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Board of Commissioners Finance Meeting Agenda
April 30, 2019 ~ 10:00am ~ Room 214


Call to Order & Those Present


CAFFA Grant Application Resolution

Review, approve and sign the CAFFA grant application resolutions for FY 2019-2020.  The Total expenditure amount for consideration in the grant is $2,659,558.

SCOEDD Budget Request

Betty Riley, Executive Director of SCOEDD, presented a request to the Commissioners at their Work Session on M arch 27, 2019.  The item was tabled for re-consideration on the Finance meeting agenda.

SCOEDD is requesting funding during the next budget year of $30,000 as outlined in the Budget Funding Request Narrative dated March 11, 2019.  An Intergovernmental Agreement dated June 26, 2018 established funding for the period of July 1, 2018-June 30, 2018 at $20,000.  Funding for the fiscal year 2017-18 was set at $30,500.

Payroll Information to Employees

This issue was first discussed at the March 26, 2019 Finance meeting.  Additional data was to be gathered as follows:

1) County Counsel will research language within the ORS related to required express consent and consider necessary documentation from employees.  This may include the possibility of merging the express consent for electronic pay statement reporting with direct deposit consent.
To be discussed.

Human Resources will investigate CBA language for consideration related to employee documents.
No specific contract language related to hard copy vs. electronic pay stubs.

3) Finance will determine the employees not currently utilizing the Springbrook employee portal and the feasibility of achieving 100% participation in the portal.  Consideration will also be given to the email address being used by the employee, personal versus county issued.
Recent reporting determined that a total of 472 employees are active in Springbrook.  Of that number, 131 do not use the employee portal.  341 employees or 72% do use the portal.  For those using the portal, 209 are enrolled with the county-issued email address and 132 use a personal email.


Supplemental Budget Resolutions

Recommendations from the recently completed financial audit included comments by Moss Adams staff that the County consider ways to reduce the volume and frequency of supplemental budget requests by departments.  One step that has been implemented to streamline this process has been limiting the frequency of supplemental budget resolutions to quarterly throught the fiscal year.  However, this has raised some considerations regarding timeliness of the BOCC approval for expenditures that are made without supplemental budget funding.

General Fund Data

Data representing information on General Fund activity.

Presenting a graph displaying the trend of change in cash balances year by year and a table of the beginning general fund balance, actual to budget, year over year.



Other County Business

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