison, Lynn Passaretti, Mike Regan, Anne Curry, Greer Drew, John Hellekson, Keith Rice, Helen Bertram, Gene Hammond, Barbara Jean Anderson, Sharon Finchum, Mrs. William Hammond, Mrs. Charlie Stukel, Bill Hammond, Jim Hammond, Bob Robbins, Charlie Read, June 25, 1952.

   Chamber of Commerce takes position on water use, Copco plans, June 26, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mayor Robert A. Thompson, Salem accountant Mervin D. Fidler, June 26, 1952, p1.

   Mack Lillard sets rematch between Dick Wolfe, Earl Turner (photo of Lillard), June 26, 1952, p14.

   Mrs. Floyd (Pansy) Ohles, Mrs. Manuel (Myra) Ochoa support development of park in Chiloquin (photo), June 26, 1952, p17.

   Roundup parade, dances set (photo, yountsers Terry Milne, Dee Milne), June 27, 1952, p1.

   Blanche Petroff elected head of Democratic Club, June 27, 1952, p1.

   KFJI applies for television channel 2, June 27, 1952, p1.

   Union groups supports Copco plan, June 27, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Roundup parade organizers Don Pipe, Philip Heath, June 27, 1952, p1.

   Preparations for summer art workshop (photos only, Klamath Art Association Lorraine Johnson), June 27, 1952, p5.

   Accountants convention in town (photo only, Robert Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Matthews), June 27, 1952, p7.

   Countywide tuberculosis survey slated, June 27, 1952, p14.

   Sun breaks through for Juniors' Roundup Parade (photo, Jenell Glass, Diane Glass), June 28, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Marshall Poole, June 28, 1952, p1.

   Newell prison camp (former internment camp) has 34 inmates, June 28, 1952, p1.

   Historical events recalled at Merrill (meeting of Historical Society; photo, Alice Applegate Peale, Ed Gowen), June 28, 1952, p3.

   Weddings - Dorothy Elizabeth Collier and J. Dean Lowell; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Edward Karnes, June 28, 1952, p4.

   American Legion Auxiliary officers installed (photo only, Vivian Hartley, Jennie Hurn, Ann Hayes, Leah

   Glubrecht, Irene Young, Carol Badker, Muriel Hartley, Jean Ross), June 28, 1952, p7.

   Orions annual potluck (photos, Mrs. Cy Baker, Mrs. Samuel Thompson, Mrs. James Barnes, Jane Carlson, Mrs. Preston Card, Tessa Lynn Green, Mrs. Robert Reddard, Mrs. Duane Baker, Mrs. Charles Cummings, Mrs. Gene Woods, Mrs. Fred Biehn), June 28, 1952, p10.

   Klamath Bowling Inc. building new bowling facility at South Sixth and Arthur Street (photo), June 28, 1952, p1.

   District attorney to study "runaway parents," June 28, 1952, p16.

   Olive Adamson returned as American Legion state chaplain (photo only), June 28, 1952, p16.

   About 200 attend hearing on Copco plans before Federal Power Commission in Armory, June 30, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Jo Paup, Carrie Lowther, June 30, 1952, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Roundup princesses Aurelia Patterson, Carol Hamilton, June 30, 1952, p2.

   Stand-alone photo of kids riding horses at Rafter MD Camp, June 30, 1952, p3.

   Stand-alone photo of Ms. George Fawver, Marie Nicholson, Bill Vaden, June 30, 1952, p8.


   Stand-alone photo of Rattlesnake Pete in Fourth of July parade, July 4, 1952, p1.

   Two GMC executives, A.M. Jones and C.P. Culhane, found murdered at Crater Lake, July 22, 1952.

   Stand-alone photo of installation of plaque at Wiard Park, July 24, 1952, p1.


   Mary Whittemore recalls early days here (photo), Aug. 28, 1952.


   Stand-alone photo of two busses stalled in flooded underpass, stranded passengers, Sept. 10, 1952, p1.


   Record crowd sees Harry S. Truman (photo), Oct. 3, 1952, p1.


   Train wreck near Chemult ties up train traffic (photo), Nov. 21, 1952, p1.

   Sale of Willard Hotel, Nov. 24, 1952, p1.

   Baldy Evans: Top state dance promoter (photo), Nov. 28, 1952, p5



   History of churches (tenth in a series), April 3, 1953, p1.

   J. Fred Goeller home on Riverside drive (photos, Alice Zua Goeller), April 4, 1953, p16.

   History of Winema Hotel, April 11, 1953, p5.

   Algoma dike breached, flooding (photos), April 17, 1953, p1.

   Newell prison camp to be closed, April 21, 1953, p1.

   Klamath Kruisers motorcycle club (photo, Francis Glinn, Doyle Lockard, Johnny Smith, Walter Schmidt, Bud Montgomery), April 25, 1953, p3.

   Horseradish being tested as possible new crop for Basin area, April 29, 1953, p19.


   Grand opening of new Safeway store at 2315 S. Sixth (advertisement, photo, Harold Scoubes), May 5, 1953, p17.

   James Rainwater death, May 16, 1953, p1.

   Outgoing Rounup Queen Marianna Hellekson to crown successor (photo only), June 20, 1953, p1.

   Bonanza's Big Springs Park rises (photos), July 3, 1953, p12.

   Reward offered for information on tree near Dog Lake, allegedly blazed by Spanish explorers, July 14, 1953, p1.

   Naval reservist Elwood Tracy killed in plane crash (photo), July 18, 1953, p1.

   History of First Presbyterian Church (photo), July 24, 1953, p5.

   Train wreck at Chiloquin kills engineer, T.I. Hanson, July 25, 1953, p1.

   Barley improvement meeting held (photos), July 31, 1953, p1.

   History of Bible Baptist Church (photo), July 31, 1953, p8.

   History of Church of the Nazarene (photo), Aug. 7, 1953, p14.

   New school ready to open in Newell (photo), Aug. 12, 1953, p6 (Back to School section).

   History of Klamath Temple (photo), Aug. 14, 1953, p15.

   Fire sweeps through eight downtown businesses (photos), Aug. 17, 1953, p1.

   Chiloquin Methodist church celebrates 25th anniversary (photos), Aug. 21, 1953, p3, 5.

   Navy housing residents organize, Aug. 28, 1953, p1.

   Well drilling at swimming pool site produces artesian flow (photo), Aug. 28, 1953, p1.

   History of Mormon church (photo), Aug. 28, 1953, p3.

   History of Peace Memorial Church (photo), Sept. 4, 1953, p9.

   Fire destroys Winema Elevator near Tulelake (photo), Sept. 15, 1953.

   Whirling tops (mysterious lights) are goose spookers (photo), Sept. 18, 1953, p1.

   History of Klamath Lutheran Church (photo), Sept. 18, 1953, p13.

   History of St. Paul's Episcopal Church (photo), Sept. 25, 1953, p15.

   History of First Christian Church (photos), Oct. 2, 1953, p15.

   History of First Baptist Church (photo), Oct. 9, 1953, p8.

   Immingration officials round up 347 illegal aliens in a series of raids (photos), Oct. 28, 1953, p1.

   Grading done at Veterans Park (photo, showing old stone building), Oct. 28, 1953, p?.

   History of Christian Science Church (photo), Nov. 6, 1953, p18.

   History of Fort Klamath Methodist Church (photo), Nov. 13, 1953, p18.

   New veterans memorial shaft to replace old one at courthouse, Nov. 25, 1953, p1.

   Ku Klux Klan members assembled (historic photo from 1924), Dec. 1, 1953, p4.

   Judge David R. Vandenberg rules state of Oregon has civil and criminal jurisdiction on Klamath Indian Reservation, Dec. 10, 1953, p1.

   First flight in Klamath on July 5, 1906, remembered (photo), Dec. 17, 1953, p1.



   Last of steam engines pulls out of Klamath Falls, Jan. 2, 1954, p. 3.

   Police shoot, kill armed robber (Edwin Coyle), Jan. 8, 1954, p1.

   Moore Park improvements planned by manager Bert Stott (photo), Jan. 8, 1954, p1.

   Paula Benton charged with operating a bawdy-house, investigation into shooting continues, Jan. 29, 1954, p3.

   Cinemascope equipment installed in Esquire Theater (photo), Jan. 30, 1954, p1.

   Stand-alone historic photo of home of Earnest and Rose Soule, Feb. 5, 1954, p5.

   DA Frank Alderson declares war on vice, Feb. 9, 1954, p1.

   Jet base slated for Klamath Falls airport (photo), Feb. 10, 1954, p1.

   Civic Improvement Fund (tax on prostitution) explained, Feb. 10, 1954, (photo), p1.

   City council to hear DA Alderson on vice (photo), Feb. 11, 1954, p1.

   Nematode control plan approved, potato market order considered, Feb. 12, 1954, p1.

   Klamath Improvement Fund (tax on prostitution) records published, Feb. 13, 1954, p1.

   City council to be scene of showdown over vice, Feb. 15, 1954, p1.

   Parlor house lights out; city says it will cooperate in shutdown, Feb. 16, 1954, p1.

   Design for proposed new library and museum unveiled (graphic), Feb. 18, 1954, p1.

   Party honors Mrs. Clara (Shazie) Shaw, former owner of Shaw Stationery (photos, Mr. and Mrs. Hattan), Feb. 20, 1954.

   Legislation to terminate Klamath Tribe considered, Feb. 24, 1954, p1.

   District attorney Frank Alderson criticized by county court, April 5, 1954, p1.

   Town of Merganser once rival of Linkville, April 10, 1954, p3.

   Veterans memorial shaft going up (photo only), April 15, 1954, p1.

   Indian Affairs hearing held at Klamath Agency (photo), April 20, 1954, p1.

   Kitchen and rest room facility at Veterans Park almost ready (photo only), April 22, 1954, p1.

   Truck route bond subject of forum (diagram showing proposed one-way traffic plan), April 29, 1954.

   Oregon Klamath River Commission urges Copco water contract, May 12, 1954, p1.

   New city swimming pool ready to open, May 21, 1954, p1.

   BIA releases statement of investigation of Klamath Tribe election, May 25, 1954, 1.

   Veterans Memorial Shaft to be dedicated on May 31 (photo), May 27, 1954, p1.

   Longtime Basin resident (Birdie Galbreath Dixon) dies in runaway car accident (photo, diagram), May 31, 1954, p1.

   Ghost of young woman said to haunt Fiddler’s Green near Clear Lake, June 14, 1954.

   New municipal pool dedicated, Ella Redkey manager, June 21, 1954, p1.

   Lovely spot to become site of Veterans Park (photo only), Aug. 26, 1954, p?.

   Items presented to county museum (British Columbia Indian relics, World War II deaths materials) (photo, Coleman O’Loughlin, Hal Ogle), Sept. 17, 1954, p?.

   Modoc County accident kills five (Clifford Brown, Ina Thornhill, George Cofield, Mercy Cofield, Donna Brown) (photos), Oct. 5, 1954, p1.

   DA Frank Alderson states Judge Vandenberg is prejudiced against him, Oct. 7, 1954, p1.

   New school site (Mazama High School) announced, Oct. 18, 1954, p1.

   Boxing fans pleased with bout (photo, Ralph Weiser), Nov. 20, 1954, p13.

   Ralph Weiser (“Beatty Bomber”) dies after Armory ring bout (photo), Dec. 11, 1954, p1.

   Boxing commission considers questions regarding death of Ralph Weiser (photo), Dec. 13, 1954.

   Skating rink opens tonight, Dec. 22, 1954, p1.



   Dr. George Wright Pelican supporter for 39 years (photo), Feb. 26, 1955.

   Ancient dams (fish traps) revealed by lowering Link River (photos), March 24, 1955, p8.

   Memorial for Ralph Weiser placed at museum (photo, Mack Lillard, Lyle Downing), April 4, 1955, p12.

   Local hospitals' history told by pioneer doctor, May 11, 1955, p4.

   Hardtops open car racing season on new racetrack (Klamath Speedway), May 24, 1955, p14.

   Stand-alone historic photo of bird hunters ("Abe" Lincoln, Louie Martin, Dr. Westerfield, Charles Miller), June 2, 1955.

   Bonanza cemetery history recalled, July 1, 1955, p4.

   Park board hears Kiwanis, Kit Carson park proposal, Oct. 4, 1955, p5.

   Klamath County Museum Sets Formal Opening on Oct.23, Oct 16,1955, p12

   Local Museum Opens Sunday, Oct 19, 1955, p8

   Klamath Falls Seventh-day Adventist Church dedicates new building Oct. 22, 1955.

   Klamath Falls Residential Area Spreading, Oct. 23, 1955, p7

   Golden Building Ideas To Be Shown At KF Jubilee, Oct. 23,1955, p 5

   Klamath County Museum Holds Opening On Sunday, Oct. 24,1955, p1

   Plenty of Trees Were Saved (13 year old boy bags 428 Porcupines) Oct. 24,1955, p9

   Lloyd Gift Named State 1956 Grassman of Year, Oct. 25,1955, p1

   Runway Construction (at new Air Force Base), oct.27, 1955, p1

   Library To Observe 50th Anniversary, Oct. 30, 1955, p1

   Fluhrer's Baking Co. observes 20th anniversary (photos), Oct. 30, 1955, Society section p. 8.

   Gun Club Gets Meeting Site, Nov. 9, 1955, p10

   New Infirmary At The Klamath Falls Jet Interceptor Base, Nov. 10, p11

   Psychiatry Program In Child Guidance Clinic Progresses, Nov. 23,1955, p6

   It Was A Great Day ( in Malin wins Class B football championship)Nov. 27,1955, p1

   Special Education Aids Retarded Students In Klamath Schools, Nov 27, 1955, p14

   Obenchain Family Still Farm Land On Original Homestead, Dec. 4, 1955, p10

   Sixth Street Viaduct Bids Told Today, Dec. 20, 1955, p1

   Rainfall Flooded The Streets, Dec. 23,1955, p9

   H&N runs only good news on page 1, Dec. 25, 1955, p1.

   AF Plans 220 Units (More Homes Still Needed For Workers), Dec. 30, p1

   50-year contract signed on Link River Dam, Dec. 30, 1955, p1.



   Rope tow begins operation at Tomahawk Ski Area (photo), Jan 15, 1956, p3.

   Air Force constructs alert fighter hangars at Klamath Falls airport (photo), Jan. 15, 1956, p1.

   Pit River floods Alturas, ranch hand Ray Stepp drowns in floodwater, Jan. 16, 1956, p1.

   South Sixth railroad viaduct under construction (photo), Feb. 10, 1956, p1.

   Flames raze Lost River Hotel in Merrill (photo), Feb. 15, 1956, p1.

   Johns-Manville Corp. buys 131 acres on Klamath Indian Reservation, March 8, 1956, p1.

   Johns-Manville Corp. announces plans for softboard plant near Chiloquin, March 12, 1956, p1.

   Construction of Westside Bypass underway (photo only), March 30, 1956, p1.

   Crash of C45 cargo plan kills three Air Force soldiers on March 30 (photo), April 1, 1956, p1.

   Fire destroys Klamath Valley Lumber Co., Roy Call Auto Wrecking (photos, April 19, 1956, p1.

   Sex slayer sought in death of 14-year-old Alvin Eacret (photo), April 30, 1956, p1.

   Suspect (Billy Nunn) held in Eacret death, May 3, 1956, p1.

   Nunn confesses Eacret murder (photo), May 4, 1956, p1.

   Approach to new South Sixth viaduct rising (photo showing old viaduct), May 7, 1956, p1.

   Three Bonanza teens killed in crash (Rex Porterfield, Claudette Shuck, Bobbie Robertson), June 1, 1956, p1.

   Rattlesnake Pete decked out for parade (photo, Miles Jackson), June 25, 1956.

   U.S. Bureau of Reclamation moves from Kingsley Field to new offices at corner of Washburn Way and Joe Wright Road, July 11, 1956.

   Railroad foreman killed in collision at Bray (A.J. Remijio), Dec. 26, 1956, p1.



   Welfare client (Guy Cromer) goes beserk, kills welfare commission member Fred Peterson, Jan 4, 1957.

   B.B. King to perform at Armory (photo only), Jan. 23, 1957, p5.

   Full-page ad for Tomahawk ski bowl, Jan. 25, 1957, p8.

   New lodge at Tomahawk ski bowl (photo), Jan. 25, 1957, p9.

   First Federal makes 5,000th home loan (photos), May 1, 1957, p10.

   First Federal established Aug. 23, 1934, May 1, 1957, p10.

   Service charge at dump grounds in effect (photo), May 2, 1957, p1.

   New viaduct on S. Sixth Street opens (photo), May 7, 1957, p1.

   Klamath Project 50 years old (special section), May 19, 1957.

   Bighorn sheep reintroduced in 1954 on Hart Mountain (photo), May 21, 1957, p1.

   Klamath Falls airport dedicated as Kingsley Field, July 3, 1957.

   Kingsley family in town for dedication (photo, Phyllis Rolison), July 9, 1957, p11.

   Roy Denham collects 5 cent bounty on porcupine noses (photo), July 25, 1957, p1.

   Plans for Falcon Heights outlined, July 31, 1957.

   13-year-old juvenile admits killing friend (John Morris) (photo), Aug. 13, 1957.

   John Colwell, first white child born in Klamath County, dies, Aug. 23, 1957, p1.

   Herald and News donates bound newspaper volumes to county museum (stored at library), Aug. 28, 1957, p1.

   President Eisenhower signs law enacting Klamath River Compact, Sept. 1, 1957, p1.

   SP Engine No. 2579 dedicated at Veterans Park (photo showing sycamore trees), Sept. 30, 1957, p1.

   Woman (Mrs. Steve Graham) killed by lightning at her Onyx St. home, Sept. 30, 1957, p1.

   Paisley resident (Troy Lawson) killed by post office robber, Oct. 11, 1957, p1.

   Merrill couple (James and Lillie Flaugh) murdered; Baxter Hignite arrested, Oct. 13-14, 1957, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Alice Hamilton with 44th deer taken in annual hunt, Oct. 15, 1957, p1.

   Jess Hibdon (or Hibbon) arrested six days after Paisley post office robbery (photos), Oct. 16, 1957, p1.

   Westside bypass proposal draws criticism (photo), Oct. 18, 1957, p1.

   Grand jury indicts policeman (John Wilson) on beating charge, Nov. 22, 1957, p1.

   Grand jury calls for dismissal of police chief (Orville Hamilton) (photos), Nov. 24, 1957, p1.



   Keith and Clarice Moon lead Tournament of Roses parade (photo only), Jan. 1, 1958, p1.

   First baby, Douglas Warren Roufs (photo, with mother Barabara Roufs), Jan. 1, 1958, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Michael Heaverne, Charles Gaymon, Jan. 1, 1958, p1.

   First Baptist group holds coronation (photo, Katy Warren, Judy Robinson, Mrs. Dale Harvey), Jan. 1, 1958, p5.

   Moose Lodge gathering yule trees, Jan. 1, 1958, p5.

   Three photos from big news events of 1957, trial of Guy Earl Cramer, mice infestations, arrest of Jess T. Hibdon (Lake County Sheriff Tom Elliott), Jan. 1, 1958, p7.

   20th anniversary of Motor Machine Service, 1416 Main St. (advertisement, Walter E. Guyer, Norman Guyer), Jan. 1, 1958, p10.

   Workers walk out at Johns-Manville plant, Jan. 2, 1958, p1.

   March of Dimes plans outlined (photo, Susan Lusk, Lawrence Lusk, Pat Lusk), Jan. 2, 1958, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of Sheriff Murray “Red” Britton, Charles Van Wyche, Jan. 2, 1958, p4.

   County court seeks means to finance mouse controls. Jan.5, 1958, p1

   Increase salary of District Judge D.E. Van Vactor to $8,000 annually, Jan 5, 1958, p1

   Moose Lodge aid March of Dimes with Christmas tree pick-up. Bonfire on Biehn St. (photo, volunteers with trucks), Jan. 5, 1958, p1

   Altamont PTA circulate petitions, present to Oregon State Highway Commission, seek safe traffic control on S. 6th St. (photo, Mrs. Duane Cassidy, Mrs. Jack Roper, Mrs. Bill Mayhew, Mrs. Willard Cederleaf) Jan 5, 1958, p3

   Group Reports Findings of Bird Count in Basin. Jan. 5, 1958, p3

   Stand alone photo of Janice Fay, winner of Christmas stocking, Jan. 5, 1958, p5

   Train Smacks Stalled Auto. Mrs. Pauline L. Merrill leaped from vehicle. Jan 5, 1958, p5

   Closure Set by Library. Merrill Library will be closed to the next two months for reorganization. Jan. 5, 1958, p5

   Death Claims Basin Pioneer. Mrs. Irene Elizabeth Bechdoldt died, age 91. Moved to Bonanza in 1886. Brothers Henry and Oscar Lowe. Rev. Billie Alsup will officiate. Jan. 5, 1958, p5

   OTI Student Hurt in Crash. Glen Basnett, minor injuries, Hwy 97 at Barkley Springs, taken to Klamath Valley Hospital. Jan. 5, 1958, p5

   Fran Watkins and Ellen Farrens sold Ace Mimeo Service, 424 Main St, to Eva Dickson who had All Star Business Service, 120 S. 9th St, Miss Dickson is the sister of Major A.R. Dickson, veteran Republican assessor of Klamath County. (photo, Eva Dickson) Jan. 5, 1958, p7

   Expansion in progress at Metler Bros.,S. 6th and Altamont Drive. Jan. 5, 1958, p7

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Thomas of Tulelake and Marvin Haley Thomas and new wife Roxie (Kasparian). Jan. 5, 1958, sec.2, p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. Scott McKendree and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hansen Jr. Jan 5, 1958, sec.2, p1

   Stand-alone photo of Ann Pedersen. Jan 5, 1958, sec 2, p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Martin Hansen Jr., Nancy Clark, and Janie Larkin. Jan 5, 1958, sec.2, p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. J.I. Ott of Tulelake. Jan. 5, 1958, sec.2, p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. George Vernon Reed and children, Phyliss, Eileen, Ellen, Tommy and Verna. Jan. 5, 1958, sec.2, p1

   Stand-alone photo Elk’s Club Christmas Open House, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Irving, Kenneth Ellis, Norman Moty, daughter Joan. Jan. 5, 1958, sec2 , p2

   Virginia Lee Vaden weds Edward Dudley. (photo of couple) Jan. 5, 1958, sec. 2, p 3

   Prominent Lakeview couple exchanged vows. (photo Dr. and Mrs. Victor V. Hill,< Mary Ann Schuler>) Jan. 5, 1958 sec. 2, p3

   Mr. and Mrs. Barrett observe golden wedding anniversary. (photo of couple) Jan. 5, 1958 sec. 2, p3

   Joe Bair, Grade “A” Dairy, Spring Lake Rd. (photos of Joe and children Joey, Joan, Lori, Edward, Tony and John) Jan. 5, 1958, Magazine sec. Back page.

   New bus terminal to be dedicated on Wed. Architect, Lyle P. Bartholomew. (photo of new building on Commercial St.) Jan. 6, 1958, p1

   Johns-Manville plant strike still stalls. Jan. 6, 1958, p1

   Employment in Klamath County reached low point last week, 12 per cent unemployed. Jan. 6, 1958, p4

   Blohm installed as master of Malin lodge No. 194 (photo of officers for 1958, John Freitag, Philip Blohm, Robert Victorin,, Howard Henderson, Norman Jacob, Homer Dupuy Jr., Thomas Chatburn Jr., Cecil Zeiders, Ted DeMerritt, George Graham, and Axel Felt. Jan. 6, 1958, p4

   Stand-alone photo of Jack Elliott and Noel Flynn, Klamath Exchange Club fund-raising campaign. Jan. 7, 1958, p1

   Johns-Manville plant walkout under study. Settlement hoped for this week. Jan. 7, 1958, p1

   Building activity in Klamath Falls during 1957 continued at a high rate, according to Verne Schortgen, building inspector. Jan. 7, 1958, p1

   Stand-alone photo of Roosevelt School PTA, Mrs. Clarence Hill, Mrs. R.J Brinegar, Mrs. Lloyd Dippold, Mrs. Fred Ehlers and Mrs. Arthur Farr. Jan. 7, 1958, p3

   Mice problem to be aired. County Agent Oris Rudd called a meeting of all Lake County farmers and ranchers. Jan. 7, 1958, p4

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Irene Elizabeth Bechdoldt who died Jan. 4th. Jan 7, 1958, p4

   Stand-alone photo of Bill B Hamblin(son of local family) guest speaker Central Methodist Church, Rhode Island. Jan. 7, 1958 p5

   Show features OTI Director.” Tech Talks” program KOTI-TV will be W.D.Purvine. Jan. 7, 1958 p5

   Heaton Steel and Supply advertisement featuring misc. shovels. Jan. 7, 1958 p5

   Juckeland Edsel Sales, Inc. 11th and Klamath St. advertisement featuring Drive the years best deal-1959 EDSEL. Jan. 7, 1958 p5

   Stand-alone photo of members of Klamath Moose Lodge No. 1106, polio fundraiser. Pictured are Fred Hawks, Bart Asher and Jack Insley. Jan. 8, 1958 p1

   Mouse infestation attracts attention. Secretary of State Mark Hatfield was scheduled to arrive, but weather delayed him. Jan. 8, 1958. Jan. 8, 1958 p1

   Board cancels conger slide. No more supervised sledding on Conger Hill, Board Chairman James Barnes announced. Robert E. Bonney. Director of parks and recreation will look for another sledding site. Jan. 8, 1958, p1

   Stand-alone picture of Inspector Richard Young with Orville Hamilton, chief of police. Jan. 8, 1958, p1

   Girl’s letter tells incident of hatching butterfly. Photo of Penny Lynn Howie, age 11, Fairview School student. Jan. 8, 1958, p3

   New ranger for District. George M Coombes has accepted the position of the newly created Ukonom Ranger District of the Klamath National Forest. Jan. 8, 1958. p3

   Leader visits KF League. Mrs. Richard Wilcox of Portland, first vice-president of the League of Women Voters of OR. Jan. 8, 1958 p3

   Stand-alone picture of Robert L. Mason (executive at the Town and Country Bank, U.S. National Branch) and W.B. Patterson. Mason named Klamath County Heart Campaign director. Jan. 8, 1958 p4

   Park board seeks approval of plan for fund increase. Appointed to steering committee, Stan Miller, Dorthea Buck, Richard Hicks, Everett Mettler, Mrs. Frank (Doris) Johnson, John Heilbronner, Byant Williams, P.K.(Ken)Puckett, Kenneth Lambie and Scott Warren. Jan. 8, 1958 p 4

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Don (Jean)Baldwin and neighbor Mrs. Howard Commons. Baldwin receiving Physical Therapy. Jan. 8, 1958 p5

   Services set for pioneer. Frank Paygr Sr. born July 2, 1880 in Czechoslovakia, moved to Malin in 1909. Services set at 2 PM Jan. 9th. Jan. 8, 1958 p 7

   Office moved to Agency. Elmo Miller, superintendent, reported that the agency relocation office moved from KF to the agency offices. Jan, 8, 1958 p7

   Death claims KF attorney. (photo of Ben J. Goddard) who died unexpectedly at age 41 in his home at 1630 El Dorado. Jan 9, 1958 p1

   Death delays Wilson Trial. (photo of members of jury and spectators) at the trial of John Wilson ,suspended city patrolman charged with assault .David R. Vandenberg granted and mistrial because of the early morning death of defendant’s attorney, Ben J. Goddard. Jan 9, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of official opening of the New Greyhound Bus Terminal on Klamath Avenue is Mayor Pro Tem Oliver Spiker cutting the tape as visitors and Greyhound officials look on. Holding the ribbon is Mrs. Frank Jenkins and Mrs. W.E. Anderson, wife of the manager of the Post House Restaurant in the Terminal. Jan. 9, 1958 p1

   Basin Pioneer dies in Yuma. Samual Patterson Dehlinger, 75, early homesteader and one of the organizers of irrigated farming . Born on Nov. 10, 1885, at Virgil, Kansas, moved his family to Klamath Co. in 1907 when he took a homestead on Stukel Mountain. Jan. 9, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone picture of Children of the American Revolution’s newly elected officers. Georgia, Ager, Mabel Hanan, Lucille Waters, Nancy Hanan, Donna Hubbard, Eleanor Bergmann. Jan. 9, 1958. p3

   Basin pilots hold meeting. Membership in the KF Chapter, Sportsmen Pilots of OR has now reached 100. Ned Putman is president. Jan 9, 1958 p5

   Stand-alone photo of Dolly Del Veye playing a 150 year old cello. Jan. 9, 1958 p7

   Stand-alone photo of Kenneth Mcleod, Annabelle Newton and Ruth Heidrich. The marking of the emigrant trails of the S. OR route in Klamath Co. , a project of the Klamath County Historical Society plans to accomplish. Jan. 10, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of R.L. Cooper (Klamath district ranger, named to fill position in Alaska) Jan. 10, 1958 p1

   Mouse committee calls for action. Attending the Bend meeting from Klamath were Bryant Williams, C.A. Henderson, J.D. Vertrees, Leland Cheyne, Alvin Cheyne, Jack Marshal, Ray Roberts, Gene Gross and Frank Prince. Secretary of State, Mark Hatfield was a speaker. Jan. 10, 1958 p1

   Bank of Klamath Falls advertisement. Full page ad. Carlos Linville and R.D. Laudenschlager pictured. Jan. 10, 1958 p16.

   Stand-alone photo of Bank of Klamath Falls being officially opened by Mayor Pro Tem Oliver Spiker at 6th and Klamath. Also shown R.P. Laudenschlager, Joe Fisher, Carlos Linville, Mrs. Fred Heilbronner, Marshall Case, Loren Palmerton, Dick Reeder, Robert Mest. Jan. 12, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Rev. and Mrs. Galen H. Onstad of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and children Jane, Colin, and Katherine. Jan. 12, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Lt. Dorothy Dreyer, Nurse Corps, USN, Navy Recruiting Office. Jan. 12, 1958 p3

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Union High School band at East-West Shrine game in SF. Jan. 12, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Fred Heilbronner and Carlos Linville at new Bank of KF. Jan 12, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of W.H. “Ole” Roemhildt, sales rep of KF division of Consolidated Freightways. Jan. 12, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of Wes Guderian retiring president of Professional Photographers of OR. Jan. 12, 1958 p12

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Production Credit Association. Pictured are Sara Aitken, Donna Young, Vivian Greene, Hank Martin, Bo Tucker, Ted Sullivan and Don Krider. Jan. 12, 1958 p12

   Stand-alone photo at Pelican Café Party Room luncheon. Pictured are Mrs. Van Mollison, Mrs. Lee Stoner, Mrs. Laurence Brown and Mrs. Jack Crawford. Jan. 12, 1958 sec2 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. Al Nyback and daughter Sandra. Jan. 12, 1958 sec2 p4

   Stand-alone photo of Sandra Nyback, Babs Moore and Joan Marshall. Jan. 12, 1958 sec2 p4

   Stand-alone photos of Irwin Campbell who builds new pellet mill in Pine Grove. Jan. 12 Magazine sec p2

   Stand-alone photo of March of Dimes fundraiser. Pictured are Bob Trotman and Larry Sowell. Jan. 13, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Merit Smith of Merit’s on S 6th, local Philco dealer. Jan. 13, 1958 p3

   West Coast Airlines advertisement for flight to Medford, only 35 minutes, $3.75 plus tax. Jan. 13, 1958 p3

   Medical transport plane traveling from Travis AFB to McChord Air Base made an emergency landing at Kingley

   Air Base when an engine failed. Jan. 14, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Rosie Keller, Mayor Lawrence Slater, Cliff Sanders and John Cunningham receiving bids for construction of city primary sewage plant. Jan. 14, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Pati O’Connor, American Association of University Women, to speak at Pelican Café. Jan. 14, 1958 p2

   Stand-alone photo of Paul Winter and State Senator Harry Boivin (Fish and Game). Jan. 15, 1958 p 1

   Stand-alone photo of Bruce E. Tupper, Deputy Sheriff Alvie Youngblood and Sheriff Murray Britton. Tupper was later booked at the county jail for murder. Jan. 15, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Efren Valdez, age5 shopping at Market Basket on 9th and Pine. Also shown are Doyle Anthony and Mrs. D.H. Dickinson. Jan. 15, 1958 p13

   Stand-alone photo of Mayor Lawrence Slater signing proclamation declaring Jan. 12 to 18 as Civil Service Week in KF. Also pictured are J. Irvin Borthick, LaVerne Robertson and Goldie Erickson. Jan. 16, 1958 p1

   Local spud growers veto Federal Standard changes. Jan. 16, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of new officers of the Inter-Agency Council, Bob Bonney, Lillian Hoffman, Helen Majors and Jerry Thorne. Jan. 16, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Ellis Landrum (Safeway) donating 200 pounds of turkey to George Paris, Blue Ox chef and Robert Wilson owner of Blue Ox. March of Dimes Fundraiser. Jan. 16, 1958 p1

   Kingsley Field Funds Okayed. Col. J.W. Etter announced construction of an aircraft engine inspection shop, aircraft fuel storage, airmen’s dormitory and a base theater. Jan. 16, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of a C-124 Globemaster at Kingsley Field that had made an emergency landing. Jan. 16, 1958 p2

   Stand-alone photo of KF Kiwanis Club elected officers, Dr.and Mrs. Harry Fredricks, Mr. and Mrs. Greer Drew, and Ben W. Fanning. Jan. 16, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Arthur Wiggins, 820 El Dorado, shown receiving her prize from Charlie McFarlan of KFLW, as the winner of the contest naming the time and date that Russia’s Sputnik 1 would be last seen or heard. Jan. 17, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Eva M. Cook who filed for the office of incumbent treasurer. Jan. 17, 1958 p1

   First Aid classes held. Ella Redkey, first aid instructor, opened a class at KUHS. Jan. 17, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of Sheriff Fred Calfee, William G. Hagelstein and Tom Chatburn. Jan. 17, 1958 p4

   Dr. J. Martin Adams, doctor, filed as candidate for Klamath County coroner. Jan. 19, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of dedication ceremonies announcement for 22nd for new modern Great Northern Railroad yard office, Midland Rd.. Jan. 19, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Lew Wallace, former state senator, candidate for governor and Jack Henry. Jan. 19, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo Klamath County Jail, third floor addition by Brosterhous Construction Co. Jan 19, 1958 p3

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath County Agent C.A. Henderson, J.D. Vertrees, and O.K. Puckett examining damage of mice infestation. Jan.19, 1958 p7

   Local chapter to observe national ‘Y’ week event. Photos of Paul Campbell, Robert B. Kennedy, Debra, Sydney and Pamela. Jan. 20, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of March of Dimes polio fundraiser by OTI student volunteer firemen. Pictured are Dick Good, Robert Kennedy, David Brown, Al Elfbrand, Eddie Harris, Ed Barnes, Ed Elmer and David Englis. Jan 21, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Fire Chief Roy Rowe by a fire hydrant. Jan. 21, 1958 p3

   James. M Barnes filed for Republican nomination of county commissioner. Jan. 22, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Great Northern Railroad’s new yard office on Midland Rd. Pictured are C.M. Rasmussen, Mayor Slater, R.H Hemmesch and G.D. Johnson. Jan. 23, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Neal Wadley, Rex Dye, Roy Weaver and Dean DeWitt looking over entry blank in the Junior Miss Oregon Pageant to be held in Mills School auditorium. Jan. 23, 1958 p3

   Stand-alone photo of Professional Nurse Day dinner held at Bing’s Café in the Town and Country Shopping Center. Pictured are Mayor Lawrence Slater, Esther McIlroy, Mrs. Norman Chase and Mrs. Naomi Miller. Jan. 23, 1958 p5

   Stand-alone photo of District Dental Society officers at Willard Hotel. Pictured are James E.Creswell, Mel Amsberry, Wellington F. Dean and Donald P Noel. Jan. 23, 1958 p6

   Stand-alone photo of KF firemen putting out a fire that razed Sessler’s Inc. in the 600 block of Market St. Pictured are M.F. Shreeve and Geno Gheller. Jan. 24, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Market Y Basket No. 2, Shasta and Division. Pictured are Norman Duffy and Dick Hicks. Jan. 24, 1958 p2

   Ben DeVore, International Woodworkers of America found not guilty. Photo of DeVore, Arthur Beddoe and Don Piper. Jan. 26, 1958 p1

   Earle Wilcox to fill Klamath management specialist vacancy created by the resignation of Gene Favell. (photo of Wilcox). Jan. 26, 1958 p1

   Dr. Rowland M. Myers, etymologist, will be guest speaker at the KF Knife and Fork Club at Willard Hotel (photo of Myers). Jan. 26, 1958 p3

   KF Chapter of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America plans annual show. Jan. 26, 1958 p7

   Klamath Basin’s first annual Aviation Week scheduled for Kingsley Field in May. Jan. 26, 1958 p7

   Stand-alone photo of interior view of the new Great Northern yard office on Midland Rd. Pictured are H.S. Cunningham looking over the teletype machines and L.C. Sheppler. Jan. 26, 1958 p8

   March of Dimes canister stolen from Tik Tok Drive In, 2241 S. 6th St. Jan. 26, 1958 p14

   Dr.Noles contact lenses advertisement. Columbian Optical Co. 730 Main St. Jan. 26, 1958 sec.1, p3

   Stand-alone photo of annual meeting of Klamath Basin Grade A Milk Producers Assoc. pictured are Lester Adams, Lawrence Geraghty, R. Frank Tucker and George Reiling. Jan. 26, 1958 Magazine sec. p4

   Stand-alone photo of Wilbur Womer and horse “Old Paint” as roundup boss of YMCA Membership drive. Jan. 27, 1958 p1

   Eveyln Cooper, Klamath County librarian, says books returned with unusual items. (photo of Betty Cote). Jan. 26, 1958 p7

   Two Chinese civil engineers from Formosa visited KF as part of tour of Pacific Northwest logging and road building operations. (photo of Y.K. Yang and Wilbur Y.C. Han). Jan. 28, 1958 p1

   Reduction of West Side bypass plans form a four lane to a two lane highway was announced. Jan. 28, 1958 p4

   Funeral services were held for William Henry Elliott, who operated the Waldorf Billiards for 30 years. Jan. 28, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of inspection of new Boy Scout office at Manzanita St. and Dolores Ave. Pictured are Brick Leach, O.D. Sharpe, Harold Ashley, Ed Robinson, Jim Pinniger and Jim Patterson. Jan. 28, 1958 p14

   Stand-alone photo of Sheriff Murray Britton, Fred Hawks, Dave Thomas, Mitch Mitchell and Dean Barker (members of the KF Moose Lodge) March of Dimes Fundraiser. Jan. 29, 1958 p1

   Housing unit bids opened. Gresham Construction Co. of Santa Clara submitted bid of 70 additional housing units at Kingsley Field. Howard R. Perrin was the architect for the original 220 housing units. Jan. 29, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of a painting of Dick Walsh of Tulelake. The painting is by Paul Steinkert, a German POW at the Tulelake camp. Jan. 29, 1958 p3

   Stand-alone photo of Earl Snyder, state director for the OR State Board of Aeronautics, guest speaker at the KF Chapter of Sportsmen Pilots of OR. Jan. 29, 1958 p8

   Stand-alone photo of Ruth Gustavson, Mrs. Lane Smith and Mrs. H. V. Borton of Klamath County home extension. Jan. 29, 1958 p14

   Stand-alone photos of flooded streets. Pictured in boat are Philip Duffy of Men’s Hand Laundry and Wally Spires of Juckeland Motors. Jan. 30, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Irvin D Kerr, newly appointed superintendent of Lava Beds National Monument, replacing Robert R Budlong. Jan. 30, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of the Scottish Rite of KF. Pictured are Sanford C Selby, Louis Fritsch, Dennis Depuy, Dell Howe, John West, William Withrow, James D. Bush, Andrew Sullivan, Carl Young, Gus Vlahos, Bert E. Miller, Ralph D. Jones, Robert D. Craig, Cecil Barkdoll, Walter Brown and Al Aldrich. Jan. 30, 1958 p 5

   Local concert group meets. Members of the Klamath Community Concert Association outlined plans for upcoming year. Officers named at meeting were Ross Ragland, first vice-president, Mrs. Lyle Kellstrom and Mrs. Frederick Ehlers. Concerts are held at the Pelican Theater. Pictured is John Schickling. Jan. 30, 1958 p7

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Lorena Ward and Mrs. Stella Bowne, Retired Teachers Club. Jan. 30, 1958 p7

   Map of KF. Caption says: Knowledge of this map may save your life. Clip it and save it, for it shows the routes to be used in the evacuation of KF in the event of an atomic attack. Jan 30, 1958 p9

   Stand-alone photo of apple display at the Piggly Wiggly, 701 Pine St., with Harold Crooker. Jan. 30, 1958 p17

   Stand-alone photo of Bob Anderson of Market Basket No. 1 displaying Powder Room tissues. Jan. 30, 1958 p18

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Elks Lodge members. Pictured are Major C.H. Underwood, Wilson Wiley, Bert Hall, Perry O. DeLap, Guy Merrill, John Martin and William Houston. Jan. 31, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Francis Mathews, Richard Mick, Buff Runnels, Dave Blevins, Jim Hakanson and Tony Bonotto of the Klamath Junior Racing Association (dirt track). Jan. 31, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Bobby Smith, Fairview School, and dentist H. Melvin Amsberry. Jan. 31, 1958 p1

   Local NAACP plans meeting. KF Chapter of NAACP will hold meeting at the Library. Mrs. William G. Simon will speak on “The Contribution of the Negro to American Culture”. Jan 31, 1958 p2

   Stand-alone photo of Russell Pengelly, science teacher at Fremont School. Jan. 31, 1958 p2

   Stand-alone photo of Leonard Garrison, 2958 Hope St. recently elected president of Tailflappers, upper-classmens’s rooting org. at OR State College. Jan. 31, 1958 p5

   Flaming car-truck crash claims two Klamath men, William A. Badorek Jr. and Leonard Allen on Hwy. 97. Photo of crash site. Feb. 2, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo: Promoting the Betterment of Klamath County. Pictured are Fred Lewis of Lewis Manufacturing Co., Judge Charlie Mack and Mayor Lawrence Slater. Feb. 2, 1958 p3

   Stand-alone photo of Ralph Hemmesch, United Fund Award for Outstanding Citizenship. Feb. 3, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. James (Marie) Nydigger and the year’s first set of twins, Kellie Lynn and Kimberly Ann. Feb. 3, 1958 p1

   Death claims basin pioneer. Brice McCormick, 83, one of Klamath County’s most colorful figures of the water transportation era died Feb. 1. He arrived in OR at age 8 settled in Keno began work in old type sash mill. later became McCormick Mill. Family bought first of the Klamath Basin river boats, the Mayflower, later renamed the Canby. Also helped put through the Greensprings Hwy. Feb. 3, 1958 p4

   Reservation plan backed by officials. Oregon officials told Senate subcommittee they favor federal purchase of the Klamath Indian’s vast timber stand. Feb. 4, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Firemen Bill Campbell and Ben Phillips. Feb. 4, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photos of Haymaker Mountain’s radar towers under construction, 23 miles west of Kingsley Field. Part of ADC’s coastal aircraft detecting and warning system. Feb. 4, 1958 p5

   Stand-alone photo of Attorney Dave Card, who joined the firm of Maxwell and Goddard. Feb. 4, 1958 p12

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Irma Wauchope, Fairview school teacher and students on guided tour of Southern Pacific facilities. Feb. 5, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Leo Molatore, Al Bellotti and Rex Dye, Klamath County United Fund. Feb. 5, 1958 p1

   Mouse Control by C.A. Henderson. Damage in Klamath County estimated at 2 mil. in 1957. Feb. 5, 1958 p5

   Ron Owings (ex KUHS) signs pro contract with Pittsburgh Pirates. Feb. 5, 1958 p9

   Stand-alone photo of Chamber of Commerce meeting at the Winema Hotel. Pictured are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Veatch, R Frank Tucker, Richard Gallagher, Charles Bane and Bob Mest. Feb. 6, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of State Tax Commission meeting at Library. Pictured are Harold Langslett, Glenn Horn, John Gault, Edwin E Goodrich, Clyde Caldwell, and Leslie M. Ross. Feb. 9, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Paul J. Christiansen, Concordia Choir to appear at Mills School. Feb. 9, 1958 p3

   Stand-alone photo of burned home on 1228 Pacific Terrace that caused the death of Dr. and Mrs. Ray W. Oldenburg. Feb. 10, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photos of Dr. and Mrs. Ray W. Oldenburg who lost their lives in a fire in their home. Feb. 11, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Don Sloan’s collection of military insignia’s. Pictured are R.G. Motschenbacher and Fred Heilbronner. Feb. 11, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of Hazel Jo DeLamater, contestant in Junior Miss Contest. Feb. 11, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of rebuilding project of girl’s dormitory at Oregon Tech by diesel engineering students. Pictured are Jerry Dittbenner, Merle Jackson, Fred DeWitt, Don Vander Zanden. Feb. 11, 1958 p7

   Stand-alone photo of Darlene Buchholz, contestant in Junior Miss Contest. Feb 11, 1958 p11

   Stand-alone photo of Donna Lee Burgoyne, contestant in Junior Miss Contest. Feb. 11, 1958 p12

   Stand-alone photo of bidders for 35 parcels of Klamath Indian allotted lands at Klamath Agency. Feb. 12, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of C.V. Nelson, realty officer at Klamath Agency handling bids at the sale of Klamath Indian allotment lands. Feb. 12, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mohammad T. Mehdi (director of the Arab Information Center in SF), guest speaker at annual meeting of the KF Chapter of the United Nations Assoc. Also pictured Charles Johnson. Feb. 12, 1958 p 1

   Stand-alone photo of Nelda Snook, contestant in the Junior Miss Contest. Feb. 12, 1958 p4

   Possible threat of tularemia (sometimes known as rabbit fever) in mice infested areas. Feb. 12, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of A.C. Olson, principal of Ferguson School and Scoutmaster. Feb. 12, 1958 p5

   Stand-alone photo of the Concordia Choir of Moorhead, Minnesota, at Mills School. Feb. 12, 1958 p7

   Stand-alone photo of Earl Kent, Reames Golf and Country Club. Feb. 12, 1958 p10

   Stand-alone photo of Ella Harris, Junior Miss Contestant. Feb. 12, 1958 p11

   Summary of a termination plan proposed by a member of the Klamath Indian Tribe. Feb. 12, 1958 p11

   Stand-alone photo of DeAnna Southard, Junior Miss Contestant. Feb. 12, 1958 p 15

   New substation built by the California Oregon Power Company for servicing the new Johns-Manville plant opens. (photo of Hank Fisher and Sam Ritchey) Feb. 13, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Robert L. Mason, Heart Fund chairman, and Richard P Laudenschlager. Feb. 13, 1958 p1

   Air Force announced contract for construction of 220 Capehart Title VIII family housing units at Kingley Field. Contract awarded to Gresham-Alcan Construction Co. of Santa Clara, CA. (photo of John Quinn, Capt. William Hicks and Charley DeLap) Feb. 13, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Dick Howard, Bill Riley, Ron Phair and Doyle Anthony, March of Dimes Fundraiser. Feb. 13, 1958 p18

   Compulsory car insurance plan outlined by Gov. Robert D. Holmes. Feb. 14, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Oregon National Guard demonstrating 75mm gun. Pictured are Sgt. I.C. Stroud, Sp. 3.C. Dick Abraham, Sp. 3.C. Bert Hegler and M. Sgt. Allan Cosand. Feb. 14, 1958 p1

   Tribal heads issue open letter report on Washington termination hearings. Feb. 14, 1958 p15

   Stand-alone photo of cattlemen of Oregon and California. Pictured are Scott Warren, Harold Rankin Alvin Cheyne. Bill Marshall, Jim Guttridge, and Frank Gwerder. Feb. 17, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Jim Sweatt and Rodney Murray of KF Creamery. Feb. 17, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of new public relations director for the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce, Pati O’Connor. Also pictured R. Frank Tucker. Feb. 18, 1958 p1

   District Judge D.E. Van Vactor filed for reelection. (photo of Van Vactor) Feb. 19, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath County Librarians. Pictured are Vivian Alloway, Mrs. O.K. Puckett, Mrs. F.C. Adams, Mrs. Jack Nixon, Marilou O’Connor, and Roy Tidwell. Feb. 19, 1958 p1

   Death claims basin pioneer. Mrs. Anna Maud Hamaker, member of pioneer Poe and Horton families, died Feb. 19th. She was born Oct. 2, 1869 in Monroe OR. Feb. 19, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of tree topping in Veterans Memorial Park by Copco. Feb. 19, 1958 p10

   Stand-alone photo of League of Women Voters discussion program. Pictured are Councilman Walter Fleet, Sam Ritchey, Murdo Morrison, Councilman Floyd Wynne, Floy Johnson, Mrs. Marguerite Kahl, Mrs. Pat Orminston and Mrs. Dorothy Alward. Feb. 20, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Anna Maud Hamaker, who died at age 88. Final rites at Linkville Cemetery. Feb. 20, 1958 p4

   Car-Ad-Co (Carr, Adams and Collier Company) Mill in Pelican City blaze destroys lumber and storage sheds. (three front page photos) Feb. 21, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of contractors to bid on new Crest Elementary School. Twelve room school will be located on Crest and Laverne Streets. Feb. 21, 1958 p1

   Local firm low bidder on Crest School project. Brosterhous Construction Co. of KF low bidder. Feb. 21, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of Little Miss Klamath talent show contestants with Mayor Lawrence Slater. Pictured are Sharen Campbell, Lynn O’Neil, Suzanne Noel, Debbie Drew, Colleen Cole, Wynona Johnson, Sandra Caldwell, Vicy Carter and Kerry Megale. Feb. 25, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Fred Ehlers, Joe Mercer and Mike Shannon holding savings bond to be given away at the Fifth Annual Klamath Basin Home Show. Feb. 25, 1958 p1

   Jack Minkler, employer of Car-Ad-Co to send photos of an old sword to museums to establish identity. Photo of Jack Minkler with sword. Feb. 25, 1958 p3

   Stand-alone photo of automobile which hypnotist George Singer will drive blindfolded down Main St. for VFW fundraiser. Also pictured is Bill Cunningham and Boyd Karrer. Feb. 25, 1958 p4

   Polio Vaccine Clinic ad. Feb. 25, 1958 p7

   Stand-alone photo of a reindeer from Redmond on his way to SF Sports and Boat Show, who will be in the Klamath County booth. Also pictured are Charlie Schuss, Lefty (Wild Eagle) Wilder and Annette Jacobs. Feb. 26, 1958 p1

   Junior Miss Oregon, Darlene Buchholtz on her way to Alabama to attend pageant. (photo of Darlene, her parents and Jerry Slusser) Feb. 26, 1958 p1

   John L. Kerbow filed for second term as Klamath County representative. (photo of Kerbow) Feb. 26, 1958 p1

   Concentrated mice baiting to start throughout basin. Feb. 27, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of KF students that attended model United Nations conducted at U of O. Pictured are Hugh Swaney, Suzanne Goeller, Kay Kidwell, Norma Young, Gary Esgate, Cameron Hinman, Dennis Runge, Serena Smith, Sandra Adams, Sondra Langslet, Jo Ann Bogatay and Darlene Buchholtz. Feb. 27, 1958 p1

   Fred Heilbronner to file for Klamath County commissioner. (photo of Heilbronner) Feb. 28, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photos of snow at Crater Lake National Park. Official snow depth is now at 15 feet. Feb. 28, 1958 p4

   Julian M. Ager filed for the Republican nomination as Klamath County surveyor. (photo of Ager) Mar. 2, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Sheriff Murray Britton and Deputy Sheriff Del Summers in front of nearly completed third floor addition to the Klamath County Jail. Mar. 2, 1958 p3

   Stand-alone photo of Julien Abbott, Circuit Judge David R. Vandenberg and Doris Abernathy in newly completed auxiliary courtroom on the fourth floor. Mar. 2, 1958 p3

   Stand-alone photo of farmers attending informational meeting on the mouse problem being conducted by the Klamath County Agent’s Office. Mar. 2, 1958 Magazine Sec. p5

   Stand-alone photo of Robert Puckett, Herman Smith and Ken Puckett, Klamath County Bar Association members. Mar. 3, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of members of the Klamath-Lake National Farm Assoc. Pictured are Lawrence J. Horton, Vancil Withers, Roy Good, Bryant Williams, H.E. Hamaker, Fred Peat, and William F. Jinnette. Mar. 3, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Jim Whelan, Lois Serruys, Eva Taylor, Scotty McConnell, Holly Holland and Bill Riley at the Winema Hotel’s fourth annual Peddler’s Party. Mar. 3, 1958 p4

   Inspector’s report raps local police dept. (photo of Mayor Lawrence Slater being handed results of 2 months’ investigation by Inspector Richard Young and Pati O’Connor) Mar. 4, 1958 p1

   KF resident seeks dogs for sled work in Alaska. Mar. 4, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mark Hatfield, who is seeking the Republican nomination for governor, and Robert Kent, Reuben Larson, Frank Eberlein, Willard Cedarleaf, Randall Pope, Lour Gullespie, Eston Balsiger and Al Geiss. Mar. 4, 1958 p1

   Dennis Depuy filed on the Democratic ticket for the county commissioner’s office. (photo of Depuy) Mar. 4, 1958 p1

   Robert R. Walker announced that he will be a Democratic candidate for the county commissioner’s office. (photo of Walker) Mar. 4, 1958 p1

   Basin Indian maidens vie for basketball queen title. (photo of candidates for queen of the National All-Indian Basketball Tournament, Barbara Kirk, Beverly David, Jessie Case, Ramona Shadley, Marlene DuMont, Lucille Barrera, Sharon Jackson and Kathy Smith) Mar. 5, 1958 p1

   Neuberger backs plan for Indians. Sen. Neuberger expects to support an administration proposal to give private industry and opportunity to buy Oregon timber land now owned by the Klamath Indians. Mar. 5, 1958 p1

   Health experts find Basin mice carrying new disease. Mar. 5, 1958 p1

   Carl Yancey filed for state representative on the Democratic ticket. Mar. 5, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Ken Free and Stan Hassey of the KF Fire Dept. selling tickets to the Fireman’s Ball at the Old Armory. Mar. 5, 1958 p1

   Baiting programs halted after birds found dead. All distribution of poison grain for mouse control has been halted as a result of the death of 500 waterfowl. Mar. 6, 1958 p1

   Air Base Commander cites additional housing needed. Lt. Col. Raymond A Thornton, Kingsley Field commander, told the second forum meeting of the chamber of commerce in the Winema Hotel that the local base will not be fully activated unless there are an additional 300 housing units. (photo of Thornton) Mar. 6, 1958 p1

   Game Agent tells concern on poison (mouse infestation) threat to geese. Mar. 6, 1958 p2

   KU Principal gets contract. Charles Carlson was unanimously named to 3 year contract. (photo of Carlson) Mar. 6, 1958 p3

   Unander raps tax system during tour through Basin. State Treasurer Sig Unander, candidate for the Republican nomination for governor visits Basin. (photo of Mr. and Mrs. Sig Unander) Mar. 7, 1958 p1

   Blaze razes mill in Bly. Bly Lumber Company burned to the ground. Mar. 7, 1958 p1

   Chester R. Williams filed for county commissioner’s office. (photo of Williams) Mar. 7, 1958 p1

   Paul O. Landry, former mayor and councilman of KF, filed for state representative. Mar.7, 1958 p1

   Ray (Stormy) Chase filed for country commissioner. (photo of Chase) Mar. 7, 1958 p1

   Waterfowl deaths studied, new plans are formulated. Experts are formulating a plan to prevent further destruction of wildlife caused by the poison grain in the mouse control program. (photo of Ned Dollahite, James R. Norris, Rolo F. Talbert, Jess Grisham, Gene Branson, Loring White, Leroy Smith, G.H. Hansen and Bill Huse) Mar. 7, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of election forms prepared at the Klamath Management Specialist Office for mailing to the Klamath Indian Tribe. (photo of Valeria Henderson, Colleen Ledbetter and Vivian Sanders) Mar. 7, 1958 p1

   Oregon’s Beef Candy taken to Washington. (photo of Sen. Richard L. Neuberger being presented high protein candy by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Obenchain, Mrs. Henry C. Gerber, Mrs. Dave Campbell and Mrs. Julian Arrien ) (second photo below of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Campbell and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Obenchain) Mar. 9, 1958 magazine sec. p5

   Earl K. Allison filed for county commissioner’s office. (photo of Allison) Mar. 9, 1958 p1

   Candidates fill ballot for primary. (photo of Landry) Mar. 9, 1958 p1

   Edmund M. (Ed) Chilcote filed of Klamath County representative. (photo of Chilcote) Mar. 9, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Virginia Dixon, Red Cross executive secretary, Leo Molatore, Dick Gallagher and Ralph Hemmesch. Mar. 9, 1958 p1

   First woman to fly in jet from Kingley Field, Ruth King. (photos of King) Mar. 9, 1958 p2

   Stand-alone photo of community leaders in juvenile forum. Pictured are Jim Harpole, Dave Card, Garry Robertson, Rev. Robert Greene, Odell Olson, Francis Mathews and Jim Overdorff. Mar. 10, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of elementary teachers at Mills auditorium to hear Attorney George Proctor explain contracts. Mar. 10, 1958 p5

   Charles A. Howard appointed chief of police to replace Orville Hamilton who resigned. (photo of Howard, photo of Hamilton) Mar. 11, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of former mayor Paul Landry speaking about off-street parking to council. Mar. 11, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of OIT Director Winston Purvine, Ed Branchfield, and A.S. Teller. Mar. 11, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of juvenile delinquency forum at Riverside School. Pictured are Jim Harpole, Garry Robertson, Mrs. Josephine Kittredge, James Overdorff, Odell Olson, Rev. Robert Greene, Francis Mathews and Dave Card. Mar. 12, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of public health experts discussing the mouse infestation problem. Pictured are Paul Sweet, J.D. Vertrees, Frank Prince, Dr. Monroe Holmes, Dr. Robert Courter and Hilda Boyle. Mar. 13, 1958 p1

   Moore Park superintendent, Bert Stott, to retire from park zoo and other duties. Mar. 13, 1958 p11

   Half-page ad for grand opening of Spudnut Shop ( Cafeteria and Fountain) on 407 Main St. by Bill, Bob and Dora

   Davenport. Mar. 13, 1958 p12

   Stand-alone photo of landslide on Hwy. 97, one mile past Modoc Point, almost on car driven by Edith Mary Hester. One boulder was over 100 tons. Mar. 14, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of new addition to Conger School. Pictured are William Johnson and his students. Mar. 14, 1958 p1

   Southern Pacific passenger train jumped the rails at 60mph at summit of Cascades. 197 escape death. (photos of train wreck) Mar. 16, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of newly completed south wing addition at Klamath Union High School. Mar. 16, 1958 p5

   Joe Paries suspected in gunshot death of Carl Holliday. (photo of Paries, Sheriff Murray Britton and Alvie Youngblood) Mar. 17, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Albert Frock and newly appointed KF Chief of Police Charley Howard. Mar. 18, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Harold North and Maurice Gunderson of South Suburban Sanitation District. Mar. 19, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photos of Leo Garske, Walt Jendrzejewski and Duane Blackman in spud cellar. Mar. 20, 1958 p1

   Barbara Kirk named queen of All-Indian Basketball Tournament. (photo of Kirk, Jessie Case and Remo Minato) Mar. 20, 1958 p1

   Full page ad for grand opening of the Chuck Wagon Café, 630 Main St. Mar. 20, 1958 p25

   Geese in area hit by poison. Meeting to be scheduled to determine how the mouse baiting program can be continued. Mar. 21, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of new Chuck Wagon Café with old chuck wagon in front, 630 Main St. Mar. 23, 1958 p4

   Klamath Union Pelicans basketball team nabs first A-1 crown since 1943. Mar. 23, 1958 p9

   Huge crowd turns out to greet victorious Klamath Union Pelicans basketball team. (photos of 1.500 carloads of screaming fans, Pelican captain Bob Niles receiving trophy from Dave Bates and Pelican Rally Squad holding the bracket board) Mar. 24, 1958 p1

   Mice poison results told. Mar. 24, 1958 p4

   Plan for mouse poisoning gets okay at KF meeting. (photo of Dr. Monroe Holmes, Dr. J.F. Bell, Charley Henderson and J.R. Beck and photo of Eugene Branson counting 3,000 geese killed by poison grain) Mar. 25, 1958 p1

   Trial of John Wilson, suspended city policeman charged with assault, still pending. Alleged beating triggered grand jury study and a survey of the police operation which recently resulted in the resignation of Police Chief Orville Hamilton. Mar. 25, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of Circuit Judge David R. Vandenberg and County Clerk Charley DeLap. Mar. 26, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of OTI employees receiving Outstanding Citizenship Awards. Pictured are Ralph Hemmesch, Jack Douglass, Jack Brookins, Mary House and Winston Purvine. Mar. 27, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of modern X-ray machine at OTI with C. A, Jacobi and Winston Purvine. Mar. 30, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of employees of Sears Roebuck and Company with profit sharing pension fund total. Mar. 30, 1958 p5

   Stand-alone photo of students planning High School hop. (pictured are Judy Ellis, Bob Stephens, Gene Baxter, Glenda Storey, Ron Chance and Darlene Buchholz) Mar. 31, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Jack Douglas, Charley Bane and Vern Owens at new location for OTI. Apr. 1, 1958 p1

   DA Richard Beasley orders local pinball crackdown. Apr. 1, 1958 p1

   The operators of KF businesses where free-play pinball machines are maintained will be advised that operation of the machines is to be discontinued not later than Apr. 10. Photo included. Apr. 2, 1958 p1

   Local resident, Clifton Smith, presents plan for mouse baiting at hearing. (photo of Smith) Apr. 2, 1958 p3

   Full page ad for the Pelican Café’s 25th Anniversary, 722 Main St. Apr. 2, 1958 p11

   Winnemucca Highway plan okayed for federal funds. KF and Medford will be connected with Salt Lake City. Photo of Ed Gowen, Judge Charlie Mack, Jerry Rajnus, C.W. Ogle, J.D. Corum, Judge C.H. Langslet and Bill Canton. Apr. 3, 1958 p1

   KF pinball crackdown hangs fire. Apr. 4, 1958 p1

   Twister razes chicken house. Small tornado destroyed chicken house on the Lawrence Motschenbacher ranch near Midland. Apr. 4, 1958 p1

   Chamber of Commerce sets first annual clean-up day. (photos of areas to be cleaned-up) Apr. 6, 1958 Magazine Section

   Stand-alone photo of KF Rotary Club. Pictured are Adolph Zamsky, O.K. Puckett, Arthur Rickbeil, Frank Ganong, Eston Balsiger, Chuck Bailey, Gene Bailie and Ross Ragland. Apr. 6, 1958 p1

   Judge clears pinball story. Apr. 6, 1958 p1

   OTI student body includes two students from Beirut, Lebanon. (photo of Zakaria Kanaan and Adel Sibia) Apr. 6, 1958 p4-A

   Highway plunge fatal for driver, Frank Edwin Wessels, in Sunday accident. Photo of Wessel’s automobile in Lost River near Harpole Dam. Apr. 7, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Medo Land Creamery’s Charles Butler and Cecil Tucker receiving Outstanding Citizenship Award from Ralph Hemmesch. Apr. 7, 1958 p4

   Two flights a day to Portland ad for $16.45 on West Coast Airlines. Apr. 7, 1958 p5

   Stand-alone photo of Old Fort road near OTI getting face lifting job by city and county prisoners. Apr. 9, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of KF Fire Dept. putting up banner for Basin talent show, Pelicana. Apr. 9, 1958 p10-A

   Stand-alone photo of new press, Hoe Printmaster installed at the Herald and News by Larry Glawe and Elmer Bramlett. Apr. 10, 1958 p1

   KF Firemen aid stranded coed from atop the bell at KU. Apr. 10, 1958 p1

   Gov. Robert D. Holmes to be featured speaker at fourth annual OTI Symbiot banquet. (photo of Holmes) Apr. 10, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of County Commander of the American Cancer Society, Violet Koehn receiving check from United Fund treasurer Leo Molatore. Apr. 10, 1958 p10-A

   Secretary of State Mark Hatfield, republican candidate for governor supports Ore Tech. Apr. 10, 1958 p11-A

   Stand-alone photo of Ken Clark with puppies headed for Nome Alaska. Apr. 11, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of L.F. Costel retiring after 48 years with the Southern Pacific. Costel’s first train was the one recently given to the city on display at Veteran’s Park. Also pictured are J.P. Sexton and C.E. Alward. Apr. 11, 1958 p4-A

   Half-page ad for Sportsarama to be held at the NEW ARMORY at Shasta Way and Mitchell. Apr. 11, 1958 p4-B

   Governor Holmes queried during KF visit. (photo of Holmes, Eldred Hansen, and Al Condrey at airport and photo of Holmes, Winston Purvine and Robert Boyd at OTI) Apr. 12, 1958 p1

   KF resident, Harry L. Wiard publishes life story to aid Wiard Park. Photo of Wiard in museum at the park with items of local interest. Apr. 13. 1958 p3-A

   Klamath residents greatly concerned about future of Oretech after recent Stevens-Thompson engineering survey and recommendations about moving OTI. Several photos included and cartoon. Apr. 13, 1958 p4-A

   Headon collision killed one man and injured five others, including two Pacific Coast League veteran ball players. (photo of the two Portland Beaver baseball players at Klamath Valley Hospital) Apr. 14, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of a 60 ton boulder on Hwy 97 near Modoc Point. No vehicles were nearby when it rolled on hwy. Apr. 14, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of free pony to be given away to Edsel demonstration riders by Juckeland Motors on Eleventh and Klamath. Apr. 14, 1958 p5

   Water turned into A Canal for the 52nd consecutive year. (photo of Ray Roberts, Kenneth Wallin, Don Sutphin and Mrs. Sutphin opening gates) Apr. 15, 1958 p1

   Klamath County District Attorney Richard C. Beesley hands in resignation. (photo of Beesley) Apr. 15, 1958 p1

   Klamath County budget meeting gets request from Sheriff Murray Britton for $400 to put TV’s in the jail. Apr. 15, 1958 p5

   Stand-alone photo of County Clerk DeLap’s office registering voters with Pauline Offield. Apr. 16, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Checkers, 17 month old South American monkey, at his new home at the Klamath Animal Hospital. His owner was arrested for larceny. Apr. 16, 1958 p1

   Secretary of State Mark Hatfield to tour basin. KUHS’s Hatfield for Governor Club will host a rally at the Balsiger Motor Company showroom at Main and Esplanade. Apr. 16, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photos of Jim Weaver and Arnie Molling and their dog’s at Shasta Cascade Retriever Club’s spring dog trial. Apr. 17, 1958 p1

   Farmers turn out in force to help ailing neighbor, Ronald Witlatch. (photo of tractors on farm, photo of Don Kettler on tractor) Apr. 17, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath County budget board members, Alfred “Cap” Collier, Frank Brown, R.P. Ellingson, Charley DeLap, Ed Gowen and Charlie Mack. Apr. 17, 1958 p7-A

   KOTI TV2 made application to install a Translator to serve KF in a published letter. Apr.17, 1958 p9-A

   School Board candidates air views with teachers at meeting. (photo of Mrs. James “Peggy” Barnes, Harvey Bispham Jr., Rollin Cantrall, George Callison, John Voth, and Stanley Miller) Apr. 18, 1958 p1

   Klamath Medical-Dental Clinic perspective was prepared by architects, Balzhiser, Seder and Rhodes of Eugene. Clinic will be built this summer at 1905 Main St. Apr. 18, 1958 p1

   Tulelake strawberry nursery enlarges. (photos include potato digger converted to digging berry plants, crew of 64 women at Tulava Nursery) Apr. 20. 1958 p2 Magazine Sec.

   Stand-alone photo of Legislative Interim Tax Committee meeting. Pictured are Sybil Rinke, Myron Katz, John DeMaulley, Rep. John Kerbow , Sen. Monroe Sweetland, Rep. Fay Bristol and Clarence Barton. Apr. 20, 1958 p1

   New flights serve basin. West Coast Airlines added new early evening flight from Portland. Apr. 20, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Roy Hawkins and Sheriff Murray Britton boxing. They had boxed in KF in 1947. Apr. 20, 1958 p3-A

   Students at Pelican School feted for cleanup efforts. Students received free ice cream from Medo-Land and Crater Lake creameries and free tickets to the Tower Theater. (photo of Vivian McCulloch and photo of Frenchy Richard

   and Charles McLin with 300 students in background) Apr. 20, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photos of snow on sides of roadways at Crater Lake National Park. Apr. 21, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Senator Warren Gill, candidate for governor, at Empire Room of the Winema Hotel. Also pictured are John Ginther, Mrs. Wyatt Padgett, Wyatt Padgett and Mrs. James Peters. Apr. 21, 1958 p1

   Model of new Klamath County Road Dept. shops to be constructed on Washburn Way near S 6th St. Apr. 21,1958 p3

   Tribal election slated for May 8 by Klamath Indians. Apr. 21, 1958 p4

   Loyd DeLap running for Klamath County treasurer. (photo of DeLap) Apr. 22, 1958 p1

   Specialist reports receipt of Klamath Indian ballots. Photo of Vince Bodner Jr and Irwin Crume handing ballots to Dick Popp and T.B. Watters. Apr. 22, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Peg Seideman, Helen Faulkner, Mark Hatfield, Charmie Biehn and Stina Anderson at election rally held at the Balsiger Motor showroom. Apr. 22, 1958 p1

   Edward C. Niles, manager of the McCollum Lumber Co., filed for opening on the Klamath Union High School Board of Directors. Apr. 22, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of work site near Miller Hill where 290 homes are being constructed by the Gresham-Alcan Co. (later named Falcon Heights) Apr. 23, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of State Patrolman Leland Moeller with stolen items. Apr. 23, 1958 p1

   Coin collector Melvin O. Carmichael to show imperfect coins at Klamath Stamp and Coin Club open house. Apr. 23, 1958 p3-A

   Attorney files Demurrer against recent action by Klamath Circuit Court. Apr. 23, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of Grand Opening of the remodeled Buy Low Food Center, 1338 Oregon Ave. Apr. 23, 1958 p7-A

   Advertisement for Tunies (hot dogs made from tuna fillets) Apr. 23, 1958 p7-A

   Stand-alone photo of OTI students at display of Chevrolet engines at the Dugan and Mest Chevrolet firm. Pictured are Bob Mest, George Dugan, Winston Purvine and Ray D. Karbowski. Apr. 23, 1958 p4-C

   Klamath Indian termination problem will be subject of documentary TV film, “The Klamath Crisis”, for use on KGW-TV in Portland. Apr. 23, 1958 p6-C

   Full-page ad for the Grand Opening of the Shasta Drive-in Theatre at Summers Ln. and Winters Ave. Apr. 23, 1958 p8-C

   California Avenue home goes auction block. One of several homes that have to be moved in order for construction to begin on the west-side bypass to KF on Hwy. 97. Apr. 24, 1958 p4-A

   William J. Worden, resident of KF since 1914, died Apr. 24th. He homesteaded in the Midland District and was employed at the Klamath Lumber and Box Company. Apr. 24, 1958 p4-A

   94 bids for Indian land received from bidders. Largest allotted Indian land sales was held Apr. 22nd at Klamath Agency. Apr. 24, 1958 p6-D

   Lew Wallace, governor candidate, plans visit to Klamath. (photo of Wallace) Apr. 25, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of annual Homemakers Festival at the Fairgrounds. Pictured are Mrs. Edward Kissell, Mrs. Norman Risley, Mrs. George Combs, Mrs. Morris Parker, Mrs. Robert Casebier. Apr. 25, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Homer Wilks, Muray Britton, Louis Blazuerie, and Wheeler Holms. Prisoner, Blazuerie, was being returned to Arizona. Apr. 25, 1958 p7-A

   Mouse infestation reviewed by agent. Apr. 27, 1958 Magazine sec. p4

   Stand-alone photo of Don Kettler, at Spring Creek, on opening day of the summer trout season. Apr. 27, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Sally Robinson, state president of the Children of the American Revolution. Apr. 27, 1958 p6-A

   Arthur Beddoe was appointed by Gov. Holmes as Klamath County district attorney. (photo of Beddoe) Apr. 28, 1958 p1

   Majority of Indians asks to withdraw from the tribal organization and to take cash for their share of tribal assets. Apr. 28, 1958 p1

   Proposed traffic patterns map for the Mills Addition. Apr. 28, 1958 p7

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath County Unit of the Oregon Education Association meeting at Willard Hotel. Pictured are Louise Mitchell, Leigh Fenning, Carol Whetstone and Stanley McClellan. Apr. 28, 1958 p12

   Three Ore-Tech teachers asphyxiated on fishing trip. Dead are John C. Roman, George A. Harper and Roy Perkey. They were camping in a converted bus with gas appliances. (photos of Roman and Harper) Apr. 29, 1958 p1

   Indian bill wins okay in Senate. Klamath Indian Reservation lands to be sold. Apr. 29, 1958 p1

   Indian timber case begins in Portland. Seven Klamath Indians claim they were defrauded by Moore Mill & Lumber Co. Apr. 29, 1958 p1

   Final rites were held for Archie Guild Wimer, pioneer resident of the Wood River Valley. Wimer came to Fort Klamath in 1909, moved to Langel Valley, then later to Chiloquin. Interment at Linkville Cemetary. Apr. 29, 1958 p3

   Federal funds may aid in building KF sewers. Apr. 29, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of investigating officials at madeover bus, at the Little Deschutes River, where 3 OTI instructors were found dead. Apr. 30, 1958 p1

   Lew Wallace, candidate for governor, promises thrift and attacks wanton spending. (photo of Wallace at OTI) Apr. 30, 1958 p1

   Wrestler vs. Reptile ad. Al Szasz vs. 9 foot alligator at Armory May 2nd. Apr. 30, 1958 p12

   Architect’s model of addition to Altamont Junior High School. Apr. 30, 1958 p14

   Through streets favored by Mills Addition citizens. May 1, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of F-104 Starfighter, the Air Force’s latest supersonic interceptor aircraft, to be on display at Kinglsey Field. May 2, 1958 p1

   William Carson Dalton, long time resident of Klamath County died at age 84. He was known for his interest in land settlement, progress in the Klamath Basin and the development of irrigation. May 2, 1958 p1

   Residents cast ballots on school issues Monday. (photos of candidates: Mrs. James Barnes, Stanley Miller, Rollin Cantrall, John Voth, Harvey Bispham, and Edward Niles) May 2, 1958 p3-A

   Pumping plant which will eventually supplement the water supply for the Modoc Point Irrigation Project was activated . Plant is located on the Williamson River at Hwy. 97 (photo included) May 2, 1958 p5-A

   Elmo Smith, former governor and state chairman of the Hatfield-for-Governor Committee, visits Klamath; warns against sales tax. (photo of Bob Kent, Smith, Reuben Larson and life size picture of Hatfield opening Hatfield’s campaign headquarters on Main St.) May 4, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of KUHS Pep Peppers reunion. Pictured are Pat Wilson, Jo Ann Bogatay, Serena Smith, Gail Mollison and Kaye Kidwell with jumper given to the group by Mrs. Vera Moore Jones. May 4, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of group planning for a terminal building at the KF Airport. Pictured are Walt McIntyre, George Fitcraft, Lester Liston, Oliver Spiker, Bob Kagy, Ned Putnam, Rex Morehouse, Jack Douglass, Tony Steinbock, John Howard, Dick Alley, Robert A. Duff, Floyd Hart, Harold Jones and Richard Hogan. May 4, 1958 p4-A

   Second degree murder trial of Bruce E. Tupper opened in circuit court. Photo of Tupper and Sheriff Murray Britton. May 5, 1958 p1

   Sample ballots for Democratic Party, Klamath County and Official Nonpartisan Primary Election. May 5, 1958 p5-B

   City school budgets turned down as record crowds go to polls. Voth and Cantrall win; county budget approved. (photo of voting action at KUHS girls gymnasium) May 6, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of placing microwave relays into place at Haymaker Mountain, site of the Air Force radar station, to alert Kingsley Field of an attack. May 6, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Lewis York and Steve Word at the newly installed communications center at the Air Force radar station on Haymaker Mountain, 23 miles west of Kingsley Field. May 6, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Moore Park being mowed. May7, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Paul Moore and daughters, Lorrie and Louise fixing bicycle. May 7, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. L.F. Barkee with children, Linda and Jonny and Marcy Willard. May 7, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of diesel workshop held at OTI. Pictured are A.C. Burrill, Horace Tromblee, Fred DeWitt, W.D. Purvine and Jack Hodges. May 7, 1958 p7-A

   Stand-alone photo of parents weekend planning committee at OTI. Pictured are Royce Juhl, Evan Summer, Marshall Christensen, Willis Haugen, Clint Mann, Everett Shultz, Bob Kennedy, Bruce Rogers, Norma Oliva, Averill Mead and Audrey Hendrickson. May 7, 1958p7-A

   Stand-alone photo of Mayor Lawrence Slater affixing his name to proclamation making May 10th, Insurance Women’s Day in KF. Also pictured are Mrs. Joan Totton, Mrs. Inez Stuart and Mrs. Shirley Smith. May 9, 1958 p1

   Indian group plans meet. The House Indian Affairs subcommittee will hold a hearing next Thursday on a bill to authorize sale of Klamath Indian timberlands. May 9, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of reseeding of deer pens at Moore Park. May 9, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Father of the Year, Ralph Hill, receiving award from Mrs. Verne Howard. May 9, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of underground sprinkler system being installed at Wiard Park. Pictured are Harry L. Wiard, Del Leonard, Harold Taylor, Rowe Kinney and Frances P. Smith. May 9 1958 p7-A

   Stand-alone photo of all-county music festival at Oregon Tech’s big gym, May 11, 1958, p1.

   Stand-alone photo of aviation week – Armed Forces Day (H.O. Juckeland, Capt. Ernest G. Clark Jr., Capt. Forrest Alter, Ned Putnam), May 11, 1958, p1.

   Klamath Air Search and Rescue Unit is invaluable to Klamath Basin. May 11, 1958 Magazine sec. p2-D

   Stand-alone photo of group studying plans for new air terminal and administration building at KF airport. Pictured are Richard Bailey, Ned Putnam, John Howard and Oliver Spiker. May 11, 1958 Magazine sec. p2-D

   Kingsley Air Base activity plays vital role in basin. Ariel photo of Kingsley Field. May 11, 1958 Magazine sec. p3-D

   Colorful Mt. McLoughlin boasts challenging historical background. (photo of Mt. McLoughlin from Fourmile Lake)

   May 11, 1958 Magazine sec. p7-D

   H. L. Wiard’s memoirs bring life to the colorful days of the Wild West. (photo of Harry L. Wiard) May 11, 1958 Magazine sec. p11-D

   Stand-alone photo of Ned Putnam, H.O. Juckeland, Capt. Ernest G. Clark Jr., and Capt. Forrest Alter mapping strategy for Aviation Week and Armed Forces Day. May 11, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of All-County music festival at Oregon Tech’s big gym. (pictured are Mrs. Charles Henderson, Carrol Howe, Georgiana Liedtke and hundreds of youngsters. May 11, 1958 p1

   Klamath county schools spearhead conservation move. (several photos included) May 11, 1958 p5-A

   Transient Wilford A. Anderson, dies after leap from S. Sixth St. viaduct. May 11, 1958 p6-B

   Bly Lumber to resume operations after Mar. 6th fire. May 11, 1958 p6-B

   Elmer Clifford Stukel, native of Merrill, died May 9th. He was a member of Malin Lodge, Royal Arch Masons, Merrill IOOF Lodge, American Legion, and Northwest Peace Officers. May 11, 1958 p6-B

   Stand-alone photo of two original Pep Peppers (KUHS class of 1929), Mrs. Vera Moore Jones and Nadine O’Flaherty. May 11, 1958 p4-C

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. George Wright, Estelline Kiger and Mrs. Howard Strode at KUHS Pep Pepper reunion. May 11, 1958 p4-C

   Wildfowl big part in basin picture. (photo of deer) May 12, 1958 p1

   KF air service operator Antone J. Steinbock, recovering from injuries sustained in freak airplane mishap. May 12, 1958 p4

   Funeral services set for Elmer C. Stukel, whose grandfather Steven Stukel fought with the U.S. Army in the Modoc War. Stukel Mountain is named for his family. (photo of Stukel) May 12, 1958 p4

   Klamath County, famous for potatoes, brewing barley and alsike clover seed, is now gaining added fame as a producer of forage grass seed. May 13, 1958 p1

   Mrs. Anna M. (Heidrich) Reeder, wife of U.E. Reeder, former Klamath County Judge, died today at Hillside Hospital. She was born in 1886 in Linkville, OR. May 13, 1958 p1

   Klamath County’s Civil Defense director, Melvin G. “Buster” Gordon, suburban fire chief, resigned. May 13, 1958 p5

   Conservation of water vital to growth in Klamath Basin. (Klamath Project extensions map included) May 14, 1958 p1

   Flying Loggers Club, a group of 11 logging company employees in KF, who bought a plane and took to the skies for a new kind of relaxation. (photo of Jim Campbell, Jess Williams, Ned Putnam, Del Woster, Noble (Tiny) Merryfield, Arlie Collier, Norman Hardin, Richard Salvage, and Robert Clark) May14, 1958 p1

   Court approves petition for 62-lot subdivision, to be known as Lamron Homes. May 14, 1958 p4-A

   Precipitation at KF chart, 1905-1958, net inflow to Upper Klamath Lake. May 14, 1958 p7-A

   Basin reservoirs prove effective in conservation of much needed water. (photo of Gerber Reservoir, built in 1925)

   May 14, 1958 p9-A

   Concrete bridge over Sprague River finished by Indian road builders. (photo of bridge) May 14, 1958 p11-A

   Stand-alone photo of winners of the KF annual city marble champions. Pictured are Bob Johnson, Steve Springer, Gary Barker and Larry Knapp. May 14, 1958 p2-B

   Fred Goeller keeps busy as Weyerhaeuser Timber Company’s “Trespass Man”. May 14, 1958 p6-B

   City poling places, Primary election, May 16, 1958 May 15, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of “Keep the Basin’s Prosperity Rollin’ ” Campaign in FK. Pictured are Nick McNulty, Frank Rickey, Ernie Macbeth and Bill Cunningham, local auto dealers. May 15, 1958 p1

   KUHS under study during budget hearings. (with 2 photos) May 15, 1958 p4-A

   One-Man rule by manager plan minimized by Panel. It is impossible for a future KF city manager to become a dictator. May 15, 1958 p4-A

   Full-page ad to vote “yes” on the council-manager amendment. May 15, 1958 p10A

   Oregon State Game Commission stocking Klamath County streams. Fish liberation program to begin. May 15, 1958 p12-A

   Fort Rock, Silver Lake Soil Conservation District outlines plan for “Conservation Compass”. (photos included) May 15, 1958 p15-B

   Forest Service working on Lake of the Woods campground expansion. May 15, 1958 p15-B

   Rangeland conservation is needed item. (photo of sheep ranging in Lower Klamath Basin. May 16, 1958 p1

   No verdict made by Indian group. May 16, 1958 p1

   Hamilton Field Commander, Brig. Gen. Curtis R. Low, to speak at First Annual Aviation Week banquet at the Willard Hotel. May 16, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of dedication ceremonies for the new Boy Scout Training Center on Manzanita and Dolores St.

   May 16, 1958 p1

   Barbershop harmony to perform at the Pelican Theater. May 16, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of the White Chapel at Kingsley Field, headquarters of the U.S. Air Force 408th Fighter Squadron in KF, has been completed. May 16, 1958 p2-A

   Stand-alone photos of new homes being built in Moyina Heights, new subdivision located at the far end of Shasta Way. (photo of George Crain, builder) May 16, 1958 p3-B

   Big Auto Selection offered to basin by Eccles Motors. (photo included) May16, 1958 p2-B

   Olds, Cadillac dealer, Dick B Miller Co., sees stable KF Future. (photo included) May 16, 1958 p2-B

   Jim Winde Buick Co. operates streamlined service for Basin customers. (photo included) May 16, 1958 p3-B

   H.O. Juckeland Motors, Inc. started business with International Line. (photo included) May 16, 1958 p4-B

   Stand-alone photo of Gresham-Alcan Co. building site for 290 new homes at Miller Hill (Kingsley Field). May 16, 1958 p4-B

   Robins & Myers Center, newest auto dealer in KF, specializes in foreign cars. (photo included) May 16, 1958 p5-B

   Basin Motor Co. started business in 1946. (photo included) May 16, 1958 p6-B

   The Balsiger Motor Co. founded in 1923, is the oldest automobile agency in the Klamath Basin. (photo included) May 16, 1958 p6-B

   Dugan and Mest Chevrolet eye enviable Basin future. (photo included) May 16, 1958 p7-B

   Cunningham & Rickey Motors double sales staff. Photo of Dodge’s included) May 16, 1958 p7-B

   M.C. Patterson, Chrysler Corp. have classy look in new cars. May 16, 1958 p7-B

   Jim Olson Motor Co., dealers for the Plymouth, DeSoto line since 1951, success story simple. (photo included) May 16, 1958 p11-B

   Maury’s Foreign Cars, pioneer of the influx of small foreign cars in KF began business in 1953. (photo included) May 16, 1958 p12-B

   Klamath voters decide issues; pick candidates. Klamath County election tabulation. (photos of Al Ullman, Marion Weatherford, Robert Holmes, Mark Hatfield, John Kerbow, Carl Yancey, Ed Chilcote, Paul Landry, Fred Heilbronner, Robert Walker, Julian Ager, Lyle Smith, Eva Cook, and Dr. J.M. Adams) May 18, 1958 p1

   KF residents okay City Manager Proposal. May 18, 1958 p1

   Dedication ceremonies set for new addition to KU. (photo of newly completed south wing addition at south end of MonClaire St.) May 18, 1958 p4-A

   KF Gospel Mission homeless shelter open three months. John Pedersen, superintendent. (photo of Pedersen) May 18, 1958 p7-A

   KF man, Fred Barmore, recalls mauling by Kodiak bear. May 18, 1958 Magazine sec. p2-D

   30,000 attend largest air show in history of basin. (photo of B-36) May 19, 1958 p1

   Longtime KF resident, William Kittredge, dies. He was known for his interest in agriculture, reclamation and land conservation. May 19, 1958 p1

   Skin diver’s quick thought saves boy from drowning. Five members of the Gail Osborn family escaped with their lives when their automobile plunged into the “A” canal. (photo of Benny Starr, Dale McCulloch and car in canal)

   May 19, 1958 p1

   Community Council group meets to formulate plans at Willard Hotel. (photo of John Whitelaw, Charlie Bane, Mayor Lawrence Slater and Ross Ragland) May 20, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of newly painted squad cars of KF Police Dept. lined up in front of Headquarters. Pictured are Chief Charlie Howard, Officers Cornelius Lasher, Dick Shipman, Odell Olson and Jim Brown. May 20, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Dennis Yates, Dick Nolen and Linda Yates after a ride in a whirlybird from the National Helicopter Engineering Co., piloted by Robert T. Gilbreath. May 20, 1958 p5

   Stand-alone photo of new signs being painted to attract visitors to city parks. Pictured are Bill Edinger, Jerry Jordan, Don Thurman and Joe Lunak. May 21, 1958 p1

   Write-in vote successful for Lloyd DeLap (county treasurer) and Keith O’Hair (county coroner), canvass reveals. (photo of O’Hair and DeLap) May 21, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of cleaning up municipal pool under direction of Ella Redkey. May 21, 1958 p7-A

   Stand-alone photo of Twyla Ferguson Brownie Troop 118 planting a Hopi Flowering Crab tree at the municipal swimming pool. Pictured are Beverly Brackman, Vicki Niepp, Karla Bergman, Charlotte Beaudry, Marilee Magnuson, Michele Baker, Jean Clark, Maria Lena Schwartz, Mrs. C.H. Magnuson and Mrs. J.W. Neipp. May 21, 1958 p4-B

   Stand-alone photo of work on sewer lines at Kit Carson Way and Painter St. May 22, 1958 p1

   KUHS plans new cafeteria wing opening. (photo of Arnold Gralapp, Charley Carlson and cooks) May 22, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. John Henry, on helicopter trip, at Town and Country Shopping Center with pilot Robert Murray, in front of the Bell Helicopter. May 22, 1958 p4-A

   County commissioner, Jerry Rajnus was appointed to serve on and inter-county committee that will push for more homesteading in Lower Klamath wildlife refuges. May 22, 1958 p10-A

   Storm of rare violence hits area; causes slight damage over basin. (photos of fallen trees on houses) May 23, 1958 p1

   Al Knowles, new resident custodian at Moore Park. (photo of Knowles) May 25, 1958 p1

   Annual Memorial Day barbecue for the benefit of the Bonanza Cemetery. (photo of Don Horsley) May 25, 1958 p8-A

   School named for Orson A. Stearns. (photo of Stearns) May 25, 1958 Magazine sec. p9-D

   OTI cowboys win trophy in Intercollegiate Rodeo in KF. (photo of Biff Davis) May 26, 1958 p1

   New addition at Klamath Union High School greatly expands classroom facilities. (photo of Andrew Loney Jr.,

   directing vocal group) May 26, 1958 p3

   First entry in the contest for queen of the Basin Rodeo was Verona Daley of Bonanza. (photo of Daley) May 27, 1958 p1

   Oregon State Centennial Commission plan for next year. (photo of James Boyle, C. Howard Lane, Anthony Brandenthaler, Floyd Maxwell, Jack Lively and Thomas Vaughan) May 27, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Moore Park Custodian Al Knowles holding a baby buck, newest arrival at the Moore Park deer pen. May 28, 1958 p1

   KF second Timber Jackaroo to be held at Veterans Memorial Park. (photo of Earl Sheridan and Fred Herrick rolling a log) May 28, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Altamont Junior High School students, Bob Mitchell, Doug Floyd and Guy Nelson with models of homes on display at House of Shoes. May 28, 1958 p5-A

   Charles E. Seavey, public relations supervisor for Pacific Telephone, to describe working wrist radio and automatic electronic equipment to KF service clubs. (photo of Seavey) May 28, 1958 p10-A

   Sheriff Murray (Red) Britton provides refuge for Joseph D. Monk family of 6, stranded in storm while hitchhiking to Grants Pass. May 28, 1958 p10-B

   Stand-alone photo of first entrant in the contest for Junior queen of the Klamath Basin Celebration Rodeo, Linda Crawford. (photo of Crawford) May 29, 1958 p1

   Youth cited to the Klamath County Juvenile Office for discharging a firearm was shooting squirrels in Linkville Cemetery with a .22 caliber rifle. May 29, 1958 p4

   Herald and News city editor, Floyd Wynne gives address at the annual Memorial Day services held at the Memorial Shaft on the courthouse lawn. (photo of ceremony) May 30, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Warren Woodard, Basin Celebration’s Junior Rodeo Committee, receiving saddle donated by Town and Country merchants, Jess House and Innis Roberts. May 30, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of winners of faculty cups at Klamath Union High School, Charles Edward Carlson and Suzanne Goeller. May 30, 1958 p1

   District Attorney Arthur Beddoe selects Ortis Goakey as Deputy District Attorney. (photo of Goakey) May 30, 1958 p7-A

   Four members of Safeway store receive promotions. Pictured are George Kirkpatrick, Jim Mosley, Marvin Martin, Carroll Moulton and Rex Dillavou. June 1, 1958 p3-A

   Bonanza teacher, Mrs. Lola (Dewey) Horn, retires after 38 years. She was also city treasurer and librarian in Bonanza. (photo of Horn, Billy Brown and Beth Milanovich) June 1, 1958 p7-A

   Community Council of Klamath County formed at Winema Hotel. (photo of Herman Smith, Mrs. Alma Sweetman, Pati O’Connor, Wilbur Womer, Herb Waits Jr., Dr. William Holford Jr., A.D. Addison and Rollin Cantrall) June 3, 1958 p1

   Freak fires at C.G. Axel’s barn on Airway Avenue. June 4, 1958 p1

   Mrs. Helen J. (Lala) Steele, longtime Klamath basin resident, died June 3rd. June 4, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Ida Melchiori and Mrs. Lois Estes looking at new Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company directory. June 4, 1958 p4-A

   Maj. Richard T. Mallon, Kingsley Field executive officer, was guest speaker at Lions’ Club meeting at the Willard Hotel. He spoke on the “Impact Kingsley Field will have on KF”. June 5, 1958 p4-A

   Ad for The Dog House Drive-in, home of the Paul Bunyan Burger, 1515 So. 6th St., by the New Viaduct. June 5, 1958 p5-A

   New well brought in for Oregon Water Corporation at the Conger Avenue waterworks to insure water for expanding population. (photo of E.E. Storey, Glen D. Bowen and Jack Sceva at artesian well) June 6, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of lightning strike on KOTI hill near antenna by Don Kettler. June 6, 1958 p1

   Sheriff Murray “Red” Britton’s TV sets in for inmates, inspire Charley Hess to write poem. June 6, 1958 p5-B

   Harold Francis Wilder died on Round Lake Road by logs falling from the truck he was driving for Lowell Jones logging contractors. (photo of Wilder) June 8, 1958 p3-A

   Stand-alone photo of Fred Lawrence, top hand with the Klamath Kurbstone Kowpokes, giving chow call for downtown Basisn Celebration’s breakfast. June 8, 1958 p3-A

   Stand-alone photo of construction site of the first three-bedroom duplexes to be built for Kingsley Field military personnel. June 8, 1958 p7-A

   Sunday Magazine feature on Mr. and Mrs. Richard von Berthelsdorf and their ranch, Trail’s End, in the Swan Lake Valley. (several photos included) June 8, 1958 Mag. Sec. p2-D, 3-D

   John Wilson, suspended KF policeman, trial opens with jury selection. (photo of Wilson and his attorney Pete Driscoll) June 9, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of members of the jury for the trial of John Wilson on KFJI hill where Clyde Cloud was reportedly beaten. June 10, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photos of Deputy Sheriff Del Summers and Officer Leland Moeller with logging truck and trailer that killed Harold F. Wilder on Round Lake Road. June10, 1958 p5

   Stand-alone photo of Clyde Cloud with District Attorney Arthur Beddoe in courthouse lobby during John Wilson trial. June 11, 1958 p4-A

   Doctor Calvin L. Hunt takes stand in policeman John Wilson’s trial. June 11, 1958 p4-A

   Northwest Association Convention of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen and Auxiliary to meet in KF for the first time in history. Gov. Robert Holmes will speak. June 11, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of KF youngsters in the municipal swimming pool. Ella Redkey, pool manager, said this is the busiest year since pool opened in 1954. June 12, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of the construction of Kingsley Field control tower, built by Thompson and Georgeson, Inc. June 12, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of saddle maker John Sterling, Johnny Milne and Dee Milne. June 12, 1958 p1

   Suspended Policeman John Wilson’s trial ended suddenly with ironic twist that put the state’s star witness in custody instead of the defendant, who was freed. June 12, 1958 p1

   Friday the 13th - Watch your step, June 13, 1958, p1.

   City Patrolman John Wilson submitted his resignation to police chief Charlie Howard. June 13, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of construction on the Sunnyland Addition on Shasta Way near Washburn Way. June 13, 1958 p1

   Ad for Dairy Queen’s 18th birthday, on East Main across from Mills School. June 13, 1958 p8-A

   Railroad trainmen gather in Klamath for Convention. (photo of committee members, Penney Zimmerman, Peggy Phillips, Gladys Shelton, Phyliss Rutledge, Bob Zimmerman, Norman H. Hansen, Jack R. Chapman and John H. Williams) June 15, 1958 p1

   Oregon Tech’s dean of men, John H. Hobson, has resigned after 10 years. June 15, 1958 p1

   Cloud explains tardiness; denies any irregularity in John Wilson trial. June 15, 1958 p3-A

   Stand-alone photo of tour information sign, advising tourists the chamber of commerce will be open on weekends. June15, 1958 p3-A

   Helen Bullard, wife of Lawrence Bullard, died June 13th. June 15, 1958 p3-A

   Full page ad for Klamath’s new Molatore’s Motel on 100 Main St. (photos included) June15, 1958 p7-A

   Trainmen open meet in local headquarters at Willard Hotel. (photo of Mary Gorman, photo of W.P Kennedy) June 16, 1958 p1

   Russia’s Sputnik III was in view for two minutes on Main St. according to Arthur Epperson. June 16, 1958 p1

   Mayor Lawrence Slater, Sen. Harry Boivin and City Attorney Henry Perkins met with W.C. Williams, state highway engineer on the matter of removal of water and power lines from the right of way to the new West Side Bypass. June 16, 1958 p1

   Teenagers, Bob Lewis, Delmar Hawley and Gene Ochs experiment with “rocket fuel” caused a minor blaze in a S. 6th St. shop. (photo of Suburban Fire Chief Buster Gordon telling boys to be more careful and photo of Suburban Fireman Joe Sullivan and Fireman Roy Hoffman putting out fire) June16, 1958 p7

   Crop dusting plane crashed on the Fred Nelson ranch near Westside Store killing Lewis T. (Bud) Bickers of Chiloquin. June 17, 1958 p1

   Gov. Holmes speaks on Railroad Panel at the Northwest Association meeting of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen in KF. (photo of Chef George Paris, Jack Chapman and Bob Wilson discussing menu for convention) June 17, 1958 p1

   Plans for a new highway that would connect KF with Winnemucca, Nevada and Hwy. 40 to start in the fall. June 17, 1958 p4

   Bly Lumber Co. recently completed on the site of the McGee mill which was destroyed by fire on Mar.6. June 17, 1958 p10

   Lloyd B. Emery, who began his teaching career in the old Klamath County High School in 1926, retired. (photo of Emery) June 18, 1958 p1

   Virginia Kempston, dean of women, Oregon Technical Institute since 1956, has resigned her post. June 18, 1958 p1

   Jim Anderson, convicted killer, does bit for Klamath County jail TV idea. June18, 1958 p7-A

   Oral hearings set July 16th for extended Klamath Airline service (Klamath to Reno); Commerce Chamber Manager R. Frank Tucker to appear. June 19, 1958 p3-A

   Johnny Cash to headline dance and show group at Old Armory. June 19, 1958 p4-A

   Sondre Romtvedt, resident of Bonanza and co-owner of the Romtvedt Dairy died at age 81. June 19, 1958 p4-A

   Klamath County Chamber of Commerce produced TV movie “Wish You Were Here” to be seen by 5.5 million viewers, showing local scenery, fishing opportunity and other attractions of the Basin. June 19, 1958 p4-A

   Klamath Basinettes, woman’s softball, slate 1958 opener. (photo of Ruth Hagelstein and Darlene Perry) June 19, 1958 p12-A

   Three associations of Oregon firefighters will hold a joint convention in KF. June 20, 1958 p2-A

   Sheriff Red Britton on Air in Pendleton Radio show, concerning TV sets for county jail prisoners. June 20, 1958 p2-A

   Stand-alone photo of kids playing in wading pool at Moore Park. June 20, 1958 p7-A

   New building at Fourth and Pine to provide space for two business offices. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Di Battista are owners of the lot. (photo of workers laying foundation) June 20, 1958 p9-A

   Northwestern Association of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen officials blame controls for decline in rail income. (photo of J.W. Corbett, Harry See, R.R. Robinson, and W.P. Kennedy) June 20, 1958 p10A

   Stand-alone photo of Sheriff Red Britton, Ken Bricco, Deputies Fred Calfee and Lee Saunders getting ready for fund-raising Logging Carnival. June 20, 1958 p6-B

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Basin Celebration Rodeo queen candidates, Susan LaVrar, Norma Struble, Sharon Wilder and Verona Dayley. June 22, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photos of KF Aircraft Communication Station’s 20th anniversary of the founding of the Civil Aeronautics Administration. Pictured are John C. (Pete) Powers, Vance Hawley and Clifford Wood. June 22, 1958 p1

   Judging event highlights local dairy tour in Langell Valley. (several photos of events) June 22, 1958 Mag. Sec. p2-C

   Crater Lake kept busy. 7,759 cars have come in since June 1st opening. June 23, 1958 p1

   Searing heat blisters much of Oregon again as fires rake range areas. Charles S. Wisher, 68, of KF died in the intense heat near Pendleton. June 23, 1958 p1

   Skidding bus slams into station wagon, killing Edith E. Davis, on Highway 97 near CA border. June 23, 1958 p1

   Dr. John Gordon Patterson, 87, who has practiced medicine in OR since 1903, died at Hillside Hospital. His office was at 211 Willits Building. June 23, 1958 p4

   Paul Allwen, 8, was found walking across the S. 6th Street viaduct on his way to Portland clad in pj’s and robe. June 23, 1958 p4

   Mrs. Virginia Howard Miller, 33, native of KF and co-owner of Dick B. Miller Co., died at Portland hospital. June 24, 1958 p1

   Delegates begin flocking to Annual Joint Conference of the Oregon Fire Chiefs Association, Oregon Rural Fire Protection Districts Association and the Oregon Volunteer Firemen’s Association. (photo of KF Fire Chief Roy Rowe, Keith Klinger, Jay W. Stevens, Most Rev. Francis P. Leipzig and Ivan Pearson) June 24, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Earl Sheridan, chairman of the Lumber Jackaroo Committee of the Exchange Club, with Ken Bricco, Noel Flynn, Jack Insley and Jack Elliott. June 24, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Dr. John Gordon Patterson who died on June 23rd. June 24, 1958 p4

   Meeting of Oregon Fire Chiefs terminates today. (photo of new officers of the Volunteer Firemen’s Assoc., George Kirby, Dick McKee, Jim Nightengale, Jerry Thorne and Levin Fox) June 25, 1958 p1

   Mrs. Melvin Miller, last rites slated. (photo of Miller) June 25, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of Sheriff’s Deputies Lee Saunders and Alvie Youngblood and District Attorney Arthur Beddoe investigating “love triangle” murder of Charles Robinson by Evan M. McWilliams. June 25, 1958 p1-B

   Stand-alone photo of Sheriff’s Deputy Alvie Youngblood, Dr. Martin Adams, Charles Rogers and Dr. George Nicholson at home of Evan M. McWilliams, examining the body of murder victim, Charles Robinson. June 25, 1958 p4-B

   Stand-alone photo of Rattlesnake Pete pretending to rob Johnny Cash getting down from a stage coach, preparing to take the queen candidates (Judy Sutherland, Delores Cotton, “Buttons” Smith, Norma Struble, Verona Dayley, Susan LaVrar, Sharon Wilder and Dorothy Hessig, to dinner. June 26, 1958 p1

   Klamath Tribal Council meet to vote on resolution asking the federal government to repeal law calling for sale of tribal lands. June 25, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of children at Shasta View Apartments preparing for the Klamath Basin Kiddies Parade sponsored by the Venture Club. Pictured are Phillip Plumondore, Kathy and Freddy Heilbronner, Patricia Kay, Tommy, Charles and Bobby Potts. June 26, 1958 p11-A

   State Representative Al Ullman, Senators Wayne Morse and Richard Neuberger are backing Klamath-Reno Air Service. June 27, 1958 p7-A

   Stand-alone photo of new Noncommissioned Officers Club at Kingsley Field has opened. June 27, 1958 p8-A

   Stand-alone photo of Copco crews hanging street-wide banner marking the official headquarters of the Klamath Basin Celebration Rodeo, 530 Main St. June 27, 1958 p8-A

   Stand-alone photo of G.B. Leach and C.M. Gilmore donating a neon sign at the KF Gospel Mission, 823 Walnut St.

   Also pictured are Gene Bailie, E.W. Cedarleaf, John Pederson and Reuben Larson. June 27, 1958 p10-B

   Stand-alone photo of Sheriff J.M. Britton, Deputy Del Summers, Howard Commons and search party that found 3 year old, Jeanette Commons, lost in the woods. June 29, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of construction site of the new Orson A. Stearns School at Crest and Laverne Streets. June 29, 1958 p1

   Ex-Governor, Oswald West, tells story of Early Klamath Incident. (photo of West in 1905 with his mule) June 29, 1958 Mag. Sec. p2-C

   Stand-alone photo of nation-wide tour group en route from Portland to San Francisco following the Rotary International Convention in TX. June 30, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hislop, O.K. Puckett at Winema Hotel with Rotary International group. June 30, 1958 p1

   Klamath Tribal Council meeting delayed by lack of quorum. June 30, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of miniature 1903 Oldsmobile driven by Ted Eccles and Ralph, donated by Julian Eccles. June 30, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photos of Bly Lumber Co. open house, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Donald McGee. Pictured are McGee, Donald McLeod and Jerry Dillavou. June 30, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone map of roads within the boundaries of the Klamath Indian Reservation. June 30, 1958 p1-B

   City of Klamath Falls, acting through Mayor Lawrence Slater and Klamath County, acting through County Judge Charles Mack call for Indian Bill Passage as requested or Repeal of 587. July 1, 1958 p1

   Harry L. Wiard was awarded a special certificate of appreciation and letter of citation from the National Recreation Association by Bob Bonney, director of the KF Park and Recreation Dept. (photo of Wiard and Bonney) July 1, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of E.L.(Asia) Milner, Lyle Kellstrom, G.B. (Brick) Leach and Joseph O’Donnel getting ready for the Shrine Circus, headquartered at the Old Klamath Armory at the corner of Main and Spring Streets. July 2, 1958 p1

   No sales or use of Fireworks, says Police Chief Charlie Howard. Pyrotechnic display will be held on the slope of K Hill. July 2, 1958 p1

   Sen. Richard Neuberger praises telegram sent to Washington by KF leaders, giving this area’s official stand on Klamath Indian termination. July 2, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of The Oregon Cavemen, complete with furs and clubs, will be a feature of the big Fourth of July Pathway to Progress parade. July 2, 1958 p2-A

   Three days of festivities open Klamath Basin Celebrations July 4,5,6th. July 3, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Kurbstone Kowpokes pretending to hold-up First National Bank on Main St. during parade. July 3, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Betty Jo, Beverly and David Ford and Talmadge Strickland on carnival ride at Division St. show grounds. July 3, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of KF Crack Naval Reserve Drill Team. Pictured are J.B. Coy, Jim Pisan, John A. Hayden, Wood W. Barker, William W. Foltz, Bill Hillis and Charles Jarrett. July 3, 1958 p3-A

   Stand-alone photo of entrants to the Horse Races scheduled for the Klamath Basin Celebration’s July 4-5-6 Rodeo. Pictured are Chet Brewen, J.P. and J.D. Morgan and W.D. Dingler. July 3, 1958 p3-A

   Stand-alone photo of Gene Ochs launching a missile built by him and 2 other KUHS science students at racetrack on the Fairgrounds. July 3, 1958 p3-A

   Prisoners, who assisted in helping find missing girl, get fried chicken and all the trimmings on the 4th of July while enjoying the jail’s celebrated TV entertainment says Sheriff Murray (Red) Britton. July 3, 1958 p3-A

   Stand-alone photo of Smokey Rodgers, whose “Western Caravan” will provide entertainment at the dances at the Old Armory. July 3, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of new addition to Lucky Lanes bowling alley on S.6th Street. July 3, 1958 p6-B

   Record crowds attend Rodeo. (photo of horse and rider line-up at fairgrounds and photo of parade on Main St. Shown are Homer Roberts and Frank Galbreath, parade marshals, followed by American Legion color guard) July 6, 1958 p1

   Sample ballot and boundary map for special election for Union High School District levy. July 6, 1958 p4-A

   Main St., from Second St. to the Old Armory, was solidly lined with spectators for the parade. (photo of grand prize winner, Daughters of the American Revolution, symbolizing America) July 6, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of Alan Mitchell and logging truck during the competition in the Log Jackaroo at Ewuana Park. July 6, 1958 Mag.sec. p7-D

   Stand-alone photo of new primary sewage treatment plant being built by the H.G.Carl Construction Co. of Salem on a site on the north shore of Lake Ewauna, midway between Klamath Ave. and the Great Northern Railroad tracks. July 8, 1958 p1

   Sale of the Klamath Indian timber stand gained approval of the House Indian Affairs subcommittee. July 8, 1958 p1

   Parachute jumpers visit her during brief layover. (photo of Gerard Van Der Meersch, Jacques A. Istel, Ned Putman, Harold Jones and M.Sgt. Allen G. Mainard, USMC) July 9, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photos of field mice infestation, Ed King, Everett Lynam and Leroy Smith. July 9, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of quarter size model of guided missile mounted on The Hobby World in Town and Country Shopping Center. July 9, 1958 p10-B

   Marion (Curly) Walker, Assistant Grand Herd Sire, the Red Bluff contingent of eight stalwarts bound for the annual Order of the Antelope gathering on Hart Mountain blew into KF. (photo of Walker) July 10, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Miller’s Department Store’s observing their 56th anniversary. Pictured are Mrs. D. W. Lavin and Walter Kennett. July 10, 1958 p1-C

   Klamath County will add about 50,000 acres of Indian land to its tax rolls. July 10, 1958 p4-C

   Klamath County Court appointed M.B. (Buster) Gordon as county civil defense director. July 10, 1958 p5-C

   Stand-alone photo of kids in a tub, Lynette Sudbury, Pat and Artie Couch. July 11, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photos of youngsters on a “Hobo Hike” at Veterans Park. Photo of Hugh “Stumper” Currin with Judith Shearer and photo of Roger Alston, Susan Cohen and Barbara Ward. July 11, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Labor Advisory Committeemen to the Oregon Centennial Commission in KF. Pictured are Bruce A. Bishop, James Boyle, Ernest E. Baker, Mrs. Anne Chambers, Ralph Davidson, Walter Lofgren, Ernest W. Tomberg, H.E. Geiger, Joe Willis, E.B. Weber, Hugh Cole, Ivor Jones, Milo Holt, Jerry Rutledge and Kenneth R. See. July 13, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of singing group, the Coasters, who will appear at the Armory on July 22nd. July 14, 1958 p7

   Chiloquin barkeep shoots berserk knife wielder. July 15, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of the new Bowling Center at Kingsley Field built by the Hall-Atwater Construction Co. July 15, 1958 p3

   Veteran policemen named to posts of Lieutenant, chief Charlie Howard announced. They are R.N. (Bud) Adkins and Archie W. Huff. July 16, 1958 p1

   Congressman Al Ulman reported on the current status of the proposed amendment to the Klamath Termination Act already passed by the Senate and approved by the House Indian Affairs subcommittee. July 16, 1958 p3-A

   Dancing slated for Old Armory. July 16, 1958 p 4-A

   Slim Pickens, Movie Star, to be here for annual Klamath Basin Roundup. July 16, 1958 p4-A

   Rollin Cantrall appointed Klamath County United Fund Chief. (photo of Cantrall and Richard Laudenschlager) July 16, 1958 p5-A

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. George Hurn, who celebrated her 76th anniversary of her arrival in KF. Her father W.B. (Bing) Grubb, brought the family here from Ashland in 1882 on Dead Indian Rd. July 16, 1958 p4-B

   Stand-alone photo of Bob Egge, manager of the local Sears, Roebuck and Co. store, being initiated into the Roebuck tribe. Also pictured are Margaret Brooks, Don Kelly and Agnes Goff. July 16, 1958 p7-B

   Stand-alone photo of United Fund officers, A.B. (Deb) Addison, Richard Laudenschlager, Rollin Cantrall, and Mrs. Margaret Sheridan. July 17, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Veteran KF Policemen, R N. (Bud) Adkins and Archie W. Huff, soon to be promoted to Lieutenant by Chief Charlie Howard. July 17, 1958 p1

   CA Congressman Clair Engle, chairman of the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, took issue with Oregon’s Gov. Robert Holmes’ recent statement on Klamath Indian termination legislation. July 18, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Teen-age Dance Committee members, Shocky Hungate, Rodger Schlickeisen, Helen Faulkner, Judy Cullimore and Gene Ochs. July 18, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of the Hoisting and Portable Engineers Local 701 on strike at Kingsley Field. July 18, 1958 p1

   Klamath Tribal Executive Committee has approved a resolution calling for repeal of the termination act in its entirety. July 18, 1958 p3-A

   Youth tried to pull off extortion plot, getting idea from TV. He was arrested by Sheriff Britton. July 20, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of rodeo clown, Billy Keen. July 20, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mike Eittreim promoted to assistant terminal manager of the Bend-Portland Truck Service of KF. July 20, 1958 p2-A

   Stand-alone photo of Jack R. Schulze, SR. of Schulze Tire Service receiving plaque. July 20, 1958 p2-A

   Klamath Trout Hatchery, 32 miles north of KF, busy place during operations. (photos of hatchery operations) July 20, 1958 Mag. Sec. p4

   Mobile telephone service for Basin provided with new equipment; many in use now. (photo of Ron Clancy, Pacific Telephone Co.) and (photo of Shirley Hill at switchboard of central office of Pacific Telephone Co.) July 20, 1958 Mag. Sec. p6

   Plans for new school in Chiloquin. (Architect’s rendering of the Chiloquin Elementary School from the drawing boards of Morrison and Howard of KF) July 20, 1958 p11

   House Interior Committee okays Klamath Bill favoring early sales of Klamath Indian Reservation timber. July 21, 1958 p1

   Roy. B. Weaver announced his candidacy for the city council from Ward 5. (photo of Weaver) July 21, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of phone procedure being demonstrated in the city hall coffee room to city employees. Pictured are Mrs. Jackie Hannon, Mrs. Peggy Karnes, Mrs. Berniece Mattson, Mrs. Rosie Keller, Police Chief Charlie Howard, Police Judge Frank Blackmer, Lieutenant R.N. (Bud) Adkins and Dorothy Kirkpatrick. July 21, 1958 p1

   Ross Dollarhide headlines champion entrants in Klamath Basin Roundup. (photos of Lawson Fore, Barney Willis and Sherman Sullins) July 21, 1958 p1

   Woman, Edith Atkins, killed during drinking party; husband hospitalized as boss held. July 22, 1958 p1

   Harold Crane, one of the best known early lumber operators in KF area, died in Red Bluff. July 22, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of members of the Klamath County United Fund and the Klamath Basin chapter of the American Red Cross. Pictured are R.H. Gallagher, Rollin Cantrall, Virginia Dixon and Rex Dye. July 22, 1958 p1

   Ad for Tower Theater for the movie “The Fly”. $100.00 to the first person who can prove it can’t happen. No one admitted alone, unless you sign a waver in the lobby. July 22, 1958 p2

   Sheriff Murray (Red) Britton left by auto today with two prisoners to be delivered to the state penitentiary at Salem. Making the one-way trip was Evan M McWilliams, who bludgeoned Charles Robinson to death and Leonard M Hager, a forger. July 22, 1958 p4

   Payment of a bounty of 50 cents a nose on porcupines was resumed, Eva Cook, county treasurer, announced. Persons with a porcupine nose to turn in should go first to the county clerks office. July 22, 1958 p7

   Stand-alone photo of Civil Air Patrol sponsored fly-in. Pictured are Lt. Ed Adamson, Faith Nadine Peery and Bill French. July 23, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of William Thomaston, being fingerprinted by jailor Lee Saunders, who has been booked on a first degree murder charge in connection with the shooting death of Edith Adkins. July 23, 1958 p4-A

   Wave Recruiter, Helene Hirsch, will be in KF to interview any young woman interested in a career in the Navy. July 23, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of Hurshel Clothier and his Oklahoma Travelers to appear in KF Old Armory. July 23, 1958 p7-A

   Johns-Manville announces plans for opening its new plant north of KF later this year according to W.H. Graham. July 24, 1958 p1

   James Barnes seeks reelection to the city council from Ward 3. July 24, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Gary Snyder with rattlesnake found in his yard and killed by his father, Byron, near Midland Grange Hall on Airway Ave. July 24, 1958 p1

   Dick T. Stepp was one of four men who lost their lives when a boat capsized while they were on duty at the Brownlee Dam Project on the Snake River. All four were employees of the Morrison-Knudson Construction Co. July 24, 1958 p3-A

   Stand-alone photo of Clifford Case of Klamath Agency, a member of the Siletz Indian Tribe, is shown waving the chainmen line on a road-building project on the Klamath Reservation. July 24, 1958 p5-A

   Stand-alone photo of Billy Sunday, acting chairman on the Klamath Agency road construction crew. July 24, 1958 p8-A

   Stand-alone photo of newly opened headquarters of the Klamath Basin Roundup. Pictured are Mayor Lawrence Slater, Charles Read, Don Kirkpatrick, Hank Ring, Al Hattan, Keith Rice and Bob Mason. July 24, 1958 p16-A

   Basin Roundup edition in last performance today. (photos of rodeo) July 27, 1958 p1

   State Police capture pair after robbery, Low Cost Market in the Town and Country Shopping Center, try fails. July 27, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photos of dangerous highway situation in Klamath County regarding Westside Road. July 27, 1958 p3-A

   Stand-alone photo of Calvin Burt, Klamath Union High School math teacher, was awarded fellowship by Stanford University. Also pictured are J.W. Nelson Jr., Robert A Moursund and Dr. Ivan Niven. July 27, 1958 p 4-A

   Stand-alone photo of George R. Meyers, Kinsley Field, being presented award by Lt. Col. Raymond A. Thornton, base commander. July 27, 1958 p 5-A

   A camera trip through Crater Lake (several photos including new service station) July 27, 1958 Mag. Sec. p2-6

   Dry pellet feeding for Rainbow Trout tried at Klamath Hatchery. (several photos including Dick Evans) July 27, 1958 Mag. Sec. p9

   Stand-alone photo of teenagers at the municipal pool. July 28, 1958 p1

   Sen. Richard Neuberger announced that the House had passed the amended Klamath Indian Reservation Purchase Bill. July 29, 1958 p1

   10th Annual Shrine Circus to perform in August. (photo of the Flying Palacios brothers) July 29, 1958 p1

   Three KF youths, Jack Van Orman, John Vaagen and Donald Isensee, rescue six year old, Johnny Taylor at Upper Klamath Lake. July 29, 1958 p1

   KF Council plans to revise Constitution and Bylaws. July 29, 1958 p4

   Members of a pioneer Klamath County family, descendants of the late Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Turner, gathered for a family reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Hilyard in the Henley District. July 29, 1958 p4

   Klamath Indian Reservation timber was insured against any “quick cutting” with the passage by the House of Representatives of their revised version of Senate Bill 3051. July 30, 1958 p1

   R. Frank Tucker, manager of the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce, now in Washington to attend hearings of the Civil Aeronautics Board on West Coast Airlines’ application to expand its service through KF. July 30, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Marshall Stevens who was arrested after a holdup of the Low Cost Market. Also pictured is Lee Saunders, jailor at the county Jail. July 30, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of R.H. Tisdale presenting County Treasurer Eva Cook with a check for $1,758,385.94, that completes payment by a group of bond firms headed by John Nuveen and Co., for the $1.8 million bond issue of the South Suburban Sanitary District for which the group made the best bid. July 30, 1958 p1

   KF names new City Manager, Gerald S. Vergeer Sr. (photo of Vergeer) July 31, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of 3, 4 and 5 cent stamps. New postal rates on Aug. 1st. July 31, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mayor Lawrence Slater and councilmen, Oliver Spiker, Walter Fleet, G. S. Vergeer, Ladd Hoyt, Floyd Wynne and James Barnes. July 31, 1958 p1

   Klamath County Sheriff Red Britton was flying to join the search for a boy lost on Mt. Pitt, when word reached him that the boy was found safe. July 31, 1958 p4-A

   Klamath Falls radio station , KLAD was granted permission by the FCC to boost its kilocycles and kilowatts. July 31, 1958 p4-A

   Realtor, Jim Stilwell, announced the purchase and consolidation of all three TV cable companies in KF and suburbs. July 31, 1958 p4-A

   KF County’s porcupine nose fund took a nose dive this week with a visit to the courthouse by Darlene Dillavou of Bly. She had 500 noses which she received $250.00. July 31, 1958 p9-A

   Big game application lag noted in Klamath despite nearing deadline. Aug. 1, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Harold Hicks, assistant postmaster, holding new 7 cent air mail stamps and 4 cent stamps. Aug. 1, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photos of biologist Rod Stone with diseased ducks (botulism) in the Klamath and Tulelake basins. Aug. 3, 1958 p1

   Timber extraction studied by Pakistan forest worker. (photo of Muhammed Atiqullah and Darrel K Frewing) Aug. 3, 1958 p2-A

   Historic timber and poles, some dating back to the time of Jesse D. Carr livestock holdings at the end of the Modoc War, will be used for the Elks barbecue at Malin Park. Ben Pickett, pioneer rancher of Malin, worked for the Carr interests. (photo of Vaclav Kalina with part of a track once used in a horse barn on the Dalton Ranch near Malin) Aug. 3, 1958 p3-A

   Judge David R. Vandenberg calls mistrial in the livestock rustling case of Eldon L. Shafer and Paul R. Wilson of Fort Klamath. Aug. 3, 1958 p5-A

   Stand-alone photo of Sheriff J.M “Red” Britton and Deputy Alvie Youngblood as they examine the cabin of Clifford Barkley in Chiloquin. Aug. 3, 1958 p6-B

   Stand-alone photo of Rotary Club members preparing for the 23rd annual Klamath County Junior Livestock Show. Pictured are Chet Hamaker, Net Putnam, Lloyd Prock, Clarence “Buss” Bussman, Dorman Turner and Francis Skinner. Aug. 4, 1958 p1

   Lad survives ferry plunge that claims Klamath Falls family of eight in Sacramento, Ca. Aug. 4, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Henley School addition. Aug. 4, 1958 p1

   KF-Medford microwave radio relay system put in place by Pacific Telephone. Aug. 4, 1958 p7

   Stand-alone photo of the Oregon Hereford Association members admiring a bunch of yearling Hereford bulls on the Lawrence Horton ranch. Aug. 5, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of people gathered at the Elks Club picnic in Malin Park. Aug. 5, 1958 p1

   Sunnyland Addition, Avalon and Shasta Way, Austin and Sunset, has chance for sewer tie in. Building inspector, Verne Schortgen pointed out that there is quicksand in the bottom of the ditch. Aug. 5, 1958 p4

   Jim Maguire will be new chairman of United Fund-Red Cross drive. (photo of Maguire) Aug. 5, 1958 p5

   Cherokee Indian Chief Bruce Thum appearing in KF at Klamath Temple. (photo of Thum and Sunshine Party) Aug. 5, 1058 p9

   Pacific Northwest Babe Ruth League teams to play at Gem Stadium. (photo of Perrie Dolph, Jack Kemnitzer, Ron Jones, John Paxton, Don Plarski and Ray Kahut) Aug. 6, 1958 p1

   Crater Lake visitors up from last year. Aug. 6, 1958 p3-A

   Conger School principal, James Scott named principal at Mills School. Aug. 6, 1958 p4-A

   Survey calls for five lot parking plan on Eighth Ave. between Klamath and Walnut Ave. (photo of off-street parking plan) Aug. 6, 1958 p4-B

   Public picnic sponsored by the KF Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution at Moore Park. Aug. 6, 1958 p8-B

   Stand-alone photo of Miss Babe Ruth of 1958, Margaret Gallagher, surrounded by her court. Also pictured are Judge Charlie Mack, Delores Lummus, Bunny Leavitt, Sue Phair, Toni McKibban and Vicki Fairchild. Aug. 7, 1958 p1

   KF advances to second round Babe Ruth Regional Tournament play. Aug. 7, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of pouring foundation at the Migrant Christian Center. Pictured are Gomer Jones, Bertil Shogren, Rev. Ethen Whitman and Buz Karnes. Aug. 7, 1958 p1

   Klamath County and KF will share $1,500 in quarterly liquor revenues. Aug. 7, 1958 p2-A

   Scholarship award give to KF artists, Patrick Carney and Stephanie Bonotto. (photo of Carney and Bonotto) Aug. 7, 1958 p3-A

   Ninth annual All Breed Dog Show opens here Aug. 30th. (photo of trophies) Aug. 7, 1958 p3-A

   Stand-alone photo of Frank Bogatay on the Grand-opening of new shoe store on 617 Main St. Aug. 7, 1958 p4-A

   Chamber of Commerce manager, R. Frank Tucker lists rules for better KF Air Travel. Aug. 7, 1958 p4-A

   Klamath County Historical Society plans events. Ken McLeod will lead history tour of Lava Beds. Aug. 7, 1958 p11-B

   Stand-alone photo of Don Garrett, Herald and News advertising salesman with KUHS coach Jim Inglesby and coach Rex Hunsaker. Aug. 8, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of the 300,000th person to come to the municipal pool, Roy Driskill. Also pictured are Marie Anderson and Mary Ann Ellis. The pool opened on May 22, 1954. Aug. 8, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Judy Cullimore, Rodger Schlickeisen, Shocky Hungate and Barbara Gallagher planning dance at the Old Armory, which will honor Klamath Basin’s young people as well as the Babe Ruthers. Aug. 8, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of members of Reames Golf and Country Club, Lyle Kellstrom, George Dugan, Jack Robbins, Jimmy Valentine, T.G. Jeffcoat, Bob Veatch, and Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Siegle. Aug. 8, 1958 p3-A

   Basin tourist folder issued called “A Statistical Digest of the Great Klamath Basin”. Aug. 8, 1958 p4-A

   First Federal Savings to purchase the property at 530 and 532 Main St. from Albert W. Schmeck. Aug. 8, 1958 p4-A

   School leader, Garry Robertson, appointed Chief of United Fund Drive. (photo of Robertson) Aug. 8, 1958 p4-A

   Two local students, Roy Garrison and Jim Robinette, study at college in Mexico City. (photo of Garrison and Robinette) Aug. 8, 1958 p8-A

   Bob Moore, KF manager of West Coast Airlines, reported that a new departure and arrival schedule goes effect today. Aug. 10, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Peterson School built in 1950. Aug. 10, 1958 pE-4

   Stand-alone photo of new addition to Crest School to open Nov. 1st. Aug. 10, 1958 pE-4

   Stand-alone photo of Ferguson School named for Twyla Ferguson. Aug. 10, 1958 pE-6

   Stand-alone photo of Riverside School, constructed in 1910, the oldest school in the area. Aug. 10, 1958 pE-6

   Stand-alone photo of Shasta School built in 1933. Aug. 10, 1958 pE-6

   Stand-alone photo of Mills School, built in 1919, largest grade school in KF. Aug. 10, 1958 pF-2

   Stand-alone photo of Pelican School, built in 1921. Aug. 10, 1958 pF-2

   Christopher Sidney Elliot, longtime resident and manager of J.C.Penny, died in Medford Aug. 9. (photo of Elliot) Aug. 11, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Miss Babe Ruth (Margaret Gallagher), Sammy Hick and Sonny Payne. Aug. 11, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of grand-opening of Bogatay’s Shoes on 617 Main St. Pictured are Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bogatay, Buster Brown, Rex Hunsaker, Dave Arnold and Buster Brown representative from Portland. Aug. 11, 1958 p4

   KF Shrine Circus opens today with four performances. (photo of Kippy the poodle and elephant) Aug. 12, 1958 p1

   Police Chief Charlie Howard warned motorists traveling on S.Sixth St. to observe pedestrian crosswalks. Aug. 12, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of pickets in front of retail lumber yards, third day in the strike of Teamsters Union Local No. 911. Aug. 12, 1958 p1

   Wood River Pioneers and Old Timers Association to hold annual reunion this weekend, according to Myrtle Wimer, at Kimball State Park. Aug. 12, 1958 p3

   KF parking needs cited at council meeting. Aug. 12, 1958 p4

   KF businessman, Sam Ritchey, joins the United Fund-Red Cross crew. Aug. 12, 1958 p4

   Cal-Ore Tavern, once colorful night spot 18 miles south of KF, will reopen as a sporting goods store. Aug. 12, 1958 p12

   Stand-alone photo of Shrine Circus clown with Jackie, David and Vickie Hunt. Aug. 13, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of crew of men and machines in grain field of Ronald Whitlatch, who has heart problems. Aug. 13, 1958 p1

   Mrs. Dorris Tuttle Scheble’s funeral services will be held at Conger-Morris Funeral Home. She came with her family to Langell Valley in 1910. Aug. 13, 1958 p4-A

   Kenneth McLeod, president of the Klamath County Historical society, to put historical marker at Old Stone Bridge (1846 Emigrant crossing over Lost River below Merrill) Aug. 13, 1958 p6-B

   Bill Davis, operator of the Tidewater Flying A Service Station, 2101 S. Sixth St., won a $10,000.00 Series E, U.S. Savings Bond offered as top prize in the first sales promotion contest sponsored by the AC Spark Plug Division of General Motors. Aug. 14, 1958 p1

   Madelyn Swaney, appointed to the chairmanship of the residential division of the United Fund-Red Cross drive. (photo of Swaney) Aug. 14, 1958 p4-A

   Four Klamath County youths win scholarships at Oregon State College, Norma Jean Lyon, Richard A. Day, Roger Dokken, and Dennis Runge. Aug.14, 1958 p7-A

   Stand-alone photo of construction of the new Klamath Medical Clinic at 1905 Main St. Aug. 14, 1958 p8-A

   Stand-alone photo of the Dugan and Mest employees (Chevy Summer Safari) marching down Main St. in front of Don’s (Don Anderson and Gene Favell) Aug. 14, 1958 p8-A

   Advertisement for Basin Motors, 424 S. Sixth St., new 1958 Edsel. Aug. 14, 1958 p9-A

   Stand-alone photo of Safety Education and Driver Testing trailer, where two engineers put you behind the wheel and test reaction time, vision and other qualifications, then hand you the results, no records kept. Aug. 14, 1958 p14-A

   Stand-alone photo of Timmie Birdsong and dog, Toby. Klamath County Fairgrounds will host all breed Dog Show on Aug. 30th. Aug. 14, 1958 p11-B

   Martin Swanson was named head of the professional division for the United Fund-Red Cross drive. (photo of Swanson) Aug. 14, 1958 p11-B

   Kingsley Field Major John C. Anderson wins Commendation Ribbon for “outstanding performance of duty”. (photo of Anderson, Brig. Gen. Curtis R. Low and Maj. Daniel G. Reed) Aug. 14, 1958 p11-B

   President Eisenhower to sign the Klamath Indian Reservation timberlands sale bill. In Feb. an appraisal listed the Klamath timber’s value at $118,391,610.00. Aug. 15, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of a quartet of curled Angus to be shown at the Klamath County Fairgrounds annual 4-H and FFA Junior Livestock Show. Pictured are Rube Larson, Dick Newman, Kathy, Wilma, Wanda and Richard Clark. Aug. 15, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Sterling W. Galloway, Bill Cooley and Bill Davis. Davis won a $10.000.00 Series E. U.S. Savings Bond in the GMC’s AC Spark Plug Division’s sales promotion contest. Aug. 15, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo at the Tidewater Flying A Service Station with Bill Davis, Chet Brown, Bob Robinson, Mrs. Davis, Lyle Durrell, Lou Schweiger and Harvey Morgan. Davis won a $10,000 Savings Bond. Aug. 15, 1958 p3

   Thursday profitable day says GM Contest winner. (photo of Bill Davis, S.W. Galloway, Ralph Schulstad, Robert W. Bridgeman, Bill Cooley, Jack W. Fruh, W.J. Matson and Ward Baldwin) Aug. 15, 1958 p4

   John Brothanek, dead at 87, moved his family to Malin in 1911 and bought land from the Jesse D. Carr ranch. Aug. 15, 1958 p4

   Chamber of Commerce, anticipating the forthcoming Oregon Centennial observation next year, moved toward additional tourist promotion. Aug. 15, 1858 p4

   Outward to the Stars cartoon. New series about the history, progress and possible future of man in space. Aug. 15, 1958 p5

   Promoter, Buck Davidson presents his first wrestling program of the summer season at the Old Armory as four wrestling midgets join forces with four of the top heavyweights in a gala mat card. (photos of two wrestlers) Aug. 15, 1958 p12

   Stand-alone photo of Whirlwind Air Tour of Oregon at KF Airport. Pictured are Miss Air Fair, Barbara Arrafat, Ned Putnam, Walt McIntyre, Mayor Lawrence Slater and Don Guinn. Aug. 18, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Bill Schlegel, county poundmaster with puppy. Aug. 18, 1958 p1

   T.C. Griggs, well known Klamath Basin grocer, has accepted the chairmanship of the foods division of the United Fund-Red Cross campaign. (photo of Griggs) Aug. 18, 1958 p3

   Advertisement for Molatore’s 1112 Main St. Dine and dance to the music of the popular Van Sants. Aug. 18, 1958 p3

   OTI names new dean, Jack E. Brookins. The family lives at No. 4 Klamath Circle on the OTI campus. Aug. 18, 1958 p4

   Klamath Artifactors to meet at the Library. Gene Favell and Lane Smith are co-chairmen. Aug. 18, 1958 p4

   Pair of Aberdeen Steers judged Grand Champions at the 23rd annual Klamath County Junior Livestock Show and Fall Fair. (photo of Harry Wilson with steer) Aug. 19, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of construction of new gas station on S. 6th St. and Etna. The Etna Oil Co. will sell Pride of Oregon products. Aug. 19, 1958 p3

   City council affirms West Side Bypass Pact. Aug. 19, 1958 p4

   Gordon Raught, labor relations representative for the Weyerhaeuser Timber Co., will head the lumber division of the United Way-Red Cross campaign. (photo of Raught) Aug. 19, 1958 p10

   KF Councilman Walter Fleet, chairman of the Police Committee, announced that appointments have been made for three new “meter maids” (Mrs. Betty Daniel, Mrs. Betty Schuldheisz and Mrs. Doris York). Aug. 19, 1958 p12

   Livestock buyers pay big amount. 4-H, FFA livestock sales near $47,000. (photos of Harry Wilson, Laura Estrada and Sidney Noles. Aug. 20, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mark Dearborn, who was crowned flower king at the 4-H, FFA Livestock Sales and Fair. Aug. 20, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Al Knowles with a new addition to the Moore Park Zoo. Knowles brought two chukor’s and a coati-mundi back from Portland, after taking Moore Parks bears to the Portland Zoo. Aug. 20, 1958 p2-A

   Stand-alone photo of new business office on Pine and Fourth streets, being erected by L.W. McGuire Co. for Ralph DiBattista. Aug. 20, 1958 p8-B

   Indian Artifacts Exhibition slated for three-day show at the Klamath County Museum. (photo of Roy Carlson, museum curator and Lane Smith with artifacts) Aug. 21, 1958 p1

   President signs the military construction bill, which authorized $229,000 worth of community facilities and utilities at Kingsley Field. Aug. 21, 1958 p1

   Klamath County’s reputation as tourist spot was rather well established at a national convention in Portland, according to County Judge C.H. Mack. Aug. 21, 1958 p1

   Eugene M Hammond, resident in the Klamath Basin since 1886, died. He homesteaded in Merrill and used a horse-drawn scraper to help dig the canal that takes water to the south section of Klamath County. (photo of Hammond) Aug. 21, 1958 p6-A

   Neil Hurley has been named chairman of the public service division of the United Way-Red Cross campaign. (photo of Hurley) Aug. 21, 1958 p6-A

   Stand-alone photo of final construction of the pipeline connecting a million-gallon reservoir north of Washburn Way with a south suburban water main. Aug. 21, 1958 p6-A

   Roy Carlson, curator of the Klamath County Museum, has resigned. Aug. 21, 1958 p3-C

   Stand-alone photo of Vernon Tuter, who got a home town post when the DMV assigned him to KF. Aug.21, 1958 p3-D

   Col. Jack W. Williams assumed command of the 408th Fighter Group and Kingsley Field. (photo of Williams) Aug. 22, 1958

   Stand-alone photo of Mayor Lawrence Slater handing a check for $100,000 to recorder Mrs. Rosie Keller, that is from the federal government for the offsetting a portion of the construction cost of the new sewage system. Aug. 22, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of John Lawrence Zumwalt and his dad, Charlie Zumwalt (Herald and News make-up department). Aug. 22, 1958 p1

   Frank D. Stanko, assistant dean of men at OTI, will be new dean of men, announced W.D. Purvine, director of OTI. (photo of Stanko) Aug. 22, 1958 p1

   Bread prices increased two cents according to wholesale bakers in the area, Fluhrer’s Bakery, Morning Fresh and Langendorf United Bakers, Inc. Aug. 22, 1958 p1

   Malin Christian Center work being pushed along. (photo of building and workers) Aug. 22, 1958 p4-A

   Jim Pinniger has accepted the position of chairman of the industries division of the United Fund-Red Cross drive. (photo of Pinniger) Aug. 22, 1958 p4-A

   The use of B-B guns is unlawful in KF. Aug. 22, 1958 p4-A

   Access road to the radio station built last year on the top of Stukel Mountain soon to be finished. Aug. 22, 1958 p6-A

   Stand-alone photo of students at the Klamath Art Workshop. (Pictured are Blanche Casey, Theresa Ganong, Violet Biranowski, Paul Guest, Helen Uran, Agnes Oliver, Edith Warrick, E. Nelson Sandgren, Stephanie Bonotto and Pat Carney) Aug. 26, 1958 p1

   Circuit Court Judge David R. Vanderberg dismissed a cattle rustling case in Fort Klamath. Aug. 26, 1958 p4

   Ken McLeod, president of the Klamath Historical Society, made a cedar sign to mark the spot of the 1852 massacre of eight members of west-bound wagon train. Aug. 26, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of State Officials that visited the Klamath County Court to answer questions on public utility taxes. (pictured are Clyde Caldwell, Don Fisher, James Manning and County Court Judge C.H. Mack. Aug. 26, 1958 p5

   Four Klamath County men, representing the county’s Aug. draft quota, will leave for the Army induction. They are Errol Dan Hatcher, Bartholomen Dunlea, J.B. Wright and Duane Day. Aug. 26, 1958 p8

   Stand-alone photo of 81 school children watching a movie at the city library. Aug. 27, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Naturalization Hearing committee meeting. (Pictured are Mrs. L.A. Wirth, Mrs. Albert O. Roenicke, Mrs H.A. Nitschelm, Mrs. C.F. O’Loughlin, Mrs. M.H. Malme, Mrs. Loyd DeLap and Mrs. Lynn Skeen) Aug. 27, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Charlene Pelletier, six years old, with a black widow spider in a glass jar. Aug. 27, 1958 p1

   Two television entertainers are slated to appear at the Old Armory. Lorrie and Larry Collins, known to millions of TV viewers as the Collins Kids, recorded 18 songs. (photo of Larry Collins) Aug. 27, 1958 p11-A

   The 1958 Cariboo Country Special train passed through KF, 16 hours out of SF on a rail “cruise” that will take it to Canada and back to Bay Area by Labor Day. Aug. 27, 1968 p11-A

   Advertisement for the Old Armory Dance and Show with the Collins Kids and Dance Music by Sunny Burgess. Aug. 27, 1958 p11-A

   Full page advertisement for Dick Reeder’s Store for Men. 8 home-town students in 8 smart outfits. Pictured are Bill Bechen, Dell Smith, Dave Reeder, Virgil Bigby, Steve Reeder, Rodger Schlickeisen, Pete Barnhisel and John Vandenberg. Aug. 27, 1958 p12-A

   The Goose Egg Butte fire, biggest this season in the Klamath District of the Rouge River National Forest, is under control. Aug. 28, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mayor Lawrence Slater and a 35 pound Chinook Salmon he caught. Aug. 28, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of William O. Kurtz, principal of Merrill Elementary School receiving a certificate from Ross Ragland, president of Klamath County Council of Churches. Aug. 28, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of dedication services for the new Christian Center at the Malin Migrant Labor Camp. (pictured are Bertril Shogren, Burton Hoyle, Mrs. Everett Dennis, Bill Kurtz, Rev. Kent D. Lawrence, Lynn McKnight, Ross Ragland and several youngsters. Aug. 28, 1958 p3-A

   The County Court accepted a petition, presented by Harry Wiard, urging construction of a bridge across A Canal at the southern end of Hope St. Aug. 28, 1958 p3-A

   Stand-alone photo of Judith Ann Vandenberg standing in front of Radio Free Europe Operations Map. Aug. 28, 1958 p4-A

   Jack Vaughn was named to head the automotive division of this year’s United Fund-Red Cross campaign. (photo of Vaughn) Aug. 28, 1958 p4-A

   Advertisement for the Old Armory Dance and Show. (photo of the Collins Kids) Aug. 28, 1958 p6-A

   Four KF youths win College Scholarships. (pictured are Sharon Larson, Nancy Layman, Richard Seideman and Neil West) Aug. 28, 1958 p7-A

   Stand-alone photo of local Norwegian elkhound to be entered in the AKC’s Dog Show. Aug. 29, 1958 p1

   Bruce E. Tupper, a Klamath Indian sentenced for life in the rifle slaying of his Indian companion, has been granted a new trial. Aug. 29, 1958 p1

   The eighth annual state conference of Alcoholics Anonymous will be at the Klamath County Fairgrounds. Aug. 29, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Stan McClellan, Mary Anna Kerr and Carol Whetstone preparing annual barbeque for the Oregon Educational Association. Aug. 28, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of top brass of “Operation Fair Share ‘59”, the Klamath County United Fund-Red Cross Drive. Pictured are Dick Laudenschlager, Thayne W. Cole and Paul Cruikshank. Aug. 29, 1958 p1

   Foreign cars visit basin on second state tour leg. Bill Picket and Bill Manning of the Pelican Service Station, 6th and Walnut, refueled the cars. Aug. 29, 1958 p4-A

   Delegation from Medford met with the Klamath County Court to discuss road paving in the Lake of the Woods area. Aug. 29, 1958 p4-A

   Work to provide telephone facilities in the Kingsley Field housing area soon, according to Pacific Telephone manager. Aug. 29, 1958 p4-A

   Naval Reservists in the KF area have a new C.O., Lt. Cmdr. Victor D. Stockebrand, whose civilian capacity is that of plant engineer for the local Johns-Manville operation. (photo of Stockebrand and predecessor, Lt. Martin H. Conlin) Aug. 29, 1958 p7-A

   Stand-alone photo of meter maids, Mrs. Betty Schuldheisz, Mrs. Betty Daniels and Mrs. Doris Jean York, being sworn in by judge pro tem attorney Don Piper. Also pictured is Dorothy Kirkpatrick, who will be a policewoman. Aug. 31, 1958 p1

   Wood River Pioneers and Old Timers hold picnic in Fort Klamath. (photo of new officers, James P. Noriel, Myrtle Wimer, Richard Varnum and Dan Sullivan) (photo of oldest man, Edson Turner, 86, and Mrs. Charles Lenz, 89. Youngest married couple was Mr. and Mrs. Vannis Collman who brought the youngest girl, their daughter Teresa, aged 3 months) Aug 31, 1958 Mag. Sec. p2

   Stand-alone photo of 11th annual Herald & News tennis tournament men’s singles champion, Bill Rose, being presented a trophy by Earl Brooks. Sept. 2, 1958 p1

   Mrs. Jessie Chilton Lyle, resident in KF since 1911 died at Hillside Hospital. She was a lifetime member of the Red Cross and will be remembered for her work during WW1 and WW11. Sept. 2, 1958 p1

   The control committee of the Klamath Basin potato growers has scheduled a meeting at the Winema Hotel. Sept. 2, 1958 p1

   Klamath Dog Fanciers ninth annual all-breed American Kennel Club licensed dog show was largest to date. Sept. 2, 1958 p4

   Edwin Abbot (Taxi) Thomas died at Klamath Valley Hospital. He had been KF city engineer for nearly 28 years. (photo of Thomas) Sept. 3, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of new lighting system being installed at the Tulelake-Butte Valley Fairgrounds grandstand. Sept. 3, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of retiring police judge, Frank Blackmer, who joined the police force in 1937. Sept. 3, 1958 p1

   District Attorney Arthur A. Beddoe will run for reelection as a write-in candidate. Sept. 3, 1958 p6-A

   Stand-alone photo of 13 new American Citizens, Michiko Puckett (Japan), Nora Elizabeth Smith (Canada), Helen Kazes (Greece), Natalie Hakanson (Germany), Tovi Astri Parks (Norway), Fannie Louisa Croxford (England), Michael Joseph Barry (Ireland), Dimitrius Petrov Theoharis (Greece), Leslie Jarvis (England), Voldemars Kisis (Latvia), Ronald Croxford (England), Jeremiah Angland (Ireland) and Edward Albert Croxford (England). Sept. 4, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath County Institute and Educational Conference members, A.L. Gralapp, John S. Conway, Robert N. Bush, Dean Victor P. Morris and Keith Goldhammer. Sept. 4, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Lawrence I. Brooks, foreman of the Great Northern Railway since 1943, retired. Sept. 4, 1958 p7-A

   Annual fall retriever trial, sponsored by the Shasta Cascade Retriever Club of KF, set for three day trials on Miller Island Road. (photo of Pat Montgomery, Arnie Molling and Jim Stilwell) Sept. 4, 1958 p11-A

   Advertisement for downtown shops open ‘til 9, Anita Shops, 707 Main St.; Bogatay’s Shoe Store, 617 Main St.; Gallen Kamp’s Shoes, 711 Main St.; Hafter Furniture, 833 Klamath Ave.; Hartfield’s, 8th and Main Sts.; J.C.Penny Co., 8th and Main Sts.; La Pointe’s, 5th and Main; Foulger’s Leons, 525 Main St.; Market Basket, 9th and Pine Sts.; Miller’s, 512 Main St.; Montgomery Ward, 9th and Pine Sts.; Sears Roebuck and Co., 133 S. 8th St.; Tower Furniture, 1204 Main St.; and Town Shop, 500 Main St. Sept. 4, 1958 p3-B

   Ore-Cal Potato growers open door to processors. (photo of committee members at the Empire Room at the Winema Hotel, including Merrill Webb and Ed Petrasek) Sept. 5, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Patricia Ann Miles, who was the grand prize winner in the Vern Owen’s Cascade Home Furnishings Frigidaire Baby Contest. Sept. 5, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of the Merry Mixers Square Dancers, (Marion and Harold Freeman, Darlene and Woody Woodward, Donna and Leonard Scott, Shirley and Bill Mayhew, Virginia and Clarence West and Mary and Ardean Nelson) will dance in the open air at the Town and Country Shopping Center. Sept. 5, 1958 p1

   Iona James, longtime resident of KF and member of a well-known Klamath Basin family, died. She homesteaded near Keno Springs, between Bonanza and Bly. Also operated a store in Lorella for many years. Sept. 5, 1958 p4-A

   New dean of women at Oregon Technical Institute is Shirley Ann Brusoe, according to Winston D. Purvine, OTI director. (photo of Brusoe) Sept. 5, 1958 p8-A

   Sheriff Britton said that Myron (Gandy) Barkley admitted to killing his half-brother, but does not remember firing a rifle out a car window. Sept. 7, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Shirley Murray, Wanda Godsby and Delight Gibson at the KUHS library with Roy Tidwell, librarian. Sept. 7, 1958 p1

   Secretary of State Mark Hatfield, Republican gubernatorial candidate, will be in Klamath County for a series of meetings. Sept. 7, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Ross Youngblood presenting a check to Commissioner E.W. Gowen for Klamath County’s share of Oregon and California lumber receipts. Sept. 7, 1958 p1

   The seventh annual Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair opened to a capacity crowd. Sept. 7, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of city school teachers, Ruth Stout, Florence Smith, Justiena Schrenk, Dorothy Bailie and Ralph Freed, that were guests of the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce at the annual Business-Education Day. Also pictured are Tom Burk and Garry Roberson. Sept. 7, 1958 p1

   Advertisement for a dance with Hank Thompson and his Brazos Valley Boys at the Armory. Sept. 7, 1958 p3-A

   Crater Lake set to close for the winter. Sept. 7, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of winners in Montgomery Ward’s latest contest, Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Olson, are shown with Leon Richardson. Sept. 7, 1958 p4-A

   Scenic trip to Paisley via Dairy Creek. (photos of Mitchell Recreation Area, Chewaucan River, Fremont Forest) Sept. 7, 1958 Mag. Sec. p1-5

   Double murder cleared up with youth’s confession. (photo of Myron Barkley, deputy sheriff, Alvie Youngblood and deputies Fred Calfee and Del Summers) Sept. 8, 1958 p1

   Crater Lake National Park reports more cars, people. Total number of visitors so far this year has been 287,855. Sept. 8, 1958 p

   Longtime KF resident, Oscar Pedersen, died. He was a native of Norway and associated with the Klamath Lumber and Box Company. Sept. 8, 1958 p4

   Graveside services held in Mt. Calvary Cemetery for William Albert Vochatzer, longtime KF resident and worked many years at the Ewauna Box Company. Sept. 8, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of Rita Kelley holding a parakeet. Sept. 9, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of George Tsakonas, who will be the new resident manager of the Willard Hotel. Sept. 9, 1958 p3

   Glenn D. Ramirez announced his candidacy for the office of District Attorney. (photo of Ramirez) Sept. 9, 1958 p4

   Jim Boyle outlines what Klamath County will do for the Oregon Centennial in 1959. Sept. 9, 1958 p9

   Stand-alone photo of Jane Ann Craig and Dawn Clark, winners of Singer Sewing Machine Company’s junior sewing contest. Sept. 9, 1958 p9

   Basin woman, Mrs. Vernon Ekedahl, was daughter of couple killed in accident south of KF. Sept. 10, 1958 p1

   Funeral services for Earl Leonard Wynne, father of city councilman and Herald and News city editor Floyd Wynne, will be in Washington. Sept. 10, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mark Hatfield, Mrs. Hatfield and Edward O. Geary at the Willard Hotel. Sept. 10, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Andrew J. Honzel and son Andrew Jr. with big cold-press at Klamath Hardwoods, Inc. on the Weed Highway. Sept. 10, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of Hank Thompson and his Brazos Valley Boys at the Old Armory. Sept. 10, 1958 p8-B

   Stand-alone photo of Larry Burton explaining the intricate workmanship on a model plane to Janice Griggs and Steven Smith. Klamath Wildcats Model Club will dedicate its own landing field at Town and Country Shopping Center. Sept. 11, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Carl Jennings, meter maid Betty Daniel, Police Chief Charles Howard, Peggy Glasscock, meter maid Doris York, Police women Dorothy Kirkpatrick and Bernice Matteson and meter maid Betty Schuldisz. Sept. 11, 1958 p1

   Ronald Edward Whitlatch, member of a well known Klamath County family, died in Hillside Hospital today. Sept. 11, 1958 p4-A

   New assistant District Ranger of the Klamath District, Rogue River National Forest is Doug Shaw. (photo of Shaw and Vern E. Smith) Sept. 11, 1958 p7-A

   The potential use of Gerber Reservoir as a recreation spot, with boat docking and launching facilities, camp and picnic grounds, and concessions, was illustrated to the county court by Don Gray (manager of the Klamath Federal Reclamation Project). Sept. 11, 1958 p7-A

   Mrs. Isabelle Brixner is the elementary supervisor for the Klamath County School District since 1930. (photo of Brixner) Sept. 11, 1958 p10-A

   Toby Schuh is the Grand Champion in the entomology division of the 4-H Club competition at the Oregon State Fair. (photo of Schuh) Sept. 11, 1958 p11-A

   Visitors who registered at the Klamath County Museum during August set a record for any previous month with 1,168 persons viewing the historical exhibits. The grand total registration of 17,676 since the museum was opened to the public in 1955. Sept. 11, 1958 p14-A

   A total of 33,215 persons used the community lounge during 1957 provided for the benefit of both local residents and visitors. The lounge, located at 118 N. Seventh St., is sponsored by the Klamath Basin Civic Service League. Sept. 11, 1958 p14-A

   Milton Ray Sessler was charged for reckless driving after he was traveling at excessive speed and landed in the A canal. (photo of David Groves, who responded to the call for a wrecker to get the vehicle out of the water) Sept. 12, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. William F. Jones Jr. accepting the keys to a 1958 Ranchwagon from Bob Scholl and Jess House handing her the title. The contest was sponsored by the Town and County Shopping Center merchants. Sept. 12, 1958 p1

   KF will lose Oregon Technical Institute if the “final recommendations” of W.R. Flesher, director of the state survey of vocational-technical education, are adopted. Sept. 12, 1958 p1

   Murder case court jury released Joe Paries, innocent of the second degree murder in the death of his casual acquaintance, Carl Holliday. Sept. 12, 1958 p4-A

   Bruce E. Tupper, sentenced to life imprisonment for the slaying of his alleged mistress, Teresa Hunt, has a 12 year sentence facing him after his new hearing. Sept. 12, 1958 p4-A

   New complaints were filed by the district attorney’s office against Eldon L. Shafer and Paul R. Wilson, a pair already accused several times in the past of cattle rustling. Sept. 12, 1958 p4-A

   Hank Thompson and his Brazos Valley Boys will be making their 11th appearance in KF Saturday night at the Old Armory. (photo of Thompson) Sept. 12, 1958 p5-B

   Stand-alone photo of Thayne Cole and Jim Cronin of Pacific Tel and Jim Kiewatt and Sam Ritchey of Copco with “Little Brown Jug”, the symbol of rivalry between the two utility groups for the best participation in the United Fund-Red Cross campaign. Sept. 14, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of accident on Wall St. and Esplanade Ave. Sandra Jeanne Mitchell was taken to Klamath Valley Hospital after being struck by a car driven by Rolf G. Janson. Sept. 15, 1958 p1

   Sales office to get the huge Klamath Indian Reservation timberland sale under way will be opened Oct. 27th in KF. Sept. 15, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Mary Drew, Mrs. Helen Cheyne, Mrs. Marita Dutcher, Mrs. Lucille Adams and Mrs. Edna Albrecht showing how to serve a typical meal during a disaster, during the annual meeting of the Klamath Basin Red Cross chapter. Sept. 15, 1958 p1

   Paul R. Wilson, charged with cattle rustling, has filed suit against two state brand inspectors and a county rancher. Sept. 15, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of Dick Laudenschlager, Charlie Mack, Madelyn Swaney and Dorman Turner at the Willard Hotel with the official title of the 1959 Klamath County United Fund-Red Cross Drive, “Shooting for the Moon”. Sept. 16, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Wally (Lois Annette) Palmberg, wife of OTI basketball coach, who died. Sept. 16, 1958 p1

   New manager of the KF J.C. Penny Store is Fran Hales. (photo of Hales) Sept. 16, 1958 p7

   Stand-alone photo of Mayor Lawrence E. Slater taking part in the flag raising ceremony as Constitution Week began. Also pictured are officials of the Eulalona Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Mrs. Julian Ager and Mrs. Dick Owens. Sept. 17, 1958 p1

   Indian Bureau to open Tribal Land Sales Office. Sept. 17, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. George Callison receiving instructions concerning her new post as Welcome Wagon hostess for KF from Mrs. Lela Woods. Sept. 17, 1958 p4-B

   Recommendation to move scalded by OTI director, Winston Purvine. Sept. 18, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Dorothy Brown, Gladys Samples, Lois Reynolds, Charlene Prince, Helen Dwyer and Wilma Moore who are delegates from the KF Licensed Practical Nurses Association on their way to a convention in Portland. Sept. 18, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Dave Shirk and Jim Winde of Jim Winde Buick, 1330 Main St., showing the first of the 1959 automobiles. Sept. 18, 1958 p4-A

   Dr. Nicholas Nyaradi to speak at the Knife and Fork club meeting at the Willard Hotel. (photo of Nyaradi) Sept. 18, 1958 p8-A

   KF juveniles and police clash near a rock pit north of town. (photo of police) Sept. 19, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of 1959 United Fund-Red Cross drive kickoff supporters in the Town and Country Merchant Association. Pictured are Jess House, Howard Amidon, Bob Scholl, Jewel Houston, Walt Bingham, Dick Knowels, Adah Dean, Walt Waggoner and Ken Wallan. Sept. 19, 1958 p1

   Indian land sales program outlined for Rotary Club. (photo of Earl Wilcox, T.B.Watters and Adolph Zamsky) Sept. 21, 1958 p1

   Pioneer Fort Rock farmer prides valley development. (photo of Robert Schaub and Edwin A. Eskelin) Sept. 21, 1958 p3-A

   KF resident, Harold Diehl, football grid winner. Sept. 22, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of new KF meter maids, Betty Daniel, Betty Schuldheisz, Peggy Glasscock and Doris York. Sept. 22, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of the new West Side Bypass work started by the Rogers Construction Company of Portland, near Conger School. Sept. 23, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of the OTI Owls football team giving blood at the Red Cross Bloodmobile. Sept. 23, 1958 p1

   Eldon L Shafer, a codefendant in Klamath County’s cattle rustling case, appeared in district court. Sept. 23, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of new managers of the Reames Golf and Country Club, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Davy with Wesley McNee. Sept. 23, 1958 p7

   Volunteers gave 238 pints of blood at the Red Cross Bloodmobile. (photo of Officer Carl Jennings, Mel Malme, Madelyn Swaney and Thomas Peterson loading blood into a police car to be driven to Kingsley Field) Sept. 24, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of La Verne Hancock, who opened registration for voters for the Klamath County clerk’s office at Balsiger Motors. Also pictured is Marilyn Walsh. Sept. 24, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of the United Fund-Red Cross “Shooting for the Moon” campaign, moon and rocket, erected on Esplande Avenue. Sept. 24, 1958 p1

   Johns-Manville Corporation has proposed a merger with Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Fiber Company. Sept. 24, 1958 p1

   Confused rustling charge heard in District Court. (photo of “Old Whitesides”, the cow supposedly stolen) Sept. 24, 1958 p4-A

   Several Klamath County farmers have taken the first step toward participation in the 1959 Soil Bank program. Sept. 24, 1958 p4-A

   Pioneer Wood River Valley man, William Zumbrun, died. He was a WW1 veteran and settled in the Wood River Valley in 1909. Sept. 24, 1958 p10-A

   Good crowd witnesses Model Plane Field open with a show by the Klamath Wildcats at the Town and Country Shopping Center. Sept. 24, 1958 p9-B

   Stand-alone photo of the Klamath Falls Police Department on the front steps of the city jail with Councilman Walter Fleet and Chief Charlie Howard. Sept. 25, 1958 p1

   Klamath Indian Reservation Open Roads map. Sept. 25, 1958 p1

   Judge hears third case on rustling. Sept. 25, 1958 p4-A

   Oregon Centennial plans, a new hospital, a new airport terminal and tourist promotion, eyed by Klamath County Chamber of Commerce. Sept. 25, 1958 p4-A

   KF Park Board discusses Tax Levy Hike. Sept. 25, 1958 p4-A

   Advertisement for the Grand Opening of Gas for Less, Cash & Save Oil Company, 4315 South Sixth Street. “Red” Frankenberry, Prop. Sept. 25, 1958 p16-B

   Stand-alone photo of Ronald E. Phair, co-owner with Dick Howard of the Big Y Market, awarded an “Outstanding Citizen” award plaque. Also pictured are Marvin Martin and Rollin Cantrall. Sept. 26, 1958 p1

   KF barely held its place as the fifth largest city in the state in recent population estimated by the State Census Board. Sept. 26, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mayor Lawrence Slater accepting a Disabled Veterans forget-me-not flower from Mrs. Lloyd DeLap. Sept. 26, 1958 p

   Half-page advertisement for the movie, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, at the Esquire Theater. Admission .90 for adults and .35 for children. Sept. 26, 1958 p2-A

   Expert notes there aren’t many wetbacks in Southern Oregon area this harvest season. Sept. 26, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of S.Sgt. Vernon Dingwell of Kinsley Field after giving blood. Sept. 28, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of air pollution studies in KF. Pictured are Paul Sweet and Ted M. Gerow. Sept. 29, 1958 p1

   Ike Aide asked to tell why Wocus Bay deleted from Klamath Marsh. Sept 29, 1958 p2

   Interstate Radio, Inc. has sold its stations at Alturas and KF to Stulor Corp. for $97,000. Sept. 29, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of West Coast Airline’s new “Friendship” Fairchild F-27 prop-jet now flying regular schedules in the Pacific Northwest, at Kingsley Field. Sept. 30, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Boy Scout Troop 4 with two sets of silhouettes showing legal snow geese and protected swans. Pictured are Jerry Gospodnetich, Richard Eastman, Don Aschenbach, Dean Guyer, Robert Ground, Ray Aschenbach, John Aschenbach and Douglas Leech. Sept. 30, 1958 p1

   Council declines sewer bid from South Suburban area. Sept. 30, 1958 p4

   County court discusses plan for Radio Network. Sept. 30, 1958 p7

   Stand-alone photo of KF Policewomen, Dorothy Kirkpatrick and Bernice Matteson and metermaids, Doris York, Betty Schuldheisz and Betty Daniel. Oct. 1, 1958 p1

   The Klamath Wildcats, local model plane hobby group, came home with top honors. (photo of Dick Wickline, Don DerMiner and Larry

   Burton) Oct. 1, 1958 p8-A

   Stand-alone photo of city officials taking the oath of office. Pictured are Mayor Lawrence Slater, Mrs. Leola Heilbronner, Martha Warnke, G.S. Vergeer, Clarence Humble, and Henry Perkins. Oct. 2, 1958 p1

   Gov. Robert D. Holmes, Democratic candidate seeking reelection, arrived in KF. Oct. 2, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of dedication of Copco’s Big Bend power project. Pictured are A.S. Cummins, John C. Boyle, George M. Roberts, George Thorndyke and Glenn Jackson. Oct. 2, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Capt. Edwin A. Valentine and Dick Laudenschlager, leaders in the United Fund-Red Cross fundraiser. Oct. 2, 1958 p1

   Power of Upper Klamath harnessed by Copco. Photo of Big Bend Powerhouse. Oct. 2, 1958 p4-A

   Meeting of withdrawing members of the Klamath Indian Tribe to be held in Chiloquin. Oct. 2, 1958 p4-A

   Dick B. Miller Sr., founder of the Oldsmobile-Cadillac Automobile Agency in 1936, died. (photo of Miller) Oct. 3, 1958 p1

   Two Klamath Union pupils, Eugene Ochs and Judith Cullimore, among National Merit Scholarships. (photo of Ochs and Cullimore) Oct. 3, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Bob L. Hamon’s station wagon after a duck went through his windshield. Oct. 3, 1958 p1

   Air searchers’ president lists rescue instructions. (photo of Les Liston showing pamphlet that was distributed by the state board of aeronautics) Oct. 3, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photos of Big Bend Dedication at the site of the power development in the Klamath River Canyon. Oct. 3, 1958 p5-A

   Gov. Robert Holmes hits Hatfield; called ‘Straw-Snapper’. (photo of Holmes and his wife at the Winema) Oct. 5, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of James E. Pinson, new member in the office of student affairs at Oregon Technical Institute. Oct. 5, 1958 p3-A

   Klamath Falls Gospel Mission to have guest speaker, Ernest A. Tippet. (photo of Tippet) Oct. 5, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of Robert E. Baird, who joined the staff of Oregon Technical Institute. The family lives on campus. Oct. 5, 1958 p6-A

   Stand-alone photo of Earl D. Kurtz, who has been hired to teach at Oregon Technical Institute. Oct. 5, 1958 p8-A

   The Clair and Kimberling Salvage Company salvage logs in what remains of the mill pond of the old Algoma Lumber Company. (photos of Chuck Kimberling and Colonel Clair) Oct. 5, 1958 Sunday Magazine Section p1-2

   Stand-alone photo of Charles J. Boleyn Sr., Bonnie Charles, Ed Chilcote, Molly Williams and Armal Stump with two dollar bills that were scheduled for purposeful distribution in KF. Oct. 6, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of the Parents and Patrons organization of Klamath Union High School. Pictured are Jess House, Charles Carlson, Mrs. Leslie Marshall, Mrs. John Cox, Mrs. Stephen Walker, Mrs. R.J. Brinegar, Mrs. Wendall Smith, Mrs. Winston Purvine and Mrs. Robert Egge. Oct. 6, 1958 p1

   Mary Brothanek, Malin community member since 1911, died Oct. 3rd. Oct. 6, 1958 p4

   Congressional candidate Marion T. Weatherford disagrees with Agricultural Secretary. (photo of Weatherford, Dave Card and Mrs. Raymond Loosely at Klamath County luncheon meeting) Oct. 7, 1958 p1

   KF City Council outlines parking meter policy. Oct. 7, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of members of the Stewart Lenox Fire Dept. Pictured are Chief Herbert H. McCann, Bob Holmes, Frank Snyder, William E. Pierce and Kenneth Homes. Oct. 7, 1958 p1

   Clarence Humble, veteran KF attorney, entered the race for the post of district attorney. (photo of Humble) Oct. 8, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mayor Lawrence E. Slater handing a copy of the Fire Prevention Week proclamation to City Fire Chief Roy Rowe. Oct. 8, 1958 p1

   Sen. Richard Neuberger arrived in KF, prepared for a full but informal day of visits of a nonpolitical nature. Oct. 8, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of John Foster, John Duggan, Francis Kenyon and Don Owens receiving their Eagle Badges. Oct. 8, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Claude Schuck with a Ponderosa pine tree on the Maude Liskey Ranch on Meadow Lake over the hill from OTI. Oct. 8, 1958 p3-B

   Stand-alone photo of Judy Lynn, who will be on the Grand Ole Opry program at the Old Armory (now know as the Klamath Auditorium). Oct. 8, 1958 p8-B

   Henry Semon, pioneer grower and resident of Klamath County since 1910 and member of the Oregon State Legislature, died. Oct. 9, 1958 p-1

   Bipartisanship effort credited by Sen. Richard L. Neuberger. (photo of Neuberger, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Watters, and Thomas Vaughan of the Oregon Historical Society at the Winema Hotel). Oct. 9, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of the Oregon Technical Institute Fire Department. Pictured are Ralph Samples, Bob Sizemore, Alex Freadman, Edwin Harris, Chief A.J. Loomis, Bruce Hollomon, Larry Rapp, Joe Bowen and Steve May. Oct. 9, 1958 p1

   Deputy Sheriff Jess Bryant brought in an escaped prisoner, Wallace Norman Foster of Beatty. Oct. 9, 1958 p6-A

   Stand-alone photo of Tom B. Watters and Sen. Richard L. Neuberger being saluted for their work of the Klamath Indian Termination Bill at the Winema Hotel. Oct. 9, 1958 p6-A

   Advertisement for the Grand Ole Opry show to be held at the Old Armory, with Hank Snow. Oct. 9, 1958 p8-A

   Stand-alone photo of the last train trip of Conductor Joe Roberts, who retired at the end of his shift on Sept. 24th. Also pictured are Al Roberts, Charlie Alward and Jack Chapman. Oct. 9, 1958 p4-B

   “Your Key to Chiloquin” booklet to be published. Chiloquin is the only town on the Klamath Reservation. Oct. 9, 1958 p5-B

   Stand-alone photo of Ken L. Bivin, new instructor at Oregon Tech. Oct. 9, 1958 p5-B

   Harold G. Jones, manager of the municipal airport, was reelected secretary-treasurer at recent convention. Oct. 9, 1958 p8-C

   The eighth annual symposium for the Northern California and Southern Oregon Historical Society will be held for the first time in KF, Oct. 1959. Oct. 9, 1958 p8-C

   Blind woman, Mrs. Louise E. Brown, will operate phone answering service at her home in KF. Photo of Brown, Jim Sweek, and Ron Clancy. Oct. 10, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of the Suburban Fire Department. Pictured are Chief Buster Gordon, Assistant Chief Erwin M. Searles, Walt Schrieber, Joe Sullivan, Roger Wilkinson and Captain Raymond J. LaMarche. Oct. 10, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of new automatic pinsetters getting installed at Lucky Lanes in KF. Pictured are H. Gibson and Gene Doughty. Merle Hanscam is the owner of Lucky Lanes. Oct. 10, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Bob Waggoner accepting award for United Way-Red Cross fundraiser from Thayne W. Cole. Oct. 10, 1958 p4-A

   Klamath County has 21,255 registered voters registered for the Nov. 4th election. Oct. 10, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of Doyle Anthony and W.V. Dowell, salesmen of the Swift and Company, at the Winema Hotel. Oct. 10, 1958 p10-A

   Forrest Freid has sold the service station he operated under the name of Frosty’s Service at the corner of First and Chocktoot Streets in Chiloquin, to Jerold Oates, who changed the name to Jerry’s Shell Service. Oct. 10, 1958 p10-A

   Capt. Lewis Kendall, commander of the Klamath Falls Salvation Army has announced accomplishments. Oct. 10, 1958 p10-B

   Better air service in KF approaches reality. Oct. 12, 1958 p1

   KF parks and recreation director, Bob Bonney, cites amendment need. Oct. 12, 1958 p2-A

   Popular science show will be presented to the members of the Klamath Knife and Fork Club at the Willard Hotel. Oct. 12, 1958 p2-A

   “What is America?” will be the subject at the forum to be presented to the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce at the Winema Hotel. The speaker will be Orlo M. Brees. (photo of Brees) Oct. 12, 1958 p2-A

   Pat O’Donahue to be the new Childrens’s Librarian, announced by Klamath County. (photo of O’Donahue) Oct. 12, 1958 p8-A

   Charlie Bane, president of the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce, has named Frenchie Richard as general chairman of the second annual spring cleanup campaign. (photo of Richard) Oct. 12, 1958 p4-B

   KF Business and Professional Women Observe National Week. Photos of Kathleen Ward, Lillie White, Louise Mitchell, Alice Gallup, Genevieve Bricco, Maribel Kidwell, Dena Backes, Lillian Rosson, Idella Edgar, Norma Miller and Leola Heilbronner. Oct. 12, 1958 p9-C

   Stand-alone photo of Mayor Lawrence Slater signing a proclamation of Oil Progress Week, while H.B. Dexter and R.A. Hawkins, look on. Oct. 13, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of OTI Homecoming Queen candidates, Pat Maguire, Donna Kessi, and Grace Grate. Oct. 13, 1958 p1

   Funeral services planned for first Klamath County nurse, Mrs. Lydia Fricke Howard. (photo of Howard) Oct. 13, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of migrating swans on the Lower Klamath Refuge. Lower Klamath Refuge to have its 50th anniversary on Oct. 18. Oct. 14, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Vicki Haskins and Janet Keck, who will take part in coronation ceremony at the 22nd annual Klamath Basin Potato Festival. Oct. 14, 1958 p1

   Elmo Miller, superintendent of the Klamath Indian Agency since 1957, is being transferred to WA. Oct. 14, 1958 p1

   Mrs. Buena (Louis H.) Stone, KF, who has become a recognized authority on Oregon history, has led to confirmation that Klamath County has had at least one veteran of the War of 1812. The grave of Ichabod (Ichabud) Hall, onetime resident of Langell Valley is to be properly marked with a bronze plaque. (photo of Stone) Oct. 14, 1958 p4

   Three Klamath Falls deer hunters, Hal Furman, his son Hal Jr. and James Cline, feared drowned in Upper Klamath Lake, were objects of a search by public agencies. Oct. 15, 1958 p1

   Bernard Leo Woods, KF, was killed in an accident at Stukel Mountain Road and Hwy 39. (photo of cattle truck and sedan accident)

   Oct. 15, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Anna Cook and Mrs. Ruth Ray at Klamath Basin Republican celebration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s 68th birthday. Oct. 15, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Russell L. Madsen, recent staff addition to OTI. Oct. 15, 1958 p8-A

   Hal Furman and his son Hal Jr., still missing, are feared drowned. Their companion, James Cline’s body was found earlier in Upper Klamath Lake. (photo of family dog overlooking lake and photo of Cline) Oct. 16, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Rex Hunsaker on the OTI football field as he surveys the damage done by vandals to the turf. Oct. 16, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Bob Mest and George Dugan in front of new 1959 Chevrolet Impala. Oct. 16, 1958 p6-A

   Stand-alone photo of Al Aldrich in front of new 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Club Victoria at Balsiger Motors. Oct. 16, 1958 p6-A

   Three mill levy endorsed by Klamath County Chamber of Commerce. Oct. 16, 1958 p7-A

   Stand-alone photo of Canada geese on the Lower Klamath Wildlife refuge, which will mark 50th anniversary of the founding of the reserve. Oct. 16, 1958 p4-B

   Stand-alone photo of the first sheet of softboard coming through the press at the Johns-Manville plant north of KF. Pictured are W.H. (Bill) Graham and R. Frank Tucker. Oct. 17, 1958 p1

   Bodies of two of the three hunters missing on Upper Klamath Lake since Tuesday have been recovered. Hal Furman was found after the dragging operation in the area of Buck Island and Skillet Handle. Furman’s son is still missing. Oct. 17, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Dave Davis, Mrs. Betty Boyle and Winston Purvine at KF Classroom Teacher Association meeting at Mills School. Oct. 17, 1958 p1

   Meeting of withdrawing members of the Klamath Indian Tribe has been called by Delford Lang in Chiloquin. Oct. 17, 1958 p4-A

   The new owners of Radio Station KFLW, Mr and Mrs. Stuart Wilson, have arrived in KF. (photo of the Wilson’s) Oct. 17, 1958 p4-A

   New highway bypass will cross over Nevada Avenue and a four-span bridge will carry the highway across the “A” Canal. Oct. 17, 1958 p4-A

   Full page advertisement for Brady’s Broiler, 620 Main, observing 4th anniversary and the new ownership of “Bev” Bevan. Oct. 17, 1958 p8-A

   Stand-alone photo oil painting of contralto Marion Anderson, done by Mrs. Emil (Vi) Biranowski of KF, that will hang this month near the door in the Klamath County Museum. Oct. 17, 1958 p9-A

   Advertisement for the Open House at the new Klamath Medical Clinic, 1905 Main St. (photos included) Oct. 17, 1958 p4-B

   Stand-alone photo of Pat Maguire, OTI Prom Queen. Oct. 19, 1958 p1

   Basin joins the world fete honoring United Nations. (photo of Mayor Lawrence E. Slater, Ross Ragland and Ben Kerns officially proclaiming United Nations Day. Oct. 19, 1958 p1

   Search being continued for the body of Hal Furman Jr., third member of the ill-fated hunting party. Oct. 19, 1958 p1

   Klamath Wildlife Refuge marks 50th Anniversary. Oct. 19, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of some of the OTI owls before the homecoming game with Southern Oregon College. Oct. 19, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of washers and driers being moved into Kingsley Field housing development. Oct. 19, 1958 p2-A

   Alfred D. Collier “Cap”, a member of the Klamath County Budget Board for 25 years, has resigned. Lester C. Offield to replace him. (photos of Collier and Offield) Oct. 19, 1958 p4-A

   New potato vine burner machine may revolutionize spud harvesting. It’s described as ‘the hottest thing in Klamath County’. (photos of experimental burner) Oct. 19, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of OTI Homecoming Queen Pat Maguire being crowned by Bob Scholl. Oct. 20, 1958 p1

   Truck crash demolishes Post Office at Midland. (photo of the semi with trailer lying sideways in Post Office) Oct. 20, 1958 p1

   Plans for regular morning patrols of both the east and west shores of Upper Klamath Lake, in an effort to recover the body of Hal Furman Jr. Oct. 20, 1958 p4

   City council reviews the traffic patterns in Mills Addition and the parking of delivery trucks. Oct. 21, 1958 p1

   Memorial Services for Hal Furman and his son Hal Jr., scheduled today. Hal Jr. still missing from deer hunting tragedy. (photo of Furman Sr. and Jr.) Oct. 21, 1958 p4

   A new curator, Ben Schwartz, for Klamath County Museum has been named by the board of directors. Oct. 21, 1958 p4-B

   Stand-alone photo of fifteen army helicopters at Kingsley Field en route to Ft. Lewis, CA Oct. 22, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Union High School K Club. Pictured are Jancy Meador, Pat Duncan, Stella Lummus, Carol Taylor and Susan Gedney. Oct. 22, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of dedication of Lucky Lanes new Brunswick bowling alleys with automatic pinsetters. Pictured is Merle Hanscam, owner. Oct. 23, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Kingsley Field’s new enlisted men’s kitchen. Oct. 23, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Cow Belles meeting in the Winema Hotel. Pictured are Mrs. Don Johnson, Mrs. H.A. DeLamater and Mrs. Lee Holliday. Oct. 23, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of kids at AAUW rummage sale. Pictured are Bobbie Klahn, Merridy Gerlach, Ernie Gerlach, Nancy Klahn, Megan Creswell and Karen Miller. Oct. 23, 1958 p4-A

   Dry Cleaners Association to hold annual meeting in Klamath Falls at the Willard Hotel. Oct. 23, 1958 p5-A

   The ??? Baffles Sheriffs Office. (photo of Deputies Fred Calfee and Del Summers with the little gray box that arrived in the sheriff’s office) Oct. 23, 1958 p7-A

   Orphaned calf adopted mare. Leonard Johnson, Scott McKendree’s foreman, found a calf owned by H.E. Wise, near Henley, nursing on a mare with her colt. (photo of mare and calf) Oct. 23, 1958 p10-A

   Mr. and Mrs. Devere Helfrich of Klamath Falls to show colored slides depicting pioneer trails of Oregon and California to the Siskiyou County Historical Society. Oct. 23, 1958 p11-A

   John Quinn of Tulelake explained theories concerning the caves and landsites of the Lava Beds National Monument at the meeting of Klamath Artifactors at the Klamath County Library. Oct. 23, 1958 p11-A

   Two Klamath Falls women, Mrs. Hallard Bailey and Mrs. Wallace Uerlings, have contributed a collection of pressed glass, now on exhibit at the Klamath County Museum. Exhibits are arranged by Mrs. Irene Seely, curator pro-tem. Oct. 23, 1958 p12-A

   Half-page advertisement for the Grand Opening of the completely remodeled, redecorated Lucky Lanes Bowling Alley, 3319 So.6th, Ph. TU 4-5245. Oct. 23, 1958 p11-B

   Stand-alone photo of Vern Howard, who was the winner from Lake and Klamath counties of the Odd Fellow and Rebekah sponsored trip to the United Nations in NYC last summer. Vern is shown with the Oregon delegates. Oct. 24, 1958 p1

   Circuit Judge David R. Vandenberg was endorsed by both the Klamath County Bar Association and the Klamath County Republican Central Committee for the position of judge of the U.S. District Court. (photo of Vandenberg) Oct. 24, 1958 p1

   The first sales of land in the Klamath Indian Reservation termination program will be made Nov. 24th. Oct. 24, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Union homecoming queen, Carol Taylor with Bob Drace. Oct. 24, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of County Judge Charlie Mack and base commander Colonel Jack W. Williams at Kingsley Field’s newly opened enlisted men’s dining hall. Oct. 24, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Virginia Morey, Helen Bassett and Floyd Wynne making plans for a Public Relations and Founder’s Day dinner at the Pine Grove Room in the Willard Hotel. Oct. 24, 1958 p2-A

   The search for the body of Hal Furman Jr., who has been missing since the Oct. 14th boating tragedy that claimed the life of his father and James Cline, continues on Upper Klamath Lake. Oct. 24, 1958 p4-A

   OTI Director, Winston Purvine, to speak at the 22nd annual Klamath Basin Potato Festival banquet. Oct. 24, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of Helen Der Miner getting her pilots license from Ned Putnam. Also pictured is her husband Don Der Miner. Oct. 24, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of Clemens Construction Company of Klamath Falls and Tulelake paving the sidewalk around the Klamath Falls Gospel Mission. Pictured are John Pederson, Clarence Stengle, Mac Bryan and Jack Wright. Oct. 24, 1958 p7-B

   Stand-alone photo of Herald and News staff posing near the old Duplex tubular press that was hauled out of the building after 22 years of faithful service. Pictured are Bill Foltz, Buster Bramlett, Ray DeLonge, Larry Glawe and Tom Burk. Oct. 27, 1958 p1

   Funeral services were held for Thomas Garrett Zinn, well known Klamath Falls resident. He retired in June from Weyerhaeuser Timber Company. (photo of Zinn) Oct. 27, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Collis Moore, National Republican committeewoman for Oregon, Mrs. Darrell Heard and Mrs. Marshall Cornett. Oct. 27, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Basin Potato Festival parade float heading down Front St. in Merrill. Pictured are Queen Myrtle Barnes, Becky Short, Sharon Jackson, Jean Pettigrew, Helen Collins, Vicki Haskins and Janet Keck. Oct. 27, 1958 p1

   Klamath County Court has noted some progress in its campaign to acquire rock sites and cinder pits on the Klamath Indian Reservation. Oct. 27, 1958 p5

   Advertisement for Rock and Roll Show and Dance at the Klamath Falls Auditorium (the Old Armory’s new name) featuring The Coasters and their orchestra. Oct. 27, 1958 p6

   Committee reports on Indian Termination. Oct. 27, 1958 p12

   Unlicensed bar, Bob’s Place, 533 S. Eighth St., raided; police capture six. Oct. 28, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of Marion T. Weatherford, Republican candidate for Congress. Also pictured are Swan Erickson, Haakon Tagesen and John Hoerth. Oct. 28, 1958 p7

   Stand-alone photo of New President of the Oregon State Dry Cleaners Association, Clarence Horn. Also pictured is Bert Farris. The convention was held at the Willard Hotel. Oct. 28, 1958 p8

   A Redding man, Theodore Papagene, was killed on U.S. 97 two miles south of Midland in a chain-reaction crash involving three trucks and two buses in dense fog. (photo of rescue workers and semi truck) Oct. 29, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Earl Wilcox and Dick Popp at the Klamath Tribal Sales office, 139 S. Seventh Street. Oct. 29, 1958 p1

   The largest tract of sub-alpine timber ever offered for sale in Oregon brought a high bid of $491,281 from the Diamond Lake Lumber Co. of Klamath Falls. Oct. 29, 1958 p1

   Ranchers’ problems cited by new Klamath County Cattlemen’s Association president, Bertland Stanley. (photo of Stanley) Oct. 29, 1958 p3-A

   Stand-alone photo of Turbine Pump Class Room on Wheels here for the Oregon Well Drillers Association convention to be held in KF at the Willard Hotel. Oct. 29, 1958 p4-A

   Jim Wells, manager of the KF Montgomery Ward store to speak at the 26th annual meeting of Merchants Credit Service, Inc. at the Willard Hotel. Oct. 29, 1958 p4-A

   Klamath County Judge Charlie Mack’s car hit a Copco pole when a birthday cake on his front seat began to slip. Oct. 29, 1958 p4-A

   Klamath Basin Girl Scouts will take a tree census in November and December. Oct. 29, 1958 p7-A

   Story of Eva Cook, Klamath County Treasurer, as a part of interesting woman in the KF Business and Professional Women’s Club. (photo of Cook) Oct. 29, 1958 p3-B

   Mrs. Grace Fife was honored on the eve of her retirement from the Montgomery Ward store in KF. (photo of Fife at a store breakfast at the Pelican Café with her husband, George and Jim Wells, manager) Oct. 29, 1958 p7-B

   Advertisement for Youth Honor Day Halloween Party at the Old Armory. Oct. 29, 1958 p7-B

   The State Board of Education voted unanimously at Salem to recommend leaving Oregon Technical Institute in Klamath Falls. Oct. 30, 1958 p1

   Klamath Falls Radio Station, Skyline Broadcasters Inc, granted application. Oct. 30, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mayor Lawrence Slater accepting first ticket to the 30th annual Policeman’s Ball from Patrolman Carl Jennings to be held at the Old Armory. Oct. 30, 1958 p1

   County Polling Places General Election, Nov. 4, 1958, precinct and locations. Also City Polling Places. Oct. 30, 1958 p1

   Kenneth McLeod, KF, will be among guest speakers at the 47th annual Oregon Reclamation Congress Meeting in Madras. He will speak on Drought and Tree Rings. Oct. 30,1958 p5-A

   Stand-alone photo of Candidate’s Fair sponsored by the League of Woman Voters at Fremont School. Pictured are Mrs. O.W. Goakey, Marie Obenchain and Mrs. Fred Sullivan. Oct. 31, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Gene Stroud who will call squares for dancers at Riverside School Fund Raiser. Oct. 31, 1958 p2-A

   The Shasta-Cascade chapter, Society of American Foresters will hold a field trip to Weyerhauser Camp 14 (Bear Flat) Oct. 31, 1958 p3-A

   Two resolutions will be presented at a meeting of withdrawing members of the Klamath Indian Tribe, announced by Delford Lang, at the Klamath Agency council hall. Oct. 31, 1958 p5-A

   City Park and Recreation Committee meeting at the Moore Park home of Mr. and Mrs. Al Knowles, with guest City Manager, G.S Vergeer. Oct. 31, 1958 p7-A

   Stand-alone photo of Brent Lawrence, 8, who was the proud winner of a new bicycle at the opening of The Toy World in Town and County Shopping Center. Also pictured Helen Der Miner co-owner of the store. Oct. 31, 1958 p10-A

   Advertisement for the 40th Anniversary of People’s Warehouse, 1425 South Sixth Street, at the north end of the new Overpass. (photo of Warren Bennet, manager-owner) Oct. 31, 1958 p10-A

   Stand-alone photo of Veda Gray with the remains of one of her cows on the Gray Ranch on the lower Klamath Lake Road. Nov. 2, 1958 p1

   District Attorney Arthur Beddoe lauds Grand Jury for swift job. Nov. 2, 1958 p1

   County Court informed the State Board of Census that its population estimate for Klamath County was completely haywire. Nov. 2, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of the Old Armory, which has been renamed the Klamath Auditorium officially. Nov. 2, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of The Coasters who will perform at the Klamath Auditorium. Nov. 2, 1958 p3-A

   History outlines need for Park-Recreation Levy. The KF Park Board was founded in 1918. KF first park was Stukel, Stukel and Martin Streets five years later. In 1926, the board assumed responsibility for Moore Park, which was given to the city in that year by Rufus and Clara Moore, though the present park includes property donated by Nelson Reed and Ed Geary. Nov. 2, 1958 p4-A

   The Klamath county court and the Bureau of Indian Affairs have decided to abandon plans to improve six miles of the Skeen Ranch Road on the Klamath Indian Reservation in favor of two bridges. Nov. 2, 1958 p4-A

   Athena Lampropulos, KF girl who is winning laurels in the world of opera in Italy, won first place in singing contest. Nov. 2, 1958 p7-A

   Stand-alone photo of Kermit Sheets with newspapers which have been in his family since they were printed in 1800. Some are on display at Fremont School. Nov. 2, 1958 p8-A

   Stand-alone photo of John. I. Mathews, member of the KF Fire Department with William Ackerman in Fundraising drive for Muscular Dystrophy. Nov. 2, 1958 p8-A

   Stand-alone photo of new officers at the final day of the annual convention of the Oregon Drilling Association at the Willard Hotel. Pictured are Jack Duus, Eldon E. Storey, Mark Christensen and Stanley Mohr. Nov. 3, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Oregon Tech football team being welcomed home with the school’s first Collegiate Conference championship. Pictured are Rex Hunsaker and his children Cheryl, Kent and Margene and Winston Purvine. Nov. 3, 1958 p1

   Three-way DA battle tops county campaign. Nov. 3, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Parks and Recreation budget chart. Pictured are Frank Spero and Roy Harris, supervisor; Ed Bingham and Al Knowles, Director Bob Bonney and City Manager G.S. Vergeer. Nov. 3, 1958 p4

   Stand-alone photo of the first Airman, T.Sgt. Virgil R. Mast and his family, to occupy one of the 290 new Air Force homes at Kingsley Field. Nov. 4, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Boy Scouts, Larry Koertje, Larry Sullivan, Danny Sullivan and Lee Hamilton giving a handbook, prepared by the Office of Defense and Civilian Mobilization, to Mrs. Sam Warren. Nov. 4, 1958 p1

   Kingsley Field has a new base procurement officer, Harry F. Keating. (photo of Keating) Nov. 4, 1958 p2

   Artists name KF woman, Mrs. Colista Dowling, as Art Week Chairman. Nov. 4, 1958 p3

   The discovery of the body of Hal Furman Jr. marks the final chapter to the boating tragedy that occurred on Upper Klamath Lake on Oct. 14th. (photo of Sheriff Murray “Red” Britton, Otis Standsbury, Deputy Dale Matoon and Ray Keller aboard the Nancy II) Nov. 4, 1958 p4

   There will be a cannon firing on the morning of Nov. 11, Veterans Day per request signed by Fred Heilbronner. Nov. 4, 1958 p4

   Full page public service advertisement, “All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing”-Edmund Burke-, encouraging people to vote. Nov. 4, 1958 p7

   Front page elections results from Klamath County. Nov. 5, 1958 p1

   Katherine “Kappy” Staunton, member of a longtime ranch family, was killed in tragic gun accident in her home in Tulelake. Nov. 5, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. Walter Brown and Mrs. Jack Warrick promoting American Art Week in Oregon. Nov. 5, 1958 p9-A

   Stand-alone photo of George Moulton, retiring from Southern Pacific service in KF, receiving a watch given to him from fellow engineer W.R. Homer. Nov. 5, 1958 p10-A

   Stand-alone photo of Rex Dye, Loree Phillips, Florence Chase and Mrs. Naomi Miller at the Oregon Nurses Association membership workshop in the Klamath County Library. Nov. 6, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of members of the Parent-Teen-Age Dance Council. Pictured are Barbara Vinson, Janice Shepard, Barbara Gallagher, Ina Arrington, Carolyn Ball, Marva Mortenson, Tom Milne, Chuck Lofsky, Fred Stilwell, Don Mills, Bob Ellingson and Joe Tacchini. Nov. 6, 1958 p1

   Chief of new Johns-Manville plant, William H. Graham, addresses local Chamber of Commerce forum at the Winema Hotel. Nov. 6, 1958 p4-A

   The Klamath Junior Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the KF Merchant Association, is organizing a Christmas Parade to be held Dec. 6 in conjunction with the opening of the Christmas shopping season. Nov. 7, 1958 p3

   Advertisement for West Coast Airlines. Come aboard the jet age. KF to Portland, 2 flights daily, $16.45 plus tax. Nov. 7, 1958 p5

   Stand-alone photo of Maj. Gen. Hugh A. Parker, handing over keys to the first home to be opened for personnel at Kingsley Field, to Air Force T. Sgt. Virgil Mast and his wife. Nov. 7, 1958 p16

   “Visit Your Local School” is theme of Education Week in KF. (several photos of students and teachers in different schools) Nov. 9, 1958 Mag. Sec. p1-7

   One of oldest dairies in Southern Oregon is the 560 acre dairy operated by I.L. and John “Bud” Harris at Lorella. The land was homesteaded in 1909 by grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Gale. (photos of dairy and family) Nov. 9, 1958 Mag. Sec. p16

   Stand-alone photo of Grand Chapter of Footprinters. Pictured are Len C. Crowther, Police Chief Charles Howard, William Fink and Larry Bergmann. Nov. 9, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of model of the Oregon Newspaper Association exhibit to the Oregon Centennial Exposition. Pictured are J.A. McDonald, Arthur L. Lowe, Phil Gardner, Mrs. Viola M. Puntney and Duane Lehr. Nov. 9, 1958 p2-A

   Stand-alone photo of Camp Fire Girls, Glenda Livesay and Evelyn Stafford counting trees as a part of a national project , part of a conservation program, “She Cares-Do You?”. Nov. 9, 1958 p3-A

   Tulelake National Wildlife Refuge has a new private phone number, previously it was on a nine-member party line. Nov. 9, 1958 p3-A

   Spanish-American Veteran, Charles C. Miles, honored by dinner party, in Fort Rock. Miles came West with his family from Texas in 1882 on a trip which took three years to make. Nov. 9, 1958 p4-A

   Frank Dolan, who has been running away for three months to avoid prosecution for writing bad checks, has turned himself in to Sheriff Red Britton. (photo of Britton and Dolan) Nov. 9, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of Klamath Basin truck dealers drawing to see who will sell to the Klamath Elks Lodge the pickup which will go to a member in December. Pictured are Exalted Ruler, Dr. Harry Leonard, C. Buz Larkin, Jim Olson, Mike Balsiger and Bob Mest. Nov. 9, 1958 p5-B

   Stand-alone photo of new Air Force homes on South C Avenue at Kingsley Field. Nov. 10, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of KF primary and secondary sewage treatment plant on the shore of Lake Ewauna, built by the H.G. Carl Construction Company and L.F. Henshaw Company. Cliff Sander, acting city engineer. Nov. 10, 1958 p1

   Howard Burkhard, well known contractor and head of Burkhard Construction Company in KF, died in SF. (photo of Burkhard) Nov. 10, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of new home at Kingsley Field to be occupied by the base commander, Colonel Jack Williams, located at the corner of E Street and North B Avenue. Nov. 11, 1958 p3

   W. Charles (Wally) Moss, has been named one of 10 prominent residents of Oregon, chosen on a basis of their knowledge and interest in the Civil War, to be members of the Advisory Council of the National Civil War Centennial Commission. (photo of Moss) Nov. 11, 1958 p5

   Retiring Den Mothers of Cub Pack 4 were presented with service awards at a pack meeting at Mills School. Pictured are Clubmaster Lester Tinker giving awards to Alice Galloway, Dorothy Otterbein and Helen Ronningen. Nov. 11, 1958 p12

   Times announced for Polio Clinics, sponsored by the Klamath County Council of PTA. Nov. 12, 1958 p1

   First telephone was installed in the new Kingsley Field housing facilities, in the home of S. Sgt. and Mrs. Jack F Lair, by installer, Harold Rush. Nov. 12, 1958 p7-A

   Stand-alone photo of Karl Dehlinger, Crater Lake Potato Distributors, who has developed a gift pack of Klamath Gold’n Gems. Nov. 12, 1958 p3-B

   Albert Galla rescued a dog from a 110 foot deep abandoned well on Lower Klamath Lake. Nov. 12, 1958 p3-B

   Pioneers of the Bly Community, Frank Obenchain Sr. and E.J. Casebeer reviewed the early days when horses and cattle were the source of income for ranchers, at the Nov. 5 meeting of the Klamath County Historical Society. Mrs Buena Stone reported on the recent placing of a marble headstone at the grave of Ichabod Hall, veteran of the War of 1812, buried in the Hall Cemetery, Langell Valley. Nov. 12, 1958 p5-B

   Stand-alone photo of Richard Schluter, Al Geiss, and Earl Tiede getting ready for the forth annual Stockmen’s Day at Oregon Tech. Nov. 13, 1958 p1

   Stand-alone photo of Mrs. J.M. Parsons, Mrs. J.R. Dalton, Mrs. Wallace Britton, Mrs. Web Van Meter, Mrs. Mary Gunderson and Mrs. Carl Proebstel at Altamont Elementary School in observance of American Education Week. Nov. 13, 1958 p1

   Fire damages at the Algoma home of C.E. Rodekuhr. Nov. 13, 1958 p4-A

   Stand-alone photo of “She Cares-Do You?” national conservation project of the Camp Fire Girls, which officially opened Nov. 10th at dedication ceremonies at 15 schools in the Klamath Basin. Shown at Mills School are Janet Torgerson, City Manager, G.S Vergeer and several students. Nov. 13, 1958 p2-C

   Fire destroys Gienger building in Chilouqin, Nov. 27, 1958, p1.

   Streets in Kinglsey housing development (Falcon Heights) named for disinguished airmen (map), Dec. 1, 1958, p1.

   Photo of man getting haircut at flophouse, Dec. 11, 1951.



   $2.2 million land deal in Modoc County (N.H. Monroe & Sons, seller; Galvin family, buyer)(Winema Farms, Ash Valley Ranch), Jan. 1, 1959, p1.

   New year babies (photos, Pamela Ann Foster, Brian Millard Ward), Jan. 1, 1959, p1.

   Lewis Dudley and his boss Laddie Campbell, who lost bales of hay on S. 6th and E. Main. (photo, Dudley and Campbell), Jan. 1, 1959, p4-A

   Outgoing president of Reames Golf and Country Club(photos, Wes McNee with Jim Kerns Jr., BobEgge, Frank Mosebar and Paul Angstead), Jan. 1, 1959, p5-A

   Top news of 1958 in pictorial review, Jan. 1, 1959, p8, 9, 10A

   Mr. Oregon, Cecil Phillips, former KF resident, (photo, Phillips), Jan. 1, 1959 p11-A

   25th annual stockholders meeting of the Klamath Production Credit Association at the Klamath Auditorium (photo, overhead view of members at last years meeting), Jan. 1, 1959, p12-A

   Signal Oil Dealer at 1406 Main gives away trailer in local contest (photo, Dick Richards, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Fiala), Jan. 1, 1959, p10-B

   School work progressing as ordered by State Fire Marshal, Hugh H. Earle (photo, Charles Chaffee, Loren Stroud, Riverside School), Jan. 2, 1959, p1

   Increases in timber cuttings in Federal forest lands supplying the Klamath Basin will offset the expected reduction in cutting of the Klamath Indian timber, Jan. 2, 1959, p1

   Car crashes into the Metler Brother Building, S. 6th and Altamont Dr. (photo, car, building), Jan. 2, 1959, p1

   Drug Store Proprietor sells pioneer business, 2212 S. 6th (photo, Lee Hendricks, Frank J. Broderick), Jan. 2, 1959, p4

   Moose Lodge bellringers collect discarded Christmas trees, bonfire on Biehn St. (photo, Jim Harpole, Vane Caley, Orval Musgrove, Mel Robinson, Steven Glawe, David Musgrove, John Lindmeier), Jan. 4, 1959, p1

   Ice skaters along Alameda (photo, Claudia Fillmore, Elaine Fillmore, Beverly Stone), Jan. 4, 1959 p1

   New approach to property tax assessments in Klamath County, Jan. 4, 1959, p3-A

   Mullet fishing in Klamath Lake (photos, Fred Deamuth), Jan. 4, 1959, Mag. Sec. p-2,3

   Early day Indians wars described in old volume (Massacres of the Mountains, 1815-1875, by J. P. Dunn, Jr.)(reference to Modoc Indian War) Jan. 4, 1959 Mag. Sec. p-4

   Klamath County Court swearing in ceremonies conducted by County Judge Charlie Mack (photo, Mack, District Judge D. E. Van Vactor, County Treasurer Eva Cook, County Surveyor Lyle Smith), Jan. 5, 1959, p1

   City Council tabled plans for alternate access road to Riverside School, Jan. 6, 1959, p1

   Enlistees in the regular army on the way to Fort Ord at Klamath Airport (photo, Don Drake, Roger Kauble, Darryl Chaffee, Sam Moss, Reginald Powell, Bob Schroeder, Sgt. I.C.M.W. Buess), Jan. 6, 1959, p1

   KF man burned seriously as petroleum can erupts, (photo, blaze at 1723 Oak Ave.), Jan. 6, 1959, p1

   Small tree grows large at a home on 321 Alameda (photo, Mrs. Gertrude Whistler), Jan. 6, 1959, p3


   Knife and Fork Club meeting at the Willard Hotel (photo, John Pettley, John Howard, Ross Ragland), Jan. 6, 1959 p4

   Chamber of Commerce introduces slate to keep pace with the future program (photo, Eugene D. Emunson, Jim Wells, Bob Mest), Jan. 7, 1959, p1

   New Orson A. Stearns School at Laverne and Crest opens (photos, Peterson Principal Art Millard, Pupil Danny Nelson), Jan. 7, 1959, p1

   SF Operatic Quartet to perform at the Pelican Theater (photo, Margot Blum), Jan. 7, 1959, p3

   Eugene Werner, longtime resident of KF, died (photo, Werner), Jan. 7, 1959, p3

   New secretary to Col. Jack W. Williams, Kingsley Field base commander (photo, Mrs. Frances M. McCracken), Jan. 7, 1959, p11

   North European teachers visit KF schools (photo, Miss Louise A. B. Meinck, Miss Karen B. Davidsen, Finn Havnevik, Miss Eeva F. Riikonen, Sven K. Nyberg, Miss Ilma S. Hakulinen), Jan. 8, 1959, p1

   Geological survey report of the Klamath River, released by the Dept. of Interior, said the river’s flow is sustained largely by ground water which filters through volcanic rocks and enters the river and its tributaries through springs and seepage, Jan. 8, 1959, p1

   Man, woman practicing fast draw leads to apprehension of suspects, Jan. 8, 1959, p1

   KF theater (Esquire) tower passes crisis, but giant crane slates removal (photo, tower of Esquire Theater leaning), Jan. 8, 1959, p1

   Air Force Sergeant retires at Kingsley (photo, S. Sgt. Joseph B. McKenzie, Col. Jack W. Williams, Mrs. McKenzie), Jan. 8, 1959, p10-C

   Karen Mode won statewide Voice of Democracy speaking contest (photo, Karen Mode), Jan. 11, 1959, p1

   YMCA had 1958 deficit; cuts cost this year, Jan. 11, 1959, p7-A

   City Park and Recreation Inter-Agency Council (photo, Wilbur Womer, Jerry Thorne, Lillian Hoffman, Bob Bonney), Jan. 11, 1959, p7-A

   Director of Enterprise Irrigation District ends long service (photo, Gus J. Hilyard, Klamath County rancher), Jan. 11, 1959, p8-A

   Several Bureau of Indian Affairs employees transferred from Klamath Indian Agency last month, Jan. 11, 1959, p6-B

   98 species of birds tallied in the 11th annual Christmas bird count of the Nature Society of the Klamath Basin, Jan. 11, 1959, p6-B

   Wolff Brothers and Son potato operation (photos, Gerry Wolff, Leonard Kinney, Mrs. Henry Wolff, Ruby Rife, Jin Estes, Alvin Kellog, Leaon Andrews), Jan. 11, 1959, Mag. Sec. p2,3,4

   Stocking-Mask thief gets $107 in Durrell’s Flying A gas station, 1130 Main St, holdup, Jan. 12, 1959, p1

   First pro tem president of the Oregon Senate is from KF (photo, Sen. Harry D. Boivin), Jan. 12, 1959, p1

   Klamath County Representatives , John Kerbow and Carl Yancey present at meeting of the Klamath County Farm Bureau, Jan. 12, 1959, p4

   Ski slope at Union Creek, west of Crater Lake, is open for skiing, Jan. 12, 1959, p4

   City resident since 1876 dies on Jan.10 (born Nov. 3 1873), buried at Linkville Cemetery. Father, Otto Ernest Heidrich owned blacksmith shop (photo, Mrs. Marion (Amelia) Hanks), Jan. 12, 1959, p4

   Member of pioneer family dies on Jan. 9 (born Jan. 5, 1868), father was friend of Capt. Jack of the Modoc Tribe (photo, George Maston Miller), Jan. 12, 1959, p4

   Campaign, “Keep Pace With Tomorrow”, to develop the Klamath Basin’s industrial and civic potential in the future (photo, Andy Collier, Russ Tisdale, Bob Veatch), Jan. 13, 1959, p1

   Former police officer, Otis Metsker, criticizes present operations, Jan. 13, 1959, p1

   West side bypass under construction (photos, workers at Nevada St. and A Canal area, California overpass), Jan. 13, 1959, p1

   Stolen goods found in wrecked car parked across the street from the Baldwin Hotel, Jan. 13, 1959, p4

   Body found of KF Air Force man in New Mexico (photo, A. 1. C. Vincent W. Reece), Jan. 13, 1959, p7

   Klamath Indians advised by Sen. Richard Neuberger that they have lost about 29 million dollars from the value of the Klamath Indian Reservation pine timber stand, Jan. 14, 1959, p1

   United Fund Treasurer, Leo Molatore, notes losses of pledges, Jan. 14, 1959, p4

   Annual meeting of the Klamath Wool Pool to be held at Henley Grange Hall, Jan. 14, 1959, p4

   Headliners at the KF Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Singing in America (photo, Don McDaniel, Fred Anderson, Dave Baughman, Dick Saylor), Jan. 14, 1959, p7

   Katie Whiteline celebrates 91st birthday with former students, (photo, Mrs. Katie Whiteline, Mrs. Henry (June) Grimes, Mrs. George (Minnie) Grizzle, Mrs. Edna (Houston) Carnahan), Jan. 14, 1959, p8

   Architects’ rendering of improvements to be made to the First Federal Savings and Loan Association Building, 540 Main St., Jan. 15, 1959, p1

   Salesman with Eagle Equipment Company, KF, won trip to Nassau by the J. I. Case Company (photo, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Samson, William Dusler), Jan. 15, 1959, p3-A

   Two Indian land sales approved, Jan. 18, 1959, p1

   Thieves steal coin collection, valued at $10,000 (photo, Maurice Miller at empty safe), Jan. 18, 1959, p1

   KF Kiwanians at annual dance (photo, Gene Favell, Lt. Gov. Abe Neslin, Bob Kent), Jan. 18, 1959, p1

   Klamath County Junior Historical Society to take part in Centennial observation (photo, Harold Gabrielson, Ginny Fredricks, Jim Gregory, Sue Ann Owens, Ken Libby, Tommy Johnson, Margaret Henry, Margaret Swansen, Dolores Savio, Nicki Burgoyne, Georgie Johns, Joe Matlick, Fred Ehlers, Gordon Dalcour), Jan. 18, 1959, p1

   United States National Bank of Portland to be trustee to manage the property of 474 remaining members of the Klamath Indian Tribe, Jan. 18, 1959

   County Agent gives report on noxious weed, control, Jan. 18, 1959, p5-A

   Library Club members, some wearing dresses which belonged to Langell Valley pioneer, Mrs. Ida Campbell Gerber (photo, Mrs. E. Jack Warrick, Mrs. H. O. Juckeland, Mrs. A. H. Patterson Jr., Mrs. Robert Cuentlet, Mrs. A. Ivan Thompson), Jan. 18, 1959, p1-C

   Mexican burro given to Metler family on Crystal Springs Road (photos, Pamela, Brenda, and Glenda Metler, Harold Metler), Jan. 18, 1959, Mag. Sec. p1,2,3


   Winema Mills completely destroyed by fire in Merrill (photo, remains of Mill), Jan. 19, 1959, p1

   25th anniversary of the Klamath Production Credit Association members meeting and dinner (photo, 400 people in the Klamath Auditorium), Jan. 19, 1959, p1

   ‘Opry’ singer, Faron Young, to appear at the Klamath Auditorium, Jan. 19, 1959, p5

   25th anniversary of the Klamath Production Credit Association, (photo, A. R. “Orb” Campbell, Mrs. William Bell, Mrs. Frank Tofell, William Bell, Frank Tofell, George Stevenson, Henry C. Gerber, Mrs. Gerber, Mrs. A. R. Campbell, Mrs. John Taylor, John Taylor), Jan. 20, 1959, p1

   County Judge Charlie Mack viewed by Gov. Mark Hatfield for possible appointment to the State Tax Commission, Jan. 20, 1959, p1

   Former KF residents find seeing eye dog for blind son, (photo, Tim Schneebeck, Thunder), Jan. 20, 1959, p3

   Mac’s Store, Henley landmark since 1912, to be torn down and replaced by new store, according to owner, Forrest Breithaupt, with Verne McClellan, whose father built the first store, (photo, Forrest Breithaupt, Verne McClellan, old and new Mac’s Store), Jan. 20, 1959, p5

   Full page advertisement for the newly remodeled Winema Hotel, Harold S. Hulse, Gen. Mgr., 1111 Main St. (photos, new Aluminum front entrance, coffee shop, Thurston’s Dance Studio, a typical guest room), Jan. 20, 1959, p7

   Representatives of the Klamath Indian Tribe told Oregon Council of Churches Indian Affairs meeting that they fear the federal government might cheat them, Jan. 21, 1959, p1

   Jim Harpole, scout executive of the Modoc Area Council of the Boy Scouts, resigns post, (photo, Jim Harpole), Jan. 21, 1959, p1

   Klamath Union K Club volunteered its services to Little League Ballpark Benefit smoker set for the Klamath Auditorium, (photo, Gary Kranenburg, Wayne Scott), Jan. 21, 1959, p1

   Klamath County YMCA membership roundup observation, (photo, Bobby Campbell, Steven Voss, Violet Koehn, Jim Enman, Christie May, Peggy Mezger, Donna Mezger, Sherrill Zirkle), Jan. 21, 1959, p1

   Members of the San Francisco Operatic Quartet to appear at the Pelican Theater (photo, Quartet, Nimo Comel), Jan. 21, 1959, p3-A

   Friday evening lively at Klamath YMCA, 722 Pine Street (photos, Glenn Fundenberger family), Jan. 21, 1959, p6-A

   Cattle rustling trial of Eldon Shafer and Paul R. Wilson, preliminary bring fractious opinions, Jan. 21, 1959, p6-A

   KF teachers seek boost in salary, Jan. 21, 1959, p3-B

   Full page advertisement for Little League Community Boxing Smoker at Klamath Auditorium on Jan. 22nd, Jan. 21, 1959, p5-B

   Stocking mask bandit robs Idella’s Grocery Store, 2846 S. 6th St. (photo, Idella’s Grocery), Jan. 22, 1959, p1

   Gilchrist Timber Company has made available storage space for supplies, for equipping a 200-bed civil defense emergency hospital (photo, Joe Searles, Melvin G. Gordon, Frank R. Gilchrist), Jan. 22, 1959, p1

   Hospital survey being considered, Jan. 22, 1959, p1

   Klamath Kurbstone Kowpokes playing cards for March of Dimes benefit dinner (photo, ‘Wild’ Bill Opie, Bob ‘Will Travel’ Wilson, Lloyd ‘Slick’ Mudder, Fred ‘Bronco’ Lawrence), Jan. 22, 1959, p1

   Little League fundraiser at Klamath Auditorium feature local boxers (photo, Airman Bernard Hill from Kingsley Field, Jim Whitmire from Lakeview), Jan. 21, 1959, p2-B

   Recommendation of the appointment of Leroy Fernlund as Postmaster at Bonanza has been made by Rep. Walter Norblad, Jan. 22, 1959, p4-A

   Legislature to hear KF court shooting case in 1957 that involved Earl Cramer opening fire and killing Fred Peterson and wounding Jerry Rajnus, Jan. 22, 1959, p4-A

   Amateur Boxing Little League Fundraiser program set for KF Auditorium tonight (photo, KUHS’s Ed Daniels, Harry Avrill of Lakeview), Jan. 22, 1959, p11-A

   Klamath Chapter, Daughters of the American Colonists proposed to catalog all family Bibles which contain records of births, marriages and deaths, in commemoration of Oregon’ Centennial year (photo, Mrs. Lawrence ‘Alpha’ Phelps, Mrs. Robert Odell, family resident of Klamath County since Modoc War, 1880 Bible), Jan. 22, 1959, p12-A

   Klamath County Judge Charlie Mack has been appointed to the State Tax Commission by Gov. Mark Hatfield (photo, Charlie Mack), Jan. 25, 1959, p1

   Mrs. Emma Dow came to Klamath County 50 years ago when the railroad ended at Teeter’s Landing and travelers finished the trip by boat up the Klamath River (photo, Emma Dow), Jan. 25, 1959, p4-C

   Klamath County YMCA membership roundup (photo, Ross Ragland, Wilbur Womer), Jan. 26, 1959, p1

   Mrs. Minerva Brown, whose family played and important role in the Modoc Indian War of 1872-73, died on Jan. 23 at age 61. She was the granddaughter of the famous Winema Toby Riddle, Jan. 26, 1959, p4

   Pickets halt operations at KF Weyerhaeuser Timber Company, Jan. 27, 1959, p1

   Arthur T. Tappan, KF Fire Department fireman for 31 years, died Jan 26 at Hillside Hospital (photo, Arthur T. Tappan), Jan. 27, 1959, p1

   Lt. Col. Raymond A. Thornton, executive officer for the 408th Fighter Group at Kingsley Field, will depart for new duty assignment (photo, Raymond A. Thornton), Jan. 27, 1959, p1

   First jet aircraft (Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star jet trainer) to be assigned to Kingsley Field (photo, Capt. Quitman Zeagler in jet), Jan. 27, 1959, p1

   Cattle rustling trial interrupted over evidence, Jan. 27, 1959, p2

   KF City Council hears resolution to fence the A Canal, Jan. 27, 1959, p2

   24th presentation of a Distinguished Service Award under the auspices of the KF Junior Chamber of Commerce will take place in the Willard Hotel (photos, Stanley Masten Jr., Don Johnson, Arnold Brandt), Jan. 28, 1959, p1

   Pickets leave KF Weyerhaeuser Timber Company, Jan. 28, 1959, p1

   Overheated stove cause of a fire which destroyed a cabin owned by Andrew Zudell, located at his Junction Service Station and Grocery on the Keno Rd. (photo, fire truck, cabin), Jan. 28, 1959, p1

   Cattle rustling trial testimony centers on Rainier Ranch, Jan. 28, 1959, p4

   Leo Morstad was presented with the Distinguished Service Award for 1958, Stanley Masten Jr. with the Outstanding Young Farmer Award at the annual banquet at the Junior Chamber of Commerce (photos, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Morstad, Jack Douglass, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Masten Jr., Phil Blohm), Jan. 29, 1959, p1

   Legal maneuvering delays cattle rustling trial continuance, Jan. 29, 1959, p4-A

   B & B Radio and Electric, 316 S. 6th employees sort out old 78 rpm records to provide space for new Stereo albums (photo, Mrs. Mary Bray, Joe W. Emmett), Jan. 29, 1959, p7-A

   Uhlig’s Electric Store, 1026 Main St., stolen items (photo, Juvenile Officer Gene Olp), Jan. 30, 1959, p1

   Cattle rustling trial may reach jury today, Jan. 30, 1959, p4-A

   Klamath Saddle Club has signed up to participate in the Centennial Pony Express. The 25-member club joins with the Klamath Sheriff’s Posse in the June event, Jan. 30, 1959, p4-A

   Vigorous street fights reported by KF Police, Jan. 30, 1959, p4-A

   Advertisement for the California Oregon Power Company: A modern Homemaker’s Resolution: No Dishwashing grind in fifty-nine! Buy a dishwasher, Jan, 30, 1959, p5-A

   Chicago Opera Ballet to perform at the Pelican Theater (photo, Marjorie Tallchief), Jan. 30, 1959, p8-A

   Klamath County Museum Board announced new curator, Ben Swartz, will arrive soon. Museum received from Klamath Indian Agency, a copy of the Final Register of Klamath Reservation, treaty of 1864, copies of rare books on the Modoc War, Jan. 30, 1959, p10-B

   Armed bandit hits Safeway store, gets away with $1,000 to $2,000, Feb. 1, 1959, p1

   History was made when Fire Engine bore the body of Arthur Tappan, retired city fireman with 31 years’ service, from Sacred Heart Church to Klamath Memorial Park (photo, fireman, fire truck with church in background), Feb. 1, 1959, p1

   Klamath Agency Jaycees honor outstanding farmer, top citizens (photos, Dale Williams, Gordon Givan, Chester Jack, Joe Jackson, Edward Strong), Feb. 1, 1959, p3-A

   John Patrick (Jack) McAuliffe, prominent stockman of Lake and Klamath County died in SF on Jan. 30. Jack, 74, was born in Ireland, member of the Wood River Pioneers and Old Timers (photo, John Patrick McAuliffe), Feb. 1, 1959, p3-A

   Defendant takes stand in cattle rustling trial, Feb. 1, 1959, p4A

   Klamath Hardwoods becomes big industry, firm listed as big factor in basin area’s progress (photos, G. S. Vergeer Sr., Mayor Lawrence Slater, A. J. Honzel), Feb.1, 1959, p8-C

   Stocking-Masked bandit strikes the Western Union office, 716 Main, Feb. 2, 1959, p1

   Nalley’s Potato Chips were sold on downtown KF streets to benefit March of Dimes Drive (photo, Darlene Gaster, Linda Yuen, Jancy Meador), Feb. 2, 1959, p2

   Southern Pacific’s new electric rotary snowplow, one of five built in the Sacrament shops of the railroad, is now stationed in Eugene (photo, rotary snowplow), Feb.4, 1959, p1

   Nearly 4,000 men idled by new Weyerhaeuser Timber Company picket line, Feb. 4, 1959, p1

   Cattle rustling larceny jurors hand down guilty verdict, Feb. 4, 1959, p1

   Oldest real estate business in Klamath area, Chilcote and Smith, 111 N. Ninth St., will observe the 50th anniversary of its founding in Oct. (photo, window display saluting Oregon’s 100th birthday anniversary), Feb. 4, 1959, p2

   Review of data of the 1958-59 waterfowl season, released by Vernon Ekedahl, manager of the Tule Lake Wildlife Refuge, Feb. 4, 1959, p3

   Advertisement for Penny’s: Just arrived Records, Halo, High Fidelity, 88 cents, Feb. 4, 1959, p5

   H. O. Juckeland, member of the KF Chapter Sportsmen Pilots of Oregon, has been named to serve as general chairman of the second annual Aviation Week on May 18 in the Basin (photo, H. O. Juckeland) Feb. 4, 1959, p8

   Chamber of Commerce campaign “Keep Pace with Tomorrow” meeting with KUHS Pep Band (photo, agriculture group, Pep Band), Feb. 5, 1959, p1

   Mrs. Daisy Holt Koenig, 65, resident of Klamath County for 58 years, dies in Bonanza on Feb. 3. Her father, Elmer K Smith, helped build the first roads in Klamath County and the Bureau of Reclamation “A” Canal. Interment will be in the family plot in Linkville Cemetery, Feb. 5, 1959, p4-A

   One man fulfilled Klamath County’s draft quota for Jan, board clerk Mrs. Ted Case said, Feb. 5, 1959, p4-A

   Rock ‘n’ Roller, Gene Vincent to make personal appearance at show and dance at the Klamath Auditorium, Feb. 5, 1959, p4-B

   Walker named as Klamath County Judge; Ganong, County Commissioner (photos, Robert R. Walker, Frank Ganong), Feb. 6, 1959, p1

   Old-Timers in aviation in the Klamath Basin to be honored at banquet in Willard Hotel (photo, Baldy Evans, E. V. Allen, Pappy Newlun, Bud Cloake, Gary Fagg, Dr. Paul Sharp, Chet Stinson, Tony Steinback, Ray Royce), Feb. 6, 1959, p1

   Outstanding citizenship awards in the 1959 United Fund-Red Cross drive given at Willard Hotel (photo, George Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Frances Wishart, Mrs. Bertha Hultman, Lowell Kaup, Carolyn Hurley), Feb. 6, 1959, p1

   Funeral services for Daisy Holt Koenig, 65, who died in Bonanza Feb. 3, to be held in St. Pius, interment in Linkville Cemetery (photo, Daisy Koenig), Feb. 6, 1959, p3

   Defense asks new site for next cattle rustling trial, Feb. 6, 1959, p5

   Chiloquin man, Warren M. Ruff admitted shooting wife, Agatha, after quarrel (photo, Deputy Sheriff Alvie Youngblood, Ruff, Chiloquin Patrolman Don Campagna, Sheriff Del Summers, Chiloquin Police Chief Charles Rogers), Feb. 8, 1959, p1

   County Court bought a piece of land it has been trying to get for 6 years, to build a bridge that will open the Homedale Addition, Feb. 8, 1959, p1

   Taking the oath of office are Frank Ganong, county commissioner, Robert Walker, County Judge by Circuit Judge David R. Vandenberg (photo of Walker, Ganong, Vandenberg), Feb. 8, 1959, p1

   Resigning his job as county judge, Charlie Mack, hands formal statement to Commissioners Ed Gowen and Robert Walker (photo, Mack, Gowen, Walker), Feb. 8, 1959, p1

   Off-street lots answer to parking dilemma in KF, Feb. 8, 1959, p3-A

   Judge denies effort to move Wilson (cattle rustling) trial (photo, cow in controversy), Feb. 8, 1959, p4-A

   Di Giorgio Fruit Corporation announces that Gustave A. Krause, president of Klamath Lumber and Box Company, is retiring after 38 years. Krause came to KF in 1909 when population of KF was 1,000 (photo, Gus Krause), Feb. 8, 1959, p4-A

   Basin water supply low, but may hold for season, Feb. 8, 1959, p4-A

   Outstanding Citizenship Awards in the 1959 United Fund-Red Cross drive given by 12 year old Carolyn Hurley (photo, Hurley, Rodney Larson, Mrs. Ada Sproat, Jack Grewell, Mrs. Eugenia McCoy, Leo Kamps, Herman Barndt, Henry Tucker), Feb. 8, 1959, p4-A

   Attractive Stearns School combines function with economy (photos, gymnasium, classrooms, Blanche Montgomery’s fourth grade class, Principal Max Marvin), Feb. 8, 1959, p7-A

   Bly tavern, Halfway House, burglarized, loot guessed at $1,500, Feb. 9, 1959, p1

   Pickets back at entrance to Weyerhaeuser Timber Company, Feb. 9, 1959, p1

   Dick Falconer is new president of the Tulelake Growers Association (photo, Falconer, Sam Wynn, Burris Short, Wilbur Edwards), Feb. 8, 1959, p1

   Transfer of control of the Capehart housing units at Kingsley Field to the Air Force was formally effected, ( photo, Edgar Boyd, Harry Keating, Stephen Sanford, Joseph Gresham, Charles Mc Colloch, Arvin O. Robb, Hal Ellis, Ken Hobbs, Harold Schielz, John Carter Jr., Oscar Pederson, Al Buckner), Feb. 9, 1959, p4

   Jury picking underway for Paul R. Wilson’s cattle rustling trial, Feb. 9, 1959, p4

   Police officers, John Kennard and Cornelius Lasher, were called out when five horses were reported loose on Main and E. Main Sts. It took four hours and assistance from Jack Plumlee (Hart Hotel) to get them in a makeshift corral near the Esplande-Michigan intersection, Feb. 9, 1959, p4

   Full-page advertisement for the Grand Opening of Hal’s Sport Shop at their new location, 532 Main St. (photos, Hal Shidler, Grace Shidler, Kick McDonald, Jean McDonald), Feb. 9, 1959, p9

   Old-fashioned gowns will make their appearance at the Centennial Dinner at the Winema Hotel on Feb. 14, when the Klamath County Historical Society will commemorate the 100th birthday of Oregon (photo, Mrs. Minnie Grizzle, Mrs. Blanche Ager, Mrs. Ida Grimes), Feb. 9, 1959, p14

   Resignation of Andrew Loney Jr., director of music education in KF public schools for 17 years to take effect (photo, Loney), Feb. 10, 1959, p1

   Air Force announced that the 322nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron will be transferred to Kingsley Field, Feb. 10, 1959, p1

   Lt. Col. Leland R. Raphun, director of operations for the 408th Fighter Group at Kinsley Field will be guest speaker at Veteran of Foreign Wars meeting (photo, Raphun), Feb. 10, 1959, p4

   Attorney’s statements open new cattle rustling trial, Feb. 10, 1959, p4

   Old-Timers in aviation hold meeting, Capt. Ray Royce, 28th Air Division, 82nd Fighter Squadron, U. S. Air Force to speak (photo, Royce), Feb. 10, 1959, p12

   Children’s Dental Health Week at area schools (photos, Dr. Harold L. Catmull, Lynnda Kramer, Robert Narramore, Sharon Freed, Julayne Holmes), Feb. 11, 1959, p1

   International Woodworkers of America called off its pickets at Weyerhaeuser Timber Company, Feb. 11, 1959, p1

   Benjamin “B. K.” Swartz is the new curator of the Klamath County Museum (photo, Swartz), Feb. 11, 1959, p1

   Attorney Joseph W. Stearns challenged KF District Attorney Arthur A. Beddoe to a fist fight at the cattle rustling trial, Feb. 11, 1959, p4-A

   Body of Eda Mae Jackson (Chocktoot) found near Southern Pacific Railroad tracks, Feb. 11, 1959, p4-A

   On the spot appraisal of public land in the Klamath Straits Area of Lower Klamath Lake is being made by Ron Ahern, field representative for congressman Al Ullman for three members of a group of war veterans currently leasing the land from the Reclamation Service under veteran’s preference (photo, Ahern, Verland Huff, Wallace Britton, Sherman Waldrip), Feb. 11, 1959, p4-B

   Advertisement for the World Radio premiere of new musical comedy “Oregon! Oregon!”, a centennial fable in three acts on KFLW, Feb. 11, 1959, p6-B

   Cattle rustling case takes holiday recess, Feb. 12, 1959, p4-A

   City Police Officer Ray Howard and State Patrolman Robert Troutman looking over stolen goods in 20 cases of vandalism (photo, Troutman, Howard, loot), Feb. 13, 1959, p1

   Mills school stage performance of The Oregon Trail, directed by Mrs. Joyce Stofft (photo, Stofft, wagons, children), Feb. 13, 1959, p1

   Conger School presents Valentines for Oregon, in honor of Oregon’s 100th birthday (photo, Conger students), Feb.13, 1959, p1

   W. Ray Lamb of the Canada Dry Bottling Company of KF talks to Roy W. Moore Jr. President of Canada Dry Corp (photo, Lamb, Moore), Feb. 13, 1959, p7-A

   First annual dinner meeting of the Klamath Falls Gospel Mission is planned (photo, James Walbrink, John Pedersen, Rueben Larsen, Willard Cederleaf), Feb. 13, 1959, p8-A

   Annual Crab Feed given by the Malin Chamber of Commerce in Broadway Hall (photo, Cecil Jackson, Kenneth Huffman, Jack Storey, Hank O’Keefe, James Conroy, Joe Halousek, Walter Stastny), Feb. 13, 1959, p8-B

   Dispute statement given by local Weyerhaeuser Timber Company Manager, Feb. 13, 1959, p8-B

   Oregon Statehood celebration in Mrs. Velma Taylor’s Classroom at Peterson School (Randy Shaw holding gun, Sally Bane, Suzanne Cavette), Feb. 15, 1959, p1

   State rests presentation in cattle rustling trial, Feb. 15, 1959, p4-A

   Malin Boy Scout, Edwin J. Stastny Jr. met President Eisenhower in Washington (photo, Stastny Jr., Capt. N. B. Lanning, first commander of the atomic submarine, Seawolf), Feb. 15, 1959, p4-A

   Celebration of Oregon’s 100th Birthday at Peterson school, Mrs. Ruth Graham’s classroom (photo, Larry Siegner, Steve Nelson, Jolene English), Feb. 15, 1959, p5-A

   Remains found in Merrill’s D Canal listed as Giant Pliocene Camel. The camel bones will be kept in the Klamath County Museum, (photos, Lloyd Seely Jr., Ben Murphy, Carol Howe, Bill Burk, heaters to keep the bones from freezing), Feb. 15, 1959, p7-A

   Mayor Lawrence Slater is shown accepting an Oregon birthday cake from Bill Riley for Oregon’s100th birthday (photo, Slater, Riley), Feb. 15, 1959, p8-A

   Markers designate historical points (photos, Eulalona Indian Village, a populous settlement on both sides of the river before the white mans era, Schonchin, head chief of the Modocs, his courageous loyalty to his treaty obligations kept the bulk of his tribe from the warpath and saved the Klamath settlements 1872-73. Marker erected by Eulaona Chapter, D.A.R.,1932, The Stone Bridge, On July 6, 1846, the fifteen pioneers who Located the South Road from Fort Hall to the Williamette Valley crossed Lost River on the ledge underlying this dam., 1927, Fort Klamath, established 1863, abandoned 1869, soldiers were stationed here for protection of settlers and travelers in early days, The first building of Linkville, founded in 1867 by George Nurse, stood near this place, Marker placed near the “George Washington elm, on KUHS campus. Mrs. Lloyd Goble was then chapter regent), Feb15, 1959, p3-C

   Daughters of the American Revolution plan Eulalona Site Restoration, Feb, 15, 1959, p3-C

   Roy Gooding runs a modern poultry farm in Klamath (photos, Monte L. Hays, gathering eggs, Gooding Poultry Farm, egg room, Mrs. Violet Hays operating the candling process), Feb. 15, 1959, Mag. Sec. p1-7

   Trio suspected of robbing a Pelican City grocery, captured later eating dinner at the Blue Ox Restaurant (photo, City Police Officer Victor Murdock, Larry Theodore Roosevelt Mills, Wayne Colvard, Raymond Short, Police Officer Oscar Gerleve), Feb. 18, 1959, p1

   Group of the Famous Vienna Choir Boys en route to concert stayed at the Winema Hotel in KF (photo, Boys Choir outside their bus), Feb. 18, 1959, p1

   Rampaging fire sweeps downtown La Grande area, Feb. 16, 1959, p1

   Paul Robert Wilson guilty of cattle rustling, Sentencing set for Friday, Feb. 18, 1959, p4-A

   Herald and News Carrier, Mrs. Lee Farrow, of Yreka, who covers the motor route for the paper in Montague, Yreka and Hawkinsville, is also a student pilot (photo, Farrow), Feb. 18, 1959, p9-A

   Vernon J. (Jerry) Silva looks at the typewriter and check protector which Sheriff Murray Britton helped retrieve from a canal (photo, Silva, Britton, stolen items), Feb. 18, 1959, p10-A

   Klamath Chief of Police Charles A. Howard is picked for FBI Schooling, (photo, Mayor Lawrence Slater handing Howard his official invitation from Director J. Edgar Hoover, FBI), Feb. 20, 1959, p1

   Final Cattle Rustling charges dismissed against pair, Feb. 20, 1959, p4

   Klamath County’s legislative delegation requested that an interim committee of nine members be named to study Indian problems, Feb. 20, 1959. p4

   Rock ‘n Roll Dance featuring Chuck Berry and his orchestra to appear in the Klamath Auditorium on Feb. 26th (photo, Berry), Feb. 20, 1959, p7

   F-102 Delta Dagger to be displayed as part of Kingsley Field’s change-of-command ceremonies (photo, F-102 Delta Dagger), Feb. 22, 1959, p1

   Members of the Joint Ways and Means subcommittee on the OTI budget meet in KF (photo, Sen. Edwin Durno, Dan Thiel, Monroe Sweetland, Rep. Leon Davis, Stafford Hansell, Clarence Barton, Al Flegel, Rep. Keith D. Skelton, Sen. Jean Lewis, Rep. John Kerbow and Sen. Alfred H. Corbett, Winston D. Purvine), Feb. 22, 1959, p1

   First three queen candidates for the National Invitational All-Indian Basketball Tournament to be held in Chiloquin (photo, Margarette Jackson, Viola James, Joy Ann Bojorcas), Feb. 22, 1959, p4-A

   Klamath Soil Conservation Unit marks 10th Anniversary (photos, area of Malin, district map, Myron Taylor, grazing sheep, trash dam), Feb. 22, 1959, Mag. Sec. p1-5

   Change of command plans for Kingsley Field call for a colorful ceremony plus a static display of aircraft (photo, F-89 Scorpion), Feb. 23, 1959, p1

   Discussing OTI and its future (photo, Sen. Jean Lewis, Sen. Al Corbett, OTI director W. D. Purvine), Feb. 23, 1959, p2

   Octogenarian, Lorin M. Streeter, spent 52 years on his ranch on the Wood River, recalls cattle drives, chuck wagon, lonely night watches (photo, Streeter), Feb. 23, 1959, p10

   F-104 Starfighter, the Air Force’s latest supersonic interceptor aircraft, will be on display at Kingsley Field (photo, F-104 Starfighter), Feb. 24, 1959, p1

   Mental act scheduled for the Knife and Fork Club meeting at Willard Hotel (photo, The Tuckers, mentalists), Feb. 24, 1959, p4

   International relations group taught by Paul Deller at KUHS appeared at annual meeting (photo, Dell Smith, John Brinegar, Dave Garrison, Jim Compton, Dan Johnson, Judy Cullimore, Deller), Feb. 25, 1959, p1

   Kingsley alters ceremony times (photo, Col. Jack W. Williams), Feb. 25, 1959, p1

   Police stage second juvenile roundup (photo, State Patrolman Robert Troutman, City Police Officer Ray Howard looking over stolen loot), Feb.25, 1959, p4-A

   Boiling water coming out of a 40-foot well in the front yard of the Frank Hart residence, 2 miles north of Lakeview (photos, geyser of steam, coating of ice on wires), Feb. 26, 1959, p1

   Change of command ceremonies at Kingsley Field (photo, Maj. Gen. Hugh A. Parker, Gen. Curtis R. Low, Gen. Charles R. Bond Jr.) Feb. 26, 1959, p1

   Advertisement for Rock ‘n Roll Dance tonight! Auditorium featuring Chuck Berry and his Orchestra, Feb. 26, 1959, p2-A

   Advertisement for Rock ‘n Roll Dance featuring Chuck Berry and his Orchestra, Feb. 25, 1959, p6-A

   Klamath Kurbstone Kowpokes, local organization which boosts the promotion of the Klamath Basin, Feb. 26, 1959, p4-A

   Klamath County Road Department has new shop building on Washburn Way off S. 6th St., designed by Morrison and Howard (photo, shop building), Feb. 27, 1959, p1

   Mrs. Lena Lavenberg Low, Klamath County resident since 1886, died on Feb. 26th, interment in Linkville Cemetery. She was born in 1864, daughter of pioneer Oregon parents, widow of Charles Low who was Klamath County Sheriff, mother of Lloyd Low who was Klamath County Sheriff, operated restaurant near the Link River Bridge, her husband took the first group of Modoc Indians from the Klamath Reservation to Oklahoma at the end of the Modoc War (photo, Mrs. Lena Low), Feb. 27, 1959, p1

   Static Display of aircraft at Kingsley Field (photo, F-104 Starfighter), Feb. 27, 1959, p1

   Officials of the Oregon and California Societies of the National Society, Children of the American Revolution, were present in KF (photo, Deane Judd, Sally Robinson, Mrs. Mary Romanowitz, Edna Chambers, Mrs. Guy Barton, Eva Burkhalter), Feb. 27, 1959, p1

   Robert E. Bonney, KF superintendent of parks and recreation, has been appointed to the national advisory committee for the international recreation service of the National Recreation Association, Feb. 27, 1959, p4

   Members of the Oregon and California societies of the National society, Children of the American Revolution to meet to strengthen group, Feb. 27, 1959, p4

   Marching in review before a group of top Air Force Officers and civilians were airmen from Kingsley Field and the Haymaker Mountain radar unit (photo, marching airmen), Mar. 1, 1959, p1

   Klamath County Agent’s office handing out pamphlets and literature on home improvements at the 6th annual Klamath Basin Home Show (photo, Mrs. Dean Dragoo, J. D. Vertrees), Mar. 1, 1959, p1

   The Sea Clefs of Coos Bay, barbership singers, to perform at Pelican Theater (photo, Tom Graham, John Anderson, Harold Mitchell, Irv Warner), Mar. 1, 1959, p5-A

   Jim Parks is new manager of the J. J. Newberry Company Store at 825 Main St. (photo of Parks), Mar. 1, 1959, p8-A

   Mrs. Buena Stone won title of “Woman of Achievement” by the Quota Club at annual banquet at Yacht Club (photo, Stone), Mar. 1, 1959, p1-B

   New Tulelake business venture is the High Valley Mills which opened on Hwy 139 for the manufacture of livestock pellets (photos, pellet mill operation, Jorgen Marcher, Francis “Red” Webb, Frank King, Woodrow Chambers), Mar. 1, 1959, p8-C

   Oregon Forestry Board stepping up rehabilitation of reforestation in Klamath County (photo, members of the Klamath Forest Protective Association, Harry Marshall, Ted Telline, Paul Nichols), Mar. 1, 1959, Mag. Sec. p1-2

   Douglas Smelcer honored as ‘Farmer of the Year’ by the supervisors of Langell Valley Soil conservation District (photo, Smelcer with Hereford cattle with Bryant Mt), Mar. 2, 1959, p1

   Bruce Black is new park naturalist at Crater Lake National Park, Mar. 2, 1959, p3

   Former Klamath resident, Mrs. Harlan P. Bosworth Jr., named as mother of the year (photo, Bosworth), Mar. 3, 1959, p1

   Bill to authorize use of Bureau of Indian Affairs revolving loan fund for withdrawing members of Klamath Indian Tribe introduced by Sen. Richard Neuberger, Mar. 3, 1959, p1

   Slate of officers at annual membership meeting of Klamath-Lake National Farm Loan Association (photo, Bryant Williams, Vancil Withers, Lawrence Horton, William F. Jinnette, Roy Gooding, C. D. Putz, Fred Peat, Mrs. Hugh Estes), Mar. 3, 1959, p1.

   Answers to the “Know Your Own State and County Contest” (Feb. 15, 1959, p5-C), sponsored by the Eulalona Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Mar. 3, 1959, p3.

   “General Pershing” type steam locomotive, built during WW1, paused briefly in KF on its way to Green Bay, Wisconsin, where it is slated for interment in the National Railroad Museum, Mar. 3, 1959, p5.

   Klamath Rugg Face Brick from the Klamath Brick and Tile Company, operated by Wendell Smith, being loaded into a freight car by C. W. Nehl for delivery to Oakland (photo, Nehl, bricks), Mar. 3, 1959, p10.

   Several hundred birds are reported to have died from fowl cholera in the Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Mar. 4, 1959, p1.

   Klamath Kurbstone Kowpokes on goodwill mission to Reno to invite the governor to visit KF on his way to Oregon Centennial exposition (photo, Bill Opie, Art Grigg, Lloyd Mudder, Bob Wilson, Jerry Henegen), Mar. 4, 1959, p1.

   Key to the city to be given to Victor Borge at performance, proceeds for completion of Kiwanis Park on Kit Carson Way (photo, Robert Kent, Mayor Pro Tem Oliver Spiker), Mar. 4, 1959, p1.

   Mustache cup (from 1905), held by Otis Metsker whose family came to Klamath County in 1920, was used by men with a mustache (photo, Metsker, cup), Mar. 4, 1959, p4-A.

   The rare Great Gray owl has been seen feeding on mice in Fort Klamath, Mar. 4, 1959, p4-A.

   Advertisement for Victor Borge in person at the Klamath Union High School Auditorium, Mar. 4, 1959, p5-A.

   Naturalization ceremonies by Judge David R. Vandenberg (photo, William Fitzgerald, Nellie Josefina Miller, Epifania Olvera Rodrequez, Stafford G. Thomas, John Biazio Reginato, Helga Katarina Larson, William Fitzmaurice, Ezio Camillo Sari, Filomena Cadorin , Leonila Yasana, Angelo Negro), Mar. 5, 1959, p1.

   Victor Borge to appear in KF (photo, Borge), Mar. 5, 1959, p2-A.

   Suit regarding ownership of the Stevens Hotel across Fourth St. from the courthouse has been filed by George Stevens against Anna Mae Seemes and William and Vivian Booth, Mar. 5, 1959, p5-A.

   County Road Shop combines modern design, low cost (photos, Judge Bob Walker, Fred Keiser, Commissioners Gowen and Frank Ganong, County Engineer Bill Canton, exterior of building, John Howard of Morrison and Howard), Mar. 5, 1959, p8-A.

   Cold Spring Forest Camp on Pelican Butte (photo, cabin, Gene Cox), Mar. 6, 1959, p1.

   Appointment of B. K. Swartz Jr., new curator of the Klamath County Museum, as Klamath County Centennial chairman (photo, Swartz), Mar. 6, 1959, p3.

   Amanda Cowen, oldest member of the Klamath Tribe (104), was honored on her birthday (photo Cowen, Donna Robinson, Micki Wolff, Janice Hicks), Mar. 6, 1959, p2.

   Mt. Laki Community Church observes 50th Anniversary (Mrs. Minnie Grizzle, charter member), south of KF (photo, John Koontz homestead (first church), new sanctuary, Rev. Jarvis, John Koontz, Mrs. A. D. Addison, Jacob G. Stevenson, Mrs. J. G. Stevenson), Mar. 6, 1959, p8.

   Construction of 93 apartment units in KF, Washburn Way, Shasta Way and Pershing Way, Mar. 8, 1959, p1.

   Clean shaven men may be fined by Klamath Kurbstone Kowpokes in Centennial Celebration, Mar. 8, 1959, p1.

   County Courthouse is to be remodeled to accommodate a second circuit courtroom for Klamath County, Mar. 8, 1959, p1.

   Eugene G. Favell, prominent Lakeview businessman, died in Arizona (photo, Favell), Mar. 8, 1959, p1.

   Local schools observe Oregon’s 100 birthday (students of Henley, Marion Maxwell, John Johnson, Jim Graves), Mar. 8, 1959, p1.

   Klamath Falls Gospel Mission will observe its first anniversary with an annual banquet (photo, Jimmie Wahlbrink), Mar. 8, 1959, p2-A.

   Crater Lake National Park has a new park naturalist (photo, Bruce Black), Mar. 8, 1959, p3-A.

   Martha O. DeLap, widow of Charles R. DeLap, former Klamath County Clerk, family was rescued from hostile Indians by troopers from Fort Klamath in 1861 (Modoc Indian War), Mar. 8, 1959, p4-A.

   Victor Borge to bring his ‘Comedy in Music’ to KF (photo, Borge), Mar. 8, 1959, p5-A.

   Pioneer exhibit as part of the Centennial was arranged by pupils at Bly School (photo, Mrs. Walter Camberon, Larry Cobb, family heirlooms), Mar. 8, 1959, p7-A.

   Eugene A. Favell, Lakeview’s most prominent citizen, died in Arizona. Born in 1889, moved to Lakeview in 1915, Mar. 9, 1959, p4.

   Mrs. Martha Octavia DeLap died Mar. 6, 1959. Born 1860 in Missouri, she crossed the plains when she was one in a wagon train with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Farrar, came to Linkville in 1883, Mar. 9, 1959, p4.

   Centennial Beards (photos, Cliff Nelson, Ben Kerns, Louis Schmitz, George Clark, Gill Morey, Tommy Reeves, Bob Scholl, Estin Kiger), Mar. 10, 1959, p1.

   Officers of the United Fund for 1960 (photo, Mrs. Bill Graham, Rob Phair, Dick Gallagher, Frank Ganong), Mar. 10, 1959, p1.

   Harry “Win” Kinney (73), longtime resident of Klamath County, died today. Mr, Kinney, retired teacher, son of pioneer parents, Alfonso and Ada Andrew Kinney, who came by wagon train to Oregon, Mar. 10, 1959, p4.

   Masonic funeral services for Eugene G. Favell will be Thursday, Mar. 11, 1959, p1.

   Merchants set celebration on Main Street (photo, Kurbstone Kowpokes, Spike Pittman, Art Grigg, “Bronco” Fred Lawrence), Mar. 11, 1959, p1.

   New telephone equipment to provide Bly residents with phone system (photo, phone building), Mar. 11, 1959, p1.

   Last rites for Harry ‘Win” Kinney (photo, Kinney), Mar. 11, 1959, p4-A

   800 block Main Streeters scrub front of businesses (photos, Frank Kennedy (Woolworth’s), Bob Harvey (J. C. Penny), Leo Morstad (Leo’s Camera), Bob Beach (Beach’s Jewelers), Harry Glesin (Herman’s Men’s Store), Chuck Mortensen (Currin’s For Drugs), Mar. 12, 1959, p1.

   Chief Lefty Wilder and family dressed in costumes, will perform tribal dances at All-Indian Invitational Tournament (photo, Chief Lefty Wilder, Mrs. Genie Wilder, Leonard (Strongbow), Ralph (Umpky, Tony (Red Fox), Mar. 12, 1959, p10-A.

   Victor Borge parlayed wit into top comedy (photo, Victor Borge), Mar. 12, 1959, p12-A.

   Ray Garrison, member of the Klamath County School Board, announced his intention to run for 3rd term (photo, Garrison), Mar. 13, 1959, p1.

   Roaring welcome to Basin slated for comic-pianist (photo, Victor Borge), Mar. 13, 1959, p1.

   Edward Ostendorf, 71, former well-known KF businessman and onetime mayor, died today (photo, Ostendorf), Mar. 13, 1959, p1.

   Klamath Saddle Club members being trained for coming Centennial Pony Express mail ride (photo, Mrs. Donna Abner, Mrs. Dorothy Harrington, Mrs. Clara Howard, Mrs. Juanita Stevenston, Mrs. Lavina Mattoon), Mar. 13, 1959, p10-A.

   Victor Borge scheduled to appear in the auditorium of Klamath Union High School tonight (photo, Victor Borge and family), Mar. 15, 1959, p1.

   Kingsley Field’s housing situation threatens to become more critical, Mar. 15, 1959, p1

   Victor Borge Day starts today, Mayor Lawrence E. Slater signs royal proclamation (photo, Slater, Marion Grant), Mar. 15, 1959, p4-A.

   National All-Indian invitational tourney pairs top-ranked quintets at Chiloquin (diagram of All-Indian Basketball Tournament Bracket), Mar. 15, 1959, p3-B.

   Snow survey work aids in water supply forecast (photos, Roger Reid, Gene Cox, SCS Sno-Cat), Mar. 15, 1959, Mag. Sec. p1-4, 12.

   Groundbreaking at Rickfalls Apartments, 2660 Shasta Way (photo, Trigvie Vik, Arthur Rickbeil, Murdo Morrison, Bob Eickmann), Mar. 16, 1959, p1.

   Victor Borge welcomed at KF train station, played to half-empty house at KUHS (photo, Borge, Sheriff Murray “Red” Britton, Kurbstone Kowpoke Fred Lawrence, Julian Eccles, Robert Kent in antique auto), Mar. 16, 1959, p1.

   Crowds of people on Main Street scrambled for balloons being released with certificates inside (photo, crowd of people in front of J. C. Penny Company), Mar. 16, 1959, p1.

   Mrs. Aline Louise Reid, 88, longtime resident, owned the Men’s Hand Laundry (Photo, Reid), Mar. 16, 1959, p4.

   August L. Andrieu, Klamath Basin farmer since 1911, led in development of the Lower Klamath Lake area for farming, died Mar. 14th (photo, Andrieu), Mar.16, 1959, p4.

   Map of State of Oregon painted on muslin to be presented to grand madame president of the Eagles Auxiliary, Mrs. Stella Moorehouse (photo, Mrs. Glenn H. Hageman), Mar. 17, 1959, p1.

   Photographer, Donald Kettler’s, spring photos (photos, Debra, Joe and Denise Demetrakos with baby goats on Wampler Ranch), Mar. 17, 1959, p1.

   City Manager, G. S. Vergeer Sr., to ask county court to assist the Park and Recreation Department, Mar. 17, 1959, p4.

   Mrs. Loella Anderson, Beatty, gives talk of early days on the Klamath Indian Reservation to pupils at Bly School (photo, Anderson), Mar. 17, 1959, p12.

   Daughters of the American Revolution, Eulalona Chapter, good citizenship awards to be given to Darlene Gaster and Sharon Kafton (photo, Gaster, Kafton, Mrs. H. A. Nitschelm), Mar. 18, 1959, p1.

   City and County law enforcement officers to hold classes (photo, City Fire Chief Roy Rowe, Acting Police Chief Archie Huff, Eugene Fire Chief E. L. Smith, State Police Lt. Jack Beers), Mar. 18, 1959, p1.

   John Dixon, 96, one of the colorful early day figures of Klamath County, died in Feb. in CA. He was a cowboy, buffalo hunter, lumber worker, rancher, friend of Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane before coming to Klamath and managed a cattle ranch, cleared land and broke horses for Jesse D. Carr, Mar. 18, 1959, p4-A.

   Viola James named queen of the 1959 Invitational National All-Indian Basketball Tournament (photo, James, Margarette Jackson, Irene Olney, Joy Ann Bojorcas). Mar. 19, 1959, p1.

   Chamber of Commerce first spring forum (photo, Julius R. Jensen, William Wessinger, Bob Mest, Loyd A. Arnold), Mar. 19, 1959, p1.

   ‘Back to the Beard’ may soon be the rallying cry of gentry around the Klamath Basin, beard contest at the J. W. Kerns Company building (photos, Al Proytz ‘longest beard’, Ray Plank ‘curliest beard’, Spencer Clark ‘best trim’, Louis Lappert ‘oddest trim’, Clinton Pierce ‘grand prize winner’), Mar. 19, 1959, p3-A.

   Family Bibles prove to be an invaluable source of historical data according to Mrs. Arch G. Proctor. Small, leather bound Bible which once belonged to George Nurse, founder of Linkville, inscribed with his birthdate, June 4, 1820, is now in the family of Mrs. G. H. (Nell) Hancock, her brother, Dr. W. Ross Boyd, and their sister, Mrs. Mary Boyd Wagner, Mar. 19, 1959, p4-A.

   State of Jefferson Camera Clicks, Centennial Beards (photos, Leon Adreon, Alden Sheridan , Homer Garich, Ed Gerrue, Clinton Pierce, Frank Jakubowski, George Tsakonas, Dale Faries), Mar. 19, 1959, p11-B.

   Mrs. Clayton Wiard won her weight in groceries at the Big Y Market (photo, Wiard, Stu Wilson, Ron Phair), Mar. 19, 1959, p11-B.

   Klamath Air Search Rescue Unit names new officers (photo, Lee McFarland, Orval London, Les Liston, Rex Morehouse, Betty Nickelson), Mar. 20, 1959, p1.

   Annual Pacific Northwest Restaurant Exposition meeting at Kingsley Field (photo, KF Mayor Pro-Tem Oliver Spiker, Judy Paulson, Lloyd Mudder, Avis McConnell, Charles Schuss, Marvin Brown), Mar. 20, 1959, p1.

   Colorful dance ceremony held at Chiloquin High School as a part of the All-Indian Basketball Tournament (photo, Sanders Heath, Blanche and Alex Tohet), Mar. 20, 1959, p1.

   Pretty Buck, a horse movie star, appeared in Tower Theater Box Office, to promote movie ‘The Sad Horse’, which he played Northwind (photo, crowd of people, Pretty Buck), Mar. 20, 1959, p8-A.

   Main Street beauties in front of Spudnut Shop appear in Centennial frocks (photo, Mrs. Walter Clarey, Mrs.Roy Gooing, Mrs. R. F. Davenport), Mar. 20, 1959, p9-A.

   Easter Bunny to plant about 6,000 eggs at Moore Park, Mar. 20, 1959, p10-A.

   Pelicans place sixth in State Tournament (photo, Lois Snead, Marilyn Metler, Jackie Dawn, Stephanie Walker, Carole Brisbon), Mar. 22, 1959, p1.

   Citizen of the Year in Merrill (photo, Lewis S. Kandra, Bill Falvey, Alonzo Hodges), Mar. 22, 1959, p1.

   H. F. (Bud) Smith, Klamath Falls attorney wins the Toastmasters Club district speakoff in Medford (photo, Smith, Don Smith, Paul McAfee, Al Nyback, Jim Floyd, Chet Clark, Cecil Drew, Tom Dunn, Walter Risse, Frenchie Richard), Mar. 23, 1959, p1.

   National Invitational All-Indian Basketball Tournament queen, Viola James (photo, James), Mar.23, 1959, p14.

   Strong objections to a new government appraisal of the Klamath Indian Reservation, Mar. 24, 1959, p1

   Community Concert Association recruiting members (Mrs. Herbert Landis, Eva Dickson, Mrs. George Kovich), Mar. 24, 1959, p1.

   Construction at Nevada Street interchange of the West Side Bypass (photo, giant crane), Mar. 24, 1959, p1.

   Edward M. Savage, longtime resident, worked at Modoc Lumber Co. plant in Pine Ridge, Chiloquin Lumber Co., Ewauna Box Company, died Mar. 22 (photo, Savage), Mar. 24, 1959, p4.

   KF City Council amends dog laws, dogs will no longer be permitted to annoy, molest or harass automobiles, bicycles or persons, Mar. 24, 1959, p4.

   Full page advertisement to buy U.S. Savings Bonds (photo, Mrs. U.S. Savings Bonds ‘Mrs. W. Murray Severance’), Mar. 24, 1959, p11.

   Promoters of interest in cutting horse events in the Klamath Basin are members of the Klamath Ridge Riders (photo, Jim Stevenson, Ken Snyder, Sharon Hotchkiss, John Owens, Gail Quigley), Mar. 25, 1959, p1.

   A bill to permit the secretary of the Interior to make interest-free loans to Indians withdrawing from the Klamath Tribe under the government program of termination of jurisdiction over the Southern Oregon reservation, Mar. 25, 1959, p1.

   Klamath County Cow Belles pick ‘Father of the Year’, John P. Kerns of Keno (photo, Kerns, Mrs. H. A. DeLamater), Mar. 25, 1959, p1.

   Newly-formed committee to organize a civil defense plan in Klamath Target Area schools lacks one member, Mar. 25, 1959, p3-A.

   Bartender at the Pastime Tavern on Klamath Avenue accidentally shot himself in the hip, Mar. 25, 1959, p4-A.

   Integration of Air Force personnel stationed at Kingsley Field in the life of the KF community main objective of the Kingsley Field-Klamath Falls Community Council newly formed (photo, Col. Jack W. Williams, Mayor Lawrence E. Slater, Linus Birk, Lt. Col. Leland R. Raphun, R. Frank Tucker, Maj. Eugene Hollway, Jim Wells, Walt McIntyre, Robert Wagner, Lt. Col. William Wilkinson, Lt. Col. Lloyd LeMay, George Callison, Maj. Richard Mallon), Mar. 26, 1959, p1.

   Conversion of POW Camp to a four-county youth camp wins approval, Federal Bureau of Prisons indicated that they plan to give up their lease on the former Japanese Relocation Center south of Tulelake, Mar. 27, 1959, p4-A.

   KF Community Council’s publicity director, Ross Ragland, to put together a guide book of the city’s organizations and their functions, Mar.27, 1959, p4-A.

   Advertisement for Rock ‘n Roll Dance featuring Brook Benton at the Klamath Auditorium, Mar. 27, 1959, p6-A.

   Advertisement for Merchant’s Lunch at the wonderful Pelican Café with drawing of Café, Mar. 27, 1959, p1-B

   Klamath Basin Barbershop Show, at the Pelican Theater, may be the last on the last one (photo, Claude Davis, E. H. Cochrane, Dr. Frank Johnson, Jim Perkins in Centennial beards), Mar. 29, 1959, p3-A.

   Many of the 44 buildings proposed for use as a four county youth camp at Newell are in good repair and quantities of equipment are still housed at the site of the former Army headquarters at the Japanese War Relocation Center (photos, building with stacked mattresses, aerial of camp, dining room and kitchen), Mar. 29, 1959, p4-A.

   Bly postmaster, Mrs. Georgia Casebeer, to retire after 25 years, survived one safe robbery, two relocations (photo, Casebeer), Mar. 29, 1959, p4-A.

   Members of the Klamath Mineral Club (photos, collection of agates, Clarence and Frieda Cornett, Paul and Agnes Kindsvater, Bill Vernon, Louis Pinion, 165 pound agate nodule, tumbler), Mar. 29, 1959, Mag. Sec. p1-3.

   The flow of the Klamath River is sustained by the outflow of ground water which filters through highly permeable volcanic rocks and enter the river through large springs, Preliminary Report on the Ground-Water Resources of the Klamath River Basin contains 248 pages, 10 plates, 4 tables of hydrologic info on 600 well and springs, Mar. 29, 1959, Mag. Sec. p9.

   Over-all map of the KF school program displayed by superintendent , Arnold Gralapp (photo, Gralapp), Mar. 30, 1959, p1.

   John Hagelstein, 70, died at Hillside Hospital Mar.29, member of pioneer Klamath County family in Algoma, Mar. 30, 1959, p4.

   Weyerhaeuser Timber Company’s plant safety plans (photo, George Kovich with cutouts of race horses), Mar. 31, 1959, p1.

   Group orders construction of Air Terminal at Kingsley Field (photo, obsolete terminal built during WW11), Mar. 31, 1959, p1

   Centennial gowns and face-framing sunbonnets made by Mrs. Irene Wilson of Irene’s Curiosity Shop, 125 N. Fourth St. (photo, Wilson), Mar. 31, 1959, p3.

   Hagelstein rites set, came to Klamath County in 1893 with his parents John and Marie Hagelstein, devoted his life to livestock business with his brother George in Algoma (photo, John R. Hagelstein), Mar. 31, 1959, p4.

   Kingsley Field becomes operational, 5 years of struggle ends, 12 Sabre Jets guard peace (photos, Kingsley Field, F-86 Sabre Jet), Apr. 1, 1959, p1.

   Ross Ragland, former first vice president of the Community Concert Association, was named to the presidency (photo, Ragland), Apr. 1, 1959, p4-A.

   Billy Jackson shown in new Pop’k’us Swinche (baby board) brought to him from his great grandmother (photo, Larson Jackson, Billy), Apr. 1, 1959, p10-A.

   Timbered unit was successfully bid by Leroy Gienger from sale of economic units from Klamath Indian Reservation, Apr. 1, 1959, p4-B.

   Advertisement for Rock ‘n Roll Dance featuring Brook Benton at Klamath Auditorium, Apr. 1, 1959, p10-B

   First Federal Savings and Loan Association undergoing complete remodeling at 6th and Main Street (photo, scaffolding on building), Apr. 2, 1959, p1

   Bill Dunn, veteran conductor, came to KF in 1928, retired from Great Northern Railroad (photo, Dunn, R. H. Trelease, Dan Parks), Apr. 2, 1959, p5-A.

   Advertisement for Penney’s 57th Anniversary events, Centennial Spirit, Apr. 2, 1959, p5-A.

   Variety Show, with local and out-of-town talent, will be given at the Arch Theater in Bly (photo, Mrs. Jerold Dillavou, Mrs. Jack Larson, Olive Hall, Mrs. Herbert Hadley, Mrs. Jack Dillavou), Apr. 2, 1959, p9-A.

   New deputies in Sheriff Murray Britton’s office are Mae Sloman and Louis Bogart (photo, Sloman, Bogart), Apr. 2, 1959, p9-B.

   Sheriff Red Britton put two trusties to work on a corral which would encircle the jail lawn, in preparation for Oregon’s Centennial (photo, Britton in front of jail), Apr. 3, 1959, p1.

   Klamath Aircraft Service, celebrating its 15th anniversary in KF, will host Piperama Day (photo, Tony Steinbock), Apr. 3, 1959, p2-A.

   Soil Conservation Service snow surveyors measuring snow on Bly Mtn. (photo, Walt Risse, Bob Bagett), Apr. 3, 1959, p3-A.

   Oregon Centennial Van of History will be in front of the J. C. Penney Store at Eighth and Main Streets (photo, group of children), Apr. 3, 1959, p4-B.

   Essay Contest winners at Sacred Heart Academy (photo, Larry Jackson, Selma Matson, Deanna Louie, Mrs. Raymond Tice), Apr. 6, 1959, p1.

   New Officers of the KF Oregon Education Association (photo, Louis Corrigan, Marianna Kerr, Stanley McClellan, Marjorie Redkey, Sidney Ratzlaff, William Kurtz), Apr. 6, 1959, p1.

   Minnie Pearl in Grand Ole Opry show to be at Klamath Auditorium (photo, Minnie Pearl), Apr. 6, 1959, p6.

   32-foot cut from one of the largest yellow pine trees of the Klamath Indian Reservation has been donated by members of the Klamath Tribe to Collier State Park (photo, W. W. Timm, Don Cox, W. E. (Bill) Strongfeld, Carl Stiles), Apr. 7, 1959, p1.

   Oregon History Showcase, the Van of History, drew big crowd at J. C. Penney Store (photo, Van of History), Apr. 7, 1959, p1.

   Fire Chief Roy Rowe of the Klamath Falls Fire Dept. removed an untended stick of dynamite left on the courthouse steps, Apr. 7, 1959, p4.

   Awards presented to members of Balsiger Motors sales staff (photo, Micky Carr, Bill Ledbetter, Bob Bergman, Larry, Klahn, Jack Miller, Hugh Kidd), Apr. 7, 1959, p5.

   Wiard Park, museum, ready for summer visitors (photo, old buckboard), Apr. 7, 1959, p5.

   Work on the Westside Bypass continues on overpass on California and First St. (photo, workers from the Tom Lillebo Construction Co.), Apr. 8, 1959, p1.

   Frankie Lester, a swingin’ singer, will be at the Klamath Auditorium with the Billy May band (photo, Lester), Apr. 8, 1959, p3-A.

   Garage at the rear of the KF Gospel Mission, 823 Walnut Ave., is being torn down to make way for new addition (photo, John Pederson, Jack Wright), Apr. 8, 1959, p8-A.

   Advertisement for Grand Ole Opry’s Minnie Pearl, Bobby Helms, Bill Monroe and Red Sovine at the Klamath Auditorium, Apr. 8, 1959, p8-A.

   Stored water saving day for farmers in the Basin, Apr. 8, 1959, p5-B.

   Full-page advertisement for the Gun Store, 714 Main, Apr. 8, 1959, p7-B.

   Ben Murphy, KF school bus driver, became the 100,000 visitor to the traveling museum, Oregon Van of History (photo, Murphy with cake), Apr. 9, 1959, p1.

   Full-page advertisement for Drew’s Manstore, 733 Main and Town and Country Shopping Center, featuring man with Centennial beard, Apr. 9, 1959, p12-A.

   Advertisement for Eagles Benefit Dance staring the Billy May Band and Frankie Lester at the Klamath Auditorium, Apr. 9, 1959, p1-B.

   Mrs. Hazel A. Stewart, 73, mother of Louis Stewart, mayor of Merrill, died yesterday, Apr. 10, 1959, p4-A.

   Advertisement for Minnie Pearl to appear at Klamath Auditorium, Apr. 10, 1959, p6-A.

   Advertisement for Winde Buick for: Ladies! Don’t be a Captive Wife, buy a quality tested second car, Apr. 10, 1959, p9-B.

   Malin Elementary School students toured the Klamath County Library during National Library Week (photo, students on steps), Apr. 12, 1959, p1.

   New bus service to Kingsley Field and to the Kingsley Field housing area will start, Apr. 12, 1959, p1.

   Construction was started on a new shopping center on Shasta Way and Alameda near the ‘A’ Canal (photo, Lewis Walker digging sewer ditch, John Fehlen), Apr. 12, 1959, p7-A.

   Stockpile of potatoes for livestock feed (photo, huge pile of potatoes with dump truck), Apr. 13, 1959, p1.

   Construction on West-Side Bypass (photos, E. J. Sanderson, concrete beams, huge crane at California overpass), Apr. 13, 1959, p1.

   Vincent Zumr, 76, settled in Malin in 1910, opened the first blacksmith shop in 1911, homesteaded on the state line in 1916, died April 11 (photo, Zumr), Apr. 13, 1959, p4.

   Camp Fire Girls of the Klamath Council on Apr. 10 in commemoration of Arbor Day planted groups of aspen trees in the marine area of Moore Park (photo, Sharon Callison, Beverly Morstad, Karolyn Gattis, Janet Kerns, Susan Chamberlain, Kathy Chilcote, Kathy Jobe, Suana Whytal, Susan Drew, Sheila Callison, Linda Drew), Apr. 14, 1959, p1.

   Merchant Bus Company, Al Hattan, president, announced the schedule of bus service for Kingsley Field homes, Apr. 14, 1959, p1.

   Katie E. Whitelline, 91, resident for 68 years, oldest of the early day teachers in Klamath County, died Apr. 13, interment at Linkville Cemetery (photo, Whiteline), Apr. 14, 1959, p4.

   Sacred Heart Academy children dressed as pioneers for Oregon Centennial (photo, children in front of school), Apr. 15, 1959, p1.

   Lake Oswego Four to appear in the KF 1959 annual Barbershop Quartet and Chorus Parade at the Pelican Theater (photo, Mark Beach, L. C. Lavacheck, Z. A. VanLeeuwin, C. F. Corbett), Apr. 15, 1959, p1

   Modoc Historical Society hear ex-DAR delegate, Lorenzo C. Davis, talk on Modoc Indian Tribe, Apr. 15, 1959, p6-A.

   Flying automobile, Aerocar, traveled though KF on its way to Las Vegas (photo, Jess Minnick, M. B. Taylor, P. Varney), Apr. 15, 1959, p10-B.

   Apr. 30 will mark the final day for the operation of the Olene Post Office, name given by O. C. Applegate meaning ‘eddy in a river’ in Indian, established on Nov. 24, 1884 (photos, small building on the George Stevenson ranch near the Lakeview Highway, Mrs. Elsie Eggers, current postmaster, Olene Post Office moved to its present location on Highway 66), Apr. 16, 1959, p2-A.

   Harry Lloyd Martin, Langel Valley rancher given 7 years in state penitentiary, tries sleeping pill suicide, Apr. 16, 1959, p4-A.

   Lake of the Woods almost snow free (photo, lake photo taken from Rainbow forest camp), Apr. 17, 1959, p1.

   House approved a military construction authorization bill that lists $955,000 for Kingsley Field, Apr. 17, 1959, p1.

   Hiram Lee-Roy Wickersham, 82, longtime resident, employed at the old Modoc Lumber Company Grocery, died, Apr. 17, 1959, p4-A.

   Advertisement for the Grand Opening of the Klamath Music Center, 515 E. Main St., Apr. 17, 1959, p9-A.

   Mayor Lawrence Slater gave the go-ahead for construction of a terminal building at Kingsley Field (photo, Mayor, John Howard, architect), Apr. 19, 1959, p1.

   Klamath Kurbstone Kowboys to go to Red Bluff to promote Klamath County and Centennial literature (photo, Bill McFadyen, Jerry Henagin, Art Grigg, H. E. Pittman, Bob Wilson, Bill Opie, Earl Sheridan), Apr. 19, 1959, p1.

   Klamath Indians are continuing to snap up property as it is offered for sale from the Klamath Reservation, Apr. 19, 1959, p4-A.

   R. James Conroy is now the deputy sheriff for the Bly, Beatty and Sprague River districts (photo, Conroy), Apr. 19, 1959, p7-A.

   Oregon Trail wagon tour begins trek from Independence, Missouri to Independence, Oregon to publicize the Oregon Centennial Celebration in Portland this summer, Harry S. Truman started the wagons out, Apr. 20, 1959, p1.

   Richfield’s 1959 Western Wild Flower Book features a salute to Oregon’s Centennial celebration (photo, Suzie French, wearing a swimsuit fashioned out of the book’s covers, H. Quenton Cox, B. J. Shaffer), Apr. 20, 1959, p4-A.

   Second annual Klamath Stamp and Coin Club (photo, David, Barbara and Penny Walrath at display), Apr. 21, 1959, p1.

   Malin plans for the 50th anniversary observation of the colonization of the Malin community in 1909 by the Czechs in August, Apr. 21, 1959, p7.

   Pickets have been withdrawn from the city’s sewage treatment plants at Lake Ewauna, Apr. 22, 1959, p1.

   Klamath Union High School student, Stephanie Bonotto, receives National Scholastic Art Award (photo, Bonotto with painting), Apr. 22, 1959, p7-A.

   Klamath Yacht Club set clean-up day ( photo, Keith Coddington, Ray Byrnes, Art Stites), Apr. 22, 1959, p3-B.

   Full-page advertisement for the Shasta Drive-in theatre, adult admission, 65 cents, children, 25 cents, Apr. 22, 1959, p4-B.

   Full-page advertisement for Rogers Jewelry Co., 837 Main, closing sale, Apr. 22, 1959, p5-C.

   County Engineer William R. Canton to quit post (photo, Canton), Apr. 23, 1959, p1.

   Huge power crane used on the Westside Bypass project in KF broke its bonds and lumbered at high speed a half a mile down the road and crashed into a pillar of the half-built California Street crossing (photo, broken crane), Apr. 23, 1959, p1.

   Rufus Moore home on Riverside Avenue and Main Street will be converted into a community art center by the Klamath Art Association and by the City Recreation and Parks Department, Apr. 23, 1959, p4-A.

   Citizens announce utopian State of Jefferson, populace of California-Oregon elect Herald and News publisher, Frank Jenkins, as governor (photos, Bob Wilson, Jenkins, Bill Opie,

   Art Griggs, Fred Lawrence, Earl Sheridan, State Seal, Lew Hamblin, Carl Douglas, Ted Hall, Bill McFadyen, Bill Kinsey, Spike Pittman, Harvey Morgan, Don Vanderhoff), Apr. 24, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for a Rock ‘n Roll dance featuring Bill “Honky Tonk” Doggett and his famous recording orchestra at the Klamath Auditorium, Apr. 24, 1959, p7-A.

   Advertisement for the Grand Opening of Bill’s Texico Service, 2759 South Sixth, Willard Polson, Owner, Apr. 24, 1959, p9-A.

   Rhythm and Blues artist, Bill Doggett, schedules basin showing at Klamath Auditorium (photo, Doggett), Apr. 24, 1959, p4-B.

   Canada Geese and babies at Moore Park (photo, Geese), Apr. 26, 1959, p1.

   Bill to appropriate $150,000 to make plans for moving Oregon Technical Institute into Klamath Falls, City is expected to donate the site, Apr. 26, 1959, p1.

   KF second annual Aviation Week and Air Fair, in May, sponsored by the KF Chapter of Sportsmen Pilots of Oregon, to tour state (photo, Donna Kessi, Miss Aviation of 1959), Apr. 26, 1959, p1.

   Rare ringtailed cats donated to Moore Park Zoo by Bill Vian (photo, Art Knowles with cat), Apr. 26, 1959, p1.

   The Crusader, a Cessna 182 manned by Seattle pilots intent on setting a 66 day endurance flight record, banks in front of Hogback Mountain (photo, Cessna 182), Apr. 26, 1959, p3-A.

   Klamath Falls man, Lt. Cmdr. Dean M. French, is a skipper of a Navy destroyer, the Strickland (photo, French, destroyer), Apr. 26, 1959, p3-A.

   Pupils to run city of Malin (photo, student mayor, Ed Stastny conferring with Malin Mayor, Leonard Petrik), Apr. 26, 1959, p3-A.

   Joseph Smidl Sr., 76, original Czech colonist who settled Malin in 1909, died, Apr. 25th, Apr. 26, 1959, p4-A.

   Historic landmark property changed hands with the sale of the combined Wampler and Harry and Rose Poole homesteads at Coon Point, off Lake of the Woods road, sold by Louis Wampler to Melvin Vanderhoff, operators of Van’s Motel in KF, Fifty years ago, Wampler recalls, the old Rufus and Charlie Moore Logging Company felled timber on adjoining land and used the canal between this property and the old Alexander ranch to float the logs down to Upper Klamath Lake, log floats were towed down the lake by steamer, trough Link River and to the mill which was located at the site of the present Veterans Memorial Park, Apr. 26, 1959, p4-A.

   Klamath County Court decided not to attempt a section-by-section appraisal of the Klamath Indian Reservation this year, Apr. 26, 1959, p4-A.

   Camera Clicks in the State of Jefferson, (photos, Japanese Camp in Newell, David Morgan, caretaker for the buildings at Newell, 600 metal cots, Colonial Hotel on 11th between Main and Pine), Apr. 26, 1959.

   Merrill Mayor, Louis Stewart issues proclamation opening a whiskeroo contest in conjunction with Oregon’s Centennial (photo, Stewart, Chuck Pederson), Apr. 8-A.

   Hal Ogle, will retire as District Warden, Klamath Forest Protective Association, joined on June. 9, 1910 (photos, Ogle, forest), Apr. 26, 1959, Mag. Sec. p1,2.

   Robert Bonney, superintendent of parks and recreation director of KF, to quit post (photo, Bonney), Apr. 28, 1959, p1.

   Klamath Indian Tribe nixes $692,000 Timber bids, Apr. 28, 1959, p1.

   Klamath County Centennial Calendar of events (May to Sept.), released by Ben Swartz, chairman, Apr. 28, 1959, p3.

   Old Rufus Moore home in Maple Park on Riverside Street will become the home of KF art gallery under plans approved by the city council, Apr. 28, 1959, p4.

   Emergency shipment of 50,000 board feet of lumber (donated by Klamath Basin Pine Mills, Modoc Lumber Company, Ellingson Lumber Company and Weyerhaeuser) is being loaded by Consolidated Freightways for shipment to Portland for the monster exposition building of the Oregon Forest Products Association at the Centennial grounds (photo, lumber being loaded on truck), Apr. 29, 1959, p1.

   Seattle man, Bruce Meadows Hale, found dead in a winch shed at the Modoc Lumber Company at 72 Klamath Avenue, found by Ralph Yoder, who lives at the Baldwin Hotel, while walking his dogs, Apr. 29, 1959, p4-A.

   Mrs. Harry Wiard to speak at the Fairgrounds at the annual Homemakers Festival (photo, Wiard dressed in Centennial attire), Apr. 29, 1959, p5-A.

   Eulalona Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, announces that Mrs. Addie May Nixon, city librarian, has made available in the reference room of the library a valuable collection of historical scrapbooks, containing clippings of stories dating back 100 years, Apr. 29, 1959, p7-A.

   Mr. and Mrs. Warren W. (Lefty Wild Eagle) Wilder and family, from Fort Klamath, were participants in the Oakridge Centennial parade, Apr. 29, 1959, p4-B.

   1909 Parrett tractor, manufactured in Chicago, which was used on the old Sutton property near Midland, is on display at J. W. Kerns Oreg. Ltd, 734 South Sixth (photo, antique tractor), Apr. 29, 1959, p4-B.

   Hal Ogle retired as manager of Klamath Forest Protective Association and as district warden after almost 50 years (photo, Ogle, Dwight Phipps), Apr. 30, 1959, p1.

   Rare old logging equipment en route from Timber Mountain Inn in Modoc County, hauled by Ned Putnam Logging Company, to Collier Park Logging Museum (photo, Drott loader, Bob Wampler, Bill DuBoise), Apr. 30, 1959, p1.

   Timber shortage in county; BLM offers some assistance, Apr. 30, 1959, p1.

   Pony express ride slated from Basin to Portland in June as part of Oregon Centennial Celebration, Apr. 30, 1959, p2-A.

   Mrs. Vernetia Hadley became the new postmaster at the Bly Post Office in April (photo, Hadley), Apr. 30, 1959, p7-A.

   George Dugan and Bob Mest accept keys to the marina from Fritz Hahn who renamed Monroe’s Moorage to Pelican Marina (photo, Mest, Dugan, Hahn), Apr. 30, 1959, p9-A.

   Advertisement for Rock ‘n Roll Dance at the Klamath Auditorium featuring Bill Doggett and his famous Combo, Apr. 30, 1959, p9-A.

   Mrs. Cynthia Schultz, head of the ladies ready-to-wear department at the local Ward’s store, shown at the Klamath Falls municipal airport receiving the manifest on a shipment of new dresses from United Air Lines Stewardess, Charleen Fooshee (photo, Schultz, Fooshee), Apr. 30, 1959, p1-B.

   Oregon Centennial Wagon Train, on its way from Independence, Mo., to Independence, OR, now in Kansas, Apr. 30, 1959, p9-B.

   Homemaker’s Festival to be held at the Klamath County Fairgrounds (photo, Mrs. Orville Ferrell, Mrs. F. O. Freuer, Mrs. Lyle Pratt, Mrs. Lewis Randall, Mrs. M. W. Marten, Mrs. Glen Thomason), May 1, 1959, p1.

   George Wardell appointed as district warden of Klamath Forest Protective Association (photo, Wardell, Dwight Phipps, Vincent Bousquet), May 1, 1959, p1.

   Ralph W. Isitt, Sprague River, accused of carving up a heifer in a field pleads guilty in circuit court (photo, Isitt, Deputy Sheriff Bob Hartley digging up hide near Pelican city, Car-Ad-Co smokestacks appear in background), May 1, 1959, p4.

   Delegation, promoting KF second annual Aviation Week and Air Fair on the way to Portland (photo, Donna Kessi, Ruth King, Jack Douglass, Jim Floyd, Ned Putnam), May 3, 1959, p1.

   Basin Nature Society notes 192 species of birds in the Spring Migration Tally, May 3, 1959, p5-A.

   Elroy (Crazylegs) Hirsch, one of the all-time national sports greats, will appear at the annual Klamath Union “K” Club banquet (photo, Hirsch), May 3, 1959, p9-A.

   Klamath County Land Use Committee considers conservation of prime importance (photos, lookout station on Chase Mountain, tree planter equipment, reseeding machine, George Wardell, Paul Nichols, Harry Savage, Harry Marshall), May 3, 1959, Mag. Sec. p1-11.

   Ridge Riders Club of KF meet at fairgrounds to practice for the Centennial Pony Express Ride (photo, riders), May 4, 1959, p1.

   Timber resource of the Klamath Ranger District play big part in US economy (photos, stand of Ponderosa Pine, typical culvert), May 4, 1959, p2-A.

   Funeral services set for Cesare Cardellini, born in Italy in 1892, resident of KF for 36 years, employed by Pelican Bay Lumber Co., now Car-Ad-Co (photo, Cardellini), May 4, 1959, p6-A.

   School district budgets passed by basin voters, also board member elections (photo, Mrs. James Barnes, Paul H. Fairclo, Conrad O. Borsting, J. C. Renie), May 5, 1959, p1.

   Elroy (Crazylegs) Hirsch arrives at KF Airport to speak at annual K Club banquet at Klamath High School, Klamath Kowpokes greeted him with drawn revolvers as he stepped from plane, was ordered to wear his cowboy hat during his stay (photo, Hirsch, Earl Sheridan, Bob Wolsiffer, Jim Johnson), May 5, 1959, p1.

   Work crew busy at Denton Park, located 4 miles north of Fort Klamath, May 5, 1959, p3.

   Mrs. Charles E. Drew, born Ivy Emmitt, daughter of Klamath County pioneers Robert and Flora Emmitt, died on May 5th, was lifelong resident of the Keno community where she was born in 1881, May 5, 1959, p4.

   Altamont School 3rd graders to visit Klamath County Dog Pound in observance of National Be Kind to Animals Week (photos, students looking at dogs in cages, Bill Schlegel, county poundmaster), May 6, 1959, p1.

   Chamber of Commerce worker finished a billboard near Weed to encourage tourist to “Visit the Beautiful Klamath County”, and point the direction to the “Short Sunshine Route to Portland”, May 6, 1959, p4-A.

   Funeral services set for Mrs. Charles (Ivy) Drew, who died May 5th (photo, Drew), May 6, 1959, p4-A.

   Halfway House, local hotel, restaurant and lounge, in Bly under the new ownership of Mrs. Helen Brink and Larry Walter, with Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Ward (photo, Brink, Walter, Ward’s), May 6, 1959, p7-A.

   Homer Amoureux has been elected president of the KF Chapter of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America (photo, Amoureux), May 6, 1959, p6-A.

   Recreation plays big part in plans for forests of nation in USFS control (photo, Tomahawk Ski Bowl located at the Rocky Point-Lake of the Woods junction northwest of KF), May 6, 1959, p4-B.

   John Mathis, principal of Chiloquin High School, has been named principal of Merrill High School, replacing James Chance (photos, Mathis, Chance), May 7, 1959, p2-A.

   C. A. (Al) Samples, principal at Bly High School has been named principal of the Chiloquin High School (photo, Samples), May 7, 1959, p3-A.

   Arthur B. Epperson recalled event that put KF on the map, May 5, 1919, Billy Sunday, famed evangelist, came from Bend to KF on a rutted and dusty road that took a full day, to speak on the need for the purchase of the Liberty Bonds in the campaign that followed the victory of WWI, a building was erected in 24 hours near the “Espee” depot from lumber donated from area mills, KF has just raised $300,000 for the construction of the Strahorn Railroad from KF to Bly (photos, Evangelist Billy Sunday and wife, Deschutes County Judge and Mrs. W. D Barnes, A. B. Epperson in front of new building, inside of building), May 7, 1959, p12-A.

   Diamond Lake Campground lack of snow (photo of lake), May 8, 1959, p1.

   KF going ahead with plan for new municipal airport terminal, including a second floor restaurant and coffee shop, May 8, 1959, p1.

   Vik Construction Company was awarded contract for an addition to the Sacred Heart Academy and an addition to the rectory for Sacred Heart Parish, May 8, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for Mother’s Day special dinner at the Paul Bunyan Coffee Shop in the Willard Hotel, May 8, 1959, p5-A.

   Exhibition Boxing Match to be held in the Klamath Auditorium, proceeds to go to Klamath Boxing Club to build a new gymnasium, featuring locals and “small fry” matches for ages 3-10 (photo, Ronnie Shipman, 28 pounds and Doug Haney, 35 pounds), May 8, 1959, p1-B.

   Merle Hanscom, owner of Lucky Lanes, won bowling championship (photo, Hanscom), May 8, 1959, p2-B.

   Advertisement for Dugan and Mest Marina’s Grand Opening featuring free boat rides, May 8, 1959, p3-B.

   Dance to be held at Klamath Auditorium to raise money for Shriners Hospital in Portland, May 8, 1959, p10-B.

   Four Klamath Indian timber tracts worth between a million and eleven million are up for sale to prospective buyers, May 10, 1959, p1.

   Two top Klamath Union High School students, Peggy Seideman and Carolyn Bullard, have been selected to speak at graduation (photo, Seideman, Bullard), May 10, 1959, p1.

   The 408th Fighter Group at Kingsley Field will observe the 10th Anniversary of Armed Forces Day with open house (photo, F-89 Scorpion), May 10, 1959, p2-A.

   The late A. L. Marshall, an All-American football player and coach, came to Oregon from Indiana in 1907, moved his family to the Poe Valley of Klamath County five years later (photo, feed wagon on A. L. Marshall ranch in 1920 with Mr. and Mrs. Marshall), May 10, 1959, p2-A.

   Advertisement for the Driftwood Char-House, 124 So. 7th for Mother’s Day Dinner, May 10, 1959, p2-A.

   The County juvenile department has asked for $20,000 as a start for new juvenile home (photos, sleeping area, outdoor area, dorm room, cells), May 10, 1959, p5-A.

   Irrigation water supply hindered by bad snow pack, according to W. T. Frost, snow survey supervisor for US Department of Agriculture, May 10, 1959, p7-A.

   The F-101 Voodoo soon to replace F-86’s at Kingsley Field (photo, Voodoo jet plane), May 11, 1959, p1.

   Big revolution underway in tree farming industry (photo, high-wheel logging in Pokegama area of Klamath County, modern tractor drawn equipment), May 11, 1959, p1.

   Plans are being formed for an Indian attack on the Oregon Centennial wagon train en route from Missouri to Oregon, attack will be made in Nebraska by some 50 Sioux, led by Chief Man Afraid of His Horse, near Chimney Rock, May 11, 1959, p14.

   May 22-24 have been designated as Poppy Days in KF and thoughout the US, May 12, 1959, p2.

   The Wiard Trailer Court, opened by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wiard, 2705 Wiard St., has laundry, showers and rest rooms (photo, Harry Wiard, 33 year resident of KF and one time operator of Chicken Stile on South Sixth St.), May 12, 1959, p5.

   Mayor Lawrence Slater signed a proclamation declaring May 16th, to be Armed Forces Day at Kingsley Field, base for the 408th Fighter Group (photo, Slater, H. O. Juckeland, Capt. Quitman C. Zeagler, Donna Kessi), May 13, 1959, p1.

   George Callison, familiar to Klamath Basin radio listeners as a reporter and newscaster, has been appointed assistant manager of the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce (photo, Callison), May 13, 1959, p1.

   Latest supersonic interceptor on display at Kingsley Field (photo, F-104 Starfighter), May13, 1959, p1.

   Klamath County’s first Centennial Coin went to Klamath County Judge Robert R. Walker of Merrill (photo, Walker, Mayor Louis Stewart, Merrill, Mrs. Grace Mayfield), May 13, 1959, p1.

   Klamath County’s Centennial coins went on sale, face of coin bears inscriptions “Oregon, 100th Anniversary Celebration, 1959-1959”, reverse side bears the inscription, “Klamath-Oregon’s County of Sunshine”, Centennial Souvenir Money, good for 50 cents in trade in Klamath County, May 13, 1959, p4-A.

   Advertisement for a “Maverick Special”, Jeep Station Wagon, only $1995 at Basin Motors, 424 S. Sixth St., May 13, 1959, p2-B.

   Advertisement for Sears Roebuck and Co., 133 S. Eighth, May 13, 1959, p7-B.

   F-102 “Delta Dagger”, all weather supersonic interceptor (photo, “Delta Dagger”), May 14, 1959, p1.

   Prospective new site for Oregon Technical Institute, located near Lucile O’Neil school, just outside the city limits along Alameda St., May 14, 1959, p1.

   The senior class at Klamath Union High School have Centennial Parade, wore costumes from their great-grandparents (photos, Bob Drace, driving his old gray mare and buckboard to the foot of a hill approaching the school, Marilyn Metler, touring campus, Dave DeLap, Del Smith, dressed as slick-fingered gamblers, Kay Detroit, Peggy Clawson, Neal Eberlein, Donna Hubbard, Charmion Biehn, Amy Kerr, Alma Layman, Terri Goeckner, Sharon McCormick, Lana Lambo, Becky Mack), May 14, 1959, p1.

   Howard Hall, Klamath Union High School Art Department head has been commissioned to paint two murals to be placed in the new Lane County Courthouse in Eugene (photo, Hall), May 14, 1959, p2-A.

   Roy Harris was appointed acting director of the Klamath Falls Parks and Recreation Department, replacing Bob Bonney, May 14, 1959, p4-A.

   Dr. William Barr, the “nation’s No. 1 doctor of parking”, who made a brief diagnosis of KF Downtown parking ills, to appear at Willard Hotel for a chat sponsored by the Klamath Merchants Association, May 14, 1959, p4-A.

   Jack Kemnitzer, flew 31 bomber missions over Germany, received distinguished Flying Cross, has been named principal of Pelican School (photo, Kemnitzer), May 14, 1959, p5-A.

   The Coaster will appear in the Klamath Falls Auditorium for a dance and show (photo, Coasters), May 14, 1959, p5-A.

   Aetna Helicopters will be on hand to give rides for the second annual Air Fair during Aviation Week and Armed Forces Day in May (photo, helicopter), May 14, 1959, p9-A.

   Advertisement for J. J. Newberry Co., 825 Main St., May 14, 1959 p9-A.

   Advertisement for Bogatay’s Shoes, 617 Main St., May 14,1959, p10-A.

   Advertisement for Montgomery Ward Store, 9th and Pine, May 14, 1959, p12-A.

   New Levi Man (11 feet high over street) sign for Centennial in front of Herman’s Men’s Store, 826 Main St. (photo, Bill Santo, Bob Krenik), May 14, 1959, p1-B.

   Advertisement for Tower Furniture, 12th and Main (former Safeway Store), May 14,1959, p1-B.

   Dick B. Miller Company, downtown Cadillac and Oldsmobile garage was severely damaged by fire, destroyed many cars, demolished body shop (photos, firemen braving a sizzling, unsteady roof, after-the-fire shot of paint shop where fire started), May 15, 1959, pl.

   Col. Jack W. Williams, commander of the 408th Fighter Group at Kingsley Field, to speak at the second annual Aviation Week banquet at the Reames Country Club (photo, Williams), May 15, 1959, p1.

   Oregon Technical Institute’s future may have been decisively altered during meeting of school officials, transfer to new site discussed (photo, Jack Hunderup, Dr. John R. Richards, Rex Putnam, W. D. Purvine, Jack Douglass), May 15, 1959, p1.

   Oregon Centennial coins go into circulation (photo, pile of coins), May 15, 1959, p10-A.

   Advertisement for dance and show featuring the Coasters at the Klamath Auditorium, May 15, 1959, p10-A.

   Klamath Art Gallery, designed by architect and artist Nina Pence of KF, would be located in Maple Park at Main and Riverside, association received from Oregon Centennial Commission $3,750 for construction of an art center (photo, architect drawing of building), May 17, 1959, p1.

   Cleanup parade in Klamath Falls, as part of Fire Prevention Month, with fire truck (photo, Lerri Mitchell, Barbara Walrath, Ruth Mitchell, Ben Phillips, Lawrence Mitchell, Frenchie Richard, Danny Mitchell, Fire Chief Roy Rowe), May 17, 1959, p1.

   Dedication of the Twyla Ferguson Elementary School on Homedale and Delaware is planned (photo, Twyla Ferguson, pioneer Klamath County educator, resident from 1916 till her death in 1954), May 17, 1959, p2-A.

   Small, sculptured rare stone objects have been given to the Klamath County Museum from the collection of Mrs. Lizzie Kirk, elderly Klamath tribal member (photos, male henwa stone, female henwa stone), May 17, 1959, p5-A.

   Three KF men, Walt McIntyre, Elbert Stiles and George Callison, among representatives who attended recent firepower demonstration by the U. S. Air Force in Florida (photo McIntyre, Stiles, Callison, crowd), May 17, 1959, p7-A.

   Main Lodge at Diamond Lake, boat dock (photos, Lodge, dock, boats), May 17, 1959, Mag. Sec. p7.

   Klamath Union High School marching band down Main Street during Armed Forces Day Parade (photo, band with Molatore’s and Shell Gas Station in background), May 18, 1959, p1.

   Ernie Freeman and his band will appear in Klamath Falls Auditorium, May 19th, featuring the Coasters, (photo, Freeman), May 18, 1959, p3.

   New sewage disposal plant has been put into operation in Chiloquin (photos, Lloyd Peters, Bill Lorenz standing on walk over final clarifier, laying sewer line in West Chiloquin), May 19, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for Greyhound bus featuring rates, May 19, 1959, p2.

   All seven members of the Fence The Canal Committee submitted their resignations at the city council meeting, May 19, 1959, p4.

   Fire partially destroyed the M and R Market owned by Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Nelson at Weyerhaeuser Junction, May 19, 1959, p4.

   Plans for construction of a new community hospital in KF were set back 18 months, court, council legal aides say survey funds illegal (photos, Arthur A Beddoe, Henry Perkins), May 20, 1959, p1.

   Funeral services set for Hurd C. Tipton, 78, resident of Klamath County for 57 years, associated in the logging industry with the Weed brothers for whom the town of Weed is named, engaged in farming in the Poe Valley, May 20, 1959, p4-A.

   Plans for evacuating KF, in the event of disaster are ready for distribution by the Klamath County Civil Defense office to residents, May 20, 1959, p1-B.

   Advertisement for the Grand Opening of Rogers Jewelry Co., 717 Main St., May 20, 1959, p4-B.

   Little League Ball Park work starts, plans to convert Recreation Field at Vine and Owens streets into the Mills Little League Park (photos, Wayne Scott, sports editor for the Herald and News, Bob Bonney, Kenneth Pound, Fred Cole, Bert Smith), May 21, 1959, p1.

   Mrs. Elizabeth M. Loosley to represent Fort Klamath (selected for rich historical background) at University of Oregon’s, “Oregon Trail Marks” fete in Eugene, May 20, 1959, p9-A.

   Bill Canton retired from some 37 years of engineering work, the last eight as Klamath County engineer, May 21, 1959, p1-B.

   Ski class at Crater Lake National Park (photos, Skipper Williams, Steve Trulove, Slim Maybery, Patty Black, Dennis Maybery, Claudia Black), May 21, 1959, p4-B.

   New Coast to Coast store in Chiloquin, replacing burnt out Thanksgiving Day fire building (photo, Hardware Store), May 21, 1959, p4-B.

   Vern Owens, Klamath Falls appliance dealer, received the Silver Beaver for Distinguished Service to Boyhood, the highest award a Boy Scout can earn (photo, Dave Metlen, Vern Owens, Dillard Shipler), May 21, 1959, p10-A.

   Little Miss Poppy sells the first poppy to Mayor Lawrence Slater at city hall, handmade by veterans (photo, Dyann Otterbein, Slater), May 22, 1959, p1.

   Midget Racing Cars will be in action on a newly opened track at Town and Country Shopping Center (photo, Terry Herbert, Scott Mayfield, Kent Mayfield, Davida Herbert, Karla Mayfield, Sandra Herbert), May 22, 1959, p1.

   Bog holes in a seven mile stretch of unpaved roads on Dead Indian Road near Jackson County Line (photos, bog holes, muddy roads), May 24, 1959, p1.

   Centennial Maids, a chorus of students at Fairview School, under direction of Mrs. Bethmyrl McLin (photo, choir), May 24, 1959, p1.

   Mrs. Harry Fredricks, wife of KF optometrist, supervised grooming beard that won for Dr. Laverne Huff of Oakridge, winner of the best Centennial beard (photo, Fredericks, Huff, Mrs. T. Winston Smith), May 24, 1959, p4-A.

   Grand-opening of the Coast To Coast Hardware Store in Chiloquin, located in the Gienger Building which was rebuilt following a fire last Thanksgiving Day (photo, Glen Kircher, Dwight Kircher), May 24, 1959, p4-A.

   1915 Firestone tire, with one of the first constructed of cord instead of cloth, found beneath the old Colonial Hotel being razed to make room for a Winema Hotel parking lot (photo, Paul Coleman of Coleman’s Union Service on Main St.), May 24, 1959, p4-A.

   Advertisement for Cascade and Men’s Hand Laundry and Dry Cleaners, 330 S. 7th, 11th and Klamath, May 24, 1959, p8-A.

   Advertisement for 76 Tire Service, now under the sole ownership of Bob Halvorsen, 2861 S. 6th (photo, Halvorsen), May 24, 1959, p5-B.

   Advertisement for Derby’s Music Co., 126 N. 7th, May 24, 1959, p3-C.

   Little League baseball season to open, artist drawing of planned Mills Little League Park (photos, Gene Favell, Major William Harris, group of players, old Recreation Field), May 24, 1959, Mag. Sec. p1, 2, 3, 9.

   Fire destroys Pay Less Drug Store, 808 Main St. and the Derby Café next door (photos, fireman in Pay Less, front entrance of Pay Less), May 25, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for Don’s (Don Anderson, Gene Favell) 537 Main, get S&H Green Stamps, May 25, p-2.

   Knighthood of St. Gregory given to church layman, Edward J. Murray of KF (photo, Murray, Most Rev. F. P. Leipzig, Rt. Rev. Msgr. T. P. Casey, James Korsen, Rev.George Murphy, Rev. James O’Connor), May 26, 1959, p1.

   County Clerk Charley DeLapp reports that 332 Klamath County residents died in 1958, Herald and News record show that 988 babies were born the same year, May 26, 1959, p4.

   New Air Terminal site enters bidding stage; council requests offers, May 26, 1959, p4.

   New officers and past officers of the Altamont Elementary PTA gathered before a historical backdrop, water color painted by Clyde Hill for Centennial program (photo, Mrs. Bill Smith, Mrs. Willard Cedarleaf, Mrs. Bill Mayhew, Mrs. Lee Saunders, Mrs. A. C. Olson, Mrs. G. L. Huck, Mrs. E. L. Rusth, Mrs. Laurence Hoppe), May 26, 1959, p8.

   Bill Canton, veteran county engineer retires after 37 years (photo, Canton, Klamath County Judge Bob Walker), May 26, 1959, p8.

   Advertisement for the Arch Theatre, Bly, showing “Sheriff of Fractured Jaw”, May 27, 1959, p5-A.

   Advertisement for Army Store, 320 S. 6th Street, May 27, 1959, p7-A.

   First Century Series F-101B Voodoo supersonic interceptor, replacing the F-86D Sabrejets, arrives at Kingsley Field (photos, Voodoo, Sabrejet), May 28, 1959, p1.

   Bob Bonney retires after 9 years as Park and Recreation director (photo, Bonney, Peggy Karnes, Ruth Drewnainy), May 28, 1959, p1.

   Klamath Union High School first annual water and gymnastic show at Klamath Falls Municipal Swimming Pool, called “The Oregon Trail”, to honor the Centennial Year, under direction of instructor, Ella Redkey (photo, group of swimmers at pool), May 28, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for the Shasta Drive-In Theatre, featuring dusk to dawn movies, May 28, 1959, p2-A.

   Klamath Falls Ridge Riders help pack the mail from KF to Bend on the first leg of a pony express mail run (photo, Leonard Hotchkiss, Vern Quigley, Marvin Cunningham, Den Snyder, Ray Lane, Ed Carrington, Dave Watson, Johnny Owens, a dog), May 28, 1959, p4-A.

   Secretary of State, Howell Appling Jr., will address the Republican Picnic in Malin, May 28, 1959, p4-A.

   John Brinegar “Iron Man”, senior at KUHS has never missed a day of school in all 12 years, not even when flu hit and 700 students stayed home one day (photo, Brinegar), May 28, 1959, p4-A.

   Announcement from Pay Less Drug Store, 808 Main St., to re-open at the former location of Quality Market, 830 Main St., after fire, May 28, 1959, p7-A.

   Merrill desperados who dare to go clean-shaven are shown in the “jail”, Kangaroo Court being held on Main St. (photo, Warren Walker), June 2, 1959, p1.

   Klamath Yacht Club’s first public boat show and demonstration to be held (photo, Ray Byrnes, Sol Wirth, Frank Lambo, Troy Cook), June 2, 1959.

   Mrs. Ellen Galarneau Herlihy, 79, Klamath County resident since 1880’s, homesteaded in Spring Lake area, graduate of the Ashland Norman School, married Steven Herlihy of Algoma in 1903, died (photo, Herlihy), June 2, 1959.

   Silver trophies went to Darlene Gaster and James Compton at commencement exercises at Klamath Union High School (photo, Gaster, Compton, Arnold Gralapp), June 3, 1959, p1.

   Graduation rites held for 307 Klamath Union High School seniors (photo, graduates, parents, guests), June 3, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for Klamath Falls Creamery, Crater Lake Centennial Special ice cream, showing drawing of where the first creamery was 50 years ago, Main Street, near Baldwin Hotel, with buildings on both sides of street, June 3, 1959, p5-B.

   KF Ridge Riders to follow Pony Express route to Bend, KF Saddle Club ladies to set up way stations at Chiloquin, Diamond Lake Junction, Chemult and Crescent (photo, Ridge Riders), June 4, 1959, p1.

   Annual Convention of the Oregon State Elks Association in KF today, June 4, 1959, p1.

   Waterfall broke loose on S. 6th Street when excavation work for a new sewer line down Shasta Way broke a water main (photo, flooded street), June 4, 1959.

   Submerged car was hauled from the A Canal bordering Alameda Avenue, speeding car, driven by David H. Goehring, careened out of control and plowed 20 feet into water before it stopped (photo, crowd looking into the canal), June 4, 1959.

   Welcome Elks to the State of Jefferson, map of the State of Jefferson, convention calendar (photos, George Flitcraft, Elks Lodge ‘1915’), June 4, 1959, Special Sec. p-1.

   KF Elks parade down Main Street in 1911 (photo, of parade showing Shive Brothers grocery store where LaPoint’s is now located on the corner of 5th and Main), June 4, 1959, Special Sec. p-5.

   Welcome flags down Main Street for Elks Convention (photo, Main Street, near 4th), June 4, 1959, Special Sec. p-6.

   Map showing motels, hotels, auto courts and points of interest for Elks Convention, June 4, 1959, Special Sec. p6.

   The Sportsmen will be featured at the Grand Ball of the State Elks Convention at the Klamath Auditorium (photo, Sportsmen), June 4, 1959, Special Sec. p6.

   Pony Express mail is stamped, authentically, by B. K. Swartz, curator of the Klamath County Museum, on postal desk used by George Nurse (photo, Swartz, desk), June 5, 1959, p-1.

   2,500 Elks have registered for the annual convention in KF (photo, Glenn C. Nelson, Bob Puckett, Orville Miles), June 5, 1959, p1.

   Part in Cold War drama played by Klamath Basin (photo, one of three radar domes atop Hamaker Mountain), June 5, 1959, p5-A.

   KF Gospel Mission addition work moving ahead (Kenneth Nelson and workers digging, dump truck) June 5, 1959, p3-B.

   Malin marks Fiftieth Anniversary, members of the “Bohemian Colonization Club” (photos, 60 men with vision at Malin Park, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zumpfe, Mary Halousek, Della Coffman, Vaclav Kalina, Malin Grammar School, with students, jack rabbit drive, Main Street in Malin, Kalina Family, 1925 Malin’s first theatre, T. E. Fredenburg, Gladys Adams with baby, Walter Adams at Pioneer Grocery Store, the Fairy boat, Vincent Havlina and Edwin Stastny with first crop of potatoes, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Lohoda first bride in Malin Colony, William Halousek working on Adams “A” Canal, Mrs. Teresa McComb, Ben Pickett, Loveness Company Mill, Malin Park, T. A. DeMerritt, Mrs. Arthur Evans, Vlasta Rajnus, Mrs. Henry Vacknitz, Mrs. Don Unruh, Carol Havlina, Adelia Cacka, Donna Micka, Malin Clinic, water tank, William Halousek, Joe Smidl, Alois Kalina, Elizabeth Paygr, Rudolph Paygr, Fire Chief A. L. Schmidt, volunteer firemen, Kalina’s Food Market) June 7, 1959, Malin Anniversary Special Edition.

   Summer at Moore Park (photo, Sue Ellen and Jennie Ann Wade, tulips), June 11, 1959, p1.

   OTI schedules campaign for purchase of a new campus site, June 11, 1959, p4-A.

   Mario D. Pastega, co-owner of the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company, presented trophy to Miss Oregon (photo, Pastega, Karlyn Ericka Mattson), June 12, 1959, p1.

   Round-trip bus service between KF and Crater Lake National Park begins with Pacific Trailways, round trip, $7.26, rim tour fare, $1.65, June 12, 1959, p4-A.

   Centennial Wagon Train now near Casper, Wyoming, June 12, 1959, p8-A.

   Klamath County Historians contribute to pamphlet, “Oregon Historic Landmarks” (photos, Mrs. Buena C. Stone, Mrs. Edith McLeod, Mrs. Irene Foster, Mrs. Ida Momyer Odell), June 12, 1959, p10-A.

   Klamath Yacht Club first annual boat show (photo, marina, boats), June 15, 1959, p1.

   OTI president W. D. Purvine receives check from Vern Owens, chairman of the “OTI New Site Fund” campaign (photo, Purvine, Owens), June 15, 1959, p1.

   OTI’s commencement exercises with William Smullen, executive of three television companies, delivered the address (photo, graduation class and guests), June 15, 1959, p4.

   Old 2579, steam locomotive, donated by the Southern Pacific Railroad to the city of KF, to get a coat of paint and be made available to the public (photo, train engine), June 16, 1959, p1.

   National Recreation Association of the US awards Plaque of Appreciation to O. D. Matthews (photo, Matthews), June 16, 1959, p1.

   Lone bid of $458,765 by the Modoc Lumber Company was all that an offering of six parcels of Klamath Tribal lands drew, June 16, 1959, p4.

   Ten candidates will vie for rodeo queen (photo, Sandra Spomer, Carole Frei, Ginger Bell, Tana Raye Roberts, Pat Harkey, Donna Moe Williams, De Ann Van Nortwich, Jerrie Hanna, Ona Lee Terry), June 17, 1959, p1.

   Neighborhood dog makes rounds daily with mail carrier he adopted (photos, Postman Bob Ross and Lucky, Pamela Egge), June 17, 1959, p6-B.

   Rodeo Queen candidates rode to Stukel Mountain for a western dinner (photo, candidates on horseback), June 18, 1959, p1.

   Historic Indian village Eulalona will move, symbolically, to Moore Park, Daughters of the American Revolution will rededicate a monument to mark site, June 18, 1959, p2-A.

   Advertisement for “Some Like it Hot” now playing at the Esquire Theatre, June 18, 1959, p1-B.

   Petticoat brigade rebels from State of Jefferson, Butte Valley resents treatment from the state of CA, June 19, 1959, p1.

   Lorrie Mann and sister Annette in Municipal pool (photo, Lorrie and Annette), June 19, 1959, p1.

   The Fat Man’s at 2241 South Sixth Street is the new name of the Tik Tok which has been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Slocum from Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brookshire (photo, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Slocum), June 19, 1959, p5-B.

   Eulalona, an old and long-vanished Indian Village on Lakeshore Drive, was honored at its new symbolic location in Moore Park, Daughters of the American Revolution moved this marker from the Fremont Bridge (photo, Ed Gowan, L. H. Stone, Mrs. Charles Martin, Mrs. O. A. Roenicke, Mayor Lawrence Slater), June 22, 1959, p1.

   The Klamath Art Center will spring from this excavation produced by Mayor Lawrence Slater (photo, Slater with shovel, Dick Hicks, Mrs. B. B. Blomquist, Rita Glesin, Mrs. Kathryn Brumbaugh, Mrs. Agnes Oliver, Fern Short, Mrs. Jack Warrick), June 22, 1959, p1.

   Rubble will be replaced with a brand new building around the end of September when the KF Pay Less Drug Store is expected to move back into its former location (photo, burned up building), June22, 1959, p1.

   KF City Council awarded a local firm, Brosterhous Construction Company, the bid for construction of a new terminal building at the municipal airport, June 23, 1959, p1.

   Pat O’Donahue won a camera from Leo’s Camera Shop (photo, Leo Morstad, O’Donahue), June 23, 1959, p7.

   Fitzgerald Roofing putting on the roof on the new restrooms a Mill Little League Park (photo, Cecil Fitzgerald, Dan Taylor, Dave Watson), June 23, 1959, p11.

   Centennial Kiddies Parade entries (photo, Danny Beach, Cheryle Beach, Candy Weinstein, Mike Beach, Gracie Henry, Bill Weinstien), June 24, 1959, p1.

   District Attorney, Arthur A. Beddoe, refuses higher salary, private practice retained (photo, Beddoe), June 25, 1959, p1.

   Massacre was averted recently, but these members of the Jefferson Militia were bathed in Hoof and Mouth Disease dip by members of Confusion Infantry (photo, Earle Sheridan, Bob Mest, Bob Wilson, Barbara Egeline, Gladys Mahit, Vena Gilmer, Vera Jones, Mary Chambers, Cleo Durham, Vivian Wilson), June 25, 1959, p1.

   YMCA opens Boy’s Camp Totton (photo of boys under supervision of Merland Phelps in front of the Esquire Theatre), June 25, 1959, p1.

   Grand-opening of Freeman’s Saddlery and Western Wear, 4532 S. 6th Street (photo, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Freeman), June25, 1959, p3-A.

   Walter Edmund (Andy) Andersch, KF resident since 1928, operated the Shell Service Station at Main and Riverside for 30 years, died (photo, Andersch), June 25, 1959, p4-A.

   Border Pass, good for passage across former Oregon-California line 2 miles north of Dorris, U. C. (formerly CA), certifies that Earl Sheridan is a Supporter of Secession of Butte Valley from both the States of Jefferson and CA to form the State of Utter Confusion, June 25, 1959, p12-A.

   Full page advertisement for Pay Less Drug Store, Smoke Damage Sale, June 25, 1959, p16-B.

   Watercolor painting by B. B. Blomquist of Lofton Lake, located on Quartz Mountain in Klamath County, June 26, 1959, p1.

   Back atop the Esquire Theater goes the immense metal sign that was removed in Jan. after being loosened by terrific winds (photo, same sign, rebuilt and repainted being erected by huge crane), June 26, 1959, p1.

   Foam supplied by the Air Force was sprayed on tipped over Richfield tanker truck to minimize danger of ignition (photo, tanker near Van’s Café and Motel at Wocus, three miles north of KF), June 28, 1959, p1.

   Lakeview posts new Tallman signs informing that they are entering the ‘tallest town in Oregon’ (photo, western character sign atop a 10 foot sign, is 23 feet tall), June28, 1959, p1.

   Chamber Comments by George T. Callison, article on the tourism promotion activities of the chamber of commerce, Travel Information Division of the Oregon State Highway Department pointed out that in 1958, 150 million dollars were spent by tourists in our state, average stay was three point eight days, to conduct tourist schools aimed at waitresses and gas station attendants, who are first to see visitors, June 28, 1959, p3-A.

   Old photo recalls days in Algoma of long ago (photos, barn built by George Hagelstein and his father, the late John Hagelstein, who is pictured below in a field during grain harvest), June 28, 1959, Mag. Sec. p-12.

   Fire destroyed the McCollum Lumber Company, 2074 S. 6th Street (photos, smoldering rubble), June 29, 1959, p1.

   Governor Mark Hatfield to arrive in KF for dedication ceremonies at the new Johns-Manville insulating board plant, June 29, 1959, p1.

   Centennial Kiddie’s Parade down Main Street (photos, Robert, Jerry and Billy Cool, Patrick Lynch, Pamela Kennedy, Joan Comstock, Janice and Tom Reed, Cheryl Blair, George Ferrell, Nancy Buelow), June 29, 1959, p1.

   Frederick (Fred) Lawson, KF public accountant, was crowned winner of the accountant’s Centennial beard contest by Karen Simcox (photo, Lawson, Simcox), June 29, 1959, p12.

   Governor Mark Hatfield to officiate at opening ceremonies for the first manufacturing plant, Johns-Manville, to utilize lodgepole pine on a major commercial scale (photos, plant, Mark Hatfield with 2nd Lt. John Gentile at Kingsley Field), June 30, 1959, p1.

   Klamath Agency announced that all roads within the boundaries of the Klamath Indian Reservation, will be closed to travel by the public (map of Indian Reservation), June 30,1959, p10.

   Johns-Manville Plant opens new era for Lodgepole Pine (photos, Gov. Mark Hatfield at dedication ceremony, A. R. Fisher, W. R. Wilkinson), July 1, 1959, p1.

   The Oregon Centennial wagon train pushes on through Idaho, July 1, 1959, p2-A.

   Advertisement for Buy Low Food Center, 1338 Oregon Ave.(photo, Graybar Hotel (Klamath County Jail at 3rd and Klamath), see historical relics of early Klamath era as part of Oregon’s Centennial Celebration), July 1, 1959,p12-B.

   Fiesta Days in KF, colorful street bazaar on Main Street, sponsored by downtown merchants, July 3, 1959, p1.

   Trophies will go to the winners in 12 categories of the Fourth of July Parade are displayed by Gracie Henry at Beach’s Jewelry (photo, Henry), July 3, 1959, p1.

   Governor Mark Hatfield was the first person to try the Sheriff’s Centennial gallows on for size on a brief visit to the jail and its Centennial-inspired adornments (photos, Gov. Hatfield, Earl Sheridan, Harvey Morgan, Bob Wilson, Lloyd Mudder, Sheriff Red Britton), July 3, 1959, p6.

   Advertisement for Hardtop Auto Races at the Klamath Speedway, east end of Eberlein, July 3, 1959, p9.

   No one was injured when twenty one cars of a northbound Southern Pacific freight train were derailed at Worden (photos, overhead view of train derailment, close-up view of scene), July 5, 1959, p1.

   Fourth of July Parade down Main Street (photos, Sandra and Karen Edgar with Arcade Hotel in background, Rainbow Girls float with Bud Cloake Cheveron gas station in background), July 5, 1959, p1.

   Ground breaking for construction of the new airport terminal building (photos, Mayor Lawrence Slater with shovel, Floyd Wynne, Ladd Hoyt, Oliver Spiker, Walter Fleet, Jimmy Barnes, John Howard, G. S. Vergeer, Harold Jones, George Brosterhous), July 5, 1959, p2-A.

   German Vice Consul and his wife like the Klamath County, after visit to Crater Lake and touring Klamath Falls, July 5, 1959, p4-A.

   Fort Creek settlers averted war with Indian Tribe, Klamath Indians joined Modoc Tribe (first in a series of three concerning the Klamath Indians), July 5, 1959, p6-B.

   Youngsters watching Fourth of July parade on Main St. (photo, Jana and Hugh Killmeyer), July 6, 1959, p1.

   Giant dredge from Tulana Farms dredging Upper Klamath Lake, filled in a portion of the lake front across from Moore Park (photo, giant dredge), July 7, 1959, p1.

   Pardoned in the nick of time, Vena Gilmer, ex-governor of the ex-state of Confusion, has noose removed by Bob Wilson (photo, Gilmer, Wilson, Vera Jones, Cleo Durham, Blanche Shephard, Gladys Mahrt, Bill Opie, Fred Lawrence), July 7, 1959, p1.

   Klamath Falls population up to 20,200, July 7, 1959, p4.

   Orville Ewing, who is traveling by wagon from Florida to Portland, OR, is now in Weed (photo, Ewing with mule driven covered wagon), July 8, 1959.

   Art Gallery, designed by Nina Pence, in Maple Park, foundation (photo, foundation of building), July 9, 1959, p1.

   Kingsley Field officers escape uninjured from helicopter crash at Pelican Bay on Upper Klamath Lake (photo, crashed helicopter, Bud Wampler, first on scene), July 10, 1959, p1.

   Jo Anne Gordon poses for picture at Upper Klamath Lake (photo, Gordon with water skies), July 12, 1959, p1.

   Kingsley Field-Klamath Falls Community Council launched contest to find a new name for the 290-unit Capehart housing development five miles south of the air base (photo, new housing development), July 12, 1959, p1.

   Bobby Darin to perform at the Klamath Auditorium with his band (photo, Darin), July 12, 1959, p2-A.

   Howell Appling, Oregon secretary of state, will deliver the keynote address at a Republican picnic in Malin Park (photo, Appling, Harold Hulse), July 12, 1959, p2-A.

   Bill McGaw is bringing his variety and thrill show to the Klamath Speedway, featuring a Civil War cavalry charge (photo, cavalry scene), July 12, 1959, p2-A.

   Mills Little League Park dedicated on former Recreation Field (photo, Roy Harris, Wayne Scott, Nina Pence, Larry Wicks, Charlie Bane), July 12, 1959, p2B.

   Oregon secretary of state, Howell Appling, urges attack on Demo tax handling at a luncheon meeting at the Airport Café at Kinsley Field (photo, Appling and his wife, Walter Fleet, Maj. & Mrs. Eugene Hollway, Fred Heard, Lt. Col. John J. Scott), July 13, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for Bobby Darin performing at the Klamath Auditorium tonight, July 13, 1959, p2.

   Truck, hauling a tractor, went off the road and toppled over an embankment near Olene (photos, over turned truck, tractor), July 13, 1959, p7.

   Municipal pool opened six years ago (photos, pool with “A” canal in background, wading pool), July 14, 1959, p1.

   25th annual Klamath Basin Roundup Association rodeo to be held on July 24-26th (photo, Chief Cabral takes horses over a flaming barrier), July 15, 1959, p1.

   Well drilling operation triggers geyser near Crump Lake in Lake County, July 15, 1959.

   Booklet, “Historic Water Levels of Tule Lake and Their Relation to the Petroglyphs”, by John C. Cleghorn, goes on sale at the Klamath County Museum, July 15, 1959, p9-A.

   Wind-driven fires slash across 2,300 acres near Hildebrand, near Klamath Indian Reservation, at the Lake Ewauna trestle drawbridge (photos, fire, firemen), July 16, 1959, p1.

   Borate, a fire extinguishing chemical, was dumped on the Great Northern trestle over Lake Ewauna (photo, plane piloted by Cal Butler over bridge), July 17, 1959, p1.

   Completion of new platform which enable youngsters to climb up into cab of former Southern Pacific steam locomotive at Veterans Park (photo, locomotive with children), July 17, 1959, p1.

   Open house at the newly remodeled First Federal Savings and Loan Association, corner of 6th and Main Streets (photo, building), July 19, 1959, p1.

   Chamber of Commerce billboard near Weed directing tourists to come to Klamath County (photo, billboard with Klamath County’s Centennial Information Center 75 min. on U.S. 97), July 19, 1959, p1.

   Malin preps for 50th Anniversary celebration (photo, dancers practicing the Beseda), July 19, 1959, p7-A.

   Bunnell family arrives in Basin around turn of century settled at the old Steel ranch on Lost River, about 5 miles north of Merrill (photo, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bunnell and their children, Jim Bunnell and his late father, A. C. Bunnell operating an old rotary reaper, haying on the Bunnell place), July 19, 1959, Mag. Sec. p2.

   Log cabin style tourist information booth on the state line to be auctioned off by Chamber of Commerce (photo, Centennial information center building), July 20, 1959, p1.

   Local angler, Walter Harvey Knapp, drowns in Hyatt Lake while young sons watched helplessly, July 20, 1959, p1.

   Mr. A. G. Goehring, 72, longtime KF manager of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, died (photo, Goehring), July 20, 1959, p4.

   KF police jailed four young airmen on charges of attempted larceny of a beer truck parked behind the KF Auditorium, July 21, 1959, p4.

   Oregon’s Golden Triangle Trophy will be at stake this weekend at the 25th annual Klamath Basin Roundup Association Rodeo (photo, Charlie Read, Keith Rice), July 22. 1959, p1.

   Oregon’s Centennial Album, ‘The Captain of the Cow Column’. Jesse Applegate, July 22, 1959, p2-A.

   Oregon Centennial wagon train arrives in Oregon, July 22, 1959, p3-A.

   Cal Maddox and his sister Rose to appear at KF Auditorium on July 25 (photo, Rose Maddox), July 22, 1959, p8-A.

   Afloat for the first time, logs thunder into Crystal Creek (photos, Fred Brown, Ralph Benton, Noah Cap, G.A. Krause, director of Klamath Lumber and Box Company, Tug Pilot Grant Brown, Kathleen Vaughn, Otis Stanbery), July 22, 1959, p2-B.

   Oregon Centennial wagon train tours Oregon cities, July 23, 1959, p6-A.

   Oregon Centennial wagon train passengers comment on events of wagon trip, July 23, 1959, p3.

   Railroad captured fancy of the Basin, Fifty years ago (photos, first train to KF, Southern Pacific’s Engine 2251, and nine cars, was mobbed by dwellers of the Klamath Basin when it arrived over brand new tracks 50 years ago), July 24, 1959, p3-A.

   Duane Eddy, rock and roll singer, will appear at the Klamath Auditorium on Aug. 4 (photo, Eddy), p4-B.

   Swimmers at the Municipal Pool (photo, swimmers and lifesavers), July 26, 1959, p1.

   Art Gallery materials begin to arrive at the Klamath Art Association’s site in Maple Park (photo, broken-face gold-pumice blocks), July 26, 1959, p1.

   Clarence Jennings, 3304 Summers Lane, realizes boyhood dream in business of raising his own Shetland Ponies on local ranch (photos, Jennings, Ralph Lynn and Keith Lane Jennings, ponies), July 26, 1959, Mag. Sec. p1-2.

   Fire destroyed the Klamath Basin Pine Mills Company, total loss (photo, burning mill), July 27, 1959, p1.

   Richard Giffin, Lorella, poses with wildcat he shot in front yard (photo, Giffin with wildcat), July 27, 1959, p14.

   Klamath River dam below Copco approved by Game Commission in California, July 28, 1959, p2.

   Klamath Falls Little Leaguers head for Portland for World Championship, July 28, 1959, p11.

   A 1905 sawdust burner, owned by Long-Bell Division of the International Paper Company on East Main, to be torn down by Graham Brothers to make way for a auto dealer (photo, sawdust burner being torn down), July 29, 1959, p1.

   Bohemian cooks, Mrs. Ethel Plasil, Mrs. Martha Brothanek, Mrs. Mary Henzel, who still use the old country recipes for fancy pastries, to cook for the Malin 50th anniversary celebration (photo, Plasil, Brothanek, Henzel), July 29, 1959, p1.

   Spring season snow pack along Rim Drive at Crater Lake (photo, VW Bug on road, with walls of snow), July 30, 1959, p1.

   Members of the State Board of Education looking over three possible sites for a new OTI campus (photo, Allan Hart, Winston D. Purvine, Dr. Ralph E. Purvine, Henry F. Cabell, J. W. Forrester Jr., Vern Owens at possible Alameda site), July 30, 1959, p1.

   After 97 days on the trail, the Oregon Centennial Wagon Train members and townspeople they visited had consumed 16,490 cups of Boyd’ Coffee (photo, wagon train camp), July 30, 1959, p2-C.

   West Coast Airlines’ Fairchild F-27 propjet, one of America’s newest jet-age transports, began inaugural services from Oakland, Sacramento, Klamath Falls, Portland, Seattle (photo, airplane over mountains), July 31, 1959, p1.

   The Oregon Centennial wagon train to follow the Columbia River to The Dalles, where they will take a barge trip down river to Portland, as their ancestors did a century ago, wagon party will end its 2,200 mile trek at Independence, Aug. 14, July 31, 1959, p1.

   The Malin Community will play host to guests in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the colonization of the town in 1909 by a group of Czechs (photo, Malin Park), July 31, 1959, p1.

   School Reunion slated as part of Malin festivities (photo, 1909-1910 schoolhouse), July 31, 1959, p5.

   Advertisement for Big Show and Dance with Duane Eddy and the Rebels, to be held at the Klamath Auditorium on Aug. 4th, July 31, 1959, p5.

   Greetings for West Coast Airline’s inaugural flight from SF was extended by officials that were involved with the changeover from United Airlines to West Coast (photo, George Callison, Ladd Hoyt, Col. Jack Williams, Mayor Lawrence Slater, Bob Moore, Bob Mest, Harold Jones, Harold ‘Bud’ Cloake, J. D. Roberts, Walter Fleet), Aug. 2, 1959, p1.

   Washington couple, Don and June Mulford, travel through KF on their horse back ride on the Skyline Trail and Pacific Crest Trail System, started at the Mexican border, to end on the Canadian border (photo, Mulford), Aug. 2, 1959, p4-A.

   Malin’s 50th anniversary draws more than 3,000 guests and townspeople to Malin Park with dancers, wearing colorful costumes, dancing the national Czech Beseda on the lawn (photo, dancers on lawn), Aug. 3, 1959, p1.

   Mrs. Jackson F. (Lyle Watson) Kimball, wife of the late Jackson F. Kimball in whose honor Kimball Park was named, descendant of pioneer families, died in CA (photo, Kimball), Aug 3, 1959, p2-A.

   George Leon Stevens, 80, owner of the Stevens Hotel, Fourth and Main Streets, died on Aug. 3, Aug. 4, 1959, p4.

   Advertisement for Oregon centennial exposition, featuring Water Follies, Ricky Nelson, Spike Jones, Aug. 4, 1959, p6.

   Meeting at Mills School Auditorium to resolve whether Copco or CA would build a fish hatchery, also regarding Iron Gate Dam on the Klamath River, Aug. 5, 1959, p1.

   Ton-atee tracts, a new subdivision developed by Paul McAfee and Gene Stratton of M & S Realty, will be open for inspection (photo, home on corner of Bristol and Fargo), Aug. 5, 1959, p8-A.

   Modoc Lumber installs Mullis barker and Hansel chipper (photos, Laurence Shaw, John Moehl, Jack Katzmeyer, Ray Jorgenson, chips being loaded into a Putnam Logging Company truck for transport to Weyerhaeuser Timber Company), Aug. 5, 1959, p7-B.

   Full-page advertisement for M & S Realty, Inc., new sub-division, Ton-Atee Homes, Bristol and Fargo, priced from $12,250, Aug. 7, 1959, p10-B.

   Amy Puckett recalls first teaching assignment in the old Shasta View School northwest of Malin in 1909, Aug. 9, 1959, p3-A.

   Indians and Bluecoats, attired in Civil War era garb, swooped down a hill east of the Dalles, Oregon, to welcome the Oregon Centennial wagon train, Aug. 9, 1959, p8-A.

   One of fastest growing schools in community has been Fairview School (photo, Fairview School, Mrs. Florence Ollmann, principal since 1936), Aug. 9, 1959, p3.

   Upper Langell Valley School (photo, older picture of school), Aug. 9, 1959, p3.

   Malin Elementary School had enrollment of 238 (photo, school, principal, Charles W. Hale), Aug. 9, 1959, p3.

   Fred Taylor, principal of Keno School (photo, Taylor), Aug. 9, 1959, p3.

   Stan Severik, principal of Altamont Elementary School has enrollment of 325 (photo, Serverik), Aug. 9, 1959, p3.

   Shasta Elementary School, principal, John F. Hayden (photo, school), Aug. 9, 1959, p4.

   Sprague River School in isolated area (photo, school), Aug. 9, 1959, p4.

   Bly Public School, grades 1-12 (photo, school), Aug. 9, 1959, p5.

   Architect’s drawing of new addition to Sacred Heart Academy, Aug. 9, 1959, p5.

   Keno Elementary School, enrolment at 100 (photo, school), Aug. 9, 1959, p6.

   Merrill Elementary School, enrollment of 275, cafeteria serves lunch at 25 cents apiece ( photo, school), Aug. 9, 1959, p6.

   Altamont Elementary School, about 325 students (photo, school), Aug. 9, 1959, p6.

   Newest addition to Roosevelt School is a hot water well to be used in the heating system (photo, school), Aug. 9, 1959, p6.

   Chiloquin Elementary School is new (photo, school), Aug. 9, 1959, p6.

   Chiloquin High School enrolled 166 students (photo, Aug. 9, 1959, p7.

   Mills first graders attend Ponderosa School, expected enrollment is 114 students, principal, James Scott (photo, school), Aug. 9, 1959, p8.

   Recently built, Bonanza School accommodates grades one through 12, principal is Charles Steber (photo, school), Aug. 9, 1959, p8.

   Malin High School had 98 students in June (photo, school), Aug. 9, 1959, p8.

   Pelican School was built to accommodate the youngsters of the many families who had moved to a promising lumber site, which became the once thriving area of Pelican City (photo, school, principal, Jack Kemnitzer), Aug. 9, 1959, p11.

   Joseph Conger School, better known as Conger School, carries the name of the man who donated the land which the building now rests upon, James W. Young is principal, 45 Pine Street (photo, school), Aug. 9, 1959, p11.

   Best know as a junior high school, although it contains grades one, two and three, is Fremont, principal is Lowell Kaup, 2455 Reclamation Street (photo. Aug. 9, 1959, p11.

   Henley High School handles grades 7 through 12, principal, George Elliott (photo, school, Elliott), Aug. 9, 1959, p13.

   Henley Elementary School has enrollment of 350 (photo, school, Erwin Brower, principal), Aug. 9, 1959, p13.

   Serving as a Junior High School for the county schools is Altamont, Harvey Denham, principal (photo, school, Denham), Aug. 9, 1959, p13.

   Klamath’s largest elementary school, Mills, boasting and expected enrollment of 625, principal, James Scott, 2108 Huron Street (photo, school), Aug. 9, 1959, p14.

   Merrill High School, another in the county system, probably will enroll 100 students, John Mathis is principal (photo, school), Aug. 9, 1959, p14.

   Fort Klamath Elementary School is a two-room, two teacher school, 31 students (photo, school), Aug. 9, 1959, p15.

   Fairhaven School, one of the county school system’s ‘heavies’, had 353 students in grades 1 through 8, principal, H. C. Sharpe (photo, school, Sharpe), Aug. 9, 1959, p16.

   Moore Park provides cool spot for family picnic; also offer animal show, Moore Park Zoo (photos, viewpoint overlooking Upper Klamath Lake with painters, view from the top of ridge looking down on tennis courts, peacocks, caretaker, Al Knowles with Mexican coyote, South American spider monkey, wading pool, Japanese Sika Deer in compound, herd of a dozen deer, Al Knowles holding a friendly bobcat, native raccoon), Aug. 9, 1959, Mag. Sec. p1-4.

   More than 3,000 persons gathered to celebrate Malin’s 50th anniversary (photo, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Balley, A. Kalina, Mrs. Kalina), Aug. 10, 1959, p5-B.

   Advertisement for Rock ‘n Roll Dance, featuring Lloyd Price and his orchestra to perform at the Klamath Auditorium, Aug. 11, 1959, p5.

   Advertisement for the All New Buy-Low Grocery Store Opening, 1338 Oregon Avenue, Aug. 11, 1959, p9.

   New OTI home site revealed, choice unofficial, but way cleared, potential site lies off Kit Carson Way on property owned by the O’Connor Livestock Company (photo, site looking from the hill toward the city, Gordon Trapp, Jack Hunderup, H. A. Bork, Winston D. Purvine), Aug. 12, 1959, p1.

   Greetings are extended by George Price, Park and Recreation director, to William Hagen, 14, as he enters the municipal swimming pool, Hagen is the 375,000 swimmer to enter the pool since it first opened about six years ago (photo, Price, Hagen), Aug. 12, 1959, p1.

   Veterans of World War I Barracks and Auxiliary 925 posed at their recent annual picnic supper in Veterans Memorial Park (photo, about 55 members and guests), Aug. 12, 1959, p3-A.

   Dance slated for Monday, featuring Lloyd Price and his orchestra (photo, Price), Aug. 12, 1959, p7-A.

   Installation of a huge data processing system in KF signifies the community’s entrance into a continental air defense role (photo, U. S. Air Force technicians and a Burroughs Corporation engineer put machine through paces), Aug. 12, 1959, p2-B.

   VORTAC tower, near Kingsley Field contains a maze of computers and transmitters (photo, tower), Aug. 13, 1959, p1.

   Mrs. Minola Waldrip Cuddy, 58, lifelong resident of Klamath Basin, born near the present Kingsley Field, died at Hillside Hospital, daughter of pioneer parents, Joseph and Rosa Taylor of Poe Valley, grandparents also homesteaded here, Mr. Waldrip planned a major part in the laying out of the present U. S. Bureau of Reclamation canals and ditch system, Aug. 13, 1959, p6-A.

   KF flyer, Don DerMiner, was first to make the Oregon Trail trip by air, Aug. 13, 1959, p8-A.

   American flag’s evolution over the years showing our flag in 1700, 1774, 1776, 1777, 1795, 1912, and 1959 (49 stars), Aug. 13, 1959, p10-A.

   Advertisement for the Remodeled Market Basket’s on 9th and Pine, S. 6th and Shasta Way, Aug. 13, 1959, p1-B.

   Welcome Wagon Newcomer’s Club members pointing to a ‘entering KF, population 19,000, drive carefully’ sign (photo, Mrs. Monte Moon, Mrs. Robert Garrison, Mrs. Kermit Peterson, Mrs. Edward D. Smith), Aug. 13, 1959, p14-A.

   A 16, year old Eagle Scout from Malin, Don Stastny, has been declared the winner in a contest to name the 290 housing units at Kingsley Field, he came up with the name “Falcon Heights”, Aug. 14, 1959, p1.

   Sweet Adelines to sing at Centennial Expo during Klamath County Days (photo, Louise Hagen, Peggy Cochrane, Vera Durant, Pat Blakeley, Kay Simmons, Bea Amoureux, Mary Phillips, Jeannie Walker dressed in vintage dresses), Aug. 14, 1959, p5-A.

   The Incidental’s, women’s barbershop quartet, complete with polka-dot skirts and bloomers, to sing at the Centennial Exposition during Klamath County Days (photo, Ruth Krider, Marge Ruger, Alice Michels, Betty Perkins), Aug. 14, 1959, p5-A.

   The Oregon Centennial wagon train will circle for its last bivouac in a field near Independence , Oregon, from Independence, Missouri, Aug. 14, 1959, p8-A.

   Fire chief LeRoy Rowe of the KF Fire Department has been appointed county fire defense chief by the County Fire Defense Board (photo, Rowe), Aug. 14, 1959, p10-B.

   Plane crashes on take-off at the north end of the municipal airport, injuring four (photo, Piper Comanche), Aug. 16, 1959, p1.

   2,000-mile Oregon Centennial wagon train trek completed, Aug. 16, 1959, p1.

   About 140 children trekked from Veterans Memorial Park to Moore Park, marking the end of Pioneer Week (photos, Katherine Price, Debby Joyce Scoubes, Mike Pieruccini, Judy Phillips, Vivian McCulloch dressed in pioneer clothes), Aug. 16, 1959, p1.

   Rock ‘n Roll singer, Lloyd Price, coming to Klamath Auditorium (photo, Price), Aug. 16, 1959, p2-A.

   Kingsley Field Base Chapel officially opens, keys to be turned over to Base Chaplain, Jefferson Davis, Jr. (photos, Chapel, Davis), Aug. 16, 1959, p4-A.

   Department of Interior reported on status of termination of the federal government’s trusteeship over the Klamath Indian Reservation, Aug. 16, 1959, p4-A.

   Members of a pioneer dairy family, Virginia, Shirley and Peter Scala to enter cows in the coming Rotary-sponsored Junior Livestock Show and Sale (photo, Shirley and Virginia Scala with cows), Aug. 16, 1959, p5-A.

   Advertisement for Rock ‘n Roll dance featuring in person, Lloyd Price and his 13 piece orchestra, at the Klamath Auditorium on Aug. 17th, Aug. 16, 1959, p5-A.

   A swashbuckling gun-toter tried to swallow evidence of a crime when officers arrested him at The Pastime tavern, he stuffed two $20 bills into his mouth and almost choked, Aug. 17, 1959, p4-A.

   A bulldozer goes about the job of straightening up the shoreline along Upper Klamath Lake (photo, bulldozer, lake), Aug. 18, 1959, p1.

   A California Oregon Power Company warehouse near Link River was burglarized, thief pried open a door, Aug. 18, 1959, p4.

   The Air Force’s 408th Fighter Group will demonstrate a sonic boom to the citizens of the Klamath Basin in conjunction with the “roll-our” open house program at Kinsley Field, In near future sonic booms will become as commonplace as the sound of trains and trucks, Aug. 18, 1959, p14.

   Bids will be opened by the General Services Administration for sale of the Tulelake War Relocation Authority Center where up to 22,000 Japanese were interned during World War II (photos, current camp, camp during time it was occupied), Aug. 19, 1959, p1.

   Indian Claims Commission handed down decision the Pit River Indians were deprived of their aboriginal land by the United States Government without compensation, Aug. 19, 1959, p2-A.

   Local barber, Hal Cline, displays antiques, which crossed the plains to Oregon by covered wagon 109 years ago, at a window in the Town and Country Shopping Center (photo, Cline in front of window of antiques), Aug. 19, 1959, p8-A.

   Future home of Oregon Technical Institute will be on site adjacent to northern edge of city limits (photo, aerial shot looking south of site), Aug. 20, 1959, p1.

   New Supersonic Fighter to be introduced at the formal “Roll-out” ceremony at Kingsley Field, sonic boom to be a part of the program (photo, F-101B Voodoo Fighter), Aug. 20, 1959, p1.

   Fats Domino, king-size monarch of the popular music field, will return to the KF Auditorium (photo, Domino), Aug. 20, 1959, p7-A.

   Three times in the past few years, radiation has jumped to abnormal levels at Klamath Falls, the state health officer reported, Aug. 21, 1959, p1.

   “Roll-out” ceremonies at Kingsley Field (photos, award ceremony, Bonnie Gibbs), Aug. 23, 1959, p1.

   John Riskus, 2448 Madison Street, was amazed when he discovered over 300 dead and dying English sparrows littering his front yard (photo, Riskus with dead birds), Aug. 23, 1959, p2-A.

   Advertisement for the Shasta Drive-in featuring Walt Disney’s The Shaggy Dog, Aug. 23, 1959, p2-A.

   Advertisement for Rock ‘n Roll dance featuring, in person, Fats Domino and his great orchestra, Aug. 23, 1959, p5-A.

   Don Stastny, Malin, winner of the “Name Kingsley Homes” contest, Falcon Heights (photo, Statstny, Col. Jack Williams, Gen. Hugh Parker), Aug. 24, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for “The Two Eddie’s”, appearing nightly for your dancing pleasure, the Ponderosa Room at the Willard Hotel, Aug. 24, 1959, p14.

   Combat ready status has been achieved by four officers of the 322nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron stationed at Kingsley Field (photo, Lt. Col. Carl H. Leo, Capt. Frank R. Stockton, Maj. Raymond G. Nelson, Capt. William L. Schonewald), Aug. 25, 1959, p1.

   Seven determined gals taking flying lessons at Liston Aircraft Service are described as being “plenty sharp” by instructors Chet Stinson and Gene Tanner (photo, Bonnie Adamson, Cathy Baker, Genieva Brady, Helen DerMiner, Ronnie Olson, Paula Cook, Marlene Young), Aug. 25, 1959, p7.

   Rotary Livestock sales exceed $51,000 (photos, Tommy Putnam, Ellen Rajnus, Richard Clark, Ernie Freeman, Donna Moffitt, H. J. Bevan), Aug. 26, 1959, p1.

   John Hagan will someday talk about the dry summer of 1959 when he could walk across Link River below Copco Dam (photo, Hagan on Linkville River), Aug. 27, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for Derby’s Music Co., 25 years at 126 N. 7th, Open House (photos, Babe and Lloyd Derby, Louis Bath, Marvin Fosdick, Anita Campbell, John Wolfe, JoAnn Derby, Beverly Tucker, June DeMazes, Mary Lou Smith, Junior Barakman, Andy Finley, Joe Fisher), Aug. 27, 1959, p2-A.

   The word “timber” will be dropped from the name of Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. on Sept. 1, President F. K. Weyerhaeuser announced, also a new symbol, Aug. 27, 1959, p4-A.

   Advertisement for Weyerhaeuser Timber Company, changing its name to Weyerhaeuser Company, Aug. 27, 1959, p4-B.

   A second appeal for air service between KF and Reno has been rejected by the Civil Aeronautics Board, Aug. 28, 1959, p2-A.

   Fats Domino will sing and play about 40 of his big hit tunes in a return performance at the KF Auditorium tonight (photo, Domino), Aug. 28, 1959, p4-A.

   A Klamath Tribal personal property sale held in the Council House at Klamath Agency, brought bids totaling $7,188.50 for 130 items, sales office on S. 7th Street, Aug. 28, 1959, p4-A,’

   Notice for South Suburban customers of Oregon Water Corporation, effective immediately, all sprinkling restrictions are removed, Aug. 28, 1959, p7-A.

   Dick Reeder, owner of Dick Reeder’s Store for Men, Fifth and Main, has the distinction of being the first merchant to sign an advertising contract with the Herald and News in 25 years (photo, Reeder, Jim Allen), Aug. 28, 1959, p10-A.

   Outstanding performance award came as a surprise to Earle R. Wilcox, manager of the Klamath Tribal Sales office (photo, Wilcox, Perry Skarra), Aug. 30, 1959, p1.

   Link River became the setting for what promised to be “The Great Lake Ewauna Riddle”, people saw strange-looking wild life floating on the surface of the river between the bridge and the Modoc Lumber Company’s log pond, a crowd gathered, U. S. Game Commission called, found dead Western Loons caught in fishing line (photo, Art Gurlock, Len Nathisen in row boat on Lake Ewauna), Aug. 30, 1959, p4-A.

   First in a series of historical tales of early life in KF area: Snake reared its head through KF boardwalk back at turn of century, An Indian man, named Smith, a wealthy rancher bought a plumed hearse from SF to haul wood, Aug. 30, 1959, p8-A.

   Chamber Comments: Tourists are still asking the questions, ”Where are the falls?, “Can your direct me to a motel where we’ll have a view of the falls?”, Aug. 30, 1959, p8-A.

   Air view of the Nevada interchange showing completed overpasses over Oregon Avenue, part of the State Highway Department’s West Side Bypass project (photo, aerial shot of West Side Bypass), Aug. 31, 1959, p1.

   Anniversary rites slated for Riverside School, built in 1910 (photo, Riverside School), Aug. 31, 1959, p6.

   Esquire Theater to host its back-to-school movie party for youngsters (photo, long line of children in front to Esquire Theater), Sept. 1, 1959, p2.

   Pacific Northwest Pipeline Corp. officials told Public Utilities Commissioner Jonel C. Hill that they intend to supply natural gas to KF, Sept. 1, 1959, p4.

   Star of early days theatrical productions wore money belt hidden in clothes folds, part of a series of historical tales of early life in KF vicinity, tale of theatrical production stopover in Bonanza on the road to Lakeview, performing in small auditorium above general store served both theater and dance hall, hostility between different ranches, drunken brawls, mentions XYZ Ranch, Sept. 1, 1959, p9.

   Traffic light installed on Washburn and S. 6th Street, Sept. 2, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for Black Mink on Ebony coat on sale for $89.95 at LaPoint’s on Main Street, Sept. 2, 1959, p3-A.

   17th Annual City Fireman’s Ball at the Klamath Auditorium, Music by Pee-Wee Stidham and his Butte Valley Rangers, admission $1.00 per person, Sept. 2, 1959, p7-A.

   Councilman Walter Fleet is shown pushing the button which activated the street signals at Washburn Way and South Sixth Street (photo, Fleet, Tower Theater in background), Sept. 3, 1959, p1.

   The second largest civil judgment in the history of Klamath County, and the largest judgment of its kind in Oregon, was returned in circuit court, Judge Charles H. Foster returned a reward of $140,943 in favor of the W. D. Miller Lumber Corporation against the W. D. Miller estate, Sept. 4, 1959, p1.

   Fake holdup was staged for benefit of actor, one in a series of historical tales of early life in KF, Sept. 4, 1959, p2-A.

   The condition of Lloyd Derby, owner of Derby Music Company, 120 N. Seventh Streen, was described as critical by hospital attendants, Sept. 4, 1959, p4-A.

   Work is being rushed on new addition to the KF Gospel Mission, 823 Walnut Street, before inclement weather begins (photo, John Herbert, John Peterson working on building), Sept. 4, 1959, p8-B.

   The Pictorial History of Southern Oregon and Northern California tells the romantic story of this colorful region from the earliest Spanish explorers down to the beginning of the present century, including the Modoc War and Rouge River Indian wars, accurate and detailed background of our mythical State of Jefferson, copies available at the Klamath Museum for $1.50 (photo, author, Jack Sutton), Sept. 6, 1959, p5-A.

   Advertisement for the Tik Tok Drive-In, under new management, Lou Correll, owner, 2241 So. 6th, Sept. 6, 1959, p5-A.

   Patriarchal rendezvous of members of Ewauna Encampment No. 46 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and Ewauna Ladies Auxiliary met for dinner at Little Sweden, Sept. 6, 1959, p2-B.

   Herald and News mourns the loss of Otto Ellis, staff photographer, who died at Hillside Hospital (photo, Ellis), Sept. 8, 1959, p1.

   The “Rec” hall wrecked by fire in Beatty recently sent smoke high in air (photo, plume of smoke), Sept. 8, 1959, p5.

   Back to school at Klamath Union High School, just over 1,661 attended today (photo, students walking by bell), Sept. 9, 1959, p1.

   Charles Albert Colvin, 92, resident since 1910, died yesterday (photo, Colvin), Sept. 10, 1959, p6-A.

   Harry Glesin, appropriately equipped with scarf, program, hot dog, ready for the KUHS Pelican game (color photo, Glesin), Sept. 11, 1959, p1.

   Williamson Canyon Fire ruins vast timber stand, huge Klamath fire said near control (photos, bulldozer operator, William E. Keenom, mopping up at the foot of Cave Mountain where the fire started), Sept. 11, 1959, p1

   Advertisement for the “Shasta Daylight” train, after Sept. 14th, goes on a tri-weekly schedule, fares given, Sept. 11, 1959, p2-A.

   Searchers find body of firefighter, Clifford E. Daw, killed in Williamson River Fire (photo, car on Hwy 97 in heavy smoke), Sept. 12, 1959, p1.

   Twila Mae Pratt, brought to this country via Holt Baby Lift, to be naturalized soon (photo, Pratt), Sept. 13, 1959, p2-A.

   First Presbyterian Church of Linkville, chartered in 1896, painted by Mrs. George (Millie) Grizzle (photo of painting), Sept. 13, 1959, p1-C.

   Ross Ragland with his family at their Pine Grove home (photo, Ragland, Mrs. Ragland, Martha, David, Andy Ragland), Sept. 13, 1959, p1-C.

   War Veteran and longtime resident, Michael Driscoll, 50, died on Sept. 10th, Sept. 14, 1959, p4.

   Advertisement for the Grand Opening of Balsiger Motor Co.’s new Town and Country new and used car motor center, 3815 So. 6th Street (photo, new sign being erected, new sales room facility, Mike Balsiger, Vern Moore), Sept. 14, 1959, p8.

   Advertisement for Robertson School of Business, 411 Main Street, Sept. 14, 1959, p11.

   Train collides with auto driven by R. J. Morgan of Idaho on Portland Street and Hwy. 97, man in critical condition at Klamath Valley Hospital (photo, smashed wreckage of car under freight train), Sept. 15, 1959, p1.

   The first flight of West Coast Airlines to Lakeview, Burns and Boise left KF Airport with KF residents as passengers (photo, Bob Mest, G. S. Vergeer, Bob Moore, Frank Tucker), Sept. 16, 1959, p1.

   Idahoan man dies from injuries in train accident on Portland Street, Sept. 16, 1959, p1.

   Transient went wild at the Hilltop Café, breaking plate glass windows, knocking over cash register, broke dishes (photo, Nettie Nash, Bonnie Collins at Hilltop Café cleaning kitchen), Sept. 16, 1959, p4-A.

   Transient fell from a moving freight train in the Southern Pacific yards near South Sixth Street viaduct, his left arm was severed by a car’s wheels, Sept. 16, 1959, p4-A.

   Advertisement for Town and Country Shopping Center, Rickys Jewelers, House of Shoes, Fashion Villa, T & C Sporting Goods and Toy World, Drews Manstore, Suburban Drug, welcoming Balsiger’s Town and County Motors, Sept. 16, 1959, p5-B.

   Thirty six years of business in KF was celebrated by Balsiger Motors when they opened their new used car lot on South Sixth Street across from Town and Country Shopping Center (photos, Balsiger Motors first building, still standing at Klamath and Ninth Street, with 1924 or 1925 model cars, Al Aldrich, Eston E. Balsiger, Vern Moore, Stuart Balsiger), Sept. 16, 1959, p4-D.

   First art association meeting in the Rufus Moore house in Maple Park to be held, Sept. 16, 1959, p6-D.

   Elbert S. Veatch, longtime KF resident, died at Hillside Hospital (photo, Veatch), Sept. 17, 1959, p4-A.

   Well drilling accident claims the life of George Franklin Hartley, 68, in the Harriman district in Sportsman’s Park on Upper Klamath Lake, Sept. 18, 1959, p1.

   Thomas McKay is a forgotten builder of Oregon according to Buena Cobb Stone (photo, Stone), Sept. 18, 1959, p8-A.

   Installed in a new location is Oscar S. Nissen, physical therapist, new quarters at 227 South Eleventh Street, previously located in the Lake Hotel Building, offers Swedish massage (photo, Nissen in therapy room), Sept. 18, 1959, p4-B.

   A little black bear, 7 months old, has been given to the Moore Park Zoo by Yachats couple who raised him as a family pet (photo, bear), Sept. 20, 1959, p1.

   Mrs. Dorothy Post hands over keys to the new jail matron, Mrs. Loyd DeLap, as Sheriff Murray Britton looks on, job pays $98 a month (photo, Britton, DeLap, Post), Sept. 21, 1959, p10.

   New Klamath Art Association building in Maple Park is nearing completion (photo, building, Mrs. George Knoll, Mrs. Jack Warrick, Mrs. Fern Short), Sept. 22, 1959, p1.

   Arthur Warner Macken, 71, died at Hillside Hospital, longtime resident, drew one of the first homesteads on Tule Lake in April 1917, WWI veteran, Sept. 22, 1959, p4.

   Text board marker has been place near the Klamath River crossing where the first emigrant train over the “Southern Route” crossed the stream, text written by Ken McLeod, past president of the Klamath County Historical Society (photo, The Southern Emigrant Route “Applegate Trail” Klamath River Crossing marker), Sept. 23, 1959, p1.

   Orville Ewing, 71, in KF, on his way from the Centennial Exposition to winter in CA (photo, Ewing with mule driven wagon), Sept. 23, 1959, pg1.

   Advertisement for HAPCO. (Home appliance store), 1001 Main Street, Sept. 23, 1959, p3-A.

   Eighth annual symposium of historical societies of Northern CA and Southern Oregon to be held in KF at the Willard Hotel, Sept. 24, 1959, p4-A.

   Mrs. Vera Jones in front of the Baldwin Hotel with United Fund mascot, Ufie, a small donkey (photo, Jones, donkey), Sept. 24, 1959, p10-A.

   A cook, Robert E. O’Brien, with the Great Northern Railway Company, fell from the moving train, near Chemult, and died instantly, Sept. 28, 1959, p1.

   Sen. Richard Neuberger will visit KF for round of meetings (photo, Neuberger), Sept. 29, 1959, p1.

   An improved ramp for boats on Klamath Lake was constructed by members of the Basin Boaters Club near Moore Park (photo, Merle Manville, Ed Bingham, Everett Leach, George Price working on ramp), Sept. 29, 1959, p1.

   Communities of the Klamath country will contribute 11 historical displays to be viewed by those attending the Centennial tea which will be one of the highlights of the eighth annual Symposium of Historical Societies of Northern CA and Southern OR, Sept. 29, 1959, p4.

   Pay Less Drug Store holding its grand opening sale, according to Noel Flynn, manager, new downtown building on the same site of the building that burned last year (photo, new Pay Less Store), Oct. 1, 1959, p4-A.

   Total of 3,860 porcupine noses had been turned in to office of Lake County Clerk Zane Grey, payments of 50 cents on each nose, Oct. 1, 1959, p4-A.

   Fire Prevention Week in KF (photo, City Fire Chief Roy Rowe, S. Sgt. Eddie Brumble, Walter Fleet, Buster Gordon, E. R. Deatherage), Oct. 4, 1959, p1.

   Eighth Annual Northern California and Southern Oregon Historical Symposium meet in KF (photo, Ken McLeod, F. M Stanger, Prof. R. R. Stuart), Oct. 4, 1959, p1.

   Star Rooms on Main Street burned down in September of 1922 (photo, burning building on Main Street, KF), Oct. 4, 1959, p4-A.

   Tennis court to be built in the new Kiwanis Park adjacent to Kit Carson Way (photo, open field), Oct. 7, 1959, p1.

   Fire burned roof of the J. W. Kerns Oregon Limited Building in KF, October 16, 1957 (photo, firefighters on Kerns building), Oct. 7, 1959, p3-A.

   Pelican Bay Lumber Company lumber sheds burned to the ground July 14, 1942, in KF, now owned by Car-Ad-Co Incorporated of Oregon (photo, burned buildings), Oct. 7, 1959, p4-B.

   Sen. Hubert Humphrey now touring Oregon, visited KF last night for a press conference at KC Hall (photo, Humphrey at his Willard Hotel room), Oct. 8, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for the Grand Opening of the Shoe Warehouse, 230 Main St., across from the Willard Hotel, Oct. 8, 1959, p7-A.

   Oct. 16, 1926 photo of White Pelican Hotel burning to ground, photo was one of several past fires furnished by City Fire Chief Roy Rowe (photo), Oct. 8, 1959, p9-A.

   Lake of the Woods Ranger Station crew quarters in Rogue River National Forest was smashed by trees that fell during storm (photo, smashed building), Oct.11, 1959, p1.

   Gene Favell’s collection of Indian arrowheads were displayed during the Northern California-Southern Oregon Historical Society Symposium in KF (photo, Favell), Oct. 12, 1959, p11.

   Prize offered to youngster who names bear in Moore Park Zoo, sketch showing the proposed bear pen at Moore Park, which will house a recently acquired bear, Oct. 13, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for Big Rock ‘n Roll Dance at the Klamath Auditorium featuring Donnie and the ‘D’ Notes, Oct. 13, 1959, p2.

   Cap Jessup, recently retired from the Southern Pacific Railroad as agent at the Chemult depot, came to Chemult in 1937, after serving in WWI (photo, Jessup), Oct. 13, 1959, p4.

   Klamath County Medical Society honored Dr. George Irving Wright as ‘Doctor of the Year’ for his contribution to the medical profession at a the Winema hotel, Wright was born in Jacksonville, OR in 1879, came to Linkville in 1880, first graduate of Klamath County High School in 1895 (photo, Wright, Dr. Calvin Hunt), Oct. 14, 1959, p1.

   Donnie Dean and his ‘D’ Notes will be the latest in a series of rock ‘n ‘ roll groups brought recently to the Klamath Auditorium by agent Baldy Evans (photo, Dean), Oct. 15, 1959, p6-A.

   Bly Catholics gathered at their new St. James Church during dedication ceremonies conducted by the Most Rev. Francis P. Leipzig (photo, Leipzig and congregation), Oct. 15, 1959, p4-B.

   George Wilbert “Bill” Houston, 75, resident of KF for 73 years, owner of the KKK Store (Klamath Klothing Kompany), and Houston Shoe Store, and Klamath County Treasurer, died at Hillside Hospital Oct. 15th (photo, Houston), Oct. 16, 1959, p1.

   1960 Edsel is now on display at Basin Motors, 424 South Sixth Street (photo, S. R. Balsiger, Wes Byreley), Oct. 16, 1959, p10-A.

   Crew of grim-visaged Klamath Union High armed lettermen guarding 30 foot “pyre” for that nights Pelican Pep Rally bonfire (photo, Trenton Douglas, Benji Guptill), Oct. 16, 1959, p1-B.

   KUHS Pelicans Homecoming ceremonies opened with huge bonfire (photo, people watching bonfire), Oct. 18, 1959, p4-A.

   Otto M. Brown, new superintendent of Crater Lake National Park, tells of his experience in Yellowstone earthquake (photo, Brown), Oct. 18, 1959, Mag. Sec. p2.

   Oregon Reclamation Congress which is observing its 50th Anniversary with a two-day meeting in KF at the Winema Hotel (photo, A. N. Scritmeir, LaSelle Coles, Carlos Randolph, Lewis A. Stanley, Harold T. Nelson, William E. Welsh, Harold Hursh), Oct. 20, 1959, p1.

   West Side Bypass, that will send transient traffic whisking through KF in a wink, is set for opening in November (photo, Asphalt Paving Company on road), Oct. 21, 1959, p1.

   Amanda Cowen, 104, oldest living Klamath Indian was chosen for calendar cover (photo, Cowen), Oct. 21, 1959, p10-B.

   Pioneer Guest Ranch Lodge across from Tomahawk Ski Bowl on Lake of the Woods Highway burned to the ground (photo, burning building), Oct. 22, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for the Red Steer Drive-In, featuring (real man-size eatin’), East Main and South Sixth Street, Oct. 25, 1959, p2-A.

   William Ganong Jr., of KF, is new secretary of the Pacific Area Advisory Council of the American national Red Cross (photo, Ganong, Donald W. Stout, Frederick Greenwood), Oct. 27, 1959, p3.

   Greyhound Bus advertisement, KF to Los Angeles, only $13.65, Oct. 27, 1959, p2.

   Alameda Avenue closing recommended by Klamath Union High School Board, Oct. 30, 1959, p1.

   Mrs. Silas (Naomi) Grizzle, 78, member of a well known Klamath Basin family, resident here since 1924, died in the Portland Sanitarium, Oct. 29th, Oct. 30, 1959, p4-A.

   Full page advertisement of Fluhrer’s 25th Anniversary celebration (photos, owners and staff), Oct. 30, 1959, p4-B.

   OTI bonfire at the rifle range (photo, people watching bonfire), Nov. 1, 1959, p1.

   Sen. John F. Kennedy to give a major address at breakfast at the Willard Hotel (photo, Kennedy), Nov. 1, 1959, p1.

   Architects’ model of the planned Lucile O’Neill Elementary School to be built on the corner of Eberlein and Avalon by Morrison and Howard, Nov. 1, 1959, p1.

   31st Annual Policemen’s Ball to be held at the Klamath Auditorium Thanksgiving evening, music by Baldy Evans and his band (photo, Mayor Lawrence Slater, Patrolman Carl Jennings), Nov. 1, 1959, p2-A.

   Exploratory well drilling on the new 150-acre Oregon Tech campus site has reached a depth of 285 feet, according to W. D. Purvine, OTI director, Nov. 1, 1959, p4-A.

   Almost unbelievable chain of circumstances placed a gun, found beneath a juniper tree near Bly, at the scene of a death crime in San Francisco, Nov.1, 1959, p5-A.

   Full page advertisement for the U. S. Government to buy U. S. Savings Bonds, Nov. 2, 1959, p9.

   Some call it rabbit brush, others call it yellow sage (color photo, Upper Klamath Lake with Algoma and KF in the background, rabbit brush in foreground), Nov. 4, 1959, p1.

   KF log truck driver, John Richard Driscoll Sr., was killed in a train-truck wreck at Tionesta, CA, last Saturday (photos, Great Northern crews cleaning up wreckage, train car being lifted by crane), Nov. 4, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for Rock ‘n Roll Dance featuring music by Dennis Wayne and the Col-Lee-Jets at the Klamath Falls Auditorium, Nov. 4, 1959, p8-A.

   Sharing of time, energy and material goods by residents of Klamath County and the Tulelake community help many migrant workers here for the potato harvest (photos, Migrant tent camp in Malin, children’s day nursery), Nov. 4, 1959, p7-B.

   Sen. Kennedy to visit KF, Nov. 5, 1959, p1.

   Chiloquin Mayor inspecting lift station on the west side of Williamson River which connect with the sewer disposal unit (photo, Mayor Bill Barnes, William Lorenz), Nov. 5, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for Cary Grant movie, North by Northwest, playing at the Esquire Theatre, Nov. 5, 1959, p2-A.

   Senator John F. Kennedy outlines program for U. S. Farmers at breakfast meeting at the Willard Hotel (photo, Kennedy, State Sen. Harry Boivin, State Sen. Walter J. Pearson), Nov. 6, 1959, p1.

   Bruce MacKenzie, 6, won the name the new Moore Park Zoo bear contest, he came up with the name Barnaby (photo, MacKenzie with his parents, Harold Howard), Nov. 6, 1959, p1.

   Klamath Air Search and Rescue Unit to test experimental rescue techniques on Upper Klamath (photos, airplane over lake, rescue boat, 1st Lt. Robert Collom, Lt. Kenneth Spoaur, Airman John Coon), Nov. 8, 1959, p1.

   Mrs. Louisa Mary Hammond, native of Merrill, born 1875 in a log cabin on Lost River, parents friendly with Klamath Modoc tribe, knew Winema, died Nov. 6th (photo, Hammond), Nov. 8, 1959, p4-A.

   Official opening of the west side bypass to KF will take place Nov. 20th according to State Highway Engineer W. C. Williams (photos, view looking north toward Kit Carson Way, view from behind Conger School, view as it approaches the California Avenue Bridge), Nov. 9, 1959, p1.

   "Safeway bandit" arrested upon arrival at home (former Piedmont golf course clubhouse); accused is Donald Martin Thompson, Nov. 9, 1959, p1.

   New Rickfalls’ apartments now open on Shasta Way (photo, apartments with pool), Nov. 10, 1959, p1.

   New Sycan Bridge, only bridge in Klamath County across the Sycan River, being built by Harney Homes Inc. of Burns (photo, new bridge), Nov. 10, 1959, p11.

   Eagle Ridge in the fall (color photo, Rock Creek Ranch stream), Nov. 11, 1959, p1.

   Bronze plaque with flowers on the lawn of the Klamath County Courthouse (photo, flowers), Nov. 12, 1959, p1.

   Klamath pair, Jack Marshall and Bill Marshall, win honor; top cattleman (photo, Marshall, Marshall), Nov. 13, 1959, p1.

   Edmund M. Chilcote is observing his 50th anniversary as a KF Realtor (photo, Chilcote, John Neubert), Nov. 15, 1959, p2-A.

   Mrs. John F. Kennedy accompanied her husband, U. S. senator from Massachusetts, on his recent visit to KF (photo, Kennedy). Nov. 15, 1959, p2-C.

   Hillah Temple holds colorful rite in KF (photos, Judge Walker, Potentate Chet Hubbard, Oriental Band, special trolley), Nov. 16, 1959, p1.

   Death claims Peitro Carnini, came to KF in 1923, employed by Pelican Bay Lumber Company and Ewauna Lumber and Box company, operated Carnini’s Grocery on South Sixth (photo, Carnini), Nov. 16, 1959, p4.

   Klamath Union High School students to head up traffic control plan (photo, barricades shut Alameda, Dan Johnson at traffic checkpoint), Nov. 18, 1959, p1.

   Central School was KF only elementary school before Riverside was built in 1910 (photo, Central School, 1905), Nov. 18, 1959, p4-A.

   Architects, Morrison and Howard, preliminary study of the new field house to be built at KUHS, Nov. 19, 1959, p1.

   Construction progressing rapidly on the new airport terminal building at the municipal airport (photo, structure), Nov. 19, 1959, p1

   Funeral services for Mrs. Rosa N. McCornack, resident of this community since 1885, interment will be in Linkville Cemetery (photo, McCornack), Nov. 19, 1959, p4-A.

   West Side Bypass opens; Mayor Lawrence Slater cuts ribbon cuts ribbon, Nov. 20, 1959, p1.

   New tandem parking system being installed on Main Street between 4th and 11th (photos, cars on Main St.), Nov. 20, 1959, p1.

   Funeral services for Grover Emery Purdin, longtime KF resident, employed by Lamm Lumber Company, Pelican Bay Lumber Company, Ewauna Box Company, Klamath Lumber and Box, to be held on Nov. 23rd (photo, Purdin), Nov. 20, 1959, p4-A.

   31st annual Policemen’s dance to be held at the Klamath Auditorium, Baldy Evans and his band to furnish music (photo, City Police Patrolman Carl Jennings, Lt. R. N. Adkins, Patrolman Phil Chlopek), Nov. 22, 1959, p1.


   West Side Bypass barricades being removed from road (photo, Dean Swift and his assistant), Nov. 22, 1959, p1.

   West Side Bypass to be opened to traffic, ribbon cutting ceremony (photo, Mayor Lawrence Slater, Dean Swift, Councilman Lloyd Hoyt, City Manager G. S. Vergeer, Councilman Floyd Wynne), Nov. 22, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for a Rock ‘n Roll Dance, featuring in person Johnny Carroll, also, The Spinners, at the Klamath Auditorium on Nov.28th, Nov. 23, 1959, p7-B.

   Singer sets, Johnny Carroll, The Spinners to perform at the Klamath Auditorium, Nov. 25, 1959, p2.

   Main Street decorated for Christmas (photo, featuring Payless Drug Store), Nov.29, 1959, p1.

   State of combat ready exists at Kingsley Field (photo, Lt. Col. Carl H. Leo, F-101B Voodoo interceptor aircraft), Nov. 30, 1959, p1.

   Trade tokens, issued by Klamath County merchants from 1900 up to the last five or six years, that have been collected by Melvin O. Carmichael are on display at the Klamath County Museum (photo, Carole Gervis, tokens), Dec. 1, 1959, p1.

   New alert hangars at Kingsley Field opened for the first time when the field became combat ready (photo, frontal view displaying four of the F-101B Voodoos ready for instant action), Dec. 2, 1959, p1.

   Sold to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Isennsee, was the Broadway Cleaners plant, 4615 South Sixth Street by Mr. and Mrs. Loulyn Lambert (photo, Isensee’s, Lambert’s), Dec. 9, 1959, p7-A.

   A.M. “Andy” Collier has been named Klamath County chairman to raise funds for the establishment of an Eisenhower Presidential Library at Abilene, Kansas (photo, Collier), Dec. 10, 1959, p1.

   Satan’s Chauffeurs, an organization of young men enthusiastic about cars and civic matters, organized a dance to support the Hospital Survey Fund (photo, Phil Sheridan, Loren Palmerton, Delbert Folk, Jim Holmes, Butch Wood, Midge Wise), Dec. 10, 1959, p1.

   Certificates of retirement following more than 20 years’ military service were presented to T.Sgt. Sidney A. Farmer Jr., and Lt. Col. John J. Scott, during retreat ceremonies at Kingsley Field (photo, Farmer, Scott, Col Jack W. Williams), Dec. 11, 1959, p1.

   Grand Opening of the new Volkswagen sales location at 2727 South Sixth Street (photo, Dale Faries, Maury Clark), Dec. 11, 1959, p4-A.

   Christmas Parade on Main Street in snowstorm (photos, Rainbow Girls float, Job’s Daughter’s float, KUHS marching band on snow covered street), Dec. 14, 1959, p1.

   Proposal for year-round use of the Klamath Auditorium for recreation purposes was presented to the KF City Council, Dec. 15, 1959, p1.

   State Public Utilities Commission gave authority to the Oregon-California and Eastern Railway Company to abandon stations at Hildebrand, 22 miles east of KF and North Fork, four miles west of Bly, Dec. 15, 1959, p10.

   Tomahawk Ski Bowl Winter Sports Area exact tract plan of the area made by members of Explorer Post 171, Boy Scouts of America, and donated to the bowl (photo, Charlie Voshall, Billie Evans, Al Culver, Konrad Schwieger, Talmadge Strickland, Larry Koertje, Larry Walker, Dennis Culver, Homer Koertje, Ken Dykeman, A. C. Olson), Dec. 16, 1959, p1-B.

   New officers of the Klamath County Historical Society have been elected, they meet the second Wednesday of the month at the Klamath County Library (photo, Albert Angel, Mrs. Lorraine Quillen, Mrs. Netvarte Smith), Dec. 16, 1959, p4-D.

   World famous aviatrix, who was first woman to break the sonic barrier, Jacqueline Cochran, made and unexpected overnight stop in KF (photo, Cochran), Dec. 17, 1959, p11-A.

   Basin ranch hand, William Olen Gairson jailed, charged with child cruelty (photos, Billie Joe Breeding shown with burns, Gary Lee Bursik, who died the day before from an apparent fall), Dec. 20, 1959, p1.

   Santa and his reindeer on Main Street (photos, Santa and reindeer in front of Payless Drug Store, Sandra Shaw), Dec. 20, 1959, p1.

   Weyerhaeuser marks 30th Anniversary in KF (photos, 1929 photo of mill, Jack Bishop, Ralph R. Macartney, Jack Biwer, Neil NcEachern, George Olson, Russell Griffith, Conrad Schweiger, Ed Hickman, T. S. Durment, Frank Tarr, Thelma S. Newton, Jim Stafford, Richard Griffith, Bill Crawford, Ralph Williams, Jim Hunter, then and now loading logs on a flatcar, first log up the ramp, gang saw gets first tryout, Earl Cruikshank, G. M. Upington, Charlie Sewell, Lloyd Crosby), Dec. 20, 1959, Mag. Sec. p1-7.

   Baldy Evans’ Band to play during a portion of Evans’ Christmas Dance Band Jamboree at the Klamath Auditorium (photo, Baldy Evans’ Band), Dec. 20, 1959, p1-D.

   Elk’s Band, Bozo the Clown entertained a crowd of underprivileged children and their families at the Klamath Auditorium (photos, Elk’s Band, Bozo the Clown, crowd of children in auditorium), Dec. 21, 1959, p1.

   Ice skating facilities near Moore Park were opened to the public with more than 400 skaters (photo, 400 by 65 foot rink), Dec. 21, 1959, p3-A.

   Three bands to entertain at the Klamath Auditorium during Baldy Evan’s annual Christmas program (photo, The Teen Kings), Dec. 23, 1959, p2.

   Contract for construction of a new field house at KUHS was awarded to Brosterhous Construction Company, 1541 Elm Street, Dec. 23, 1959, p3.

   Advertisement for a holiday dance at the Klamath Auditorium featuring the Teen Kings, Dennis Wayne and Baldy Evans’ Band, Dec. 23, 1959, p7.

   Advertisement for Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, staring Pat Boone, James Mason, Arlene Dahl and Diane Baker at the Esquire Theatre on Christmas Day, Dec. 24, 1959, p10-A.

   Advertisement for K-LAD radio station to present a new personality, The Bob Clark Show, new happy sound, Dec. 24, 1959, p5-B.

   New Falcon Heights school to be built, diagram of school model, Dec. 27, 1959, p1.

   Advertisement for the Suburban Volunteer Fire Dept. 12th annual New Year’s Eve Dance to be held at the Klamath Auditorium, Dec. 30, 1959, p9.  

      - end -