Farm & Agriculture

The policy of the Klamath County Building Department is to allow exemptions for agricultural buildings or equine facilities as defined Ag_Farm Useunder State law ORS 455.315. If the County finds that the proposed use does not meet the required criteria or fails to meet other land use requirements, the building division cannot exempt the building.

An agricultural exempt building is a structure located on a farm or forest and used in the operation of the farm or forest operation for the primary purpose of obtaining a profit, including:

  • Storage, maintenance, or repair of farm/forest machinery and/or equipment;
  • Supplies used on farm/forest property;
  • Raising, harvesting, and selling of crops on farm/forest property;
  • Feeding, breeding, management and sale of, or the produce of, livestock, poultry, fur-bearing animals or honeybees on farm property;
  • Dairying and the sale of dairy products on farm property;
  • Animal husbandry;
  • Preparation and storage of the produce raised on the farm or forest for human use and animal use and disposal by marketing or otherwise;
  • Any other agricultural or horticultural use (other husbandry use must be specified); or
  • Equine facility*.

*Equine exempt buildings are those used by the owner or the public for stabling or training equines; for riding lessons and training clinics.

Non-exempt buildings include dwellings (living areas); structures used for a purpose other than growing plants in which 10 or more persons are present at any one time; structures regulated by the State Fire Marshal pursuant to ORS 476; structures used by the public; or structures subject to National Flood Insurance Act.


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