Advisory Board/Committee Vacancies

Ambulance Advisory Committee0
Bicycle & Pedestrian Trails Advisory Committee3
Board of Property Tax Appeals0
Budget Committee0
Emergency Preparedness Committee0
Developmental Disabilities Advisory Board0
DUII Task Force0
Economic Development Advisory Committee1
Elected Officials Compensation Committee2
Fair Board0
Food Policy Council7
Klamath Housing Authority0
Local Alcohol and Drug Planning Committee0
Law Library Advisory Board1
Library Advisory Board1
Local Public Safety Coordinating Council0
Museum Advisory Board5
Natural Resource Advisory Council1 with mining/rock quarries experience, 1 with timber/forest experience, 1 tribal services, 1 with nursery experience and 1 with education experience.
Planning Commission1
Roads Advisory Committee0
Tourism Grant Review Panel0
Veterans Advisory Council0
Water Resources Advisory Committee0
Weed Control Advisory Board1
Wolf Depredation Advisory Council0