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Board of Commissioners Finance Meeting Agenda
May 21, 2019 ~ 10:00am ~ Room 214


Call to Order & Those Present


DEQ Proposed TMDL Plan

A time-sensitive matter proposed for discussion by Mika Blain, County Counsel.

North State Grocery payment

A check arrived from North State Grocery (NSG) via FedEx on Friday, May 17, 2019 in the amount of $76,843.  The accompanying correspondence indicates that this payment represents payment in full on the $190,000 note dated December 1, 2017. 

The note stipulated a 12% default rate if not paid on the maturity date of February 1, 2018.  The 12% rate was noted in the letter from BOCC to NSG dated April 15, 2019, in response to the audit confirmation request.  However, a rate of only 2% has been paid for the full period on payment received.

Reductions in the original note amount of $190,000 were applied for sidewalks ($81,645) and asbestos ($33,692).  Amendment No. 3 to Purchase and Sale Agreement, and Schedule 1, addresses responsibility for sidewalk damage and asbestos.  No documentation has been provided to support the amount of these reductions.  

The check is being held pending Commissioners' authorization to accept the amount of $76,843 as payment in full, based on reductions and inclusive of a 2% interest rate, as outlined above.

ePaystub Conversion

This issue was first discussed at the March 26, 2019 Finance meeting.  Follow-up information and Commissioner approval was given to proceed with conversion to electronic paystub reporting for those County employees who expressly consent.  Updates of the process currently are as follows:

1) A final form for employees' use in providing express consent to delivery of a paystub in electronic form is completed and now available for use (copy attached-2019 ePayStub Consent)

Human Resources (HR) will distribute the form and an explanatory email in the near future.  Forms will be submitted back to HR, forwarded to Finance for tallying of preference as a guide to paystub distribution and then returned to HR for retention in Personnel records.  The Direct Deposit Agreement form (copy attached) has also been revised to include express consent for electronic reporting.  This form will replace the previous form at all future New Hire Orientations.

3) Finance is maintaining a report of all employees, with an indicator of those submitting express consent for electronic paystub reporting.  This report will guide payroll in determining distribution of paper paystubs until an automated process can be identified for generating paper paystubs within Springbrook.  Currently, three departments have fully opted out of paper paystub reporting.  Kirby Garlitz is attending a Springbrook Users Conference in June and will inquire further about enhancements to allow for customized reporting of paper paystubs.

4)  Finance has prepared a guide (copy attached) to the Springbrook Employee Self Service portal to assist employees in registering for portal use and in converting from a County issued email to a personal email.  This guide will also be used during all future New Hire Orientations.  If an ePaystub Consent form is received from an employee who is not enrolled in the portal, Kirby will contact them to prompt registration.

5)  Information concerning this change has been provided at Department Heads meeting and Finance Managers meeting.  Continuing updates will be provided, along with forms and encouragement toward registering employees within the portal and converting from County to personal email addresses.  The issue of control over payroll documents and release only to authorized department representatives will be minimized as a reduction in paper paystubs and paper paychecks is implemented.


OpenGov Transparency rollout

As discussed at last month's Finance meeting, transparency is the next phase of implementation for our OpenGov software, along with Workforce.  Jessica Chastain in IT is working on the link from the CivicPlus platform to a landing page for OpenGov reports.  Kirby Garlitz is working with Jeremy Morris in Public Works on reports from that department.  Presentations have been made to Department Heads and at a Finance Managers meeting.  Encouragement is needed to prompt departments to bring forward data sets for representation on the site.

General Fund Data

Data representing information on General Fund activity.

Presenting a graph displaying the trend of change in cash balances year by year and a table of the beginning general fund balance, actual to budget, year over year.

Other County Business



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